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Are You Stuck In The Night Of Uncertainty?


Marlon here.

I'm finally gearing up for 2008.  It's taken me a few weeks to
get into the swing of this new year.

Just got back from Vegas where I hung out informally with most
all the “big names” in this business.  Good times were had by

A lot of you have asked about my KNEE.  It has been doing GREAT!
Except after walking over Vegas shopping and everything else.
When I got home, sheez! I don't know how those young kids do

Listen — I've sent you quite a few promos by email and not
enough CONTENT.  I'm aware of that.  We will ramp up mixing in
more content with our promos.

I'm just now getting Santos trained in all this.  And Tim
(customer service guy) had to have a TRIPLE bypass!  So Santos,
Danny and Jennifer have been working extra hard to keep the
machine running smoothly.

For those of you who don't know, Santos took Matt's position.
Danny took Lisa's place.

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This week's article:

How To Make It Through The Night Of Uncertainty — Those
Times When It Isn't Working, When You Doubt Yourself, When
You Wonder If It'll Ever Come Together For You.

A message of encouragement if you feel uncertain, doubt if
what you're doing will be successful or sometimes feel like
you're on the wrong track.

If you want to make progress in trading products for dollars
instead of time for dollars, you need to read this article.

It will help you identify your “sticking points.”  I've found
that solving these sticking points is crucial to your success.

If you're floundering or feel like you're stuck, or if you just
wanna get on the “right track” to trading products for dollars
instead of sweating like a pig trading time for dollars, then
you've found just the right article for you.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Vol. 3, #2, January 26, 2008

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: How To Make It Through The Night Of Uncertainty
— Those Times When It Isn't Working, When You Doubt Yourself, When
You Wonder If It'll Ever Come Together For You.

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C. How To Make It Through The Night Of Uncertainty — Those
Times When It Isn't Working, When You Doubt Yourself, When
You Wonder If It'll Ever Come Together For You.

A message of encouragement if you feel uncertain, doubt if
what you're doing will be successful or sometimes feel like
you're on the wrong track

By Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

If you're tired of having smoke blown at, through, under and
up every part of your clothing and anatomy, then maybe this
article will be refreshing to you.

I'd like to talk to you about what I call…

“The Night Of Uncertainty”

When you go to learn Internet marketing, you experience
a variety of times and days.

What I mean is, you have those moments where the sun is shining.
Everything looks like it's working.  Everything is all hunky
dory, as we'd say in the state of Oklahama where I'm from.

You wake up.

The light seems brighter. There's a bounce in your step.  It's
all good.

But life has its ups and downs and so does marketing.

There's also this period you go through at times where what you
thought was working isn't.  Where you're going through a learning
curve.  You put in time and effort and do NOT get the payoff.

Most people quit at that point.

It's the “night time” of marketing.  And night precedes day.

Before things work, they don't work.

It's all part of the learning curve.  And the hardest thing about
it is during the night, you doubt yourself and what you're doing.
You doubt if it'll ever work.  You doubt if your time, money and
effort are well invested or not.

It's one of the reasons I teach and preach to spend a big chunk
of your time, money and energy learning marketing methods that
will benefit you in ALL of life, and not just in an Internet

It's hard to make it through the nights of business.  Everything
seems black.  What you thought was working isn't.  You've expended
all this effort and the payoff didn't come.

The doubt. The indecision.  The hurt.  The pain.

The only thing you have to go on is your hope and your belief.
Sure, there are the successes of others. But there's always a
reason those don't apply to you.

So in the nights of business, you're often there alone.

Anthony Robbins said with great eloquence that life is an interaction
between pain and pleasure.  People will do more to avoid pain than to
gain pleasure.

So the trick is to make it through the nights of business, so your
days can outnumber your nights.

I've been lucky in business. Because I've had a lot more days than
nights.  But here are some tips on how to get through the night and
make it to the morning.

Tip 1:  Keep stacking your know how

The first thing you do is keep stacking your know how.  There's a
price tag on success.  And in today's world, a significant chunk
of that price tag is information.

Tip 2:  Stop weeping over the know how you bought that didn't help

Not all know how you purchase will help you. I probably buy 10
things to find 1 that really helps me.  Yes, sometimes that isn't

But it's a lot cheaper than the school of hard knocks.

Tip 3:  Have a propensity for taking action and turning know how
into skill

Knowing HOW to do something has no value if you don't practice.
You have to put your know how into action. That is how you turn
know how into skill.

You best learn what you DO and mess up on.  You can read theory
all day.  Anyone can be a keyboard jockey on an Internet marketing
forum and have all the right answers.

But the Game is played in the streets of experience.  And you learn
best by doing.  Then, when something doesn't work, you go back to
your info products, back to your ebooks, back to your forums and
find out why.  Then you go DO again.

Tip 4:  When the chips are down, find your sticking point and
blast through it.

A lot of times it's just practice.  It's a learning curve.  You
simply need more reps, more repetition, to increase your skill level.

Your SP (sticking point) may be that you don't feel confident enough
to create your own info product.  Or you aren't comfortable doing 12-
product surveys.  Or you can't come up with product ideas.  Or you
don't know how to position products.

Whatever your SP is, FOCUS on that and get through it and over it,
even if you muck up everything else in the time being.

Tip 5:  Keep adding action to your know how

You want to increase your know how. And you want to increase the
percent of your know how you turn into action.

Look at it this way:  You are building your ARSENAL.  If you aren't
winning the battle, you need more weapons in your arsenal deployed
into the field.

Add more know how, more weapons.  Deploy more weapons into the field,
into action.

Tip 6:  In any system, there is only ONE weakest link.

Find your weakest link and bolster it.

I've known great triumphs in business.  I've traveled the world.
I've met the most amazing, incredible, wonderful people.

I legitimately work less than just about anyone in this business
(with the help of talented team members over the years.)

I've also had a few nights that were hard to get through.  I mean
nights that were long and painful. When I barely had a penny to my
name.  And when I hardly knew enough to know what it was I didn't

I remember when I thought, “How could anyone DARE charge $100 for an
info product?”  … Because I never could envision myself having
$100 to buy it.

In the “nights of uncertainty” it seems like you have learned and
worked, done and applied, and you STILL aren't getting the results
you want.  You wonder if maybe somehow it just won't work for YOU.

You wonder if maybe the “other people” are somehow special and have
a magical wand you don't possess.  You blame yourself.  You feel
angry at yourself.  You feel hurt.  You feel disappointed.

I've been there.  I've felt the bitter sting of hopes and dreams
that seemed like a rainbow I'd never touch.  I've broken more things
in my life than I've fixed.  More things have NOT worked than have

That's called the “night of uncertainty.”  It's part of life and

And you wanna know what?  Anyone who has made it over a long period
of time in business will tell you the same. And anyone who doesn't
either isn't being honest or hasn't tried many things.

You always hear about the days.  You seldom hear about the nights.
They aren't sexy. They aren't fun. They aren't enjoyable to talk

But life is a combination of pain and pleasure. I'm NOT here to pull
the wool over your eyes. Or pretend it's all fun and games.

What I CAN tell you is if you follow my 6 steps above, you'll make
it through the nights of business and the sun will rise again.

The answer is really simple:  You gotta get BETTER at your Game.
That's it. That's the miraculous answer.

You gotta get BETTER at knowing how to target an audience, come
up with product ideas, do 12-product surveys, create info
products, do upsells, do back ends, pimp your affiliate program.

If you compare YOUR Game to the Game of highly successful people,
you'll find out their Game is better.  They have more tools in
their woodshed.  They have more know how. They execute better.

The answer is to keep getting know how and keep applying it.
Keep adding tools. Keep sharpening your weapons.

And somewhere along the way, you WILL get lucky.  Luck is when
opportunity meets preparation.

Marlon Sanders

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