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We had a great A-Team call yesterday. Unfortunately, the teleconference service cut me off towards the end and since our teleconference company goofed up on this – I'm giving it to everyone for FREE.

The goof-up didn't stop us from covering great topics though.

We focused on creating your own products and elaborated on specific questions like:

What if I can't write?

How do you contact experts for interviews?

What if you aren't an expert on anything? How do you create a product then?

How do you do research?

How do you create a bigger ticket product?

You can right-click here and save-link-as to download it and play it on your Ipod, Windows media player or whatever the defauilt mp3 player on your box is.  On SAFARI, click the link then do File Save from your menu bar.

To all my A-Team members – I'll be setting up a make up call next week. As soon as I decide on a date and time I'll send you an email with the call information so we can get down to business.


  • Eric says:

    Hi Marlon,

    That was an excellent interview. I have been thinking about interviewing a few experts for a product I have in mind. In your call you discussed recording and selling the interviews. Generally speaking do experts mind you doing this? Should you tell them upfront this is what you plan to do? I am sure if they are allowed to plug their product or service they may agree. Is this true? Or do you have to pay them?

    Any ideas or places you could refer me to with more information would be greatly appreciated.


    Eric B

    [Hi Eric, this is fully covered in Product Dashboard, including an email to send and the best source of experts to use. On the call I discuss this question towards the end. Listen again to the last 20 minutes.]

  • Jerry Hancock says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I'm using FireFox. I just used the left mouse button on the link, and it all began to play for me. Now while it was still playing, I was able to download the audio in Real Player which is my default…which is pretty much automatic except for one more click of the mouse.


    I'm just going to go listen to it now.

  • Laurie Lacey says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I just wanted to say that I think your products are top notch. There's so much hyped-up crap out there, that's it's nice to see someone like yourself, selling solid products.

    All the best!


    [Hi Laurie, nice hearing from you and thanks for your kind comments.]

  • Al says:

    Couldn't download with Safari

  • support says:


    This is Marlon. I listened to the audio and at least on Internet Explorer it's messed up.

    Try downloading it. On Monday I'll have Danny fix this. Not sure WHAT happened. If you have Safari or Firefox, try listening with those browsers.


  • Hi Marlon:

    I hit play on the audio and it is a fast whining noise? There isn't anything to listen to?

    [Hey Cheryl, I guess in the haste of the holidays, my guys mucked up the link. But you can just save it to your hard drive and play it there. Marlon]

  • Hi Marlon!

    Sorry about your technical difficulties. I always read/listen to what you send and never fail to be amazed at the value of what you give away free! Couldn't get the download to work but listened right through to the online version and yet agsin hugely valuable content. I'm off right now to create my free report to start a list in a new niche. Keep up the good work Marlon.

    Anyone who (unbelievably) hasn't come across this blog before – bookmark it. There is huge value here!

    All the best


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