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How To Create An Autopilot Internet Marketing System

Marlon's Marketing Minute

July 25, 2009


Marlon here.

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This week's Marlon's Marketing Minute article:

How To Create An Autopilot Internet Marketing System No Matter What You Sell, Who You Sell To or Why You Think Your Business, Product Or Service is Different — And How To Get Up And Running In 30 Days

Subtitle:  How a Friend Went From 0 To $7,500 In 7 Days Using “Step Number 3”


— Are you a Dashboard winner? (see announcements)
— The 6 inputs to an Internet marketing system
— Why the Internet lifestyle is the output
— 3 steps Lee took to reach $7500 in 30 days
— Plan B if you don't know anything about your topic
— The fastest way to create your first product
— What software to use
— Where to do you host?
— 10 basics you need to know
— 3 common myths about Internet marketing
— A common line of b.s. Internet marketers use
— Lies marketers tell about niches
— Does “autopilot” exist or is it b.s.?
— 5 facts about marketing systems
— 3074 words of great content!

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Marlon's Marketing Minute Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #26, July 25, 2009

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C. Main Article: How To Create An Autopilot Internet Marketing System

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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C. Main Article

How To Create An Autopilot Internet Marketing System  No Matter What You Sell, Who You Sell To or Why You Think Your Business, Product Or Service is Different — And How To Get Up And Running In 30 Days

Subtitle:  How a Friend Went From 0 To $7,500 In 7 Days Using “Step Number 3”

I'm going to talk about two controversial, highly loaded words…

1.  Autopilot

2.  Internet lifestyle

Is it possible to go from 0 to $7500 in 30 days?

Is the Internet lifestyle dead, a myth or alive and well?

Do only a select few make it in Internet marketing?

Is the only thing that sells on the Internet ebooks about Internet marketing?

Does autopilot really exist or is it a bunch of b.s.?

My friend Lee McIntyre is quite an inspiring person. He went from 0 to $7500 in his Internet marketing business in 30 days — starting as a school teacher.


Here's his basic system:

1.  He created an info product
2.  He sold it on ebay
3.  He got other people to sell it and paid a commission

Now, I went from $3,500 a month to $30,000+ a month when I implemented step #3.

Back when I got started, I was doing OK at $3,500 a month, selling my info on copywriting and creating info products.

But things kicked into a whole new level when I put step #3 into force.

Matter of fact, I think I knocked out that $7500 on day 4 or 5.  THAT is the power of step #3.

If you were to take everyone in the WORLD who surfs the Internet with an English browser, you'd find that 1 out of 102 have been to one of my web sites, as measured by 24 cookies.

That fact is fully documented at and in the product there.

Now, is the Internet lifestyle a myth as some say?
Do you need a big office and tons of employees?

My answer is NO. And I can prove it.

I did it 7+ years with a few virtual employees in Canada I'd never met and still to this day, don't know what most of them looked like.

So anyone who tells you it can't be done without an office is feeding you a misrepresentation of the truth.

Another big myth is that the ONLY things that sell online are how to market online.

Yeah right.

Last year as I recall total ecommerce on the Net exceeded $6.2 billion dollars, and that was the U.S. alone.

That fact is fully documented at:

I have a video in there that walks you through the gov't site and all the statistics.  I also give you a number of web sites you can go to and see the enormous variety of things being sold.

Here's another big myth:  You have to be selling in a niche outside of Internet marketing to have the right to sell something about Internet marketing.

That's dumb.

The Internet marketing audience IS a niche.

And it's probably the most competitive of all. If you can sell in it, I doubt there's a niche you can't sell in.

Personally, I'd say people who haven't sold offline like I have don't have the right to teach selling online. It's probably not the truth, but it'd be a good sales angle!

All of that stuff is positioning to try to eliminate the competition.  None of it is the truth.

Your Step-By-Step Online Marketing System

Since I am the King of Step-By-Step Online Marketing, I'm gonna lay out some steps for you right here.

This is a plan for creating your own basic info product and selling it.  You CAN create a business where you promote only affiliate products..

But that isn't what this cheat sheet is about.  For that, see the back issues of my MMM ezine.

This may look like a lot of steps.  But my friend Lee did almost all of these in only 30 days.  It's really all about just doing it.

1.  Learn the basics

Seriously, if you can barely navigate, save files or ftp, go get some basic computer training or spend a  day or two on Youtube videos learning the basics.

You also need to learn some basics of online marketing:

* What Google's external keyword tool is.
* What Google Trends is.
* What a squeeze page is.
* What Clickbank is
* What the front end and back end are
* How to use Youtube
* How to search Google
* How to use Firefox browser
* How to ftp
* What an affiliate program is

Most of these things are explained in the back issues of my Marlon's Marketing Minute ezine posted on my blog.

2.  Learn how to register a domain name

You can search Youtube for this or it's in my Dashboards. I like

3.  Get a basic hosting account

I like for newbies.  They use cpanel which is widely supported. They have a reseller account for $25 a month or something like that and it lets you have unlimited domain names and lots of space.

Again, if you don't know how to set this up, go to Youtube or consult my Dashboards.

4.  Learn how to use

This is the easy service to use to record conference calls. You'll get a .wav file you can use to turn into an mp3. If you don't know what a .wav file or mp3 is, see step #1.

5.  Research your target market buyers

Search forums for high view threads.  This is the fast and easy way to do it.

This is how you spot hot topics. You can also use Google Trends.  Search Youtube if you don't know what that is. Oh, and see step #1. Learn the basics.

If you don't know how to find a target market, see step 1.  Next, you're going to create a prdouct by doing interviews.

Now, my friend Lee wrote an ebook as I recall because he already knew the information and could write well.

I'm going to give you a plan B in case you can't write fast or don't know anything about your chosen topic.

6.  Find people to interview on your topic

Search blogs, forums, articles on and anywhere else you can. Send out interview requests.

7.  Create your audio recording.

This consists of scheduling your interview and hittinng the record button.

8.  Transcribe it

Hire this out on, or any freelance site.

9.  Learn to write a sales promo for it or create a sales video.

There's a learning curve here.  The alternative is to go to Warriors Forum and hire a beginning copywriter for $100 or $200.

If you can't talk, write a sales letter.

If you'd rather talk than write, do a video.

If you can't talk or write, hire someone.

9.  Create your squeeze page

This is how you get people on your email list. Consult all the back articles on my blog if you don't know what this is.

10.  Create a give away report, pdf, or video for your squeeze page.

You gotta have some bait.

11.  Set up your autoresponder account.

Your squeeze page will need an autoresponder.  You can use, aweber or getresponse. Those are the main choices.

The trend is for some advanced marketers to go to infusionsoft.

There are a few basic expenses of the business the way I teach it.  You need an autoresponder, hosting, a few domain names. A computer.  A few pieces of software.

If you're stone broke, then try article marketing.  And if you don't know how to do that, search Google and Youtube.  You need to write a lot of articles to succeed.

Sean Mize has some killer ebooks on this that are give aways.

12.  Write emails for your autoresponder selling your product.

Now, if you want to promote your product, you get people on your email list then send a series of emails giving reasons for them to buy it, proof it works, benefits and reasons to get it today and not procrastinate.

You send emails that link to posts on your blog, podcasts and videos.

13.  Set up your affiliate program has you covered on this.  You can also go the Clickbank route.  My friend Mike Filsaime has paydotcom. That's another popular choice.

This is STEP #3.  When my friend Lee blasted off in 30 days, he picked up a bunch of affiliates by running a WSO in the Warrior's Forum.

Forums are a great place to find affiliates. Step #3 is what I've been teaching for traffic since 1998.  It worked then. Works now. The Game has changed but the basics are the same.

14.  Put it all together

a.  Go on forums, meet people and make friends with list owners
b.  Get 'em on your Twitter account and Facebook
c.  Put up a little sign up page for your affiliate program
d.  Have your affiliates send visitors to your squeeze page
e.  On the thank you page, put the sales letter or sales video for your product.
f.  Have a great series of emails that go out to people who don't buy immediately.
g.  Make sure you follow step #3 in my list.  It's the one that makes the machine hum.

Now, I've left out some steps.  But who else is giving you step-by-step info of this detail without charging you a dime?

Why do I call this a SYSTEM?

Here's why:

Fact:  The first time is the hardest

Fact:  The second time gets a bit easier

Fact:  The third time gets a bit easier

Fact:  You do the same process over and over

Fact:  Usually your “hit” comes on tries 3-7

Fact:  Chances are, your first one won't be your “hit” so don't sweat it so much

Fact:  The hardest part is the learning curve

Don't worry about the “performance” of what you create until you can easily create and you're over the learning curve part.

A system is something you boil down to a sequence of steps and do over and over.

The OUTPUT of your system properly operated is “the Internet lifestyle.”

If your output isn't “The Internet Lifestyle,” then you don't have the right inputs.

Here are the inputs:

1.  A target market who is hot to trot to BUY

Notice I did NOT start with this super duper product everyone “needs.”  I started with the market hot to buy.

If you can't say specifically who the market is for your product or service, you skipped the research your target market step.

A system is a sequence of steps. You can't skip steps.

2.  A product people WANT not just need.

3.  A squeeze page that 15% or more subscribe to

4.  A thank you page and follow up autoresponder process that converts 6% or more of people in the funnel to buyers.

5.  A sequence of products you sell

6.  Sales conversion posts on  your blog, podcasts, videos, ustream events, and audio postcards.

The bottom line is that if the dollars are there, affiliates WILL send traffic.

The traffic WILL convert if you've found a Hungry Target Market (HTM) and presented a Killer Sales Letter (KSL) and a fantastic autoresponder follow up series using “the full arsenal” of sales conversion tools.

Once your target market is selected, squeeze page is erected and functioning at 15%+ conversions, thank you page and autoresponders convert 6%+ to sales, then affiliates will drive the traffic.

At that point, the system is mostly on autopilot.  Your affiliates drive traffic.  Autoresponders follow up. Sales are made. Products are digitally delivered.

THAT is how you auto pilot a “marketing sales system.”

Ask yourself:  Which of those factors do you ALREADY have?  Which are you lacking?  What is your plan to fix the things you lack and get them installed into your online marketing process and system?

Have you written out each objective and the steps you will take?

If not, write them out now:

1.  How will you select your Hungry Target Market?

What steps will you follow, how and when?

2.  How will you create a squeeze page that converts 15%+ to subscribers?

What steps will you take, how and when?

3.  Does your thank you page and autoresponder sequence convert 6%+ to sales?

If not, what steps will you take to implement “The Full Arsenal” and fix this?  When will you do it? What's your deadline?

4.  Are affiliates sending you lots of traffic?

If not, what's your visitor value and how does it compare to the competition?

How will you fix it if it's poor?  Where, when and how will you recruit new affiliates?  What's your plan?

Here's what I bring to the table.  While other marketers promote the hot thing of the week and pump out any affiliate offer to their list that brings in sales, I've been teaching, preaching, writing about, giving steps for and harping on the same exact marketing system since 1998.

How many other marketers have you followed who have taught and stuck to one Evergreen system that works and never breaks?

How much money, time and energy have you flat out wasted chasing things that sounded great but never panned out?

Can you see that if you target people who are ALREADY buying, find out what they're ALREADY buying then give them reasons to buy  what they're ALREADY buying or things similar to it and give them reasons to buy from you, now today — that you might possibly do pretty good in this business and stumble upon the much maligned Internet lifestyle in spite of yourself?

Think about that every night as you go asleep and every morning when you wake up.

Write it out.

Stick it on your mirror.

Write out your plan.

Stick it on your computer monitor.

How do you live the Internet lifestyle?  You sell what people are buying to the people buying it and give them a really great reason to buy from you.

You create and sell products via an affiliate program.

This is my model.

This is my system.

This is the path to the Internet lifestyle.

Are you with me?

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing.”

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