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Best Post Wins a Dashboard Of Your Choice


Marlon here.

Everytime I pop on Twitter to chat with my friends and customers, someone pops up and tells me a success story about how one of my products HELPED the. I want to hear from YOU. The post that seems the most real, useful to others and inspirational wins one of my Dashboard products, your choice of,,, MarketingDashboard.copm, Affiliate

You do NOT need a story of how you made a million dollars or NOR even any money at all. If I did help you make money, of course, let’s hear it. But I also want to hear your story if I helped you figure something out, gave you a boost, got you on the right path or helped you do something you couldn’t before.

Did Design Dashboard help you create a Favicon? Or learn to insert a table or create drop shadows? Did it help you save money on something? Let’s hear it.

Did Promo Dashboard help you find your target market, create a freebie or squeeze page? Or did it help you learn to ftp, set up hosting or your autoresponders? Let’s hear it.

Did Product Dashboard help you create a recording, interview someone, create your download page or do a survey? Let’s hear it.

Did Amazing Formula turn you onto Internet marketing or get you started in the biz? Let’s hear it.

Did Gimme My Money Now teach you how to write a sales letter, do a 12 product survey or create an info product or affiliate program? Let’s hear it.

Did Push Button Letters help you write a sales letter or maybe even your first sales letter? Let’s hear it.

Have my ezine issues helped you avoid wasting money, got you on the right track or helped you in some other way? Let’s hear it.

Did Marketing Dashboard, Operate Your Buz, PrCash, Automation Secrets, or Action Grid help you DO something you couldn’t do before? Did Vblog Secrets help you do video? Let’s hear it.

NO PURCHASE required to participate in this. Winner will be posted next Wed at 11 a.m. CST. Void where prohibited. My staff and I will choose based on inspiration to others, usefulness to others, and realness vs. something made up just to win a Dashboard. I want REAL comments from my REAL customers.

Rules subject to modification. By posting, you give me permission to use your comments in my advertising or products worldwide, in perpetuity, without royalty or recompense.

  • Andre Vas says:

    Not a success story – but feedback about Marlon:

    Marlon is the only guy I completely trust to deliver marketing, strategy & psychology information that's practical and helpful to a small-to-medium online business owner.

    I know about WarriorForum, DigitalPoint forums and dozens of other resource sites with killer information to gain competitive advantage and stand above the rest.

    But yet, Marlon's products are all those resources combined and infused with steroids, and

    layed out in easy-to-follow step-based USABLE material.

    My favorite 3 products: Amazing Formula, Push Button Letter, Marketing Dashboard

    PROOF of Marlon's trust is seen when while all the gurus are promoting the next big product launch… Marlon DOESN'T. Because he knows they're all time-wasting, unusable products that'll make the promoter richer, but not help the buyer gain success.

    Final words: Follow Marlon. IGNORE the rest. They want your money, no more, no less. Marlon wants your success!

    Long live Marlon Sanders. He's the true king of marketing information.

    Andre Vas

  • Ray Ross says:

    Marlon: It occurred to me this morning,

    Sat.8-15-09, that I needed to update my info. with my new Email address(above).

    I have not been receiving my almost daily post from you for 2 months. When I looked back, I obviously have some catch up reading to do.

    I also need to personally thank you for all of the content I have received from you in the past 2 years. The content and resources have not been, just valuable, but phenomenal. You always put a "value" at the top of your post. I can only add that you sure work cheap. In conclusion, I want you to know I'm not a "freebie seeker", I have your products + products you have reccmmended. Your "stuff" is all a marketer needs to make it on the Net. I know it's hot in the Hill Country

    right now, so stay inside and keep writing more good content. Thanks Ray

  • Votin' for mine, Marlon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think that story about me making $5 during the week, then $60 an hour doing the same job… plus being able to upsell, downsell, and name-drop is a gem.

    Of course, that was only using some of the principles that you've been teaching and developing. I went from $60 an hour to making some REAL money by using the Promo Dashboard. Last year I grossed about $180K on an information product and a lot of that is YOUR fault and the Promo Dashboard.

  • Monique says:

    I vote for the story Carl Willoughby wrote.

    It sounds like a true story.


  • Terry Russell says:

    Gordon Alexander

  • Mary says:

    I vote for J.Anne

  • Penny Chow says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I want to thank yo for your marketing dashboard which has helped to systematize my marketing efforts and I know with clarity what to promote each month to my list of subscibers. Instead of a shot in the dark or promoting what others call a 'flavour of the month' type of products, I am finally able to design a calendar as I know what my subscribers focus are each month. This clarify gives me a greater peace of mind.

    I have also learned to set up a quotes blog with related affiliate programmes at the bottom.

    I started a squeeze page for my boss and till date we have about 100+ subscribers to the list and out of which we have a total sale of about 600 plus on the front end and may be able to net more on the back end.

    Thank you for your fabulous products

    Penny Chow


  • Frank Gorka says:

    I Vote For Ken Donaldson

  • Welt Faraday says:


    Thanks and thanks again.

    I had given up when I stumbled on your Marketing Dashboard back in 2006. It was too much for my IT skills to build websites in html as back then we did not have easy access to WYSIWYG.

    Then recently I remembered that I had a lifetime's access to the Marketing Dashboard. I logged on and sure enough I now use the EVER-RELEVANT information to build single page money-making blogs for free and other minisites.

    I am still not a millionaire but I do pay for all online activities and cellfone and TV expenses.

    Needless to say, I am thinking bigger for the future.



  • Roch Jimenez says:


    [Roch, another vote for Ken. Thx]

  • G'day Marlon,

    Heaps of good comments. Like the previous comment my vote goes to Ricky. Short and sweet and inspirational. Glad it is you who has the final say.

    [Rob, Ricky's coming on and going nose to nose in the race! The heat is on.]

  • Paula Couchman says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Wow some great stories here, I have been reading your emails for a while now, and can't wait until I have enough saved to buy one of your dashboards.

    I think I will have to go with Ricky as well. Good luck to everyone that took the time to write something,great read.

    [Chock another one up for Ricky. Thanks Paula.]

  • Glenna Cottrell says:

    Leo is my choice.

    Very good. Good points about the product. Not too much about himself.


  • Dan Martin says:

    Sorry, I'm going to vote for mine. It gives the way we all feel about you without the drama. You're real and seem to care about us doing well. Unlike the ones that just hit us with offer after offer regardless of how worthy they are. It's short, sweet and tailored to Tweet.


  • Dolores Lowe says:

    Hi Marlan: J Ann would be my best bet Good Luck

  • Angeliki Cordalis says:

    Hi Marlon,

    lot's of great stories. It is really hard to decide who is Dashboard-worthy. ๐Ÿ™‚ To me it would be Ricky, because his story inspires me personally.

    [Another Ricky vote! Angeliki, thanks so much for taking your time to share your vote. I know Ricky appreciates it.]

  • Gary McConnell says:

    J. Anne Says:

    July 15th, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Hi Marlon,

    Well, last year I was just a little homeschool mom who couldn’t find a decent science or history curriculum for my last kid at home, and I was tired of tweaking the expensive programs I that I had already purchased.

    So I thought I’d write my own, and so I did.

    I’m a science nerd, so the writing part was actually pretty easy. I just assumed that marketing them would be cake, right? I mean, they’re great – I’d have homeschool moms knocking down my door for my stuff.

    Except I didn’t have a door to knock on – let alone knock down.

    I decided I needed a website and I got one of those and it’s great, actually. I learned me some html and spent months getting it together. I started getting traffic right away because I followed the “Action Guideâ€ย and researched keywords and such.

    But then – I realized – I still need to TELL people about my product. After all that work I still needed a marketing plan. I kept seeing people refer to a “sales letterâ€ย on the forums that came with the website tools, and I was like “NO WAY do those long salesy pitch thingys work!â€ย

    Until I saw one that could teach me anatomy and physiology and it came with EVERYTHING for only $299 (nope), $199 (nope), only $29.99 (or whatever, you get the point).

    I was about to buy that thing (even though I have a M.S. degree and could write my own A&P course…which I did) and then I realized what just happened…I was pitched by a professional and fell for it!

    It worked. I was wrong – I needed a “sales letterâ€ย.

    All the while the people on the website forum kept putting up examples of these “sales lettersâ€ย to get feedback and finally your name came up…Marlon Sanders. My hero.

    I kicked around on your site for a few days, tried to decipher your “formulaâ€ย myself, and finally broke down and purchased The Amazing Formula.

    I read it “cover to coverâ€ย in one sitting and wrote my first draft that night. Of course, I tweaked it over several weeks and added little things like custom bullets, and then I put it up on the site.

    I can’t tell you how helpful it was – really! I know I don’t have the greatest sales pitch – I’m really not a salesperson – but compared to what it was BEFORE YOU (nothing) It is AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m not rich yet, but seriously, I owe a lot of my initial success to The Amazing Formula. (And I do make money – about $600 this past week just from my own products…not bad!)


    P.S. If anyone wants to see it – don’t expect much ok (I’m no Marlon!) – it is here:

    [That's awesome. Truthful and sincere. Just the way I like it. I think the truth always sells better than hype. Thanks.]

    [Hi Gary, I guess you just reposted J. Anne's comments. I take that as a vote.]

  • Ann Stewart says:

    Hi Marlon My vote goes to Nancy. I liked many of the great testimonials. But hers was to the point, didn't try to promote her own stuff through it, and was descriptive in a simple to understand way. Sorry, I didn't get mine in on time – thought I was too late.

    [Ann, I'll rack up your score for Nancy.  She has ground to make up at this point!  So you Nancy fans speak up.]

  • Susanne F says:

    Ken Donaldson's story is great and describes perfectly what most of us go through.

    [Susanne, Ken gets  a vote.  Let's see if he moves from behind.]

  • Nancy Boyd says:

    Wow this IS a tough call. I'm tied between J. Anne and Kalem, but there are about 3-4 others that are really good too. I can't narrow it down to just one.

    [Nancy, J. Anne seems to be getting the early lead here!  Thanks for adding your input.]

  • Robin Lee says:

    Hi Marlon, I purchased your Info Products Dashboard a couple months ago and am going thru it a bit at a time. I work full-time plus have some family care issues to deal with. Bottom line is that I don't have a success story to share YET – but I did as you asked and read thru all of your testimonials and the one that struck me as the best and most deserving was from J. Anne. Question: Since I'm still working thru the Info Products Dashboard and find that since I do have other folks' products to sell, which of your other Dashboards or products would you recommend as my next investment to help get me started marketing and driving traffic to these other products? Thank you for all your words of wisdom thru your blog posts and email newsletters. They always seem to address whatever I happen to be going thru at the time – and consequently, you are at the top of my Mentor list. Best regards and this was a fun process to watch and be involved in. Thank you, Robin

    [J. Anne scores a vote.  I recommend you do Promo Dashboard to sell your existing stuff.]

  • J, Anne's letter is very good.

    [George, you led the way with an early J. Anne vote.]

  • Tyler Haacke says:

    Very good story Ricky, glad it all worked out for ya.

  • Clayton says:

    I like Ricky's touching story, congrats Ricky and keep up the good work

    [Clayton, you aren't the only one who liked Ricky.  Appreciate your vote. Right now Ricky is losing a bit to J. Anne. But the voting is still early.]

  • jim says:

    soaking in all your emails – a newie and learning – making time to learn this – thank you

  • Welt Faraday says:


    Thank you and thanks again.

    When all the confusion was tearing me inside, I stumbled on the Marketing Dashboard.

    I can now say that back then, 2006, it was much more difficult to set up a small webpage as WYSIWYG was still for the chosen few.

    So, ……. I gave up !

    Recently, however, I remembered that I had a lifetime's use of the Dashboard and went and logged on and sure enough I am now using the EVER-RELEVANT information to build free money-making blogs and sites. I'm still not a millionaire but am making enough to pay for all my online activities, internet and TV and cellfone bills.

    Needless to say, I am aiming higher.



  • Nathan White says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I just want to say thank you.

    You recently helped me more than you'll ever know.

    Although your products have helped me a lot with my business, this time your material helped me in a big way with my personal life.

    I'm usually a very positive, healthy, upbeat person. But lately, I haven't been. I'm just now recovering from some health issues that for almost two months, kept me from working on my business.

    But much more important than that, they kept me from fully enjoying time with my wife and our two young sons (one just born 18 days ago).

    Anyhow, I hate to admit it, but I was feeling sorry for myself – something that I very rarely do. Then, a few days ago, in one of your reports, I read these words:

    "The FIRST thing you have to do is get your own head straight."

    Then I read "Just start thinking and picturing what you DO want over and over. It's that simple. All negative emotion is based on focusing on what you don't have instead of what you DO have. That's all there is to it."

    Well, you know what? I'm back to being my positive self and focusing on what I DO have. A great wife, two wonderful boys and a ton of other family members who are great blessings in my life.

    I'm also focused once again on creating the very best information products that I can because that allows me to do what YOU do – it allows me to write, say or do something, ANYTHING, that will help make other people's lives better.

    As I continue to focus on that, I know that I will always be blessed. But I can't help others unless I have my own head straight.

    Marlon, thank you for helping me get my head straight again. You are much appreciated.

    God Bless You!

    [Nathan, I'm right there with ya bro. I feel like I'm just now recovering from my hernia surgery but I'm not quite there yet. I still can't travel. In many ways, it's been a great time though because I reflected on my business and life and made some positive changes.]

  • Gary says:

    They say if you want to be successful in life.You have to learn from the best. You Marlon are the best in this field.I would like to learn from the best.

  • Okay, Marlon… I posted before, remember the guy who was using your PRINCIPLES (at least some of them) over twenty years ago to make piles of money aerating lawns? I appreciate your reply BTW. But since you asked, here is one way in which one of your products has helped me SPECIFICALLY…

    The Promo Dashboard helped me to put together a profile of my buyer: middle aged, white, college education, affluent, even down to specific areas of this and other countries.

    I had a successful product before; my ebook on investing had sold copies totaling gross sales of over $100K per year BEFORE I looked at the Promo Dashboard… but NOW it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

    See, the Promo Dashboard allowed me to create a profile of my existing customers and then find out where else they shop, network, and entertain themselves. Not only am I reaching more (and therefore SELLING more)… I'm doing it at a lower cost and helping to benefit other companies as well by way of my association with them.

    In short, the Promo Dashboard has done a lot of people a lot of gooood; my customers get a method for protecting and growing their stock investments, my partner companies get to reach more of their customer base at a cheaper cost and higher profit, and I get piles of cash out of the deal as well.

    I could go on about other ways that the Promo Dashboard specifically helped me but the main thing is that it took me much further down the road in terms of finding WHERE to "fish". Just as when I was a teenager doing the lawn aeration business, you've helped me find the "neighborhood" where folks care more about their lawns… and helped me spend my energy and time there for best results.

    Kurt Frankenberg

    [Kurt, GREAT story and I appreciate you sharing!]

  • This story goes way back about 6 or 7 years ago when the internet was different. I was dead broke at the time and I had not make ANY money on the internet at all.

    I was still trying to make my first sale. I had spent a ton of money getting a web site built for me but I was getting no traffic and making zero sales.

    I had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on ecrooks, oops, I mean ebooks that netted me zero. By this point I had spent thousands of dollars (money that I could not afford, all on credit cards) and had not made not even a single sale.

    I signed up with and started promoting my website. In one month they auto-charged over $1,000 bucks on my credit card and I still had not made a single sale. Not even one single inquiry.

    (I'm pretty sure I was the victim of click fraud).

    I was desperate to at least make one sale just to see if the website worked. I bought one of your ebooks, (I believe it was the Amazing Formula or Affiliate handbook).

    No, I didn't make a ton of money or even make any sales but I learned about eBay from you. At that time I had never heard of eBay before. I opened an account with eBay and thanks to Marlon Sanders turning me on to eBay, I finally made my first internet sale.

    Thank You,

    Carl Willoughby

    [Carl, great story!]

  • Kym says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I started working on trying to create an income on the web when the economy slowed before, after 9/11. I spent months figuring out what I was able to figure out, some of it on my own, some with products I purchased from other "gurus." I kept getting more and more confused and frustrated. It seemed like no matter what those products promised, they all left something out and I never quite got it all figured out. Not to mention how some information contradicted other information.

    Nonetheless, I got a couple of websites up, one using PayPal to collect money and one through Clickbank. They never amounted to much because I didn't know what to do next. I jumped from one "new thing" to the next "new thing," each of which was supposed to be "the thing."

    Finally, I decided to hitch my star to one particular guru and buy his products, follow his advice, etc. He is very well known and makes a lot of money on the Internet but I couldn't seem to make that translate for me.

    Fast forward to now. I now know that one of my original websites is really, really bad (although I still bring in a few hundred dollars a year from it). I haven't marketed it, or done much of anything with it, for years. It sells physical products so I waiver between not wanting to have to package and ship product anymore and thinking I could hire that out if I build the business up.

    A couple of years ago, I brought up a new website (WordPress blog), hiring a lot of the work done. It is set up based on yet another guru's recommendations, using freelancers through her company, so has Adsense and some affiliate products. But, after it was set up and I stopped hiring any work done, well, here I am again. Now what?

    I love the website, and am passionate about the topics on the site, but kept getting stuck with what to do next. I wrote some articles for the blog, then…again, haven't done much to market it beyond very minimal article marketing. It's at
    if anyone wants to see it. Now I need to learn more about WordPress so I can proceed from where it is now.

    Marlon — I read some of your information on Overcoming Overwhelm and that has been one of the most useful things I have read. I couldn't understand why I couldn't "get it" and how other people could. As I read the Overwhelm information, I could identify with so many points. It was a huge relief to know that it wasn't just me, that a lot of people deal with the same things. I need to shut out the information overload and get some focus!

    I've spent thousands of dollars on IM products and seminars and have accomplished so little. I have felt like I was spinning my wheels for so long. I was so overwhelmed that I wound up not accomplishing much of anything. It was easier just to put it all aside and do something else non-IM related. There's also a little nagging voice in my head that says, "what if you do it wrong?"

    Now I'm in a position where I have to either succeed or get a full time J-O-B (I'm a contract trainer and business has been extremely slow for the seminar company I contract with!) That just adds to the overwhelm.

    So, I bought your Info Product Dashboard and, a little later, your Design Dashboard, as well as some of your other products. My star is now hitched to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have just started looking at the Design Dashboard but am just about to start working through it. I'm thinking I'll start selling other people's products so I can get some money coming in more quickly, but will definitely create my own products in the not-too-distant future. Then I guess Promo Dashboard would be next…?

    There is another thing that you do for me, Marlon. Whenever I start getting frustrated or start doubting myself, I read some of your articles and blog posts. I feel like you are right there encouraging me and letting me know it CAN be done and I CAN DO IT!!

    Thank you!


    [Hi Kym, thanks for you great post. Your web site is fine for an adsense model. But you need a freelancer posting on it for you. Or if you're really passionate about it, do it yourself. I'm not sure the adsense model will make money but you can try it. What I'd recommend is creating your own products as audio or webinars. If you're hung up on web design, go ahead and outsource it. You learn as you go along.]

  • Bob says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'll keep this short and sweet, I've been looking to build an affiliate program for my business, and struggled for a while trying to find the right way to do it, and the right tools to do it with. When I discovered your Affiliate Dashboard it was like you designed the perfect program for just me! I love it. I think you did an incredible job with this product, and it works like gangbusters. I'm very confident your other dashboards are equally as great, and would love to dive into another one… Keep up the great work Marlan!

    Bob Molton

    [Bob, very nice. Thanks.]

  • Digby says:

    I purchased the Web Design Dashboard some time back. I was immediately impressed by the simplicity and logic of the lesson layout.

    The whole idea of breaking the Web Design Process into bite-sized chunks of text and video is brilliant and simple. For the first time I learned how to easily use Photoshop for web image design and creation.

    It is a great product and really helped me to create my first website.

    Thanks Marlon


    [Hi Digby, thanks for your comments and I'm glad it helped.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I love the Amazing Formula. Luckily, I still have a hard copy. The Amazing Formula taught me the grand preliminaries to Internet Marketing, which I still use and will always use.

    I had several of your dashboards which I was using and learning to use, when my computer crash took everything along with it.

    Now I need to go back and replace these, but haven't done this as yet. Writing these words reminds me to do that- plus the pain of remembering what I once had!

    [Kate, sorry about your computer crash. If you need logins for your Dashboard, just contact Use ftp or Google Docs to upload the things you do and you won't have to worry about a crash. It's much faster the second time around. And the practice is great anyway. You'll be up to speed and ahead of the game if you spend 30 min. to 1 hour a day on task.]

  • My Dear Mr.Sanders,

    I am of the honest opinion that I deserve a copy or your Dashboard free, as I would put it to better use than a lot of the people who are requesting it.

    My reasons are listed below:

    •I purchased it and paid for it monthly for many months back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

    •At that time I was putting in over 60 hours weekly on my job as an

    accountant and I had no time to put it in use. But, during that time I also

    studied the Dashboard very carefully.

    •I was looking forward to my retirement in less than A year.

    •I knew that the Dashboard would be the link to my success upon retirement.

    •At that time I was already over 65 and thought I was financially set to


    •I had purchased stock that I thought would help me set up my new business and supplement my Social Security, so that I could live comfortably while starting my internet business.

    •As luck would have it, I lost my retirement (all of my retirement funds

    were in Enron Stock). So when Enron went down, so did I.

    •I am now 71, live on less that 700 dollars monthly Social Security and have no other income.

    •I can in no way afford to purchase your dashboard now, although as a former owner, I have studied your Dashboard carefully in the past.

    •I know that by just following your directions in the Dashboard I could make the difference in my income that I so desperately need.

    Your products are all good (and worth what you ask for them, I have researched most of them and compared them with your competition.

    You have no competition, your products are in a class by themselves.

    When you put a product out it speaks for itself, by just having your name on it.

    I have e-mailed you in the past and asked you questions, and have ALWAYS RECEIVED A PERSONAL ANSWER FROM YOU!

    That is one of the highest compliments an old lady can give you.


    Joyce Christopher

    [Joyce, appreciate post. Now, the deal isn't to explain why you want to win. It's to tell a success from a product of mine you bought or even from an ezine article. A win, victory or success you experienced personally from taking my methods and using them. So you are welcome to post again if you have a story like this.]

  • Zara says:

    Hi Marlon, I think over the years what has set you apart from many of the other marketers is your engagement with your audience and affiliates. Like others here I belong to a lot of marketers lists, but you always supply a compelling headline that makes me think I might be missing something important if I don't show up! So of all your products I'd say your personal branding and social interaction with us "at the other end of the internet" is the thing that has influenced me most.

    PS – I'm not here to try and win a dashboard – I am responding to your headline – "Is Your Name On This Page?â€ย" …well I had to l@@k didn't I ๐Ÿ™‚ Zara x

    [Hey Zara, how are you? Thanks for taking your time to post because I'm sure you have lots going on. Yes, getting read to write another ezine right now.]

  • HEY!! The last time you told me to put in a testimonial and we would get a present, I wrote a really long raving testimonial, and never got my gift!

    I think your stuff is awesome, and I would love to receive my gift of the new dashboard!!

    Thank you very much

    Dr. Andrew Colyer

    [Dr. Colyer, what I said is that the BEST post would win. NOT all! Ditto for last time my friend. And I appreciate your comments. But really, I'm NOT buying testimonials, and I would very sincerely hope that isn't the reason you gave a long raving testimonial before. I have enough very satisfied customers without any extras. I just wanted a little fun thing to give people an incentive to take a few minutes to post. I think people DO need a little carrot to take the time to post what they already genuinely feel.]

  • Hello Marlon,

    Well, I can say that I really like your Dashboard products. I think the one I got the most use from was the Marketing Dashboard.

    I was already making a decent income with affiliate marketing before I bought the Marketing Dashoard, but in my case, I was looking more for a marketing plan that would just make things easier more than I was looking to increase my profits (but that is always good too =D).

    What I can say for certain is that the Marketing Dashboard did help with making the affliate marketing process much less of a hassle for me once I got used to the Marketing Dashboard process, which also didn't take long thanks to the 'one step at a time' format.

    That in and of itself is worth some money, and in making things easier, I probably did make more money in the process also.

    I think it is reasonable to think that when day to day business operations are simplified, it probably does leave you with more time and energy to market your business.

    One other thing about internet marketing products that is really never mentioned, that I think needs to be pointed out, is that honesty helps a lot also, and you are always very honest with all of the information that you provide in your products, and I thank you for that.

    It's nice to get helpful products that deal in the fact and not the hype.


    [Hey Misato, really glad it helped and appreciate you taking the time to post!]

  • Heidi says:

    The design dashboard was THE push in the …. to get me going on the internet. It took off the fear of the whole thing and told me: Even you can do it,Heidi

    [Heidi, thanks for taking the time to share. Yes, we put a LOT into the Design Dashboard!]

  • Keries says:

    Ooops looks like I haven't yet bought one of your products.

    I do know though that I've given away heaps of your freebies as an affiliate. People just love them.

    I only read a few newsletters and yours has to be my number one pick. I then add it to my blog for others to read and get raving comments back about them. That sure makes me feel like I'm making a difference.

    I keep saving my pennies for one of your products but my family seem to sense when I have a few dollars in my paypal account and go online shopping with it.

    Maybe one day I'll get in first and get one of your products but with such a great choice where do I start?

    Excuse me I'm off to have another look at your products, pick one and to visualise owning it.


    [Hi Keries, you're funny. Appreciate the humor.]

  • Dory Lee says:

    Hi Marlon,how to contact you via email?Thanks,

    [Hi Dory, how are you? You go to: Tim is there all the time during business hours except when he is at lunch. I don't personally contact customers except here on the blog and on my Ateam calls.]

  • Gary Moore says:

    You just can't get any better than Marlon!

    [Hi Gary. Well, I'm not sure that's true but it's a nice thought!]

  • I've enjoyed reading all these great posts from people. Many of them are really the best testimonials as to the practicality and helpfulness of your products – and which ones i may get later.I bought the Info product Dashboard and the Amazing Formula. The latter I haven't really started using however buying the Info Product Dashboard got me taking action. I called an six-figure expert in my field (copywriting) and asked if he'd be interested in doing an interview on an area of expertise. He was very interested and he interviewed me a social media topic. I've just got the mp3 transcription back and it'll be going up as my first paid info-product. I'll be publishing it with a nice cover and also as an audio CD. Plus I am adding a worksheet so people can follow the steps I talked about.

    Anyway. I enjoyed the experience so much that I've lined up two more expert interviews in the next two months – in one I will do a recorded interview of an expert, in the other the expert actually invited ME to be on a live teleseminar to talk to her group. How cool is that. I just emailed and asked if she'd be interested. You would be amazed just how interested people are if you approach them correctly and respectfully.

    They are all going to be info products. As I'm a website copywriter writing sales copy isn't an issue for me, but even there you have some very helpful guidance.

    So thanks, because the IPD really did galvanize me into action and have given me lots of ideas for producing more products. I also have the Amazing Formula which, though I've not used in depth yet (time constraints) will certainly be using. In fact, I would say one can't really lose with your products… they are all very down to earth and practical – if, that is, one actually puts what they say into action.

    There are a few marketers I buy products from. Sometimes I buy out of curiosity.

    I love to learn and my approach has been there is always something I can learn – even if it's learning what doesn't work.

    My two pence.


    [Nicky, very nice. Thank you. I can see why you're a copywriter. You said that so well!]

  • Nancy Ramacitti says:

    We are now in the finishing stages of our website and blog. We have all of the dashboard products along with other Marlon products and we have to say that the Promo Dashboard is most important to us. There are so emails from other marketing gurus that we receive that we tend to get lost and unfocused on the outcome. Promo Dashboard has the step by step tools which is to get it done and get it going. With Marlon's products and his devotion to create entrepreneurs of all of us, the dashboards are the real deal from a real guy.

    We are looking forward to meet you face to face Marlon to thank you.

    [Nancy, glad it helps you focus. And yes, that is very much why we designed it that way.]

  • Well, let's see here.

    Marlon was one of the early people online, along with Mizel and Ken McCarthy to drive home the point that the quality of your traffic was a large factor in determining your conversion rates. Yeh, it's nothing new these days, but this was back in the early 2000s and nobody was really talking about it that much.

    He was one of the first to actually label his prepared reviews for affiliates as "sponsored reviews" which is interesting given all the hoopla over the new FTC regulations coming in that area.

    I saw a guy at WarriorForum talk about doing a dripped-bonus to increase retention and it dawned on me that Marlon did that long ago when he included his Twister Marketing System that way with one of his products I bought.

    [Hi Paul, how are you? I've seen that FTC regulation. It's targeted at bloggers from what I see. Also, at the bottom of the review we have DISCLOSURE. It says that the gentleman who wrote them received compensation. I'll look more closely at that law. But I imagine all it will require is disclosure which we did from day one. If you remember Twister Marketing, you've been around awhile my friend! Thanks for posting here.]

  • Marlon,

    As always your marketing tactics are genius-level!

    Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

    Step-by-step, we'll all succeed together!

    Early congratulations to the winner!



    [ Coach Ed, appreciate the comments and hope all your marketing is going great.]

  • Brien Lee says:

    Jeez, I already own all the dashboards. And let me tell you, they're terrific. Marlon shares EVERYTHING. And if you haven't gotten Ockham's Razor, you really should.

    [Hi Brien, appreciate you taking the time to share with others here. I hope your marketing is rocking and rolling and I'd love ot have you on some Ateam calls if you aren't getting them.]

  • Kim Martin says:

    Marlon is without doubt somebody whose products I always get extreme value for money from.

    I own both the marketing dashboard and the affiliate dash board,combined those two have led me to explore and understand how to use other products such as auto responders,photo shop elements etc.

    For someone like myself who remembers clearly the day that I learnt to "cut and paste" and thinking how good I was these products(and others) have helped me create a number of websites around my passion which is fitnes.

    I have in fact created a rather unique concept at
    and I am in the process of creating another product based around Marlons "Dashboard" concept.

    There are a handful of people on the net that deliver extreme value and are genuinely likable(even though we've never met) and Marlon is one of them.

    Please keep delivering the goods!


    [Kim, appreciate you taking the time to share. Thanks so much for your inspiring words.]

  • Kalem says:

    Purchasing and using Marketing Dashboard was a serious “game changerâ€ย for me. I thought I knew what ‘viral marketing’ was. But, among other things that I learned by using Marketing Dashboard, was how easy viral marketing is; ‘viral marketing’ works; and almost anyone can do it (with the Marketing Dashboard it is just a matter of “do this then do this then do this,â€ย etc. – it really doesn’t get much easier than this).

    Following the easier-than-easy ‘how-to’ steps of the Marketing Dashboard not only helped to make viral marketing understandable to me, it introduced me to how to take my photography business to the next level. I am able to show my work to many more potential customers. Also, the ‘viral marketing’ products that I learned how to make and use have helped to establish me as an “expertâ€ย in my photography niches and social circles. I make viral digital photo portfolios and distribute them online. I am now a regular user of video because of what I learned by using the Marketing Dashboard. Video is much easier than I initially thought it was. I have since bought more sophisticate software tools, but the Marketing Dashboard taught me how to make and distribute my own videos using free resources. I also learned how easy it is to produce, publish and distribute my own ebooks. As a photographer, learning how to produce photo ebooks expanded my exposure by leaps and bounds. The Dashboard has given me dozens of marketing tools that I use to build relationships with my current customer and potential customers.

    Marketing Dashboard taught me how to successfully market my photography business online. Once I learned those skills my confidence dramatically increased and my imaginative creativeness literally exploded! I’ve discovered more markets for my photography. And since experiencing the successes with marketing my photography, I have expanded into other businesses. One of the most successful businesses that I’ve expanded into is producing and publishing marketing tools and strategies for other businesses. And, once again, I’m now known as a “marketing expert.â€ย Marketing Dashboard made the difference. And I still have not used all of the tools that the Dashboard teaches.

    For me, Marketing Dashboard was one of the most significant “game changersâ€ย that I’ve ever had in my life.

    [Hi Kalem, thanks for sharing and I hope others take your comments to heart.]

  • Nancy Gomez says:

    Well Marlon – where to start? I'm fresh off the A-Team call with a page of notes and a more clearly defined direction. I consider the price of the A-Team the best money I spend each month.

    I have no entrepreneurs in my family for role models except for my Uncle Devors who ran moonshine in Mississippi and Alabama during the prohibition. My dad worked 2 jobs most of his life and believed that rich people were all "crooks." My mother wanted all the money where she could see it so there was no investing,just saving for the rainy day.No surprise that I always worked for other people, huh?

    But,there comes a time when working for others is no longer a viable option. That's when I was drawn to the online marketing arena. I've been knocking around the internet for quite a while now and the first smart thing I did was subscribe to Alan Gardyne's list back in '98 or so. The next smartest thing I did was to get Info Product Dashboard back in 06, I think. Not being technically inclined, I was a little scared by the whole idea but the relief I felt as I went step by step through the dashboard boosted my confidence level. Even if I never get another thing from it (not likely) the confidence I got just going through the steps was worth the price of admission.

    Now I own most of your dashboards and if I need to know how to do something I think "oh, that's on info product or design dashboard, or promo dashboard."

    My 7 year college experience didn't include one class on business or marketing so The Red Factor gave me the practical information I was missing. I still go back and re-read parts of it.

    I have a folder on my desktop labeled Marlon's Stuff and I save everything I get from you in there. That speaks the high value I get from everything you send. In fact, that little 2 page piece you recently sent on the Timebox probably saved my sanity…no more anxiety about when things will get done and I'm actually sleeping better at night.

    My appreciation for what you create and share so generously is language-less. Just no words except Thank You.


    ps: I bought the book you talked about on the call today so as I write this the book is speeding its way to my door. goodie…

    [Nancy, thanks. And it's a GREAT book!]

  • Vance says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I am enjoying your letters and read everything you have to say. I would have bought many of your products if only they were Mac compatible.

    If you have any product like that now or in the future please let me know.

    I am still resisting getting a PC and my Mac needs to be replaced by newer model too.

    In spite of not having purchased any product from you, what you have to say is very different from what I'm getting from other marketers. There are many good ones but they are too focused on selling and give very little besides their sales pitch. Your letters are lessons in themselves that are useful and inspiring.

    When and if I decide to get a PC or when I find that you have a product for Mac (not requiring any additional software) you can count on my buying your products.

    [Vance, most of my staff uses Macs. All our products work on Macs or we have Mac versions. I personally work on a Mac laptop. Contact Tim at and he can get you the help you need.]

  • Ray says:

    Hi Marlon, You have for a long time sent me quality info, and still I have not purchased anything!

    I am on a coaching course at the moment so money is tight. I have though, considered buying one of your dashboard products, and Amazing Formula.

    I get so much stuff in my email that I am now very selective in what I open. You, along with Kern and Carlton are for me required reading.

    Thank you!


    [Ray, I understand about money being tight. You need a product of your own to sell so you have money coming in. And in the meantime, get people on your email list and send out promotions for affiliate products, offering your own custom bonuses, reports or screen capture videos.]

  • tau leau says:

    yesterday, I had a friend over to my house, he talked about loosing money from buying internet gurus stuff. at the end He said, "I dont trust anyone who sell me information online," I told him that i trust you because you are there all the time with down to earth practical advice and products that work for the average person.

    Your materials are a lifesaver thanks alot.

    [Hi Tau, I try to serve you well. I thank you for your confidence. I want to encourage you to target the people you want to reach, find ways to communicate with them via ezines, forums, banners and blogs, create a free report, video, pdf or very cheap offer that will get people on your email list, then follow up with emails. This is the path.]

  • Hi Marlon, thanks for giving me this chance to express my appreciation in this post for the help, knowledge and rewards that you have given me in the course of two years of my part time online marketing career.

    My First Appreciation

    The link "Marlon Salutes Affilicore (that's my humble site) For Linking" you have put up in your blog drives is giving me that extra traffic every month and I am able to get quite a number of sales because of this driven traffic.

    And because of your name (Marlon Sanders) and your range of Dashboard products which I am promoting, the search engines are picking up my site and some are already converting to sales.

    Therefore I am still able to pursue this interest of being an online market and get rewarded is because of your wonderful sharing and the faith that many of us have in you!

    My Second Appreciation

    I am an affiliate marketer and have promoted quite a number of products. And I can be frank with you, some of your product are priced at $67 and above and at times, the chances of having sales refunded can be high. I do faced situations like this but sales from your range of products do not give much of a problem for me.

    My second appreciation would be that I am a proud affiliate of your products and that I am well rewarded because of that.

    And to list down just one or two good products here would be an understatement to your online marketing expertise, am I right?

    My Third Appreciation

    You, as a true role model, to learn online marketing from. Why is that so?

    When I first started out with online marketing as a student, I started it with no money down and to ask me to invest in those marketing products is simply quite impossible.

    How do I learn then? When I first learn the existence of you, I took the chance to learn how you draft your sales copy for your product and how you come up with content for your ezines. I took notice of the tips and techniques you share inside your ezines.

    When you can't buy anything online to improve yourself, tips from your ezine come in valuable resources to learn what is needed to start off in internet marketing.

    And putting in comparison with other new internet marketers, there's still lots to learn from you. From the normal static websites you have, to the blog you have here and your engagement within twitter – shows the importance of these resources and also that you are also improving yourself in the ever-changing internet times. If you need to change, we must change as well.

    Lastly, I hope with my simple three forms of appreciation, I am able to show my sincere thanks for the help and rewards you have given me for the last two years!

    To your success,

    Dexter Damien Chan

    [Dexter, thanks for sharing and boy, that was clearly written. Nice!]

  • How Can I Compete?

    I guess I can only tell my story. I am impressed by Marlon. I have his "best of" book and the Okham Razor(hope I spelled that right)

    I haven't tried his Dashboards yet.

    I have a technical background, but decided to try this online marketing about a year and a half ago.

    I have spent hundreds of dollars with the "guaranteed to make you a thousand bucks tonight" stuff.

    I have two keyword generators and have paid Google over a thousand dollars this year.

    And, yes, I am still struggling.

    I tried to follow the Rich Jerk, the Big Dogs guy, Frank Kern, Bob Bly, Tellman Hudson, Ed Dale,Tim Godfrey, even Mike Chaney!

    The only ones I pay attention to now are Chris Farrell and of course Marlon.

    I refuse to be a quitter and at my age working in a JOB, I can't quit!

    Win or not here Marlon, I will get one of your dashboards.

    Hey, do you ever have a "Sale"?

    Dave Anderson

    [Hey Dave, how are you? Well, I like the guys you mentioned. They're all talented marketers. But I'm glad I've been of service to you and appreciate you sharing.]

  • I use your Design Dashboard product. I'm a little thick-headed technically (all right I'm a complete dummy with anything and everything technical). I bought your design dashboard and I bought Photoshop Elements. I followed your instructions, but still had problems. I purchased more tutorials, and they were of no use to me. I watched YouTube videos explaining what to do, but it was of no use. So I went through your program again, and again, and again.

    Low and behold, I get it now. I can now use Photoshop Elements with less problems. I can change headers, add to headers, change image sizes, be a little creative and….guess what? People are now asking me to help them with design problems.

    Your program was, and still is, a tremendous help. When I changed computers I went into a panic trying to find your URL to watch it and go through your step by step instructions again. I found it, but I really did panic.

    So thank you for all your help.


    Helene Solinga

    [Hi Helene, I'm so glad to hear that you've been helped by Design Dashboard. We really did try to put together something useful and helpful.]

  • Kathy says:

    I have 5-6 product I bought from Marlon over the years and each was very special,answer to my problems.The last one 'Promo dash' was used to help me create, promote and sell a website with a pdf book-product about insomnia. In the end it was sold for $550.

    [Hey Kathy, congrats on your ebook and glad the Promo Dashboard was of service to you.]

  • Andy Beard says:

    Anyone who really wants to learn how to use Twitter to meet their long-term goals should follow this man.

    Marlon's method is sustainable

    Building relationships with new partners

    Refreshing relationships built over 10 years online

    Sharing insightful information, and extracting it out of others at the drop of a tweet

    The method will work in any niche – it is not a numbers game

    [Hey Andy, how are you? Thanks for posting. Yes, Twitter is great for relationship

    building and contacts. Thanks for sharing here Andy.]

  • Bill Gluth says:

    Here's the deal, Marlon.

    We relate to your ideas and follow your advice for one simple reason — You break down what needs to be done in steps and help us understand what to do first, second, third, etc.

    You truly are the King of Step-by-Step Marketing.

    Any product I have ever purchased from you has made me money. As a result, I own a LOT of what you offer.

    You help us all excel – to whatever degree we are willing to commit.

    You deliver great value continuously and most important you CARE enough to set up systems that makes answering any question easy and stress free.

    In 2009 I hope to take more advantage of what you have to offer and grow to reach new goals with the help of one practical person – Marlon Sanders.

    Thank you, Marlon. Always know that you are appreciated every single day.

    [Bill, thanks for your comments here and tty on Twitter!]

  • TheNightOwl says:

    Note: Hey, Marlon, I'm re-reading this now that I'm done and it seems a bit gushy. LOL! I'm not really interested in kissin' arse and I won a previous competition you ran (see below) so I'd like to disqualify myself from the competition this time round, if you don't mind.

    I just thought I'd post a few words to say how much I love Design Dashboard and before I knew it I'd rattled off 5000 words of gushiness! Ha ha!

    So here goes…


    Okay, so I'm still a bit of a noob, to be honest.

    But when I was a REAL noob, I was sooooooo glad to discover your stuff, Marlon!

    I don't actually remember who put me onto you, but I sure am glad of it. Just a couple of years ago I didn't know HTML from HBO! But I was interested in setting up a website.

    So I went to Amazon and got me a book about coding and blogging. Then I went looking for website-building tools to make the process easier.

    I stumbled across your Design Dashboard and was instantly hooked. Well, not quite instantly…

    I sent off a support ticket saying "Hey! This site looks too slick to have been made with the kind of 'simple' and 'newbie-friendly' stuff that the salesletter promises. Are you sure it was all done with stuff that I'll learn in the videos?"

    Tim sent me back a very polite reassurance that it had, indeed, been done with very simple and inexpensive tools.

    So I bought it.

    And I've never looked back! I rave about it in numerous places on my site and in my newsletter and often refer to it as "the best 70 bucks (or however much it was) that I've spent in my short IM career to date"! And it's true. Totally awesome product.

    It helped me make my first hobby site from scratch (around one of my personal interests) by doing one thing and then the next thing and then the next thing and voila!

    In the process I learnt a LOT about basic coding and working with graphics (including applying styles, working with layers, resizing, different formats, etc.). Of course, I had my trusty book from Amazon at my side for a lot of the coding, but it was your dashboard that helped to walk me through the steps so that I had a spanking new site before my very eyes, created with my own two hands!

    Which is very motivating.

    After that, it really didn't seem all that scary. I started playing with WordPress and found even then that the stuff I'd picked up from Design Dashboard helped me (even though it doesn't talk at all about WP or php!)

    And since then I've built lots of sites. The current one that I'm pimping, for example, is my "Kicked in the Bollocks" Firesale, and I did everything on that page myself using the principles taught in Design Dashboard. You can check it out here (and wait till you see how whiz-bang the OTO page!):

    In fact, I've coded the ENTIRE NightOwlSays site by hand… in Notepad++! No DreamWeaver, no Kompozer, nuthin! Just a straight-up text editor — a feat I would have found pretty unimaginable just a short time ago.

    And, actually, it's probably time to go through all the Design Dashboard vids again because I'm sure I'll STILL be able to learn new stuff that probably went over my head the first few times.

    A little while after I bought Design Dashboard, you offered "Push-Button Letters" and "Gimme My Money Now!" as bonuses for Mike Filsaime's "7 Figure Code". I wasn't overly impressed by the Filsaime thing, but I chose NOT to send it back for a refund because (a) it wasn't totally useless, obviously! Just over-priced with too much filler, self-congratulation, and pitch from the stage… but (b) your bonuses made the whole package value for money. His conference DVDs did have some good stuff in there and your stuff was fantastic.

    I don't use Push Button Letters so much anymore (I tend to write copy from scratch), but I know that if I'm ever feeling stuck or uninspired, then I'll sure whip that program out, fill in the boxes, and hey presto I'll have a pretty solid outline for a salesletter in under half an hour.

    And what can I say about "Gimme…" other then "Get it!" In fact, I'll be dragging that off the shelf some time soon for a project I'll be rolling out later in the year. It's just SUCH fundamental stuff. It's not a magic pill. You still have to learn how to go out and get traffic, for example. But you can get all the traffic you like. If the OFFER ain't no good, and you haven't got a SYSTEM, then what good's it do ya?

    And speaking of traffic, I won a competition for the Evergreen Traffic System (Was it last year? I think it was… I was in Tokyo, went to check my email, sent you something like this, and got home a few days later to find I'd won!). TOTALLY awesome product! It's a shame you no longer offer that product. You obviously had some deal worked out with Tinu. I've just recently signed up to her affiliate program and I'll be recommending that to folks who might be interested. I set up a redirect domain: htpp://

    I might slap a squeeze-page on it soon and offer the branded viral (affiliate) report as an opt-in. Then I can follow up with traffic tips and related offers. Just the kind of bread'n'butter stuff that you've drummed into me by now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    At some point I also picked up a copy of Affiliate Dashboard and I'll be revisiting that soon, too. Another stellar step-by-step tutorial. The first few times I heard you preach about affiliate programs, it really caught my attention because you said something like "All the big name gurus wanna sell you some awesome traffic system, whereas they get the vast majority of their sales from joint ventures with other big name gurus with large mailing lists…"

    That made me sit up and pay attention because I live my life by Rene Descartes' assertion to "Ignore what people say; watch only what they do".

    After that, selling me on affiliate programs was like takin' candy from a baby and so I just had to have Affiliate Dashboard and I'm glad I do. Again, I can't even remember what I paid for it. Maybe 60 bucks??? Money very well spent. It walked me through everything. I knew exactly NOTHING about all that back then (not so long ago) and now I'm confident that I can put together at least a halfway decent affiliate system. Currently, I don't really do much selling of my own products online (mostly just affiliate promo) so I haven't really put this into action yet. Just a couple of simple affiliate systems I've got in place. So revisiting this will be a real boon, I'm sure.

    However, talking of drumming things into me, I TOTALLY hear ya on the other thing you preach loud and clear, which is to have your own products. I'm slowly building that up (because it obviously requires a LOT more work than an affiliate promotion), but there's no doubt about it: Ya gotta have your own products. How many times have you shouted that at me (and your other readers) in your newsletter?

    For good reason.

    Anyway, that's all, I think.

    They're the only products I've bought to date, but I've been EXTREMELY happy with ALL of them and wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend them — with or without an affiliate link (which is, of course, exactly what I do on TheNightOwlSays).

    Take care,


    [Hi, GREAT post. And you really can create your own products. If you aren't on my Ateam calls and you're able to make the time, I recommend it.]

  • Hi Marlon, hope this wins! I'd be happy to pay for any product of yours… if I can find any that I still don't have… but it seems somehow more fun to win one as a prize. Here's a little post about how your principles are TIMELESS but your products are CURRENT.

    WOW, Marlon. Your Promo Dashboard alone has enabled me to turn my little book (about trading the stock market) into an international product. I'd like to post about my own short story, but it actually begins with me aerating lawns in college… over twenty years ago!

    I don't want to bore you or anybody with "oh now, when I was a young man, we used to…" My kids are certainly tired of hearing that one, so I'll make this brief.

    I had to make some extra money one summer and got a job for five bucks an hour pushing an aerator. You've seen what these things do… make it look like every dog in the neighborhood has "visited" your lawn… but those little core samples dissolve quickly and help the lawn to breathe and grow.

    I knew that the bigger money was in sales, but the business manager of the local total lawn care franchise told me there was NO WAY anyone was going to buy a lawn care contract from a 19 year old kid.

    So after a week of lifting an aerator in and out of a truck for eight to ten hours a day… I placed an ad in the Thrifty Nickel: Make your lawn green and strong with aeration. Most lawns $30. FREE estimate. My plan was to rent an aerator on the weekend and make a few more dollars than I did at work.

    I wasn't taking customers away from my employer, you understand… Aeration was a free service he gave returning fertilization and weed control customers from the previous year. There was never a conflict of interest, but wait til you see what happens next!

    I got a few calls and asked a pal to help me rent and drive an aerator around town. I was planning the best route for the day with pins on a map and noticed that three of the four calls I got were concentrated in a certain neighborhood.

    While I was doing one lawn, my friend walked up and down the street, rang doorbells and handed out flyers. We figured that we were in a neighborhood where folks cared more than usual about their lawns.

    We were right! After finishing a lawn, I'd thank the customer, hand them a brochure about fertilization and weed control that I picked up from work, and ask if they'd pass my name along to their friends.

    Funny things happened along the way… One guy wanted to know if we'd come back and mow the lawn. I said yeah but probably wouldn't charge as much since that was easier. Another guy wanted to know if i could lay sod. Yup, I said, but it'll cost you more because that's thirsty work.

    By the end of that day, I had collected more money after expenses and splitting the take with my friend… than I had working for five bucks and hour the whole previous week. When I went in Monday morning I plopped a list of several of my aeration customers on the managers desk. "These folks all want weed control and fertilization."

    My manager sat there with his mouth open while the owner of the franchise chided him. "Whatta ya know, Bob! The kid CAN sell!" I insisted that if he wanted more qualified prospects, I should get a commission.

    The boss took me to lunch that day.

    What does this have to do with an actual product of Marlon's? Wait, are you kidding me? Did no one see me identify my target market… offer a freebie… narrow that market to a niche and bring my message at low or no cost.. have back end products, upsells and downsells…identify someone in a similar market (my employer!) and make them a JV partner…

    Point is, the PRINCIPLES are timeless. From me making $5 an hour pushing an aerator around someone's yard… to making $60+ an hour doing the same thing… and THEN I'd make a pile with back-end sales that required no work on my part at all… except a name drop to someone AFTER I'd done great service and made a customer into a friend.

    Gee, Marlon… think anyone reading this might want to take the product and service they're ALREADY offering… and making twelve times the money with it? I did that with just a FEW of the ideas you've been promoting, archiving, and honing for years. While I came up with a few ideas almost by accident, you've made and endlessly tweaked a step-by-step system.

    Let me talk to others that may be reading this blog: Folks, though the principles are indeed timeless, and I made a PILE of money compared to my other nineteen year old friends more than two decades ago… I was only using a bare bones skeleton of ideas that Marlon has been developing… and UPDATING… for even longer.

    The Promo Dashboard (and indeed every other product of Marlon's that I've seen) has such an up-to-the-minute feel, it's as though it's the haute couture of marketing. I'm always on the lookout for something else that will help me market my stock trading book but keep coming back to Marlon. Everything else I've looked at has been "sooo five minutes ago".

    I've spent more money and gotten so much less for so long from other marketing "experts"… look, take this from a guy that generated several hundred thousand dollars this year (what is it… JULY?) selling a dry book on how to trade the stock market:

    …if you're serious about internet marketing GET the Promo Dashboard. But only if you want more money now, less hype, and more FUN doing it.. with an approach that's step-by-step and entertains you the whole way through.

    Uh be de buh buh de be… that's all, folks! Or as Forrest Gump says… that's all I have to say about that. Sorry if this post ended up a little long. And THANKS, Marlon. I look forward to making MORE piles of money with your help.

    Kurt Frankenberg

    [Kurt, WOW! What a great story. I know you'll inspire others.]

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  • Leo says:

    Hi Marlon,

    The Marketing Dashboard is a must for beginner marketers! This simple dashboard will teach you every little thing you need to do to properly set up your computer, and your business stucture to create your own internet business.

    All you do is follow along each day as Marlon teaches you how to set up your business correctly! You then move along with each icon and discover how to implement each of the tasks that you will complete if you work at it! His audios will always give you encouragement at the beginning of each week to help you to understand and to keep you on the right track.

    You will learn about targeting your market,getting a domain name and setting up your hosting account,then he will guide you into how to create a webpage and learn how to transfer your ftp files!He then moves you into the unknown secrets of pay per click,setting up your own affiliate programs and learning how to split test.There is what I call a great finale in this product that teaches you how to backup your data. Marlon has it all here for you!

    I bought The Marketing Dashboard I believe back around 2005 and still go back and learn things that may have sliped by me.Back then I had some real tech issues from getting my first computer and even learning how to turn the darn thing on, but I kept moving forward.The best part for me then was learning from Marlon [I think in icon #3 or #4 called My Computer]Here I learned how to defrag my computer and do a disk cleanup.You have to understand that this product gives you everything you need,and for so long it was hard to find someone who really knew how to teach you to put all, and I do mean all of the pieces of the puzzel together.

    To conclude: All you really have to do is point and click and take action!I can highly recomend The Marketing Dashboard or for that matter any of Marlon Sander's products!He is truly The Amazing Marlon Sander's.

    To whom it may concern: If you are not on Marlon Sander's ezine … Do It Now! He is the only marketer I have found out there that really cares and wants you to succeed.

    Thank you Marlon

    [Hey Leo, so you were one of the ORIGINAL Dashboard buyers! That was our first Dashboard. Glad it helped you. We tried to pack a ton of stuff into it. Thanks for sharing.]

  • Judy Webb says:

    I have your Info | Affiliate | Design Dashboards and can't tell you how much time and use they receive. Any project I start I use them as guidelines to keep me on target and get my work completed in a timely manner.

    Thanks again for you "genius" and help.

    Judy Webb

    [Hi Judy, appreciate your comments and glad to hear the Dashboards have been of service to you.]

  • Rainer says:


    I have at last count 7 of your products and my favorites have always been the Dashboards. I am going to be setting up an IM affiliate site soon and for sure your stuff will be front and center for setting up an internet business.

    Too many 'gooroos' sell their high-end stuff and never get to the basics about how to actually DO IT! It's like giving someone directions to the store and they don't know how to drive yet.

    I find myself constantly going back to your Dashboards to fill in the important 'little' details, like creating a header in the Web Design Dashboard or setting up a studio in the Promo Dashboard. It's easy, simple and quick once you've gone through it a couple of times.

    Even if you don't follow the entire sequence on your Dashboard rows, it's a real time-saver and frustration-buster when you're stuck on a detail.

    I highly recommend your Dashboards to anyone setting up an internet business, ESPECIALLY since the prices are a no-brainer. (Hey, I don't mean you should raise them!)


    [Hi Rainer, appreciate your comments. I always felt the Dashboard products really provided a lot of help to get you going.]

  • Bruce says:

    I purchased designdashboard and can tell you without reservation, this product will save me time, allow for professional webdesign, and keep me organized and focused. The thing that impresses me about all of your "dashboard" products is the fact that they give you a clear, step by step approach for the operation they are made for. That is the normal downfall of most people, me included. Whether you are a newby or an experienced online person, unless you can focus from the start to the finish, you cannot and will not accomplish anything. I find this the greatest asset of your products.

    [Bruce, glad to have another Design Dashboard fan!]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I don't usually respond to stuff like this, but I really wanted to thank you for the help you and your team has provided.

    I've been on your mailing list for a pretty good while. I'll also admit that I haven't purchased anything from you as of yet. (that will probably change in the near future)

    I'll start by saying that I am a magician. I have performed at corporate events and at resorts around the world for the better part of two decades.

    My life has radically changed now that I've decided to go to law school. I simply can't travel the 100,000 miles a year and go to school. So I have had to change my market dramatically. Now I am looking at performing at festivals and birthday parties in my area so I can still go to school.

    So where do you come in? Here goes.

    I've read a lot of marketing stuff mostly by Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, and Conrad Levinson. Pretty good stuff but not the nuts and bolts that I was looking for.

    Every week though I kept receiving these emails from you. I went and picked up pretty much all the freebies that you put out. After a while the lightbulb started to come on.

    I knew I wanted to use the internet to attract business, I just didn't know exactly how.

    Then I started to put some of the info in your freebies to work. I just started with the birthday party side of my business.

    I wrote a "birthday party planning guide" that I wanted to give away for free. Then I created a special "birthday party section" on my web site. In this section I created a sales letter about why people should hire me to perform at their child's party.

    The hard part for me was figuring out how to get people to go to the site and sign up for the guide that I had written. Figuring out what delivery mechanism was also daunting.

    I ended up chatting online with your support about my questions. Of course they suggested some of your products, but they did a lot more than that.

    To make a long story short because of all of the info from your newsletter and your support folks, I set up an AWebber account and inserted the form in my site. (I was shocked at just how easy it was!) I also took out some small ads in a few local parenting magazines aimed at directing folks to my site and particularly the birthday party page.

    Now my list is growing considerably and I am booking more birthday party shows steadily as well. The response I've received has been excellent.

    Next up I'm working on putting together a section for Festivals as well and am pretty sure I will be able to look forward to the same type of response.

    This has worked out great for me in that I use to spend around $1000 a month on direct mail because that was all that I knew how to do. Now I'm making as much money from gigs with a lot less marketing expense. Plus it is just a lot easier to do.

    If you have time, stop by my site and see what you think. It is a long way from perfect. I'm not sure you would even consider it good, but it is working for me. I'll be making it better as time goes on. At some point you just have to get something up and going.

    So in closing thanks again for all the help. I don't know anyone else that has or will provide as much valuable info for free.

    Oh and yes, I will buy something in the not so distant future! :0)

    [Patrick, I did magic shows when I was young. A lot of gurus in this business used to be magicians! Your site is nice. What I'd do is write a sales letter making an irrestible offer and make that the headline of your page. And make your page a letter making just an irrestible offer for a party or whatever it is you want to sell. I'd have pix from events, testimonials, even video testimonials shot with a FLIP camera live.]

  • Thanks for being you. Thanks for being real and being simple. I heard of you before and heard great things about you being one of the O.G.'s in this industry but never saw or learned your skills. It really made me see the big picture.

    Thanks for being so giving.

    [Hey Rick, appreciate your comments. And glas I have served you.]

  • Elizabeth says:


    I love, love, love the design dashboard. I am just a mom, and do not have a fancy website to show off. I bought the design dashboard because I wanted to make a family website, and add a few little extra touches with great photos. I was blown away by the amount of things I learned. There was so much more than I imagined. Each video in the design dashboard was so amazing and detailed. The design dashboard made what looked difficult to become easy. There I was, designing headlines, pictures, and graphics like a professional. I couldn't believe it was possible and simple. I used the information to design different project for my wedding last year and now this year we just had a baby. This training will make all the baby photos a fun project. The design dashboard gave me so much confidence in designing my personal site, that I now am motivated to start an online business. I know I can make my own site. I cant wait to get my hands on other Marlon Sanders products to kick off this opportunity. I know I can do it!!

    [Elizabeth, thanks for your great comments on Design Dashboard!]

  • J. Anne says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Well, last year I was just a little homeschool mom who couldn't find a decent science or history curriculum for my last kid at home, and I was tired of tweaking the expensive programs I that I had already purchased.

    So I thought I'd write my own, and so I did.

    I'm a science nerd, so the writing part was actually pretty easy. I just assumed that marketing them would be cake, right? I mean, they're great – I'd have homeschool moms knocking down my door for my stuff.

    Except I didn't have a door to knock on – let alone knock down.

    I decided I needed a website and I got one of those and it's great, actually. I learned me some html and spent months getting it together. I started getting traffic right away because I followed the "Action Guide" and researched keywords and such.

    But then – I realized – I still need to TELL people about my product. After all that work I still needed a marketing plan. I kept seeing people refer to a "sales letter" on the forums that came with the website tools, and I was like "NO WAY do those long salesy pitch thingys work!"

    Until I saw one that could teach me anatomy and physiology and it came with EVERYTHING for only $299 (nope), $199 (nope), only $29.99 (or whatever, you get the point).

    I was about to buy that thing (even though I have a M.S. degree and could write my own A&P course…which I did) and then I realized what just happened…I was pitched by a professional and fell for it!

    It worked. I was wrong – I needed a "sales letter".

    All the while the people on the website forum kept putting up examples of these "sales letters" to get feedback and finally your name came up…Marlon Sanders. My hero.

    I kicked around on your site for a few days, tried to decipher your "formula" myself, and finally broke down and purchased The Amazing Formula.

    I read it "cover to cover" in one sitting and wrote my first draft that night. Of course, I tweaked it over several weeks and added little things like custom bullets, and then I put it up on the site.

    I can't tell you how helpful it was – really! I know I don't have the greatest sales pitch – I'm really not a salesperson – but compared to what it was BEFORE YOU (nothing) It is AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm not rich yet, but seriously, I owe a lot of my initial success to The Amazing Formula. (And I do make money – about $600 this past week just from my own products…not bad!)


    P.S. If anyone wants to see it – don't expect much ok (I'm no Marlon!) – it is here:

    [That's awesome. Truthful and sincere. Just the way I like it. I think the truth always sells better than hype. Thanks.]

  • Lori says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My story is no different than most folks who have tried Internet Marketing. In the last few years, I have been in and out of affiliate marketing. I have tried a few programs and have more e-books on marketing than I care to mention. I confess, I was just about to give up and had lost most of my hope in finding a mentor that truly wanted me to be successful, instead of just lining their own pockets.

    Some programs were helpful, but there was no customer support to answer questions if I got confused about something.I have been around the Internet, and in and out of various forums and I have found that most of the concerns for myself and others were Customer Support, and easy step by step guidance. Many on-line programs lack these two important things for beginners.

    I was very fortunate to discover your products in a forum. I started receiving your e-zines and read your free e-books, including "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I was truly ecstatic and amazed at the quality of advice and tips you offer.I have begun applying some of your techniques and once again, I am on fire! I am truly grateful for your advice and support. I really enjoy your honest, no B.S approach to marketing, and I know that I can market your products with a clear conscious, knowing that you always have the consumer's best interest. I am looking forward to using your products, and with your continued guidance promoting them to provide consumer's with the best possible products and services that they are searching for. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my excitement about your products and services.

    Sincerely yours,


    [Hi Lori, thanks for sharing. I'm sure this will give confidence to others.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    When I first discovered online marketing waaaay back in 2002, one of the first products I read about was The Amazing Formula and that was my introduction to Marlon Sanders.

    It wasn't long after that you put Pushbutton Sales Letters on the market.

    Since I had just produced my first product, I had no clue how to write a sales letter for it, so after some deliberation I bit the bullet and coughed up $100 for Pushbutton Sales Letters.

    I wish I could say that because of Pushbutton Sales Letters, I was able to sell many thousands of my ebook, but alas, I can't.

    You see, I didn't follow the advice I had been given by the old master, Ben Suarez many years before and do a 12 product survey to make sure my product was something people wanted before I ever started putting it together. (I bought Ben's first book – "7 Steps to Freedom; How to Escape the American Rat Race", and his second as well – "Superbiz")

    Here it is 7 years later, and I still haven't sold more than a dozen copies of that first book.

    What I have done though, is take what I learned from using Pushbutton Sales Letters and have written copy for a ton of my own products since then as well as writing for other people including the likes of Willie Crawford and Frank Garon.

    I'm not going to tell how many thousand dollars I've made over the last 3-4 years writing sales copy because I'm afraid you may want a commission! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Granted, I'm still not world class like Halbert or Carlton, but I'm getting better all the time and I owe it to Pushbutton Sales Letters software AND Marlon Sanders.(I also studied all your sales letters from your products as well)

    For anybody that may be on the fence, let me say Marlon IS the real deal.

    In a world where most people who can't do – teach…Marlon not only does, but teaches very effectively as well.

    Thanks Marlon!


    [Michael, great story. I appreciate you taking the time to share and I bet your story inspires some people. Thanks.]

  • Hello Marlon I appreciate you because you took the trouble to tell me, in response to mmme long e mail to you, to buy Paul Hartunian`s Publicity Kit and work it to blazes. That wa sin Jan 06 but I did`nt cotton on till last Sept when I acted on your advice. Not made any dough with it yet but I expect so to do. I always type your name on his form whenever I buy his info which is always reasonably priced. I could do with some quick sales of our books to generate some much needed bread. Regards and thanks again – Clive Sheldon PS I count you as the Real McCoy!

    [Clive, thanks for sharing candidly. I appreciate your comments and I'm sure others will also.]

  • This true story starts with my stupidity…and me, I hate toopid people.

    I thought I had purchased Product Dashboard a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't get to it and was PO'd over the weekend and gave your suppport two full barrels…and I wasn't very nice about it either.

    Then, I got the email that gingerly pointed out to me that I had purchased PROMOdashboard…NOT the Product Dashboard…OOOPS, they both begin with PRO…but your team corrected MY MISTSAKE…and I, with red face and hat in hand…began to learn about PRODUCT dashboard.

    I didn't want to use 36 days, I went step by step in two days.

    AND, we now have a NEW product to offer people, an Interview with the owner of a small, albeit successful, publishing company that has been around since 1974 and a group of their best ads to use as a copywriter's swipe file or a marketer's blueprint on how to use space ads to build a business.

    The PRODUCT dashboard was a terrific tool and for once in my life, I actually followed directions…A to Z…ONE, TWO, THREE rather than trying to do it my way with shortcuts (maybe that is why my TV stand has a few extra pieces, as does the swingset in the backyard, the mower, etc.).

    I swear on a stack of Dunkin Donuts that the PRODUCT dashboard has been the best tool I've ever used to develop a product. Just follow directions, OK?

    Once you do get it…it is idiot proof. AND I'm proof of that.

    Marlon, thanks to your support team for helping me get the product I THOUGHT I ordered. HEY, you aren't a mind reader are you?


    A less toopid marketer than I was before.

    Gordon Jay Alexander

    PS. With a dynamite product that would NOT have existed without PRODUCT dashboard.

    [Hey Gordon, thanks for your post. And I better look this over to fix that confusion.]

  • Ricky says:

    I spent like two and a half months building a site to sell my Personal URL Generator and the stupid thing would not convert visitors into customers. I had alot of blood sweat and tears into that site. After alot of frustration and procrastination I decided to dedicate one whole day to reading a bunch of Malon Sanders stuff I had accumulated, purchased or been given and never even looked at or listened to. By lunchtime I was re-fired up and started implementing the simple stuff Marlon was teaching. To be honest, as I read and listened I found myself sayin "DUH!" alot. OK. Long story short. I took 2 more days to revamp my site and sales process using Marlons strategies, (The simple ones) and loaded it over my old site. I drove some traffic and made some sales. FREAKIN COOL! So I learned a bit more over the next week, changed the domain name (as suggested) and BLAM! I did 7K in a joint venture with that site in a 2 week period. My wife had our baby about a week later and that 7K allowed me to stay home for about 3 weeks just to be with my little family. AWESOME! I am a true believer in the simplicity of Marlons stuff.

    [Ricky, thanks for sharing your story. I know that will be inspirational to others who may be struggling with conversions. Nice story.]

  • Ethan says:

    Promo dashboard was a product that brought me back to focus on the fundamentals that matter when building conversion process.

    With many of today's internet marketers, there seems to be a lot of high priced trainings that cover a lot of theory.

    Promo dashboard jumps right into actual step by step training of creating the entire conversion process. From lead opt-in to customer.

    It tells you, "Here is exactly what I am going to do in this step, what software or service I am going to use for this step, and how to put the two together to complete this step in the process.

    I got actual action steps backed up by "why?" something is done. No overly lengthy psychological stuff here

    What really snagged me was the promise of "how to turn people from leads into buyers". I knew that with Marlon's products it would be direct instruction, not a bunch of theory. And it was.

    It is rare to have a successful internet marketer share the tools they use in their business and exactly how they use them.

    [Ethan, thanks for sharing and we agree on this. If you do rows 4 anad 5, you almost can't help but convert.]

  • Paul Klein says:


    You are one of the first online I listened to and learned from. There may be others, but you are always at the top of my list for providing no "BS", top notch guidance, motivation and information.

    Your ezines have always helped me look more closely at how I operate my own business, and your tips have helped me focus a lot more clearly on every task.

    With your tips, you have helped me save money and stop wasting time on non-essential activities, and to stop chasing the "next best things".

    If anyone wants to learn from a "master" who has blazed the trail before, YOU are the one I tell them about.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Klein

    [Paul, thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.]

  • I'm a psychotherapist who decided to write a book to create an additional stream of revenue and to also be able to help more people.

    So I wrote the book – Marry YourSelf First – and then I didn't know what to do with it…they didn't teach us about these things in grad school. I thought a website would be a good idea, so I got one – – and then didn't know what to do next.

    I felt TOTALLY blocked as to what to put on the website…my head started to spin, my eyes became blurry and I decided that a nap was more appealing than trying to figure out what to write on the website.

    Then something "interesting" happened…VERY interesting…almost strange. I somehow ended up with an email from the d=strange looking man in a strange looking red shirt: Marlon Sanders…yes, a very odd looking man who apparently liked to wear these odd red shirts (hey, it was my first impression!!).

    He had this Push Button Sales Letter thing that I totally didn't understand, other than it could help me put some (hopefully) meaningful content on my website.

    So I followed the formula and about half way through the process I began to see how it was working….holy cow Batman, I CAN write sales copy!

    Anyways, I took what was created, tweaked it, tweaked some more and slowly became fearless about writing sales copy.

    Since then I've sold several thousand books, have created many more sites and products and have much more confidence about writing copy for myself.

    I just needed some structure, direction and a nudge and I believe the Push Button Sales Letter did all that (and more!!) for me.

    I have followed Marlon since then and have found him to be very generous in what he gives away (I would be charging for some of this info!!) and find him to be right on target with his other products.

    Thanks Marlon…and I'm glad to see you've expanded your wardrobe!!


    [Ken, thanks for sharing your positive energy with others here.]

  • Dan Martin says:

    I star all your emails in my gmail account. Went I get tired of reading those hello(First name) things, OR the crap I get from the others, I've just got to read a decent email that reminds me of the way they should be. Thanks for being real and giving me something I can use mixed with your offers.


    [Dan, appreciate your comments.]

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