Best Post Wins a Dashboard Of Your Choice

Best Post Wins a Dashboard Of Your Choice


Marlon here.

Everytime I pop on Twitter to chat with my friends and customers, someone pops up and tells me a success story about how one of my products HELPED the. I want to hear from YOU. The post that seems the most real, useful to others and inspirational wins one of my Dashboard products, your choice of,,, MarketingDashboard.copm, Affiliate

You do NOT need a story of how you made a million dollars or NOR even any money at all. If I did help you make money, of course, let's hear it. But I also want to hear your story if I helped you figure something out, gave you a boost, got you on the right path or helped you do something you couldn't before.

Did Design Dashboard help you create a Favicon? Or learn to insert a table or create drop shadows? Did it help you save money on something? Let's hear it.

Did Promo Dashboard help you find your target market, create a freebie or squeeze page? Or did it help you learn to ftp, set up hosting or your autoresponders? Let's hear it.

Did Product Dashboard help you create a recording, interview someone, create your download page or do a survey? Let's hear it.

Did Amazing Formula turn you onto Internet marketing or get you started in the biz? Let's hear it.

Did Gimme My Money Now teach you how to write a sales letter, do a 12 product survey or create an info product or affiliate program? Let's hear it.

Did Push Button Letters help you write a sales letter or maybe even your first sales letter? Let's hear it.

Have my ezine issues helped you avoid wasting money, got you on the right track or helped you in some other way? Let's hear it.

Did Marketing Dashboard, Operate Your Buz, PrCash, Automation Secrets, or Action Grid help you DO something you couldn't do before? Did Vblog Secrets help you do video? Let's hear it.

NO PURCHASE required to participate in this. Winner will be posted next Wed at 11 a.m. CST. Void where prohibited. My staff and I will choose based on inspiration to others, usefulness to others, and realness vs. something made up just to win a Dashboard. I want REAL comments from my REAL customers.

Rules subject to modification. By posting, you give me permission to use your comments in my advertising or products worldwide, in perpetuity, without royalty or recompense.

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Author of "The Amazing Formula That Sells Like Crazy", creator of the original Push Button Letters software, creator of the genre of "Dashboard" info products. Speaker in 120 seminars around the wordl.

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