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Billy Jean Ain’t Seen No Marketing System Like This

Marlon's Marketing Minute
July 11, 2009


Marlon here.

This week's Marlon's Marketing Minute article:

“Billy Jean Ain't Seen No Marketing Machine Like This”
Subtitle: 15 Steps To Make Your Marketing Machine Rock and Roll


— Sample Squeeze page that converts at 40%
— 15 things you must do & how to make it fun and easy
— The easy program for split testing that costs zilch
— Are you using “Johnson boxes”?
— Is your confirmation page serving it's real purpose?
— Is your thank you page up to speed?
— PROOF my strategies work
— Are you missing any of theses 15 steps? Fix it now!
— Are you testing price points on your “money page?”
— What is the effectiveness of your “upsell 1?”
— The autopilot bank deposits system revisited

If you're too busy working at a job or running your online
business to make any real money, then today's in-depth report may
be the most important you'll read ALL year.

It holds nothing back, so you may be taken back a bit.

Feel free to take this PDF and stick it on your web site, blog,
Facebook blog, Myspace blog, Hub Page, Squidoo lens, or Google

Put it up and announce it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog,
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Marlon Sanders

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #24, July 11, 2009

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: Billy Jean Ain't Seen No Marketing
Machine Like This

D. Services You Can Use

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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C. Main Article

Billy Jean Ain't Seen No Marketing Machine Like This
Subtitle: 15 Steps To Make Your Marketing Machine Rock and Roll

I'm going to date this article. But whether you liked,
hated or were indifferent about Michael Jackson as a
person, you just about had to love his song Billy Jean.

Just like I'm the King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing,
he really was the King of Pop.

The reason I used that title is what I have to write about
today is very important. So I wanted to make certain I got
your attention.

See, just as Michael Jackson built his marketing and sales
machine on the back of that song, even so you can build
your marketing and sales machine on the back of 15

A system is a sequential series of steps that results in
an outcome. You can think of it like an assembly line
machine and at the end is a product that is sold

Just like Michael's Billy Jean CD's that set all kinds of
sales records. So without further ado, here are the steps
in your marketing machine.

If you're NEW to this Game of selling online, then keep
reading my ezines and you'll learn more about all these
steps. They aren't as many as it seems.

You can actually assemble one of these complete machines
in under a week — or even faster — once you get all your
systems in place.

At first, you just want to make sure you have all 15
elements in place. Then you want to start spending time
every day working on 1 of the 15 elements, testing and

You do NOT need your own product to use these 15 steps and
I'll explain why later on.

I want to ask you one thing:

Before I give you these steps, will you COMMIT to working
a little bit each day to ONE of them?

If you will, then say out loud: “I commit to working on
one of these 15 steps daily.” If you say that out loud,
it'll register in your brain. Now, write it down.

As PROOF of how potent my strategies are, yesterday I had
a chat with my long term friend Simon from

Here's a snippet from the Skype:

i owe a lot to u

Simon 7/10/09 8:41 PM

u don't even realize

Simon 7/10/09 8:41 PM

but there would be no GR

Simon 7/10/09 8:41 PM

if not for AF marlon 7/10/09 8:41 PM

ur 2 kind Simon 7/10/09 8:41 PM

no bro 7/10/09 8:41 PM

it's the truth

Simon 7/10/09 8:42 PM

and i want you to say it out loud 7/10/09 8:42 PM

you inspired me 7/10/09 8:42 PM

and I owe you eternally 7/10/09 8:42 PM

that's the truth marlon 7/10/09 8:42 PM

thanks Simon 7/10/09 8:42 PM

i'll never forget that


Like I said, what I teach works. I first met Simon back
when he was 19. He's 27 now. You think this stuff works?

OK, let's go….

1. Traffic sources

Eyeballs on your website are your lifeblood. So you gotta
get traffic. Last week I did the most incredible interview
with Sean Mize who built a whole traffic machine ONLY
around writing articles and submitting them to ONE

So that's a traffic source. I spent time explaining to him
how to add on affiliate programs as another traffic
source. Because you always want to turn every customer
into an affiliate.

It's a no brainer. Anyway, Sean originally tested and
tried many traffic sources, and that's how he ended up
with article marketing as his #1. If you have almost NO
money to spend, this is for you.

If you snag my Cash Like Clockwork System today, I'm
throwing in the very in-depth interview with Sean. He
almost regrets sharing so MUCH. It's his whole machine
broken down.

Anyway, you gotta test different traffic sources and start
with ONE that works for you. And the you work it up, down,
sideways and every which way but loose.

This is what I do with my traffic source which is
affiliate programs and you can see my handiwork at

I've been teaching and preaching affiliate programs for traffic
since 2001 in “Gimme My Money Now.”

The other day at the bookstore I ran into one of my
customers. He told me the reason I was about the only
person he followed was because of the consistency of what
I teach.

2. Freebie offered

What is the BAIT you offer to get someone to bite your
hook which is your subscriber form on your squeeze page?
I'll talk about squeeze pages in just a second.

But you need a freebie. I taught this back in 1999 in
Amazing Formula. And it's Evergreen. Still works.

You can see one of mine at:

Try different freebies, titles and offers until ONE works!

Here is the freebie Sean Mize has:

By the way, Sean told me the other day that Amazing
Formula was the one product that had a huge influence on
his career early on.

3. Tools that offer freebie

Try banner ads, ezine solo mailings, thank you page
graphics you give to affiliates and so forth. Test and
track until you find a few that work for you.

To get people ON your email list, you have to give them a
big carrot to subscribe. This is your freebie.

There's ONE tool that hands down is better than any others
and in another ezine or an Ateam call, I'll go into it.
It's a whole ezine issue or two in and of itself.

4. Squeeze page

See my page at:

Here is Sean Mize's squeeze page that converts 40% of
visitors into subscribers from article traffic:

You need to split test different squeeze pages. Split
testing means that you test one version vs. another. The
program to use for this is:

It makes setting up a split test a piece of cake.

5. Tracking links for clicks, subscribers and sales

You will notice my above link that uses the domain. That is a special tracking link. has tracking links built in.

Whatever program you use, you need a way to track your
clicks, subscribe rate and sales. Theoretically, you can
do it with Google Analytics but I've never had great
success using it for tracking.

My friend Simon has a program I've used a lot called

6. Thank you page

So people go to your squeeze page. They type in their name
and email. What is the NEXT page they go to and what's on

You need to split test this a lot. What you put on this
page is EXTREMELY important.

7. Confirmation email

The email that you send out asking people to click the
link to CONFIRM that they want to receive email from you
is also extremely important.

Most autoresponder programs let you try different wording
and create CUSTOM confirmation emails. This is what you
want. Customize the wording.

8. Post confirmation page

After they click that link, what page do they go to? Since
everyone who subscribes to your lists will go to this
page, it's a very, very important page.

This is a “money” page.

You want to test different price points here.

9. Welcome email

What email do you send them AFTER they subscribe? Again,
this email is very critical. You need to try different

I could write a whole ezine issue or do a whole session
just on that welcome email. You set the tone for the whole
subscriber relationship in this email.

10. Email 2

After someone JUST joins your list, what is the second
email they get after your welcome email? You need to try
different emails and see what gets the biggest bang for

11. Sales pages

When you send out emails, you'll send people to posts on
your blog and to sales letters. Whether you use videos,
audio or sales letters, you need to try different things
and track the results.

One of the critical methods I use here is the “Johnson
box” strategy. I talk in other ezines about the use of the
Johnson box.

I think that your countdown deadline script is vital. I'm
right now testing a number of scripts and I'll probably
talk about which one won in a future ezine issue.

You will hardly see any marketers using Johnson boxes. The
reason I use them is because of my “old school” past in
direct mail. All the Johnny come lately's don't have the
benefit of old school experience.

12. Order page

When people click to order, what's on that page? For
example, does your page have a video guarantee? Mine
doesn't — yet. But I will be testing it and I expect it
to work.

13. Upsell 1

After they order product one, you offer something
additional. This is called an upsell. “Do you want fries
with that order?” That's what an upsell is.

Do you start at a high or low price point? Do you pitch
something like a membership site that is continuity or
recurring billing? Do you use a sales letter, video or

Test starting with your most expensive item first vs.
starting with continuity (something that is a recurring
billing item like a membership site).

Perry Belcher uses a “bucket” upsell which is a bundle
of stuff. That's as good as any if you're stuck for something.

14. Upsell 2

You normally have a second upsell AFTER the first one.

15. Downsell

If they don't buy upsell 1 and 2, you downsell to
something cheaper.

I've laid out all 15 steps. Will you do a small favor for
me now? Will you tell 2 people about this ezine issue?
Just 2.

I'm posting it on my blog at:

Also, I'm thinking about doing a webinar where we walk
through all these 15 steps. I can't think of anything more
critical in your business than these steps.

Now, if you don't have your own products, you don't
control the order page or the upsells. But you CAN load up
a few upsells in your autoresponder and send them out in
the days following the order.

That's it for the 15 steps. Hit me back on my blog.

And if I decide to do this webinar, I hope you'll join me.

See, no one else does SYSTEMS thinking about marketing
like this. Not really. You have people who say they do.
But they teach really general, generic systems. Which are
all well and good.

But you have to chunk down into sub systems and sub
systems of sub systems. My Systems approach to marketing
is very powerful.

No one really does it. It's all about the gimmick of the

This is why I'm dubbed as the King of Step-By-Step
marketing. Because in my Dashboards and products, and even
in my ezine here, I chunk down into sub systems.

I've talked before about the autopilot bank deposit system.
See, once you get people INTO your email funnel, the money
comes in like clockwork because you load up the emails in
your autoresponder.

This is like “old school” marketing 101 and in all the
excitement about web 2.0 people have forgotten you still
gotta monetize.

It STILL is a “list game.”

Know the Game you're playing and the rules. Otherwise,
how will you win?

Oh, while you're at it have an advantage in the Game.
Your advantage is Systems Thinking — and I'm the only
one teaching it in our arena in a sub-systems, chunked
down way.

Man, some people claim they got systems but wouldn't
recognize one if it ran over them in a big truck.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step
Internet Marketing.”

To get on his killer ezine list, to get cheat sheets and all kinds
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  • Chris Dawkins says:

    Thanks Marlon! I just picked up your PROMODASHBOARD and I already like'n it a lot! I'm planning on promoting some of your products first. I'd like to find a good product of yours to give away for signing up on the squeeze page.

    Thanks for being the "real deal"

  • Chris Dawkins says:


    I'm developing my opt-in page & blog. My question is, do I need seperate domain names for each? If not, how do you distinquish between the two and/or how do you keep people from "going around" your opt-in page and proceeding directly to your blog?

    [Chris, you could put your squeeze page as a page on your blog. Or you could have it on a separate domain. Most people don't know how to go around squeeze pages. Now, I don't recommend going from the squeeze page to your blog. The conversions that I've seen on that haven't tested out well. Take them from the squeeze to a sales page. All of this is laid out well in]

  • Vance says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I'm seriously considering getting your Get Cash Like Clockwork offer. You just keep on giving value in your articles and today I read your letter or post about your story too. Very impressive. I'm now at a stage where I know a few good things and have learned about some components of the marketing system but still have some missing parts and lack the knowledge and skill of how to put everything together. I need a step by step for the whole system. If I purchase the offer mentioned above I will need it available both for Mac and PC. Is that possible? The reason is that I use mostly Mac but now increasingly also a PC laptop since some software I need unfortunately doesn't work on Mac without it having a lot of extra whistles which I can't afford right now.

    Being able to have both versions of your Get Cash Like Clockwork offer would likely make me buy it without beating an eyelash.

    [Hi, we do have Mac versions available now.]

  • Denny says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great post. I do have a suggestion:

    Learn how to make the links active! or, maybe pdf the article.

    I sure can't remember them all in the fifteen steps, or the 15 steps themselves!(Hate to copy/paste 'em!)

    OR: Add a "Print this article" to your blog so that just the article prints instead of the whole thing.

    Just talking about the K.I.S.S.

    principal here not criticism.



    [Denny, I posted this on a Sunday and I don't like to work Sundays. So I didn't do the links. I agree with you, though. Here's the thing, I send you an email version every Saturday. The links are always clickable. That version is in your email box right now, albeit perhaps in the spam folder.]

  • Mae says:

    Marlon? You are my hero.

    I have postponed getting my product and business going because of a "cause." Now, I am thinking of applying what you do for the cause….Then when the cause is on track, I can get my biz back on track…

    [Hi Mae, that sounds like a good idea. It works for causes, businesses and organizations. One time on the plane I helped the head of a seminary learn how to market his seminary on the Net.]

  • >