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Book Review: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It


  • Marlon you are the best, you are the one who got me into internet marketing.

    [Hey Randy, glad to hear that and I hope you're producing and promoting successfully!]

  • Byron says:

    Actually now that I have watched the movie in IE the video does show in Firefox, weird.

  • Byron says:

    Very interesting as always. I can't help but think that posting a new video 2 or 3 times a week about a topic you're knowledgeable about is the best way to get traffic and sales. I always find that procrastinating about the video is the sticking point, once the camera is set up it's not that hard. If only I had a room where I could just leave it ready to go. I'm sure if I started to doing it regularly it would get easier and easier.

    By the way the space where the video should have been was completely blank in Firefox, I had to switch to IE to see it. Maybe I'm missing a plugin but I rarely have problems.

  • Marlon, I've known you almost 10 years. And, I gotta say "Youse one excitable cat!"

    Your lust for living and the buzz you exude from being alive is, well, it's almost inspiring…

    Social sites, huh? I detest social sites.

    But, they do pull potential customers online. And, I do love da customers.

    Peace, Edward Thorpe

    [Edward, long time no hear. But great post and you crack me up. Read Gary's book

    then tell me if you STILL hate it. For one thing, it's FREE media that actually works.

    But I do hear ya. I'm not into Linked In. Twitter is a big high maintenance but he

    has a TWIST that is really powerful.]

  • William Beil says:


    As usual, you share the most interesting and relevant information here than just about any other IM blogger I've visited…and I visit lots of blogs.

    I had been meaning to buy a copy of Crush It off Amazon for some time…matter of fact if I log into my Amazon account right now I'd probably find it sitting among other marketing books stacked in my 'Wish List' folder.

    You just inspired me to buy that book…so I'm signing off to do just that.

    Yo 'da man, as usual.


    [Bill, crawl up with a cup of Joe, tea or a bottle o' water and enjoy a really awesome read! Gary inspired me. Hope u love it as much as I did.]

  • Gerry says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I almost bought this book at Barnes last week. It's on my wish list. Thanks for the review.

    Gary also talks about here about having a passion and turning it into a business.


  • Chris Nizzi says:


    Thanks for this. Its a great post.

    This guy really has it cracked.

    I make and sell condiments at country shows and Covent Garden in the UK. I don't really have a bricks and mortar store.

    I'm setting up a web store and will try this technique to drive traffic to it.

    I'll let you know how I get on.


    [Chris, it's easier for online stores so that is what is so impressive that he did this for brick and mortar. Great book. Great ideas.]

  • Rainer says:


    Back in June 2008, I emailed Gary about how he made such good quality video, and he immediately got his people to email me back the following link:


    [Rainer, totally awesome link. I was wondering about several of those items! Thanks for sharing.]

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