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Can You Promote And Grow Rich?


Marlon here.

Can you promote and grow rich?  Or is that a dream?

You know a lot of people in Internet marketing are new and excited. Others have been around awhile and are cynical, frustrated or jaded.  

But here's the thing:

The answer is in the LIST.  

You know, the very first edition of “Amazing Formula” made the term “The Money Is In The List” famous.  And the basic truth is, if you have a list of customers and maintain a relationship, they WILL take care of you!

Imagine this:  You wake up in the morning.  You spend 27 minutes writing an email.  You push the button. One hour later you check your email and you've made $1,000 or more.  And you do that 1 to 5 times per week.

I can't say that's the “average” result. And the reason is most people don't have lists. They've just never made it happen.  Or they just haven't gotten how to write emails that pull in money yet.

What about YOU?  Post in the comments and lemme hear from you.  And if you do NOT have Promo Dashboard yet, GET IT!  It's all in there…step by step.

  • serj says:

    HELP….I need a list and ,,,product and …promotion , well everything

    [Hi Serj, Product Dashboard and Promo Dashboard will do the trick. Good luck to you.]

  • Marlon

    Totally agree the money is in the list-but what list. Lists seem much less responsive these days than they were a few years back.

    You must build a list of clients who feel you relate to them and not just pitch to them.

    Far too many marketers build their list and bombard them with offers.

    As a result people are less willing to give their emails to you and remain on your list unless you deliver real value.

    Barry Plaskow

    [Barry, I have a plethora of friends doing 100 g's a month on email based models,

    converting 10% on email follow ups and getting 20% to 30% opt ins. I don't see some huge

    crisis here. It's trued delivery is a pain and you have to work at it.]

  • wfry says:

    To answer U'r ? on twitter – yeah, I got it (obviously.) Actually, I want to share it w/some of my best people, but, I don't want to loose them?!?

  • Hi Marlon…

    Thanks for the ongoing reminders about building a list. For so long I didn't do it. I laughed it off with excuses like 'don't need it, I'm an affiliate' or 'in my niche, it's impossible.'

    As we know, that's just excusitis.

    Anyway I bit the bullet and signed up to Aweber, learnt the ropes and got forms on my sites. Now I've got like 600-700 in one photo niche and another few hundred in my Thai niche. Today I had 11 sign ups… from roughly 100 visitors. That's pretty amazing.

    I've become rather addicted to building my list. For everyone out there, it doesn't take much of a list to start earning great money. Ie. Even with 50 enthusiastic people on your list you can do well. Your auto responder 'investment' pays off quickly.

    Thanks for the ongoing encouragement Marlon.



  • Hey Marlon,

    Just wanted to say that your Promo Dashboard rocks and the first call we had the other day was fantastic, you really over delivered!

    I am looking forward to listening to the recording of your interview with Daegan.

    Have a great weekend!


    [Hey Brettt, glad you enjoyed the call. I'll be holding 1 Quick Start call at NIGHT for those who cna't make day calls. On the Ateam, I think I might hold ONE night call and ONE day call per month.]

  • Thanos says:

    Hello Marlon!

    I've been receiving your newsletters as I am one of your affiliates.

    Marlon, I would like to promote the Cash Like Clockwork system to my list. I am wondering if you can give me a good ad copy / email letter for it? I can't find one on the 500+ Promo Tools.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    Thanos Gale


  • Lee McIntyre says:

    Hi Marlon

    I distinctly remember when I first discovered the power of the 'list'.

    It was a year ago and I had just 600 subscribers and I promoted a product for a big UK marketer.

    I was expecting one sale, or maybe two, and if I got three I would have popped!

    This was my first ever promotion and I was shocked to discover dozens of sales and I even finished 3rd in the JV contest.

    Right there and then my life changed – at that very moment I began to understand the true power of email marketing and within 4 weeks I'd quit my day job as a teacher.

    When I have a bad day, or when one of my web pages stops working for a crazy reason, I always try to remember how I felt that evening when I nearly fainted from discovering so many sales.

    The memory of how that discovery made me feel still drives me on one year later!

    On a sidenote I wanted to say thank you for your excellent content – I've today had your "automate your web business" DVD delivered and it's excellent. Thank you for the help with my business.

    Lee McIntyre

    [Hi Lee, you should be an inspiration to all. Anyone who hasn't check out should to it now.]


  • Allison says:


    What is your recommendation for the first

    dashboard one would use when a video product will be the main focus? I become super ADD when in front of a computer and need organization mightily! Also, do the dashboards function on Macs?

    Thank you for all of the good info you send out!

    [Hi, we use both Macs and pcs in our office. So yes, they work on Macs. Mainly because they are accessed online. The BEST thing to do for video is to go to and go through ALL their Camtasia tutorials.]

  • Taylor says:


    One thing that isn't clear to me…what is the difference between Design Dashborad and Promo Dashboard. When would I want to use one over the other?



    [Hi Taylor, glad you asked that. I'm sure many others have the same question. The Design Dashboard is for DESIGNING your web site. The PROMO Dashboard is for PROMOTING your web site. So if you need to design a web site and especially create GRAPHICS for your web site, that is Design Dashboard. If you need to promote it, that's Promo Dashboard. Marlon]

  • Anthony says:

    This will be a start up business

  • I still like marlon's course, How to Automate your business. Does Marlon still offer that course? Being a magician, it helped me and my business tremendously. Thanks Marlon!

    [Hey David, do you mean the ebook? It's at: But I need to update it. How did it help you? Or do you mean the autoresponder service: Funny thing, I was a magician when I was younger. Just bought a magic magazine yesterday to thumb through for fun!]

  • Dave says:


    I'm with you and am working on a product and have started the dashboard. I want to move forward to success.

    [Dave, you're on a great track then. Congratulations. Now keep your focus.]

  • 2-5% hit rate IF the product is good and the pitch is effectively spieled.

    People can be collected and sold to (list) or they can approach and buy what they see (high quality intel attracts specialist niche consumers)

    Combining these two ends of any stick covers curved ground (all else being equal).

    Think 'boomerang' also.

    [comment from Marlon: You should be getting 15% to 25% opt ins and converting

    10% to sales, depending on the product, price and source of traffic.]

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