Can You Promote And Grow Rich?

Can You Promote And Grow Rich?


Marlon here.

Can you promote and grow rich?  Or is that a dream?

You know a lot of people in Internet marketing are new and excited. Others have been around awhile and are cynical, frustrated or jaded.  

But here's the thing:

The answer is in the LIST.  

You know, the very first edition of “Amazing Formula” made the term “The Money Is In The List” famous.  And the basic truth is, if you have a list of customers and maintain a relationship, they WILL take care of you!

Imagine this:  You wake up in the morning.  You spend 27 minutes writing an email.  You push the button. One hour later you check your email and you've made $1,000 or more.  And you do that 1 to 5 times per week.

I can't say that's the “average” result. And the reason is most people don't have lists. They've just never made it happen.  Or they just haven't gotten how to write emails that pull in money yet.

What about YOU?  Post in the comments and lemme hear from you.  And if you do NOT have Promo Dashboard yet, GET IT!  It's all in there…step by step.

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