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Republishing Content: From 0 to 255,262 article views in 1 month using republishing (and much more)

Content republishing — It's how bloggers get started and score big results!  Today we take a SUPER DEEP dive into content marketing.  “Marlon, how can I find my audience, get my word out bigtime AND build my list?  Via my deep dive research, I uncovered businesses and individuals starting from scratch and building big audiences, lists and readers using guest blogging, republishing and content syndication.

In this newsletter:

  • How James went from 1,000 visitors his first month to over 250,000 a month and built a list of 100,000 subscribers using republishing
  • The LinkedIn republishing strategy that got 255,262 views in one month
  • How to find your audience through guest blogging, and when to do it vs. republishing and syndication.
  • “Who can you point me to for success stories and practical examples of “it” working for normal people who don't already have fame or a brand?”
  • The incredible discoveries I made about republishing your content
  • Where do I find other “deep dive” articles about content marketing?
  • How does content marketing help me build a list?
  • Do I have to write every day?  Or how much or little do I have to write?
  • What's the surprising news about getting 1,000 visitors from Linked In per article using a 10-minute procedure?
  • What about the Google duplicate content penalty?
  • How Buffer built their traffic originally using ONLY guest blogging
  • What if I built it and they DIDN'T come?  What then?
  • How do I get people to my blog when I have no list, and no visitors to build from?
  • What if I'm not a “pro writer?”
  • Can you give me examples of emails I send to get my content republished?
  • Why people screw up on guest blogging and republishing and fail to get subscribers.  How to easily fix it.
  • How to get guest posts when NO ONE knows you!
  • The 3 types of posts to write
  • How to get 2500 email subscribers a month from one page on your blog
  • How to save $1,004 in 10 minutes.  And do it over and over.

I have a lot of exciting information to share. So let's dive right in.

The BIG PROBLEM in blogging is “I built it and they didn't come!”  In other words, “I wrote great blog posts and hardly anyone showed up.”

Am I right?

If you have a blog, you've written what you thought or felt was great content.  :And guess what? The  readers never showed up.

GOOD NEWS!  Via my deep dive research, I uncovered businesses and individuals starting from scratch and building big audiences, lists and readers using guest blogging, republishing and content syndication.

 One: How James Clear went from 1,000 visitors his first month to 250,000 and a list of 100,000 without guest posting

James started a new blog in November 12, 2012 and has built it into a success NOT by guest posting but by using a method called “called syndication,” which is really just a fancy word for republishing.

In other words, you get another site WITH TRAFFIC to publish the same article you have on your blog and link BACK to your blog.

This gets you visitors and subscribers.

When he started in 2012, he got 1,000 visitors his first month. His traffic took off in his 7th month of blogging when he got published on Entrepreneur magazine, Lifehacker and Business Insider. Today he gets over 250,000 a month and has built a list of 100,000 subscribers.

The secret is that each of these articles he republishes has a little blurb at the end the pros call a “byline”  Here's what James' says:

James Clear writes at about the science of habit formation and how to use behavioral science to improve your health, creativity, and productivity. To get useful ideas for improving your mental and physical performance, join his free newsletter.

Here's one he published on Huffington Post.  That's a good link because you can SEE all the articles he has published on Huff Post.  And I might remind you, they have HUGE traffic.  Just huge.

James Clear writes at, where he shares ideas for using behavior science to improve your performance and master your habits. For fresh ideas on how to live a healthy life — both mentally and physically — join his free newsletter. Or, download his 45-page guide called Transform Your Habits.

Instead of linking to the home page of his blog, James is a very clever fellow.  He links to what I call a “squeeze page” or email capture page.  Or to put it in words a good Okie book can understand  “an email sucking page that sucks out the email address!”

That page normally gets an email address 79 to  81 times out of every 100 visitors.  That translates into 2,500 sign ups a month according to this article:

You can read a lot more here: Secrets of guest posting.

Every Monday and Thursday James writes a guest post on where you can learn how to transform your habits by making small 1% changes that are easy, simple and fast.

A week later he republishes his article on other sites such as Lifehacker, Quora, Medium, The Huffington Post and Google+.

Here's an example. James published this article on his site and a week later it hit Lifehacker where it resulted in 600 subscribers to his list.

Want to read the email James sends to get his article republished?  It's in this article.

Let me re-emphasize.  James gets 2,500 subscribers a MONTH without paying for any ads and without doing guest posting. All he does is get sites to republish his content.

The other question is “How does he make money?”

Simple.  He sends out emails and offers mini-courses on a topic.  When people click the link, they're subscribed to the mini email series. That series sells a product for $49 to $99.


In other words, unless people click on the link offering the course, they won't get promos for the product.  Interesting approach.

Secret honeypot: I found a webinar by James where he gives all kinds of tricks to reach important people like editors with your personal email.  It's a nice bonus!

Two:  The Linked In republishing strategy that got 255,262 views in one month

This one twisted my melon just reading about it!

I mean, I knew that Grant Cardone publishes his articles to LinkedIn and gets a lot of views. But the thing is, he's Grant freaking Cardone with best-selling books and such.

But what if a relatively normal person could do this and get big results?

What he did was post 1-2 articles a day, Monday through Friday, to LinkedIn that had been previously published on the blog.  He tried to do this with articles that fit the LinkedIn audience.

Starting from 0, within 30 days here are the results 255,262 page views:

— 255, 262 article views
— 35 published articles
— 3,022 LinkedIn followers

Those numbers make my eyes fly as wide open as they did when I ran into Jessica Alba in my local Quiznos sub shop.  Well, that's a story for another day!

You can read the whole strategy below.  One article got 212,000 views by itself.  But taking those numbers out of the total views STILL results in 42,674 views for 34 articles, which translates into 1255.1 views per article.

In other words, for spending 10 minutes to submit the article to LinkedIn, he got 1255 views, NOT including the 212,000 megaviews article.  To put that in perspective, it costs me about .80 a click on Facebook to get someone to my blog.  I'd spend $1,004 on Facebook to get 1,255 visitors.

In 10 minutes, I save $1,004!

The LinkedIn audience cares about topics like business, careers, entrepreneurship, hiring and government/finance.  If those are you topics, consider republishing to LinkdedIn.

Here are two LinkedIn secrets from the reference listed below.

LinkedIn Secret #1: Here's a nifty trick from the article below.  Go to and type in LinkedIn.  You'll be able to see the most popular content on the site, which gives you ideas for writing your own.

LinkedIn Secret #2:  Your main traffic comes when you get your article FEATURED on a channel. So study the different channels and observe the topics and articles that get featured.

Go and do thou likewise.

LinkedIn Secret #3:  Post at morning and lunch

It's  a work audience.   According to the reference below, these are the best times to reach the audience.

For more tips see the reference below.

Reference:  6 Content Marketing Takeaways from 30 Days of LinkedIn Publishing

Three:  What about duplicate content? What about success stories?

Here's a GREAT article that gives 7 success stories for content syndication and republishing:

Neil Patel has his own take on this issue. If you have a lot of existing traffic from Google or you're concerned about the duplicate content penalty, you must read this:

At KISSmetrics, they republish articles on, Search Engine Journal and I imagine other places.

Their solution to possible problems is to get sites like to use a rel=canonical.which tells Google to give all credit for that page to KISSmetrics and not to index the page within Google’s search results.

The thing is, for MOST bloggers, they aren't worried about losing traffic from Google that they never had to begin with!  They stand far more to gain from syndicating content.

Four:  How Buffer obtained 100,000 users within the first 9 months using ONLY guest blogging and then expanded using content syndication

What I admire about Buffer is they eat their own dog food. They teach and preach content marketing and that's how they built their business.  Today they republish their content on sites like Huffington Post, Fast Company, Inc, Lifehacker, and The Next Web.

But it didn't start out that way.

In 9 months, co-founder Leo Widrich wrote around 150 guest posts!  So they didn't start with republishing.  Leo started from scratch, so he built a base of credibility by doing guest posts.

Leo started out using MyBlogGuest and BloggerLinkUp to get guest posts.  BloggerLinkUp is a newsletter that ehooks up bloggers with peopel who need blog posts.

Now, in 2014 MyBlogGuest got hit hard by Google.  Before using them, you would want to do more research. But it seems to me it's still a good way for a beginner to find places to guest post, regardless of whether or not Google counts the links.

Regardless, that's how Leo got started.

He wrote 3 types of blog posts:

— Reviews of his own product.   He wrote 100 posts about Buffer.


Talk about hustle!  100 guest posts in 2 months.  Wow.

— Round up posts where one post was his.  Here's an example.

— Problems your product solves.

Here's an example from one of Leo's original posts.

There's a lot more to know about this. The articles below give more details, an example from Wordstream with a reference and more.


Five:  What if you're not a writer?

One of my favorite blogs is  Bryan REALLY struggled to write in the beginning. This, in fact, is a common theme I've read from bloggers.

What they found out is it gets easier with practice.  It's not going to be easy at first.  But it gets easier and faster with a lot of practice.

In terms of how often you need to write, what bloggers have found out is that quality trumps quantity.  Dereck Halper contends you should write a piece of great content, then spend a LOT of time marketing that one piece of content before you write another.

Six:  Avoid the two biggest mistakes bloggers are making that kill their results

The biggest mistake bloggers make is they produce low quality content. And then they don't spend anytime marketing it because there's nothing exceptional about it to start wtih.

Neil Patel says he spends up to $30,000 having one piece of content produced for, including writing and design.

You don't need to spend that kind of money. But study blogs like,, and for the type of content you need to produce if you want to seriously attack blogging.

There's been a BIG SHIFT in blogging as I see it. In the old days, it was QUANTITY of content that was important. Today it's quality.

Bryan says he spends 3 and 4 days on one piece of content for VideoFruit.

The thing is, it's hard to get top notch sites to republish your content if the quality is low.  Produce one GREAT piece of content then focus on getting it republished.

You may also need to start out guest blogging first, where you write exclusive articles for websites.  Then, as you develop your reputation you can move to republishing content.  That's the path Buffer took.

The other big mistake bloggers make is not republishing the content, which goes with producing low quality content.

If you have low-quality content, you can't get people to republish it.

Here's a reference on that if you want to see proof and read more:

If you've found insights from this article, I encourage you to reply in comments and let me know.  I produce more of what I get postiive feedback on and less of what I don't.

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