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Crucial Info On Naming Your Products

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: June 9 Articles By Marlon

The article in this issue is good.

“What I've Learned About Naming Your Product Or Service — and
How One Wrong Word In A Title Cost Me My First Copywriting Job”

I analyze the names of 4 of my products and this ezine.  I tell
you why I think they are good or bad names.

The name you choose for your products, offers, services, ezines,
ebooks and memberships is critical.

I lost my first copywriting job because of ONE WORD in the title
of the company's membership site.  Yeah, it's a true story.  Read
it below.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Articles By Marlon
Electronic Newsletter
June 9, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon

B. Main Article: “What I've Learned About Naming Your Product
Or Service — and How One Wrong Word In A Title Cost Me My
First Copywriting Job”

C. Services You Can Use

D. Tips of the week

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher

Warning: The special bonus on “How to Create A Cover For
Your Digital Magazine” ends next week:

The bonus has a number of screen caps, so it's easy to
follow.  I think just knowing how to do what's in the
tutorial is worth 59 bucks.

A. “Announcements from Marlon”

One: MILCERS.  I'm 2 issues behind on Milcers.  Matt is out
of town and Lisa is sick!  So, I think I'm gonna upload a
down-and-dirty version for you guys and gals until Matt
is back from vacation.

Two: Milcers GOLD conference call.  I'm going to do a
conference call for GOLD Milcers next week.  I'll send
out an email shortly. You can also post in the FORUM
this weekend.  I'll respond on Monday or Tuesday.

Three: Resellers — You STILL have time to win one of our
prizes in the latest contest.

I realize it says May.  That's 'cause the contest started
in May.

Four: How To Potentially Go From $50,000 to $500,000
Small Group Gathering — Hang tight.  I won't get a promo
out to you until Matt is back.  I got 50 apps and 12 spots.

B. “What I've Learned About Naming Your Product Or Service
— and How One Wrong Word In A Title Cost Me My First
Copywriting Job”
By Marlon Sanders

The name you give your product or service is crucial.

My first copy writing job was at a company that went bankrupt
because they called their private membership club the
“Millionaire's Circle”.

Three states in the U.S. said the name WAS an income claim,
in and of itself.  That's right, just having that ONE word
in a product title put the company under.

After bankrupting the company fighting 3 attorney generals,
they changed the name to the “winners circle” instead of
the “Millionaire's Circle.”  But that little naming mistake
put the company under and caused me to lose my first
copy writing job.

A lot of people wonder if I'm just a sour puss for making a
big deal over the proliferation of blatant income claims.  There
IS a reason for it.

If you're in UK, Australia, or Canada, I bet there are similar
precedents in your country you should be aware of.

But naming goes much deeper than just not using “potty words.”

Let me illustrate the vital importance of the name you choose
with several of the names I've given products.

1.  The “Cash Like Clockwork” system.

That's a great name.

The only reason I don't use the name more is that I really
hate to use things that have too blatant of a money appeal
in them.

The good things about the name are that it conveys a
benefit.  Your product name should usually have a benefit
in it.  The other good thing is that it isn't too generic.
It implies a brand.  Plus, it lends itself to a visual —

So, overall, it's a great name.  I would be more comfortable
with “Sales Like Clockwork” than I would “Cash.”  Thing is,
people like names with two letters that are the same.

Think of Coca-Cola as an example.  You'll also find a lot
of celebrities with names that follow the same pattern.
Marilyn Monroe, Alan Alda and many others.

Marketing With Marlon came out #1 on our name survey.  Part
of the reason for that is the two use of the two M's.

2.  “The Amazing Formula”

It isn't as good a name as “Cash Like Clockwork.”  And the reason
I say that is there isn't a clear benefit in it unless you add
the rest of the name “….That Sells Products Like Crazy.”  But
now, you have a really LONG name.

The positive is that the word “Formula” still hasn't made the
rounds nearly as much as the word “System.”  Overall, the title
has worked well.  But if I did it over, I'd try to get a benefit
in the core title.

3.  “Milcers”

Milcers has a problem.  It's a coined name that is hard to
pronounce.  Most people called it Milsers instead of MILKERS.
Plus, I thought the idea of “milk your cash cow” was obvious
but implied.

To me, “Marlon's Internet Lifestyle Club” explained the
benefit. But to many others, they didn't like the word

Thing is, my style is to NOT put money directly in the title of
a  product.  One reason is you risk Paypal feeling that you
went over the line. I don't like my titles to seem too
“bizopy” (short for “like a business opportunity”).

One of the first laws of online business is:

“Protect your merchant processing at all costs.”

Without it, you don't have a business.  I'm going to rename
Milcers.  I'll keep what I feel is good in the concept.
But add a new angle or twist.

4.  “The Marketing Diary”

The name is too generic to be honest.  But I liked the word Diary.
And I chose the word “marketing” over some name that more
directly implied money.

At least I should have come up with a “D”-word to use in place of
“Marketing.”  The name would have been better.

The main problem with the name is, “What's the benefit to the buyer?”
Who cares if they buy a diary about marketing?  See, there's no

That's a problem.

5.  “Articles By Marlon”

The title I've been using for my ezine is “Articles By Marlon” or
“The Sell Products Like Crazy Ezine.”  I'm going to move to a NEW
title. It's a secret right now, because I want to create a blog to
match.  The problem with the existing title is, “what's the benefit?”
Is there REALLY a benefit to getting another article by email?

The only benefit that the article is “By Marlon” is that it isn't
“By” someone else.  That doesn't quite cut it in this age of noise.

Tips On Naming Your Products,
Ezines, and Memberships

The biggest problem with names is finding a DOMAIN.  It
seems like most of the good, short ones are taken.  I tried
like crazy to find a nice, short domain for the renaming
of Milcers and got nowhere with that search.

I had the same problem with my blog.  I'll probably end of
using “” or something like that.  The blog
isn't up yet, so don't go there.

The reason short names are good is that they're easier for
people to spell. The chances people will type a long domain
without a typo aren't good.

You may have seen the article in Inc. magazine about the
guy who is registering thousands of domains that end in
.cm instead of .com to get the typo traffic.

It costs something like $600 to register a .cm name.  But he
made a deal directly with the country (Cameroon or something
like that).  Point is, a lot of people can't even type .com
without making a mistake!

Normally, your product name should have a benefit in it.
However, web sites do well with coined names.  Think Google,
Yahoo and others.  Short and memorable. But good luck finding a
name like that in today's environment.

MSN isn't a particularly good name.  Do NOT use just 3 letters like
that.  People can't remember them unless you have the marketing
budget of Microsoft.  In which case, do whatever you feel like.

Oh, if you wanna learn more about naming, I recommend the book
“Positioning” by Trout and Ries.  It's a classic.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
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C. “Services You Can Use”

YOUR OWN PRODUCT In 72 HOURS? Actually, originally the title
was “How to Create Your Own Products In Two Hours.”  But I'll
be generous and say it takes 72 hours.

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D. “Tips Of The Week”

1.  I'm much more productive since I bought my latest
computer.  If you're hesitating because you love your old
box but it's slow 'cause you have so much junk on it, take
the plunge and update.

2.  Buy an external “firewire” backup drive and use it.

3.  My knew box has Vista.  I'm not crazy about it.  It's a
tad buggy. And personally, I like the old XP interface.  Thing
is, if you buy a new box, you have no choice but to get Vista on

4.  I bought a HP Color LaserJet 2605dn.  I'm happy with the
performance so far.  It appears to be a workhorse and the color
cartridges are fairly priced.
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