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“Post Your Sticking Point”



Marlon here.

This is a VINTAGE POST from 2010.  But I'm hoping people continue to UPDATE it with your CURRENT sticking points!

If you aren't getting your fair share of the Internet pie, I want to hear from YOU!

What is YOUR #1 STICKING POINT right now in terms of getting the success you want online?

Just post your Sticking Point below. Where are you at? What's stopping you right now from getting YOUR SHARE of the online commerce happening TODAY?






Post your STICKING POINT in the COMMENTS below:

1. What's your goal?

2. What have you DONE so far to reach that goal?

3. What's your sticking point? What's your current sticking point that is keeping you from getting your fair share of the online commerce pie?








1. What's your goal?

“Marlon, my goal is to quit my job in the next 12 months”

“Marlon, my goal is to make $500/month”

“Marlon, my goal is to pay off my $5500 credit card using online marketing”



2. What have you DONE so far to reach your goal?

“So far I have promoted a PLR product using 12 videos on youtube and 23 articles on ezinearticles.com. I have 67 people on my subscriber list and send out 1 email a week.”

“So far I have an ebook I wrote but haven't done anything at all to promote it yet”

“So far I have done XYZ and ABC are the results”



3. What's your sticking point?

“My sticking point is that I start to do create my own product but feel I don't have enough to contribute so I get discouraged.”

“My sticking point is that I don't have enough XYZ to ABC”

Example: “I don't have enough focus to get my product done.”

“I only have 20 visitors on average a day to my web site and I need 500 to reach my income goal if I convert 1%.”

“My sticking point is that I don't know what to do so I just don't do anything.”

“My sticking point is that I read what you say but I'm so skeptical I don't try any of it.”

“My sticking point is that I'm trying to promote XYZ by doing ABC but only have (Z number) of subscribers because my name squeeze page is only converting at Y%.”




  • Peter Ursel says:

    Hi Marlon, I have a brick and mortar business and my goal is to use your Internet planning book in my offline business to grow it by using the $1 in $2. out idea and buying customers. I love this idea and method! I would just like to hear your advice on using this planning method in an offline service business (I have a cosmetic practice and love all direct marketing methods)
    Thanks for your great work. I have followed you for some time and like your methods and want to apply them to my offline business. Thanks!

    Peter Ursel M.D.

  • Hi Marlon,

    My goal is to create my own Information product.
    I have been advised to interview an expert in product creation. Find the 10 most asked questions and interview an expert. I have tried to go on forums to find the top 10 questions, but can’t really find any information about this.


  • Martin Lloyd says:

    Hi Marlon

    Thank you for your comments. It has caused us to rethink our strategy.

    Instead of offering it free and hoping to get money for great new content and provide the support from the free help desk, from adsence and affiliate programs. we've decided to charge $27 per month after a free 6 or 8-week trial. To spead the word we'll be offering an attractive affiliate program.

    Thank you for your advice. Must get back now to my A team tutorials

  • Luis Medrano says:

    Hey Marlon thanks for your response . I hope this doesn't sound too newbieish, but what is an associate program and how would both occur simultaneously? I'm sure you probably written an article about this, maybe you can point me to that. Thanks man!

    [Hi Luis, an associate program means others can sell your products for a percentage or commission, just like Amazon does. That gives you traffic because affiliates are promoting your products for you.]

  • Luis Medrano says:

    1. What’s your goal?

    My goal is to build a list of 5,000 subscribers…to start. (My vision board reminds me that 20,000 is where I really want to be)

    2. What have you DONE so far to reach that goal?

    I have a website with a landing page that offers people a free starter kit (3 special reports) for subscribing to my e-zine. I also have about 25 pages of content (mostly written) on my website.

    I use aweber to collect subscriber emails, and currently I have about 50 subscribers.

    I have outsourced article writing and distribution and web 2.0/bookmarking to up the number of backlinks to my site.

    I joined the "Do What You Love Success Group" to get help in building my online business.

    Currently I am in the process of getting an ebook written (using the "I Outsource Everything" principles) that I will offer as a freebie in addition to the special reports. Also, I will use wowminisites.com to clean up my landing page.

    Lastly, I am reading Perry Marshall's book to set up an Adwords campaign to get visitors and subscribers to my site.

    3. What’s your sticking point? What’s your current sticking point that is keeping you from getting your fair share of the online commerce pie?

    I am stuck on what quality products I should create to have a sales funnel setup in the least time possible, and whether I should focus my energy on listbuilding or product creating.

    [When you create products, if you promote them with an associate program you do both at the same time. You are using the organic model to get traffic. It does work but it's a slow burner, depending on the method you use. It works but takes quite a bit of time and effort.]

  • Keisha says:

    Hi Marlon,

    1. My goal is to consistently earn $2000/month within 6 months. I plan to use these earnings as "seed" money to reinvestment in my business for monthly coaching, some tools for automation, and outsourcing. The point of all of this is to become a prolific writer, content marketer and info product creator as these are the marketing/business models I gravitate to.

    2. I've spent a couple of years navigating my way through SEO, copywriting, and internet marketing as a whole. Recently, I decided to test out potential niche markets by creating lenses at Squidoo. For the first time ever, in less than a week, I created a lens that's on the 1st and 2nd page of Google for my keywords and I made an affiliate sale! Small change, but it was exciting. I went this route because I've tried numerous times to get blogs going, but nothing really panned out. I've submitted articles to Ezine Articles, Examiner, and Associated Content. For two months, I interned for a top WAHM blogger.

    3. My sticking points are developing a consistent process to get content created and setting up the sales funnels to distribute/monetize my content.

    I can grind content out-but then I feel burned out and lose my motivation. It's discouraging to keep producing, but not knowing how to profit.

    [Hi Keisha, content is an organic seo model. It's typically a slow burner and you have to do a LOT consistently for 6 months to see results. Not an easy model to me personally. But there are many different methods for that such as the Evergreen Traffic System and I also like Terry Dean's seo approach. I'd RATHER create a product in under a week, throw up an affiliate program, and find people willing to promote it or buy banner ads. The one thing I can say about organic seo is that once you get good at it, you can do well with it over time.]

  • Anne Wolfinger says:

    Hi, Marlon!

    My goal is to launch my first internet marketing method using your techniques by mid-January. That is my immediate goal. My BHAG is to quit my day job within two years.

    Accomplishments so far: Picking up where I left off about 6 years ago when I was doing professional life coaching, writing an e-newsletter with a small list, holding teleclasses, writing newspaper columns and a book. I have material to turn into a series of three e-books. I am a fan of your products and have purchased several, including the Big Course and the Overwhelm Cure (I'm currently on Week 3). I really try to apply what I learn–I have written goals for my current sprint.

    I'm stuck trying to decide which dashboard to focus on first. I started with the Promo Dashboard and customer identification research. Then I felt I needed to work on my products in order to write my promotional material. Maybe it all comes down to balancing learning and doing.

    [Anne, it's hard to create a good product if you don't know WHO the customers are. So you did right figuring that out. Row 2 of Promo Dashboard is creating your squeeze page with a freebie for list building. You can do that now or later. Instead of doing ebooks, why not make a Camtasia video on each chapter using a mindmap and have each product DONE in 1 day. 7 videos that are 15 to 30 minutes each won't take that long to produce. Now you have your product and can create the sales letter.]

  • Robin Lee says:

    My sticking point (upon further review and reflection) is: finding 1-3 ways I can feel good and comfortable with to drive traffic to my squeeze pages.

    Thank you,


    [Hey Robin, an affiliate program is good, banner ads you buy on private web sites are good, then it's a bit of a crap shoot after that with many methods available.]

  • Chris Klasinski says:

    1) My goal is to be making $250.00 per week from sales as an affiliate and from the sale of my own product(s) by 28 February 2011. I know that does not sound like much, but it is more than I am earning from working right now.

    2) I have been working on building a list, but it is a slow go. I am also building my own website and blog to show and talk about green products. I do believe if I wrote an ebook it would greatly help in my list building.

    My sticking point has been that I have spent alot of time learning and not enough in the doing, and not using the dashboards that I purchased.

    [Hey Chris, the best solution I know of is to say that you're going to spend X time every do just actually doing things and then stick to it.]

  • Steve Hendricks says:

    1) My goal is to make $1000 in online sales, by December 31, 2010, with information products that I create or resell.

    2) Since July 22, 2010, I have read more books and ebooks than I can remember. I have watched videos and listened to mp3s awake and asleep (bad habit). I have invested what I can in courses and seminars to reach a place where I feel comfortable in making certain choices. Reading Ockhams Razor and the Best of Marlon Sanders helped me get to that place. First decision was to purchase Design Dashboard and follow step by step process. Purchase completed 11/28/10. Starting design this evening 11/29/10.

    3) My sticking point has been too much time spent learning, and, almost no time spent selling. These dashboards combine the learning with the doing. Much better for an overly curious person like me.

    [Hi Steve, $1,000 is possible and even more. But depending on how far you are along, the Dashboards are designed to be done in 6 weeks which takes you beyond December. I think if you had your ebook done and a tested sales letter, you could do the G or possibly much more. Without a sales letter or finished product, I'm not sure. Either way, go for it. You have nothing to lose. Oe person who emails their list could make you the G. So see if you can get your affiliate program set up on Clickbank, Paydotcom or automateyourwebsite.com and start recruiting affiliates. it helps if you've tested your sales letter for conversions first using banner ad or ppc traffic.]

  • Theresa says:

    Hi Marlon

    1. My Goal – Work for myself within the next 12 months

    2. What have I done towards this – Marlon I have built my blog and I have had my E Book (to help to build my subscriber list), ready since April.

    3. My Sticking Point. I can’t work out how to get my optin graphics onto my blog, how to make my E book available for download, how to get my download page to download the ebook, where to put it and how to code it. Lastly, I don’t know how to load the seven day E course that I wrote (for when people do subscribe), onto Aweber. Ohh and I can’t get my hyperlinks to work in word AND I am working in Vesta and therefore, I’m not sure that anyone will be able to open my ebook even when I have solved the rest of my issues. Phew!

    All advice gratefully received!


    [Hey Theresa, I LIKE those sticking points because they are specific issues. You know, it's FAR easier to solve SPECIFIC issues than something vague or general. The opt in graphics are covered in our opt in video secrets product that is cheap. Post to getyoursupport.com for the URL. The download page is covered in Productdashboard.com. Aweber has tutorials on the emails. Basically you select new message and make sure your lines are cut off at 65-72 characters. Save your ebook as a PDF out of Word. I don't know why you have a hyperlinks issue. You CAN try Open Office instead. Or post to a Microsoft Office forum for some help. Good luck Theresa.]

  • Corinne says:

    Marlon, It says to post my sticking point only so here it is.

    I have promoted but never made a cent on clickbank, that is discouraging. My sticking point is that I do not have a list and hate the thought of "trying" to get one. My other is that the mindset I have of "not making money" in years online is holding me back from succeeding and I can not get past that. I hear the words from a guru. "I just sent my list xxx and made a zillion dollars, you can do this too." My response is oh yeah sure I can, can I have your list? In my head it takes money to make money, it takes a list to make a list, it takes success to breed success. So I stay where I am occasionally poking my head out and trying something like this year I put up 160 niche websites.

    [Hi Corrine, how are you? Congratulations on putting up the niche web sites. If any of those are making money for you then evaluate whether or not it's worth your time to do more like them. If not, THEN build YOUR list the way most "gurus" built their lists — by creating a product people want and need and getting affiliates to promote it. THAT is how most people build large lists. You can also buy banner ads if you want to start slower. What I heard is "the gurus have lists and I don't." But THAT is how ALL gurus started — with NO list. They weren't BORN with a list on their computer. They GOT a list by creating a hot product and getting affiliates to promote it. And THAT is what I recommend you do if your niche sites don't pan out for you. Corrine, buying banner ads on targeted web sites can also bring you good traffic at a decent price.]

  • One: What’s your goal?

    Marlon, my goal is to make $800-1200 /month so I can pay off my credit cards

    and enough to pay off my Dad's car payments (recently, he lost his job and needs

    help with some personal bills)

    Two: What have you DONE so far to reach your goal?

    So far I have an ebook I wrote but haven’t done much of anything at to promote it yet.

    Three:. What’s your sticking point?

    My sticking point is that I don’t have much of a email list to promote my product

    and generate sales.

    [Adriel you're on your way. Now, since you don't have a list, set up an affiliate program for your product, pay more than other affiliate products on the front end, add in something you sell on the back end to make up for the larger commissions and get others to promote your ebook to THEIR list. You can also buy banner ads if you don't know if your sales letter will convert. But you can also get just 1 or 2 affiliates to email your offer and pay them 100% of the profits for doing so. That way you can see if it converts.]

  • Martin Lloyd says:

    My goal:

    To successfully launch Biz-Matters.com free weekly video journal for proactive owners of small businesses and the website’s community, so we have 100,000 members by December 2011

    What have I done or I’m doing?

    Written ten articles that I’m submitting to article directories over the next ten days, and then continue with one article a day.

    Sent out Press releases both on and offline publications and will continue to send out new ones every week

    Submitting one PDF eBook to document sharing sites every week

    Submitted site to all search engines for indexing, etc.

    Invited my offline business friends and associates (don’t have an online list yet)

    Adding tell-a-friend link

    Set up social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and will start posting each day.

    Add a thought provoking blog to each of the community forums starting next week

    Become active on niche forums and blogs. Just joined http://www.imhotspot.com. Other good suggestions are welcome

    Preparing a short video for YouTube this week and will also submit to niche video sharing sites

    Preparing a Google search story

    Preparing audio interviews with leading online and offline business gurus to discuss the important lessons they learnt for business success. This will take place in January and put online during February.

    Looking into ning.com and socialgo.com

    Looking into podcast directories and how to use them

    Trying to come up with a way of promoting on eBay, Amazon, ITunes (possible a £0.97 eBook, other suggestions are welcome)

    What’s my sticking point?

    Need to build the membership fast. Need the help of people with loyal lists of online and offline owners of small businesses (where they think the journal and website will add real value to their list).

    [HI Martin, imho you won't build a list of 100,000 by focusing on organic traffic. Organic traffic is great but it's a slow burner. And you're taking a long term view of your biz when you do it. The main way you could reach that extremely aggressive goal is to have a very attractive affiliate program and promote it really, really hard. The problem is, very few of your activities have to do with doing THAT.]

  • Robin Lee says:

    Hi Marlon,

    1. What’s your goal?

    My goal is to make my first sale of an Infomation product by 12/31/10, then learn to rinse and repeat on a larger scale.

    2. What have you DONE so far to reach that goal?

    A lot of studying about traffic and listbuilding. I don't have a list as I'm starting from zero with Information products, so I have to figure out what to do to drive traffic to a squeeze page, start building a list and then marketing complimentary products to that list. I created 11 AdWords ads but so far have seen no results – so I'm studying more and tweaking.

    3. What’s your sticking point?

    My sticking point is that I have no idea how to make my AdWords ads convert better, basically how to drive traffic to my squeeze page. There are so many Info products out there, how to I make my ad stand out?

    Thank you,


    [Hi Robin, I'm not a fan of Adwords. I personally think you are FAR better off buying banner ads. Having said that, you START in Adwords by mimicking the other ads that have been running in your category for 1-3 months. Then you split test and improve.]

  • Derek says:

    1. What’s your goal?

    Marlon, my goal is to get my wife home from her job in the next 4 months which would require a 100K/yr replacement.

    2. What have you DONE so far to reach your goal?

    So far I have set up an account on Hostgator, got my domain name and signed up for Aweber. We are putting together a WebTv show where we are both going to be working on the integration of Personal Development and Entrepreneurial biz development. I am in the process of putting together my task list of what I can do versus what I can attempt to get outsourced and I want to launch on Jan 5 2011 for the first show.

    3. What’s your sticking point?

    MyOur current sticking point is we don't have any subscribers as we are new, but when we start, we do not have a product of our own to use as an opt-in offer or even to sell on our site. We are going to just do free line stuff on success in life/biz to start with and see what happens. I was thinking about doing a 4,5,6 part video series on Success. I have never done this so I don't know how to create a product or to package a product, needless to say deliver the product.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


    [Derek, if I read your goal right it's to make $100,000 in 4 months starting with no experience, no opt ins and no experience? It's a noble goal and you have a puncher's chance of making it happen….but normally 100 g's is something you shot for after making say 5 g's a month. Then the next goal is 10 g's a month. Starting at 0 G's a month your first goal is $500 or $1,000 a month. This isn't to discourage you from more lofty attainments or even shooting for 100 g's in 4 months. Without knowing your exact plan, I can't tell what kind of shot you have. In general, I'd say start with a goal to get 1,000 or 5,000 people on your opt in list, 100 visitors a day and a 1% conversion.]

  • johnny shull says:

    i have several i just learned how to use a computer(2 months)i'm flat broke(been out of work 2 years)have zero credit(my own fault)only have 9th grade edu.doing it the hard and slow way

    [Johnny, at least when you have a success story it'll be a GREAT one! Keep on learning and doing.]

  • Roxie Boyd says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My goal is to make at least $5,000 a month so I don't have to go back to a day job.

    I have so far done: its complicated – on my ecommerce site at http://www.TapestryBiz.com I reduced all my prices to match my competitors and am getting a much better conversion. On my BabyBoomerBistro site, I have narrowed down my category, and will start on product creation this week.

    My sticking point is: Not sure yet.

    [Hi Roxie, I'd break the 5 G's down into deadline dates. Say by increments of $1,000 and attach goal or deadline dates for each.]

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