“Post Your Sticking Point”

“Post Your Sticking Point”



Marlon here.

This is a VINTAGE POST from 2010.  But I'm hoping people continue to UPDATE it with your CURRENT sticking points!

If you aren't getting your fair share of the Internet pie, I want to hear from YOU!

What is YOUR #1 STICKING POINT right now in terms of getting the success you want online?

Just post your Sticking Point below. Where are you at? What's stopping you right now from getting YOUR SHARE of the online commerce happening TODAY?






Post your STICKING POINT in the COMMENTS below:

1. What's your goal?

2. What have you DONE so far to reach that goal?

3. What's your sticking point? What's your current sticking point that is keeping you from getting your fair share of the online commerce pie?








1. What's your goal?

“Marlon, my goal is to quit my job in the next 12 months”

“Marlon, my goal is to make $500/month”

“Marlon, my goal is to pay off my $5500 credit card using online marketing”



2. What have you DONE so far to reach your goal?

“So far I have promoted a PLR product using 12 videos on youtube and 23 articles on ezinearticles.com. I have 67 people on my subscriber list and send out 1 email a week.”

“So far I have an ebook I wrote but haven't done anything at all to promote it yet”

“So far I have done XYZ and ABC are the results”



3. What's your sticking point?

“My sticking point is that I start to do create my own product but feel I don't have enough to contribute so I get discouraged.”

“My sticking point is that I don't have enough XYZ to ABC”

Example: “I don't have enough focus to get my product done.”

“I only have 20 visitors on average a day to my web site and I need 500 to reach my income goal if I convert 1%.”

“My sticking point is that I don't know what to do so I just don't do anything.”

“My sticking point is that I read what you say but I'm so skeptical I don't try any of it.”

“My sticking point is that I'm trying to promote XYZ by doing ABC but only have (Z number) of subscribers because my name squeeze page is only converting at Y%.”




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