Did The Videos Stream Well? or Did You Have Issues?


We’ve had mixed reports about the video service taking too long to load or
not working at all.

People in California say that its working fine, but then people in Pennsylvania
say that the load time is too long.

We need your feedback! Leave a comment!



18 thoughts on “Did The Videos Stream Well? or Did You Have Issues?”

  1. Kindle's Store at Amazon.com looks pretty good in both videos. About 2.5 Mbps of bandwidth was available throughout there when I saw these videos at my home in Minsk (Belarus). I have 8 Mbps ADSL connection to Internet from my local ISP.

    But these videos are essentially differ. I define the first video as prepared more professionally than the second video where both audio and video frames were too much accelerated, I think.

  2. First video played for a while then died. Second video would not play, even after several tries.

    I attempted at 9:30am BST (GMT+1) usually quieter this time of day, so does not bode well for us folks in UK/EU


  3. No success with loading at all – getting a 404 on both links even when trying a copy and paste. Will try again in a few hours…..greetings from rural NSW, Australia!

  4. The videos worked fine once I gave them time enough to load. Aside from streaming well, perhaps it would have been more eye-friendly if the videos were of a smaller size that fits the screen.

    Now what difference did I see?

    In the first video, Santos seemed unsure. He seemed to be groping concerning his presentation. Although he was mentioning benefits, there was a lack of conviction in his voice (it seems to me).

    While this may not be obvious in a simple email message, it's disadvantageous to a video or audio presentation.

    In the second video, Santos' presentation was much better.

    – He was sure what he wanted to say.

    – His enthusiasm and conviction carried through, making the prospect want to grab the benefits being presented.

    – He emphasized more on what the Kindle report would do for the buyer instead of the features of Kindle

    – He was sharp, concise and to the point

    – Overall, it was more professional than the first one, giving the impression that not only was the product (report) good, but that he was someone who knows what he's talking about and can be trusted to buy from.

  5. Both videos streamed well with no problems. I have Comcast broadband cable in Maryland (near Washington DC). Neither of the videos fit in the browser on my 1024×768 laptop screen. Make it smaller, please!

  6. The first video:

    Audio low and Santos seemed a little unsure

    of what to say seemed like he held back a little. The video loaded fast on my system played fine. The video was 5 minutes long

    The second video:

    Audio much better and louder Santos was confident in what to say. A much better sales approach. The was 3:34 mins. It also loaded fine.

  7. Using an AT&T card in my laptop both videos played great …

    Very informative.

    I never heard of Kindle berfore.

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