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Did you get the ezine earlier today?

Tell me if you got the ezine earlier today.

I'll be posting a text edition here shortly.


  • Katarina says:

    I did receive it.As always,nice video and valuable information.

  • Rod Cook says:


    Super material as always you always come up with new insights that I feed off of and give my clients with the caveat they join your marketing education systems!


    [Hey Rod, thanks for the kind comments. And any of you reading this with an interest in

    mlm, check out Rod's web site.]

  • Roger Haeske says:


    How do I order the Ateam calls? I think there was an option on this when I bought Promodashboard but it's not so obvious how to join at this point.


    Roger Haeske

    The 41-Year-Old Teenager and Superbeing Trainer

    [Roger, I don't know. I'll have Tim get it on Monday or post to getyoursupport.com and ask him.]

  • Roger Haeske says:


    Quick question though not directly related to the above topic.

    I have your Promo Dashboard and have made more sales because of it. Thank you very much indeed. It really helped me to turn around a failing promotion.

    I certainly had to use your concept of making adjustments in my promotion. Had I just had an I can't do anything attitude, I would have given up. Instead I sent more emails and I upgraded the sales message on my website as well. I put a countdown timer for the bonuses etc. What I thought was a dog ended up making lots of money for me.

    I've also enjoyed the audios in PromoDashboard. But in listening to the audios more questions end up coming up. Maybe what I'd like to know more of is something your other customers would like more knowledge on as well.

    In the Daegan Smith interview he mentions he uses AdtrackzGold to track all of the different advertising he is doing.

    I have Adtrackz myself but am still wondering as to how he uses it. After a while you can have so many campaigns up it can get unwieldy.

    I'd just love to see how you or Daegan (in a camtasia video) actually track and use Adtrackz for your advertising efforts.

    I've mainly used it to track emails I sent or to track links on my own websites or for a few advertising campaigns I've done.

    I'm just wondering how many subcampaigns you'll use before having to create a brand new campaign? Do you end up cloaking your advertising campaigns or not? Cloaking makes it all more time consuming.

    How do you decide to name your subcampaigns? Do you just number them? Like 1,2,3 or do you give each tracking link a word name instead of a number?

    I guess a guide to using Adtrackz properly would be great. Or just a general tutorial on adtracking. Maybe such a thing already exists.

    And the thing is, I now have so many options for tracking stuff these days, I'm wondering what would be the best way for me to do it.

    I can even now track sales and conversions from my Aweber account. Then there's Google's Analytics. I believe I have access to other tracking tools as well.

    The whole thing can get very confusing. Setting up the code for all of these different trackers.

    I have no idea if I was clear in my questions. Suffice it to say I'd love to get more information on the ins and outs of adtracking.


    Roger Haeske

    The 41-Year-Old Teenager

    [Roger, GREAT QUESTIONS. I'll answer these on the next Ateam call this next week. Thanks for bringing these up. Marlon]

  • I received it and enjoyed it.

    [Thanks Mike. I'm gonna send out a video today or tomorrow you'll like too..:)]

  • The NightOwl says:

    Heya Marlon!

    Yes, got your email earlier. I also liked the audio postcard. I assume you're using SonicMemo for that are you?

    Re: the article… comments are off on that post. Is that deliberate? Do you not want comments on that one? (I'm gonna go ahead and give my comments here anyway! LOL!)

    I liked the "go out and eat weeds" article. It's not just relevant to marketing, of course! I'm forever saying to people that you very often can't control what happens TO you, but you CAN control your REACTION to things. (Steven Covey from way back!)

    You're clearly making a similar point here: If things ain't workin' the way you want, you can whine about it like a 5-year-old child or you can get off your butt, work out where the blockage is, and then freakin DO something about it, right?

    Right on.

    All the best,


    {HEY! Night Owl! How are you? Nice to see a night owl. You have a good eye for detail. I wonder how the comments got turned off? Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, I used Sonic Memo. Normally, I have my staff do this. But I've had some turnover so no one really knew how to use Sonic Memo. So I wanted to dig in and do it myself. BOY! Did I learn a few things. I'm gonna do a video on it. For some reason, I couldn't get it to ftp. So I had to figure out how to manually upload the files. I THOUGHT we covered this in Promo Dash but didn't. So I'm adding it. I also use instant audio and I must say it makes things easy. But I like the control that Sonic Memo gives you and the redirect at the end. Hope you're joining me on the Ateam call this next week.]

  • Yes Marlon I received your e-zine today.

    As a matter of fact, I think I do get all

    your mail.

    Even was listening to your postcard yet.

    Very true what you said. If things don't

    work out right, we have to change something at our end.

    [Hey Hermann, I'm going to send you a video or two this next week

    that will be good views. I'm going to do more audio.

    I know the point I made isn't rocket science. But I have to have this

    talk with myself sometimes. It's so easy to let life happen to you

    instead of making life happen. Thanks for your comments today.

    And keep on keeping on.]

  • Yes, I got the email version of the ezine earlier today. I liked your article about not eating weeds after all…. very timely for me. Thanks!

    [Hi Arline, glad to hear that! I wish I had my mom's recording…it wuz pretty funny. But what I have to say about it really does work. It's simple but makes a BIG difference.]

  • Roger Haeske says:

    Actually I didn't receive it. Then I checked my spam folder and it was in there.

    Roger Haeske

    The 41-Year-Old Teenager

    [Roger, glad you found it!]

  • Lisa says:

    No Marlon I didnt receive it.

    [Hey Lisa, check your spam folder and see if it hit that. I posted it on the blog:


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