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Do your titles read like you’ve been married 10 years? Or it’s your first date?

You need to pretend your offer is DATING your cutomer. You want to add some sex appeal.

The tendency is to dress like we've been married 10 years! Instead of the nice jeans or spiffy shirt, you wear the one you bought at the discount outlet and don't bother to iron.

Instead of dressing like a sex bomb. You dress like a bomb fell on your clothes. lol.

The question is this:

Do you have sharp edge copy? Or are you trying to cut through buying resistance with a dull blade?

It's EASY to NOT pay attention.

To write really lame copy and not notice.

This is one reason I'm always learning and reading. This morning I read another Katrina Ruth transcript (I've been on a Katrina kick this month. I go through phases). And she pointed out that people need to respond with a HECK YES to your product titles.

Actually, she used a little more colorful language. But you get the idea.

The freebie I've been promoting is a good one. It's called the Seed Marketing Report. But let's be honest. It's not exactly a sizzling HECK YES title.

If you asked someone, do you want a report on Seed Marketing, I doubt you'd get many highly enthusiastic HECK YEAHS.

So it reminded me I need to get a better freebie or a hotter title for the one I have.

Then I thought about the titles on my daily live streams.

Same thing.

I can put more sizzle into my live stream titles. This is not so much a HOW to do it. It's simply the focus TO do it. We get focused on other things. And fail to notice that our copy has lost its sharp edge.

So I immediately made a few changes and will be making others.

For example, I have a page promoting my free live streams in my FB group. I spent a little time adding a sharper edge to the title and the bullet points.

I added the reference to the free 22-page report. And put more snap in the bullet points. I'm running some boosted posts on FB to this page. So I have to keep it toned down.

It's easy to forget we're competing for attention.

We'd all like to think our customers and potential customers are so crazy about us that our copy doesn't matter. They're going to love us even if we dress in the wrinkled jeans, and clearance-rack t-shirt.

Yeah, probably not.

The Secret Of The ASPIRATIONAL Sale

So Katrina pointed out in the transcript I read this morning that people buy aspirationally. We all know this. But it's so easy to forget.

People ASPIRE to a better life.

And YOU are the SYMBOL of that better life they desire. Or you are a VEHICLE to get them to the place they aspire to be.

You, your copy, your brand.

If you get lazy or complacent and let the aspirational elements of your marketing die out, you lose the SIZZLE.

It's like you go to join gym A and the trainer enrolling you needs to lose 50 pounds and is dressed in a faded t-shirt that needs ironing. And it has ketchup on it from the fries they just finished eating. You know they did, becauses the fries box with kethcup smeared all over it is still on the desk.

And the app has ketchup smeared on it also. They're lethargic and appear to need a LONG nap. The customers don't look much better than the sales person or trainer.

So you walk one block away to the NEXT GYM.

Wow. The trainer enrolling you looks hot. They obviously work out and eat well. They're dressed on point. The're alive and energetic.

But gym B is $20 more a month.

The employees look like they practice what they preach. The members of the gym are fit and in shape. Or getting that way.

Which gym would you be inclined to join?

If you care about your fitness, you'd probably pay the $20 more BECAUSE you aspire to a certain look and feel. You aspire to be energetic. Not a lethargic blog of mass slouched down in a chair eating fries and a burger or pizza.

The question is, is your marketing closer to gym A or gym B?

Remember that there's another gym around the corner.

And your customers have aspirations.

It's an easy thing to forget.

Appearances aren't everything. But in aspirational marketing, they DO matter.

Best wishes,


  • David says:

    As always Marlon, spot on. From your favorites list, I like mostly “How you met your beautiful Filipina wife”, as it’s a “Life Story” and NOT just salesy, marketing etc. (although some people who are just money hungry or strictly biz may prefer others). Curious to know, did it get more interest leading to a closer connection (which I believe is imperative in follow ups) and better leads? Or do you believe that others, ie: marketing types, are better that lead to faster one-off sales?

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