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Does Product Creation Blow Chunks Or Rock? Express Your Opinion Now!


Do you think creating and selling your own info products blows chunks or rocks?

If you think it rocks, do you have your own exclusive info product now?  If not, what's stopping you?  What do you NEED in order to get OVER the hump and get your own product up and running?  What's the missing piece for you?

If you think product creation sucks, what you DOING right now successfully that makes MORE money (or as much?).  Sound off!

  • Hi Marlon,

    I was referring to my day job. I used to work as PC support technician for the auto companies here in Detroit. I hear ya loud and clear about the VA 😉

  • Hi Marlon, Product creation rocks. Period. It can be hard work at times. Then again, answering computer support calls for 12 hours straight isn't what I call easy. The difference is, after you take the time to come up with a killer info product, you can potentially get paid over and over for the work you did once. Of course, you already know that. I'm about to launch my second info/software product next week. Wish me luck 🙂 It was great meeting you at Yanik's "Player's" event last summer.

    [James, don't be doin' that support yourself. It's the first thing you hire a virtual assistant for.]

  • Vusi says:

    Product creation does neither, I am finding it difficult to be consistent with the belief, hoping that sometimes things will happen automatically. It is something that I know is impossible.

    [Vusi, read through EVERY comment on this blog and my responses.  Pay special attention to the success stories of ordinary people who made it happen.  Which part of THIS can you just not manage to make happen?  1.  Find people to interview.  2.  Send them emails asking for an interview.  3.  Dial a phone number.  4. Ask question.  5.  Download a wav file.  6.  Send it off to be transcribed.  Which of those steps requires you to be such a superhuman that you can't do it?]

  • Rebecca Rice says:

    Marlon, your products always rock. I would love to make my own products, and had some ideas for software that I would like to try my hand at making. My problem is that I have tried just about everything on the internet, and bought so many ebooks,etc. That now that I have learned some things about what not to do, and what should be done, I fine myself in credit card debt big time,so there is no money to buy any more products,or buy hosting, etc. Whenever, I can get out of this hole I dug for myself, I will certainly be looking to buy your product creation. It looked totally awesome, and would be a invaluable tool, I believe. Just don't have enough money to get it for now. Maybe, I can submit an article, and start cash flow coming in,rather than flowing out.

    [Rebecca, go to  Listen to his radio show on the web site.  It's awesome and will help you so much.  Next, you can get a shared hosting account at for $6.95 a month.  It will work fine for you.  Third, use what you already know to create a product.   Interview people with They record for free and give you a free wav file.  PRODUCE a product using the knowledge you have.  It don't gotta be perfect.  It just needs to provide value to the buyers.  So hop to. Get busy.]

  • Dan Moran says:

    Creating value is the name of the game. If you can’t CREATE value, then all you’re doing is playing a zero sum game in which someone has to lose. Creating your own products is a way to create value and break out of the zero sum game. It’s also the gateway to bigger and better things. More name recognition. More industry contacts. More JV opportunities. Etc, etc. And creating your own products is as simple as speaking into your microphone or recording mouse clicks on your PC screen (both of which can be done with FREE software available anywhere on the ‘Net). In short, PRODUCT CREATION ROCKS!!! – Dan

    [Dan, thanks for the post.  Newbs can always use the encouragement.]

  • Kim says:

    Hey Marlon Thanks for sending the email in "our time" rather than yours! Product creation is the ONLY way to go. I started out with an ebook based on my experience in teaching public speaking to all levels of business people. As I now live on a farm, this kept me in touch with folks from around the world. Then I tried (one of your suggestions) a survey on the site to see what I could develop next. What do you know – the people told me they wanted an audio version of the course, so off I went and produced that. Now my return clients have asked for mentoring so this has been added to the products on offer. The survey also highlighted a market for both book and audio on business etiquette which we have launched on a separate site that has become a collection point for all sorts of business related information.All in 18 months. Today a suggestion has come via the site for something on business golf etiquette……guess my work is planned for the next few months! Thanks for all the positive encouragement and technical support – greetings from the Land Downunder.

    [Kim, I'm a HUGE believer in surveys and have been teaching them a long timem. They do work.  I'm thinkin gof starting a Downunder list on YOUR time.  Would u like that?]

  • Sam Stephens says:

    Rocks! While deciding to create your own product can be enough to leave you rocking back and forth in the corner, quietly whimpering, the results you get from creating your own product by far out-weigh any psychological damage you may incur. ESPECIALLY if you don’t have much marketing power behind you. By creating your own product you can have affiliates promote it for you, bringing you a lot more income that you would if you’re stuggling to promote someone else’s product. I first created many years ago as a tool for myself. It was very basic, and it did what I needed it to do. After a number of requests I released it publically and over the years it grew and grew. It’s now my full time income. Remember – you DON’T need to create a giant. Start small, get the sales rolling, and continue to build on your product. This way your sales pay for your development costs. And more importantly – if you start small then it’s WAY less likely to send you quivering to the corner from the scope of it all.

    [Hey Sam, thanks for your input here.  Congratulations on your success!  I’ve bought a lot of products that use dlguard and it works great.]

  • Product Creation Rocks! No doubt about it. I sort of accidentally created an info-product several years ago and decided to take a shot at selling it. I had no idea what I was doing…but the conversion rate was an astonishing 15%. I didn't know diddly about copy writing so I just told people what the product was and what it would do for them. And people – lots of people – bought it. Then I "rolled the dice" to the tune of about $3000 and flew out to Vegas for Mark Joyner's Guerrilla Marketing Bootcamp. It was a long shot that paid off. Long story short, I met Mark, told him about my product and we struck a deal for him to market it. You can guess the re$t. Yo, Marlon! You can send out your emails any time you want. I promise I'll read 'em every time. I've been reading them for many, many years now. You rock!

    [Steve, I met Mark for the first time in person at the Next Internet Millionaire event. We had a great time.  Congrats on your success!  And thnks for the positive words.]

  • Hey there Marlon, That was kind of refreshing to see Your email in our inbox later in the evening. personally I like it since Your email is one we read pretty much word for word. Oh and about my First product creation was a Free Report and Ranks #1 at Google Search Engine {TM}for the Keyword Phrase- Viral Marketing Illustrated We are planning a Report of 12 to 15 Pages later this year as a Front End for a mere investment of $7 of $10. In 2008, the Lord willing, we plan to expound on the work being done at Path of Life Newsletter, we will be sharing an info product. I love the word of God and I cannot help mentioning Him everywhere I am since He is with me everywhere we are. Peace! Kind Regard, Jim

    [Jim, glad to hear you are creating products and experiencing success.  Your energy and passion will go a long way with your customers.  Keep the faith.]

  • Dr.Mani says:

    Speaking for myself, I love creating information products. I've had to do it myself when I got started, because of a limited budget for working online. Also, I enjoy writing, and practice makes perfect – so it just gets easier and easier, and better and faster too as time goes by. Today, I can crank out a 25-page special report in a couple of hours, or a full length ebook of 100 pages in less than a week, working part-time.

    That comes from staying completely focused on the job at hand for short chunks of time (often under 2 hours) – you'll be amazed at how much gets done in such a short period, if you tune out all distractions! Because I write on topics I completely understand and have a fair idea of the niche markets involved, there's only little downside risk of putting out something that'll bomb completely. A plus is that you can jot down notes to use in your sales letter as you go along creating the product (Oh, that's a nice thing for my users/readers – let's mention it on the sales page!) Even then, if the product creation effort involves over 10 hours of my time, I will follow my mentor Jay Abraham's advice: "The only risk you ever have to take in business is an inexpensive test."

    When I outlined my comprehensive homestudy course, 'The Internet Infopreneur SYSTEM', I estimated a product creation time of between 40 and 50 hours. So instead of leaping in and doing it, I created the first 2 modules, and then worked on the sales letter. Once it was done, I rolled out a special 'pre-pre-launch' offer to my list, where I offered the course at a steep discount – with the understanding that the product would be delivered in stages, a few modules every month. The sales that came in from this promotion fully covered the cost of my time and effort in creating the product, which is now available at full price. Oh, and all pre-launch buyers got a special bonus – a complete set of the finished product, in addition to the 'beta test' versions they got over the 3 month period!

    Another 'trick' I learned from Fred Gleeck is to licence content you are not expert at creating. I can write well, but don't know much about video or audio content creation. So I licenced some videos from an expert, Kevin Riley (of ) and got another few experts from the Warrior forum to handle the audio components. Even there, creative financing can minimize risk. The lower cost once-off services were paid for by cash generated from the pre-launch. The higher value content (like Kevin's videos) would be more expensive to buy outright – so we have an ongoing arrangement where I pay him a 'royalty' for every homestudy pack sold. Like affiliate commissions, you spend only from profits generated, which keeps cash flow from becoming a sticky problem. I've been on the other side of the fence, trying to get product creation outsourced. No doubt it was due to mistakes on my part, but the process was so frustrating, delayed, and in the end unfulfilling, that I quickly abandoned it and went back to focusing on projects where I had greater control over the entire process from start to finish. It simply hurt too much to have to cancel recurring billing orders I worked hard to get because the content providers couldn't keep up with sending high enough quality work I would be happy to put my name on. I'll stop – this is too long for a blog POST, leave alone a blog COMMENT! Oh, but one last thing – another way I love to create info-products is as a sequence of blog posts – like the one that's running right now on my blog, called "How To Launch a New Blog – In 2 Weeks!"… take a look at All success Dr.Mani

    [Hi Dr. Mani.  Thanks for sharing here.  I know you're an inspiration to many!  Keep up the great work.]

  • I have two. Trying to pull it all together, salespage, members area for product, and probably the biggest thing I need help with is product launch. Greg

    [Greg, you don't have to do a big product launch.  I've really never done one.  It's not a bad idea.  But u need to fork over the money for Jeff Walker's course.  I've always built on a slower, systematic pace.  For your sales page, I recommend for the copy.  For the design, shopping cart, autoresponders and all that, I recommend  Appreciate you posting here and I wish you a lot of success with your new endeavor.]

  • Ernie says:

    Marlon, As a reseller of a product, what steps should I follow in order for me to generate a generous revenue. I am in the process of creating a website.

    [Ernie, there's nothing wrong with reselling products to start.  But I am an advocate of creating your own products over time.  I lay out my basic process in  Some people wanted  more detail on different steps, so I created, and  But Gimme is my basic system.  You target your audience, come up with 12 product ideas, do a 12 product survey, write your sales letter, create your audio product, and get traffic via an affiliate program.  That is my method.  Good luck to you.]

  • Marlon, It rocks! I have seen the light. I use to think the Affiliate model was the way to go. But man o man. Affiliate commissions are nice as supplemental income but the only way that I see to truly get ahead is with your own products. Greg

    [Greg, thanks for your comments.  Do you have any obstacles in product creation?]

  • hi marlon– late night blog entries is great timing for me. thanks for your great efforts– any decisions on the winners of your famous dashboard from yesterdays posts? peace (of mind) kate loving shenk

    [Kate, I'm waiting for all the posts to come in still.  Hang out a few days.]

  • Trevor White says:

    Are you kidding? It Rocks. Talk about suspence. I thrive on the stuff. Anyway. Your a Marketer. You have to do it so, get used to this. How else do you learn if not by doing and making mistakes. The more you know, the more you can do and the more you can sell. It,s all part of the learning curve. Thanks, Trevor White

    [Trevor, good post. Thanks for being here and sharing.]

  • Dear Marlon, Creating your own product ROCKS! But marketing it? Well, that takes some extra knowledge. We wrote "Set Our Teachers FREE! A Plan to Save Public Education" because we knew the information was needed. What we didn't check first was whether there was a "hungry market". Have since learned that is a mistake that lots of new marketers make – starting with the product first. However, we are educating our market now and soon, fingers crossed, we'll be selling as well as educating. Our subject "Education Reform" is just now starting to build momentum. Marlon, I have your Designer Dashboard and your Marketing Dashboard – and they are WONDERFUL! I was a true newbie when I got them and I have learned so much through them. I get lots and lots of emails and newsletters daily. I delete most of them, but I always SAVE and READ any email with your name on it. Thanks for all the good info you put out there. And I loved your skit in the trailer for: "The Next Internet Millionaire". Looks like you're really telling them "what for", or that you are having a major tic! TeeHee! Thanks! Brennan <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    [Brennan, my advice is to keep creating products and keep promoting.  You're on the right track here!]

  • Tom says:

    Hey Marlon. You are a GODFATHER! No, not that kind…the Internet kind! I subscribe to other newsletters and have read your name being mentioned more than twice. So I subscribed to yours after I read the others first…sorry. Anyway, I am what you call on "Information Overload". I think I'll start by discontinuing some of those newsletters! I haven't started any product creation yet because…well…um… Here's my question: If you were just starting out, a newbie, knowing what you know now, what would you do first? Second? Third? Oh, by the way Marlon, You ROCK!

    [Marlon's response.  I don't know what  Godfather is, so I don't know if I am.  I think it's like a grandfather and I'm not that old quite yet!  My best quick and dirty gameplan is in  The only problem with it is it isn't detailed enough for a lot of newbs. So that is why I did Design Dashboard, PushButtonLetters, and Affiliate Dashboard.  Basically, the model is, you choose your target audience, come up with 12 product ideas, do your 12 product survey, write your KSL, create an AUDIO product, roll it out via an affiliate program.  That is my model.  Hope that helps Tom.  Good luck to you.]

  • Jodi says:

    Hi Marlon, Product Creation is Alive and Kicking! I found the most difficult thing about creating an information product to be: What to write about… It was something that baffled me! I did my research, followed along a few forums, sked questions and came up with ways to find what the market wants and what people want. I did not feel the desire to write too much about what I know or my hobbies, I preferred helping people find a solution to their problem or detailed answers to their questions. So, thats one of the reasons I have created a report detailing How to get going with Creating a product and how to monetise that product by using it to create a multiple income stream. I think almost anyone can create their own 'Creation' by starting out at somewhere like What a place to brainstorm from! Best Wishes, Jodi B Ps. I did not want to put a link to my report here. I would be happy for you to review it though, as I think it could be a big help to people just starting out, as well as the more advanced…

    [Hi Jodi, I think your experience going through the difficulties and getting to a solution space is surely inspiring to some of the newbs here who are stuck.  Thanks so much for sharing your success and keep on keeping on.]

  • Ged McCabe says:

    Hi Marlon – I'm a newbie, but I suspect product creation rocks when you've got the hang of it – it's hard at first trying to fit it around the 9-5. Trouble is that until Internet Marketing is your real job, you don't give it anywhere near as much attention as the 9-5 that you want to get out from under – ironic or what? An uncomfortable truth is that we're often too easy on ourselves and we make excuses for not taking action – this certainly applies to me! A year or so back I went to the World Internet Summit at Wembley (UK) – and I'll never forget what Brett Mcfall said at the end (he had his arm strapped up having fallen down the stairs and dislocated his shoulder) – he said "The first step is to recognise that it's your fault that you are where you are now – you have to take action." Having read most of the posts above, does no one use e-lance anymore? Or does that not count as creating your own products? I thought outsourcing was one of the secrets of a successful online business….. At the moment I'm trying to promote a brilliant set of Camtasia Videos by Jonathan Street (UK's own Internet Boy Wonder) about Product Creation. They're free (yes really) and you can find out about them by checking out Thanks Marlon for all the help you give us. ps I heartily recommend Push-Button letters (and I'm not an afiliate!)

    [Hi Ged, you bring up some good points.  I encourage you to keep at it.  Not sure why people aren't using elance.  Good luck in your marketing.]

  • Dean Wright says:

    Both and neither. Much depends on the person. Do they have creative ability? Are they good at selling. You can create 10 affiialte pages in the same time you are creating your own info. Also depends on the financial situation. Many will benefit by doing the cheapest and fastest and then move on to the next level. Bottom line, there is no "perfect answer". Just follow your heart.

    [Dean, thanks for your post and comments.  I do think some can do well as affiliates.  I will still contend that most people are going to be best off creating their own product, their own list, building their brand and reputation and marketing their own line of products.  When you sell someone else's products, you likely make zero on the back end.  We pay our affiliates on most of our back end stuff. But we are the exception. The first sale to a customer is always the hardest to make.]

  • Terry says:

    Hi Marlon, This is Terry Dean. And you know I think product creation rocks! Especially since it's the source that took me from worse than flat broke, delivering pizzas, and searching couches for McDonald's money to basically doing what I want when I want…including retiring for years at a time. By the way, I keep thinking about giving you a call again sometime, but don't get around to it. Keep up the awesome work you always do!

    [Hi Terry.  GREAT hearing from you.  Saw your new blog. It looks awesome. Thanks for posting here.]

  • Hi Marlon: My info product is making some money in spite of my site needing a lot of fixing. You are the Godfather of the internet. As far as I am concerned, Derek, Yanik, Jimmy Brown and all of the others have thriving businesses because of your teachings and products. Info products are the way to go and if you are in a competetive market such as real estate as I am in you need a well thought out business plan and can't fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best. Running your business that way, you will never get the alagators out of the pond. Any advice as to what I can do to improve my conversion ratio?

    [Richard, study the people making money in the market.  There are really so many making small or big fortunes in that market.  Watch the ads that hang around in Adwords.  Look at  who is selling stuff for $3000+.  Get on the teleconference pitch calls.  On big tickets, you need to do teleconferences.]

  • Barry says:

    Creating your own products is a lot of work. Then after you put in all the time and effort to create the product there is the possibility that your product won't sell. A good way to test a product or subject idea before you actually create it is to promote a similar affiliate product with PPCs and see how that goes. I think a quicker, safer and easier way to have your own products is with Private Label Rights (PLR) products that come with a sales letter and graphics. You can change these PLR products as you like. Add links to your web sites, links to your other products and/or affiliate links to still more products. You can test these PLR products and see if you can market them profitably with PPCs. When you're able to make money marketing your PLR products with PPCs then you can set up an affiliate program for them. You can also expand on your original, profitable PLR product by perhaps creating a membership site and/or other back end sales ideas. Another could source for product creation is Public Domain content which you can market as is or make whatever changes you want to it. Use your imagination and perhaps you will find a new angle on marketing Public Domain works.

    [Barry, I think there are uses for PLR. I'm not a fan of them for the front end product unless it's very nichy.  There are situations where they can work.  But in my opinion, it's a lot better to create your own product.  And if you do that with audio interviews and so forth, it's no big thang.]

  • Marlon, Product creation rocks. The first step for a beginning marketer is to scotch his or her fears and embrace the challenge. It's so important to step up to the line and declare yourself a creator. Many marketers never experience "pride of ownership" and its inherent joy because they doubt their skills and are afraid to take the first step. Getting beyond the fear opens a world of exciting possibilities. What's more, "once a creator, always a creator." Creators never look back and pine for the passivity that once defined them. There is nothing wrong with being a product purveyor as opposed to a product creator, of course. It's a perfectly rational and acceptable choice. But creating a product and building an Affiliate program that gives rise to profit opportunities for others can put marketers on the pathway to true financial freedom. It doesn't have to be a best-seller to enrich lives. The best marketers learn from their own missteps — something apt to make the next product better and the one after that better yet. Seeing others promoting products you developed is one of the unique rewards of becoming a creator. It enriches more than your back account — indeed, it is food for the soul. None of it would be possible if marketers weren't willing to embrace the creative process and work hard to deliver the best product possible. My regards, Patrick Pretty

    [Patrick, great comments.  If you have a success story, please come back and share it!]

  • Bill Hibbler says:

    Hi Marlon, Great topic! I think product creation rocks! After reading many of the comments on this blog, I see many feel unqualified to write about a topic because they aren't experts. Others think it's too time consuming or feel their better at marketing than product creation. I wrote my first ebook before learning (from people like Marlon) that the right market is far more important than a great product idea. For my second info product, I combined product creation with affiliate marketing by writing an ebook with honest, unbiased reviews of Internet marketing products. I decided to start out as a 'reporter' rather than an expert. At that point, I wasn't an expert on Internet marketing but knew my experience of having purchased and tested numerous marketing courses, software, services, etc. would be valuable to newbies that were a few months behind me on the learning curve. By keeping it honest rather than writing glowing reviews like my competitors, I gained people's trust. This was far more effective than what I see many newbies attempt in this niche, which is to read an Internet marketing ebook or course, re-write all the basic concepts and introduce it as their Internet marketing course even though they haven't made a dime online themselves. That ebook helped me build a business. Eventually, as I gained more experience, I created more of my own products based on my own experience and solving problems my customers and subscribers needed solutions for. Thanks, Marlon! Bill Hibbler

    [Bill, great words of wisdom.  Thanks for sharing. We need to meet up sometime soon!]

  • Jeff says:

    What a great thread Marlon, really like the personal response you are giving to each comment – nice touch! Creating infoproducts is a MUST for anyone online – it can help you in so many ways (help sell existing products and services, great source of profit themselves, initial step in product funnel, branding and credibility tool, etc…) Over the last 15-years now (yikes!) I've developed training courses, service offerings, and information products that have sold for well into the millions (in the early days I did this for several start-up companies expanding their technology product offerings into training courses and "how to" programs) I now spend ALL of my time creating and marketing products – primarily in 3 separate niches. Here are 3 tips I'm hoping will help inspire and assist others in getting their first (or next) product out:

    1. Everything you need to pick your market, choose your topic, smartly outline your infoproduct and even develop the content is available FOR FREE at your fingertips using various market research sites, discussion forums, shopping sites and now blogs and Web2.0 type sites. There should be NO excuses about having enough information to get started right away

    2. On finding content – three great ways, 1 – mine your own knowledge and experiences (even experiences in completely different areas can be applied to new topics) 2 – from experts through interviews (as you have mentioned an mastered many times), or in certain cases through jv or partnership though this one can be tricky and 3 – dig up research, I have a blog posting today that profiles a top selling author who wrote her book on "Choosing Happiness" where she researched most of her "content" from libraries and online research reports.

    3. Don't look at your first product as the end, but only the beginning. What beginners will find is that when you get your first product out the door, you will gain additional knowledge that will help you to keep improving and building more products and services – the key is to get rolling! Hope that was helpful Marlon – and rock on I am a huge fan!! Jeff

    [Hi Jeff, I know you've been helping people for a long time. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.]

  • Hardy says:

    Hi Marlon, Like everybody else, I LOVE your blog. No fluff, just punches 🙂 Anyway I've been studying internet marketing for awhile now and yet to create a product of my own. Like most people I think the things that's holding us back is the amount of information out there on how we should get started, all the options we have, all those tools and software we need, etc etc etc (you know what I mean). For me especially, my challenge is that I don't want to get started on the wrong path. And I think that is what's been holding me back and also been causing me to get pushed around from working on one method then to get side-track to working on another method (you know, those PLR, membership sites, article marketing, affiliate marketing, product marketing, adsense, adwords, etc). All I need is a clear method, step-by-step from start to finish, complete with all the tools I need to research, create, and market my own products. Not some report that full of options but don't really direct anyone to a certain method (I hope this make sense). Your expert suggestions are always welcomed as I trust you as someone who will tell it as it is and someone who walks your talks. Thanks, Hardy

    [Marlon's comment:  Gimme My Money Now is a to-the-point gameplan.  But for some people it isn't detailed enough.  Thus, I've created Design Dashboard and Affiliate Dashboard to fill in the details.  More help is to come.  But the main thing is, get BUSY doing something!]

  • Daryl Miller says:

    I do believe that product creation is the way forward and a great way to add money and leverage to your online endevours. I'm in the middle of creating my first product right now and I'm enjoying the experience because it means that I have something of my own to sell. Some of the biggest problems that I had stemmed from lack of confidence in my writing ability. I have been writing articles and content for 2 years now for other marketers and never really got around to doing my own thing because I didnt believe that people would actually find value in what I had to say. With a lot of encouragement from other marketers and friends I finally got around to doing it. I take it easy. I give myself a task to do everyday and stick to it. I started out with a cloud above my head because of the feeling that a product was a long way off. Then I realised that I don't have to write it in one sitting. so I'm getting there and looking forward to lots of sales 🙂

    [Marlon's comment:  Daryl, congratulations.  You are on the right track!  I also recommend doing audio interviews or having someone interview you.  Audio is a quick and dirty way to go.]

  • Creating an infoproduct is an exciting concept! But I've been racking my brain for a concept for the past 2 years! My biggest roadblock is coming up with an idea using my current expertise (25 years of direct mail marketing) OR an idea using my expertise AND passion from my past 'career' (health, fitness & Olympics). I also have a time problem as I'm juggling too many balls.

    [Hi Rainer, there's a lot of money being made in direct mail marketing.  So why don't you create a product on it?  Come up with your 12 best ideas for a product on direct mail marketing and do a survey.  See Gimme My Money Now for instructions.]

  • Sue Chartock says:

    Hi Marlon, It Rocks! Proof is in the two incredible products I'm aware of that you have created and marketed–Affiliate Dashboard & Designer Dashboard. Thanks!! Sue Chartock

    [Hi Sue, appreciate your commment.  Have you started or created your OWN product yet?  Is anything holding you back from doing so?]

  • Tom Waldon says:

    Hey Marlon, First off, can I say your Blog Rocks! Secondly, I am the perverbial newbie in that I started buying and studying everything about online marketing starting in Jan 5th of 2006. Hands down, Product Creation definitely ROCKS. However, here I am today Aug 22nd, 2007 and I still don't have a website, blog, or autoresponder set up yet.

    And, it is not because I am lazy – Rather I was way too comfortable with my job (yes it is a great job but I don't want to do it forever type thing), which has allowed me to research, watch, and really look at the niches I am interested in, study the courses I have purchased, and do all the stuff that has led up to how I want to launch myself and my company online. Basically I have just now really figured out what I really want to do online! Which btw has finally made my wife "somewhat happy" in that maybe I can be the one to actually sell something instead of being the one buying this stuff all the time!

    So, long story short – haha, I start today in creating the first of a complete line of products, ideas, and putting into action several of the domain names I have registered over the last several years. This will include a very cool and interesting interview project with a very very special twist that no one that I know of has done to date. And I would love to start with you Marlon! I would love to interview you for my very first project – – it's not built yet but(coming soon). Following that, I will be creating several complimentary products and services to build on Newbie Blaster with teleseminars, webinars,a membership site, and even a live event that maybe I could get you to come to when that happens? Hey, you never know till you ask – right! So Yes Marlon, There really is a Santa Claus and Product creation ROCKS!

    Since I am launching into action today, I really need the Dashboard to help me get this thing off the ground and launched by September 4th and I would love to showcase your Dashboards in Newbie Blaster as a tool that helped me to really get this thing going!! I have made the commmitment to take action starting right now and put myself out there with a deadline in front of everybody here so it's time to rock!! Let's Rock 🙂

    est Regards, Tom Waldon aka, Vinnie DaNewbie & Tommy The Boss See what 18 months of thinking and planning does to someone 😉

    [Marlon's comment:  Hi Tom, congratulations on your new found focus!  I wish you great success in your new endeavors!]

  • TIFFANY says:

    Product creation totally ROCKS like a ROCKSTAR!

    I ultimately only want to be a product creator. There are several reasons why I would want to be a product creator but to only name the main one would be: to give to others what they already deserve to have, which is wealth through knowledge. I want to teach, help, inspire, and be heard through my words, audio, video, whatever the medium for the sole purpose of changing someones life for the better. Today so many people are only looking out for themselves that it leaves the people who may not have any one to help or lift them up, out of a sincere, much needed, helping hand.

    Knowledge is what I want to create because it IS true wealth. I will create, not hire a ghostwriter, products in any category (so long as I am knowledgeable) that will be of great use for any one. Information that empowers them to do whatever they wish to do in life. Whether it is cooking, child rearing, painting, fishing, owning a home, making money, etc. whatever it is, I know that having the knowledge and know how to do it, and do it better and faster is what sets the happy and successful apart from the unhappy and unsuccessful. That is what everyone deserves: happiness and success in whatever they take on in this world. I have been online searching for ways to get started with a career online and have run across numerous products, and sales pages.

    What have I learned? I have learned that you can interpret, and learn a lot about the creator from the sales page. I like a sales page that has the personality, passion, willingness to help and teach, of the creator all through it. Why? Because I only want to learn from someone who can show through the sales letter (since it is not always likely that I will contact them personally or buy the product) how much they are willing to be an over the top teacher for me and that their best interest for me are put in to the product. A great example of an over the top teacher that I can positively identify with through his sales letters is you, Mr. Marlon Sanders. No brown nosing or sucking up, your sales letters have 4 key components that stand out to me that shows how sincere you are about being an over the top teacher. This is what I personally enjoy and get from the sales letter about you:

    1) You know who I am and what my needs are.

    2) You know why I have those needs.

    3) You know what I need to know and you can show, teach, and help (with phone, and or email) me to reach my desired needs.

    4) You are sincere and willing to do so through easy teachings and affordable prices. Honestly, one of your sales letters: The Cash like Clockwork System, got me teary eyed (no I did not cry, but I did tear up a bit). Why? Because you hit home with a lot of the things you said on the sales letter and you truly were helping and advising so much on just the sales letter. If had space I would elaborate but I don't so I won't. The point is, I know product creation only rocks if it is for the enhancement of peoples lives. It rocks to know you are doing it for people in ways that can change their life, make them happier, get them more. I am currently working on a product for a website that I bought when I was ignorant to making money online.

    That is a online mortgage site that after buying I was told I could not make sales off of because the mortgage industry is to competitive/saturated. Because I was and still am new to IM, I abandoned my website in search of information on how to choose another market. That is how I ran across your products and many others. Since doing so I have learned that if I want to make a place for my business on the web I have to give, give information that is. So I have been educating my self on the mortgage industry and now I want to give through a blog, e-book and other mediums. I am now half way through a free e-book that I am producing on my own and will be giving away that will teach people all about the online mortgage industry, mortgages in general, and real estate. I want to give it away for free because after researching information on mortgages I have found that people should be educated on the biggest most serious financial investment of lives for FREE and also have a good reference source in one place. The one problem I am facing now is finding out how to be unique when there are so many websites that teach mortgages. I am unique in the aspect of online mortgages because I have yet to find any e-books on that particular slant, but once I tell the differences and the pros and cons, I am left to tell the what, and how which is what everyone else tells. I know that is okay and what I want to add in, but I need to know how to find the people who are interested in applying for mortgages online to better be able to relate to them. So I guess my biggest obstacle is finding my target market.

    The 4 components that I described that I get from your sales letters are the 4 components that I want to provide in my products for people. How do I do that? I also know there are mortgage forums and other groups but it is almost like finding a needle in a haystack trying to find the ones who are wanting to apply online, but need or want information first. I also run out of time doing this. I would like to do more research on my market before releasing my product. Knowing the questions that other people who have applied online before had, or problems would be great. I know some problems, but not a lot. I want to get the product out as soon as possible, but I want it to be a useful, reliable guide to doing mortgage business online. I know that will delay business and I do not want to do that, but it is crucial to useful and successful product development for me. I also know trying to be best/perfect is not productive, but I do strive to be better. I guess you could say that is where my pitfalls are now, but I am excited and happy to be creating my product. I hope that it will be insightful, useful, and helpful. With out taking up to much more room on here (as if I already haven't) I would like to re-state that product creation does rock, but only if it has this one key ingredient: DRUMROLL: The very best interests of the needs of the customers in production.

    Thanks for listening, Tiffany

    [Marlon's comment: Hi Tiffany, you can use the free ebook to build your list.  But if it is your only book, SELL IT!  Go for it.  Also, create 12 titles and have people vote on which one they would be most likely to buy or read.  I explain the 12 product survey concept more in Gimme.  Good luck to you.]

  • Johnny says:

    I literally have at least 40 ideas and 10 products, all somewhere from a few pages to the "nearly-finished" state–and some have been there for a few years. Every month, a new idea pops up, and gets started on, and then… gets left the next month. Some of my reasons for not moving forward:

    1. it takes a lot more work setting everything up for marketing and selling, than to get an idea and start working.

    2. I would likely have to dedicate more and more time to one area–yet my ideas and products are spread out all over (Jack of all trades type of thing), and there wouldn't be enough time. Perhaps I should stick with products that have to do with my work, as I would have lots of supporting material; but then there's the probability I would be *really* burned out because of that.

    3. I also consider money and market, and that's a lot of research, understanding, and work for all the different topics.

    4. I'm scared that I'm going to get going, and I'll get deeper in, and then after all the time and commitment (and MONEY), it's going to crash and burn.

    5. I don't have all the equipment to produce the entire product (like a videocamera with an external mic), but that last part is critical to the final product.

    6. I'm missing just a few critical pieces of knowledge, and from the inside looking out, can't see what it is sometimes–until I get into the money part, and then realize it's messed up, and my money has been blown.

    7. I need research references to back up my product (mostly for legal purposes?), but am not sure where it all is and how to find it, and don't know what's really necessary.

    8. I'm to proud or dumb to get help or ask for help.

    9. I'm frustrated with the methods and tools, keep thinking "there's got to be a better way", and look for it. Everyone has the process mapped; why hasn't someone made the software for it? One software that does it all, connects it all, once done uploaded to a site, unzipped, self-sets up; easy to customize with basics, open to serious customization/ skins/ extra scripts; which brings me to the next one:

    10. complicated technological skills required.

    11. I don't know where to go to find some of the answers. For example, for physcial products, how do I find a manufacturer for ___? fulfillment house? CD/DVD duplicator? board games and pieces? printers for books? That's all a lot of research, questions/ interviews, and work for one person to do.

    12. Problems just always seem to crop up. For example, the camcorder with an external mic–after hours and hours of research and weeding out, I bought it!!–only to find out that normal low-priced simple external mics wouldn't work, because the camcorder required commercial, condensed, self-powered, and with a cord no longer than 3m. Result–return the camcorder; hours wasted, back to weeding out again.

    13. Too worried about putting out something crappy and wrong that ruins a reputation and demands refunds, yet too worried about putting out something too good. Where's the balance? I guess it dependson the cost of the product and the level of the target market.

    [Marlon's comment:  In vblogsecrets, we did all the testing on mikes and cameras for you.  And showed how to hook it all up right.  In terms of putting up your web site, autoresponders, ftp,  shopping cart — all that — Design Dashboard pretty much removes the learning curve.  Not having the money is usually an excuse.  Work on a project that doesn't require much money.  Like an ebook or audio product.  Camtasia videos done in Power Point work great.  The way  you sort through all the projects is with a 12-product survey.  Take your best 12 ideas for ONE target audience and survey them.  Remember, if you're solving a problem people have or helping them get a result and you're the only one doing it, they'll be forgiving.  So hop to.  Get it done.]

  • Chris Dolan says:

    Frankly when it comes to creating products, it does rock, but it can flip you over and out of the boat too. Informational products can be great, but there are so many rehashes and clones and duplicate products out there all vying for the same dollar it can be more than depressing when it comes to building a serious long term on line business. But given the alternative is black hat adsense or affiliate marketing, which has a low success rate for the masses entering the field, and a high success for only a few, its a good way to go. Of course the main issue is what product. Most people I guess are like me, and they embark on a product, and then are left thinking how can they sell it. Start by looking for the niche, and then make the product, and then you know who you are going to sell to. The missing piece then is generally the marketing plan, but that should be the first piece … doh! The other issue many product creators face is testing, refining, and writing of product guides, and other support material. And then again there is the backend, the sales site design is easier but the actual store processes, autoresponders and so on, again confuse the heck out of many people.

    [Marlon's comment:  I agree that there are a lot of clones in a few, high profile markets.  Find a niche or an area in those markets that NO ONE is covering. This is one of the things I taught in depth how to do in Red Factor.  I covered processes like autoresponders and shopping cart set up in Design Dashboard.  Thanks for your comments.]

  • Javier says:

    What's the quickest path to some wins? Heck, I'd settle for a base hit. Thanks, Javier

    [Javier, target a group of people, do a 12-product survey, write the sales letter, create the product as AUDIO and promote it with an affiliate program (or possibly ppc. That is the formula I laid out in  I'm not saying it's quickest. But the quick hit stuff tends to be a waste and not work.]

  • Hi Marlon, I have not purchased any of your products… as of yet? So, I would say, sure Product Creation Rocks. I want to win the Dashboard! I do have 2 ebooks almost completed, 100% my own creation. I am learning, (even though disabled and not great on this machine), to build my first website. My products will help folks overcome a health problem. Creating a product is a thrill and a challange. BTW I'm happy to be back. I read your newsletter's a few years back and recently re-subscribed. Amazing software you offer. I learn a bit each letter. Thanks, Bob

    [Bob, congrats for sticking with it.  I would encourage you to get those products out and promoted.  And then do a 12-product survey and hit the next product.  Best wishes to you.]

  • Phil says:

    Some great comments here. From Marlon's recommendation of my own personal success story… I create video-illustrated martial arts training manuals, as well as running a distance learning program. Because I am also a technical writer/ multimedia developer, the publications themselves are quite good, as well as based on approved distance learning principles. For quite some time, though, they only sold like one a month, maybe two or three here and there. I was getting somewhat disappointed because a great deal of time and quality work was put into them, yet for a few years, all they did was just sit there. The REAL factor for them finally taking off? I became focused on what I wanted my customers to do once they reached the site. I provide a lot of information – both free and purchasable – and as it turns out, I wasn't really directing them where I wanted them to go: the selling page. But once I became focused and looked at the site through the CUSTOMER'S eyes, I realized that I was leading them in the wrong direction. Once I learned about how a consumer views online materials vs. walking into a store and SEEING it, that made the difference. I re-designed the site so that it would provide the same information, while simultaneously providing more "up-front" links to the selling pages. And that one change saw my products from selling just a couple hundred dollars here and there to almost $40,000 this year alone. You can have the best product in the world, but if it's difficult for your customer to "find" it, then it's not helping anyone (and you're losing sales in the process). Lastly? Determination and experimentation. Not everyone responds to the same things in the same way, so you DO have to experiment here and there to see what works. However, once it DOES work? Don't change it. Even if YOU don't like it, it's working. Never mess with a good thing. :o)

    [Phil, those are GREAT lessons for everyone.  I hope people pay attention and listen!  Thanks for sharing.]

  • Kevin says:

    Hey Marlon, I'd like to say big ups to you first off, Marlon… for the massive amount of information that you put out on a daily basis. Kudos to ya. Getting back…in my humble opinion…not being negative, but I believe at this fuzzy up there moment, it's very intimidating producing products, especially if you've never completed such a project.

    Only by reading the Amazing Formula, do I now feel that I have the confidence and know-how to create my own product to distibute, but only because your material is a one stop shop for information. Someone mentioned earlier…where do you start in this information overload age? I've been reduced to… shutting down my in box to only a few seasoned professionals from the internet marketing realm and copy writing industry, so I may focus on the task at hand, no pun intended.

    But…I'm really a perfectionist and I have to gauge whether or not I have at least 90% of the information-necessary to begin implementing these ideas. So…what best suites me for an information product? I'm not sure…what about my love for sports? Is there really a strong enough market to target? Or should I consider licensing products from newly patented products that haven't been massed produced? Hey! I can tell one thing…I've been doing my homework, but is it good enough to provide a respected product? I guess we shall soon see,because I won't be giving up-anytime this century. It's the fundamental events that puzzle me…such as how many words (spoken or otherwise),chapters should this book be? How long should my webinar or podcast cover…to provide the customer with true value. What's the norm? What's the average cost to produce a product…such as reprint rights, a webinar, teleseminar, podcast or let's not forget a deliverable product via direct mail.

    Also…I'm very curious to know how I should create a direct response or sales letter before choosing a product? I know that's part of KSL. Ok…let me see…how early should we begin our product launch? And if I have a pocket size list…should I really follow through with a product launch? Also…how much of an impact should your keywords have on decision to choose a niche or target market? I apologize for ranting, but these are the questions that I've been entertaining for quite some time.

    I've also found that…as big as our library is-here in Columbus, OH, they have no SRDS or Direct Mail Rates & Data material, but that's not going to keep me from moving forward…just an observation, but I know these are excellent sources for targeting your market. Ok…enough ranting, it's time to get back to AF, I enjoyed letting my hair down for the moment, Oh! wait…I have no hair.

    Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion, Marlon.

    P.S. Good Luck to all who travel this road to fame and fortune. Thanks and regards,

    [Kevin, there are free list data cards here by thousands:; I think that's the URL. If not, it's on that site.  As to the length of things, I don't care about the norm.  That has NOTHING to do with it.  You are thinking the value is in the CD or ebook.  NO!  It's in the information.  I paid $500 once for 1 sheet of paper.  What can I say?  It was a good sheet of paper…well….what was written on it was good.  I believe in writing the KSL first.  If you have Gimme, read what I said on it there.  On the product launch, do it if you know how.  Jeff Walker's stuff is awesome and works. I realize not everyone can afford it.  The rest of your questions are too detailed for here. Maybe in a product or ezine issue. But here's the short version:  Get busy and get it done!  Have some fun.  Find excuses to DO things rather than reasons to NOT do things.  The people who make the money are the people who DO.]

  • Rotem says:

    I could write a short report about this, but I'll do with just a few paragraphs… Anyone that have created a product and had success with it would say that it "rocks". I personally haven't created a product, and not because I haven’t found the time…

    All the 'Gurus' tell you that everyone has something they're good at, something they should be able to create a product about… What do I know? I've been in the army, and then worked in hotel's security. Today I'm a 30 years old taxi driver. I quit college. You know – just a normal, mediocre guy. I work 6 nights a week and have been working on a small niche site for the past year (After many other tries with IM, MLM and so on, you know the story). I've spent more than I can afford on IM information, PPC and so on. I've made a sale here and there (of affiliate products), but never even reached breakeven.

    Of course I know a few things, like driving, using the computer, even designing a simple web page, but nothing special, nothing that I can call myself an expert on. I also don’t KNOW any expert. All the experts I "know" are the ones running websites, publishing articles in magazines, showing up in TV shows and so on. But wait a second… We all know that there's no point in creating a product that won’t sell, right? So before I even think about creating a product, I first have to make sure there's a market, and profitable one. There has to be a good market, and you have to be able to generate leads. Meaning – you should have enough to say, show and preferably also give away to entice people to buy. Not only the product has to sell, there has to be a good backend strategy, right? You'd probably have to create a good backend to make some real profits.

    So either the product has to be appealing to a market that is interested in more products, or you have to create some kind of upsell – an upgrade, a membership or something like that. Of course- the offer should be very good, the sales copy, the follow up and so on… And in the end, what would really determine if you make money with that product is your ability to promote it by driving cost effective targeted, qualified traffic… So… Bottom line, the first product I would create, if ever, would have to be my own version of a product that I'd already been able to profitably promote as an affiliate.

    [Marlon's comment:  First, I recommend you read the other comments below from people who have done it and aren't "gurus" or anything of the sort.  Like read the post from the guy who sells pizza recipes.  Maybe some of the others here who have been in your shoes and experienced success will post some help.  I can tell you that one of the guys who got me interested in this business back in 1978 created his first successful info product on how to get rid of moles in your yard. 

    You mention the army.  Look up "George Haylings."  He actually ran an info product business in WWI or II (don't remember) while IN the army.  And it actually got him PROMOTED.  Look at the site where a lot of the content is user generated.  Then, there's the idea of pairing up with someone who does have expertise in something.  If you do go the affiliate route, I recommend you study what is being done with review sites.  I'm not saying creating products is for everyone.  Nor being an entrepreneur.  Oh, the last option is one few think about.  You create sites built around real products that are drop shipped for you.  I have a relative who does taht with gardening stuff and quit a "professional" job to do it full time.]

  • Tom says:

    The problem with selling someone else's info product is that most of the info products available today for internet marketers is just junk. Most of the information they sell (sometimes for outrageous prices) is available online for free if you are willing to spend the time and trouble to find it. And you can find it from sources like Google and Microsoft and Yahoo. Let's face it, these are the guys who know what works. Also most of the stuff you get from the 'Gurus' doesn't work for long. The giants, like Google, actively search for holes in their systems that 'Gurus' try to exploit. And they plug those holes as soon as they can. But finding enough quality information that works with the system instead of trying to exploit the system is a difficult and daunting task and can't happen overnight (regardless of what you read). Few, such as myself, and I believe Marlon, have actually discovered the way things really work instead of the way we would like them to work. It's a real toss up, this question. Do you try to peddle someone else's opinion of what works and maybe get ripped off, or a bad reputation from doing so. Or do you spend countless hours digging up the information for yourself. I have spent over 25 years in the computer industry and am a computer systems engineer (with many clients in the Fortune 500 list) and still this dream of an online marketing business was a complete mystery. I'm afraid that this reply will never be published. It is anything but a sales pitch. But I was interested in this question because I bought The Web Design Dashboard and although not every step worked for my products and services, I found it to be a great guide on how to continue where Marlon left off (after all, he doesn't know what I offer my customers). So much so that I endorse it to my clients who I think it will benefit from its use. And although I am skeptical of the Affiliate Dashboard (really, of anything associated with the word 'affiliate'), I would be anxious to see if it can provide me with the same insight that the Web Design Dashboard did, even though it may not be a perfect fit for my products. Its not the 'what-to-dos', I seek. Its a 'when-to' and 'where-to' guide on how to apply the knowledge I have already learned from my own research. Which most of you who are reading this have already done for yourself long before you got to this page (I hope… 'Knowledge = Success'). Don't let me down, Marlon. If you think this is just another sales pitch, write to me and find out. Or go to my business website ( and find out for yourself. If I see this post on this site (it will be posted on my blog as well), I will know this is the real deal. If not, I will have learned yet another lesson.

    [Marlon's response:  Tom, you seem to have an engineer's mind.  Which is good for your market.  In terms of communication, you'll want to focus on to-the-point benefits.  I recommend you join Toastmasters.  And I recommend the book "Jump Start Your Business Brain."  Especially the chapter on articulating the big benefit.  Thanks for your post Tom and I wish you a lot of success.]

  • Without a doubt, creating your own products rocks! For me, I followed my passion which was to create a pizza recipe book. (The Pizza Therapy Pizza Book). When I first started out, I offered to give away my pizza recipe and tips to anyone who sent me a SASE. After a year, I got no takers. Then I started to charge for it: I started to sell the tips and recipes all over the world! I increased the price several times and finally came out with my own e-book.

    I have sold hundreds of copies and even have a few affiliates who sell for me. Now, I give away my pizza dough recipe to anyone who joins my list and I have built a list of over 3,000. I also have created several other products such as The Legends of Pizza Volume 1 and 2, which are interviews with some of the most legendary pizzaiolos (pizza gurus) in the U.S.

    While I have several other websites and blogs, I want to create more products and I guess that is where I am stuck. I certainly will not abandon my pizza passion, however, I want to get into different areas. My advice to anyone who has not created their first product is to: have passion, then take action. You need to go for it! You need to try, and try again. And then again. And again…I have a little bump in the road which is to create more products in other areas. I know I will get over this bump. I remember hearing you on one of the marketing CD's I own, saying the secret to product creation is to: find out what people want and then sell it to them.

    So, I want to thank you, Marlon, for that great advice. And to everyone else who took the time to comment here: just go for it! As Wayne Gretzky says: "100% of the shots you never take, don't go in!"

    [Marlon's comment: Albert, thank you so much for sharing your success story with the beginners and newbies here who feel discouraged, or who think the whole thing is something that a normal person can't do.  You rock.]

  • Stephanie says:

    I'm all for creating and selling your own product. I wrote an ebook about a year ago and have learned so much from the experience. It took me almost a year to write (I KNOW I can get it done much faster next time!), and the feeling of satisfaction is unparalleled!! I have sold ONE copy in the last year, but that's OK, I've learned from the experience. I didn't do my research prior to product creation, which is a big no-no! My initial struggle was with whether I should let it go and move on, but I've come up with a great idea to repurpose the content and give it away! I'm so excited I can't wait to build the new site!! I was on a little roller coaster for a while – highs from finishing it, lows from not selling it – and I definitely prefer the highs!! 🙂 I'm staying up here, staying motivated, and going to do whatever it takes! Thanks Marlon!

    [Stephanie, your positive attitude should be an inspiration to ALL. Repurposing the content is a GREAT idea.  Now, next time do a 12-product survey FIRST.  Also, I highly recommend your first versions be audio products. Then, if they sell a little, you have the audio transcribed. Now you have audio and a transcript. If that sells, THEN you can do the ebook.  Ebooks are tough ways to start if you aren't a fast writer.  Congrats on taking action and keep on keeping on!  Thanks for sharing.]

  • hi marlon–thanks for this opportunity to *win* a copy of your affiliate dashboard!!! i've had my mini-site up with e-book completion for a year. for me, it was one of the most exhilarating experiences to achieve that goal!! now i am working on compiling other products, by way of articles i have already written. my niche is nurses and healing. so creating info products based on the regeneration and resilience of the human body, mind and soul to heal is great positive use of my time and energy. i get help from an online business membership site with a forum of very supportive people, plus the "guru" of the site is highly accessible to his members–i highly recommend this kind of support. doing this without support is an exercise in extreme frustration!! and marlon, the way you are responding to everyone here who is expressing the highs and lows of product creation is wonderful. thank you!! kate loving shenk

    [Marlon's comment:  Hey Kate.  You have wonderful energy.  It's all a process and you never learn it all.  So focus on providing what is valued by others and you'll go long and far.]

  • Patsy Patton says:

    Hi Marlon I was going to moan and complain because trying to start an internet business and give up my two land line jobs has become a headache that I thought was unbearable. But, after reading all of your readers blogs and your responses to them I don't feel like I need to complain about anything. I just needed a little boost and I just received it. Thank you and your readers very much. I will keep on plugging my site and all my affiliate sites and one day I will arrive where I want to be.

    [Marlon's comment:  Patsy, what is holding you back?  What are you hung up on?  Maybe I can help.  But yes, just keep on keeping on Patsy.  You can tell by the positive comments here it CAN be done by ordinary people.]

  • William Grigson says:

    Product creation? Are you kidding me? Product creation has got to be too much work! Expend labor to create a product? Why would I want to be overly successful at this internet business? If I started making money I might become a guru and then what? I would have to start sharing my secrets… and who wants to share their secrets? No… I think I will just muddle along and wait for the Marlon Sanders Product Creation Dashboard. After all I want this internet marketing millionaire thing to be easy.

    [Hey William, appreciate your sense of humor!  Thanks for posting here.]

  • Wes says:

    I like the idea of being able to create something from nothing that if it has value could create wealth out of thin air. I say "could" because no matter how well it is concieved or how good the material is, if it is not marketed correctly it will not make money. My dad used to say that "The steam that blows a whistle will never turn a wheel."

    [Marlon's comment: Wes, information is one of those commodities that has high perceived value, ability to differentiate and low delivery cost.  That is a real asset.  Good luck to you.]

  • Peter Legrove says:

    Marlon. I think it was after listening to you saying that everybody should have there own products, that I put together an ebook. Nothing flash but it was my own and actually it makes more money than all the other stuff. I will admit creating the ebook was the easy part. Marketing it is a completely different process and it is on-going, so I am still learning marketing. Product creation is one off, marketing is continuous. Peter

    [Marlon's comment: Peter, can you give a tip or two to beginners here who are really struggling with product creation?  Oh, I agree on the marketing part.  That's why you need staff to implement continuous systems.]

  • Dennis Manz says:

    I am getting close to launching my first E-Book. This project began back in January 2007. I have completed the E-Book and recorded an audio as a bonus giveaway. Both products required hard work, lots of research and tons of perseverance. Considering the amount of satisfying work that has gone into this project, I am kind of hooked on writing and creating my own products now. I have really enjoyed the product creation process and the discipline it took to create what I consider to be my first quality products. So, even though I have not tested the waters yet, and have no income to show for what I have accomplished thus far, I think product creation rocks.

    [Dennis, congratulations on taking the ACTION others have struggled with.  Next time, do a 12 product survey FIRST before you create the product.  See the instructions in Gimme.]

  • It's Crazzzzy in Here! Product creation can be very rewarding and help many people. It can be challenging to set it all up though; even when outsourcing work for website development. Creation of great video content has been very easy in my niche of Martial Arts and Jiu Jitsu; however, uploading the videos has been a learning curve. Currently you can download my video clips FREE at: Hopefully they will stream on the homepage soon. My Main Focus For Money Making Has Been The Reverse Funnel System! It is easy for you to be up an running in just 1 day! Blows Product Creation Away! Systems Work, People Fail … It's That Simple! You've heard the success stories … Now It's Your Turn To Become One! Live Long and Prosper! Fred Catalano

    [Marlon's comment:  Fred, congrats on your success creating your videos and products!!  Can you share words of encouragement for newbies here who feel like their products have to be perfect?  What's your challenge uploading the videos?]

  • Deepu says:

    Product creation is without a doubt both fun and at the same time it is highly profitable. In this process, it's not really the product idea for product creation that is hard, but it's all the other stuff that is difficult. By 'other stuff' I refer to actually registering a business, getiing an attorney etc. that are instrumental while starting a business. I am not exactly wealthy, so it's hard to handle the legal issues prior to product creation. To get over this problem, what is needed by me is the financial backing to get started with all the business formation and handling. In order to get over the issues I'm trying affiliate marketing and promoting other people's products but that is not nearly as profitable as actual product creation. However, it is an easy manner of making money without little or no investment in terms of money. Thank you, and i'd like to thnk you for all your great and helpful posts on your blog, they're phenomenal.

    [Marlon's comment:  Did you set up an LLC?  It shouldn't be that hard a deal.  What are the specific things you feel you need all that money for?  Most everyone I know was flat BROKE when they got started in this biz.  I mean, people living out of vans, eating hand to mouth and so forth.  I think you MAY be putting up some artificial barriers to avoid the possibility you DO launch your dream and it fails.]

  • Jeff Volk says:

    I believe that product creation rocks. I'm sold on the concept that having a unique product you can sell to your customers is a highly desireable, and(potentially)highly profitable idea. The biggest challenge I have is creating a high quality, professional product which has its own high quality, professional sales page. This is either very time consuming to do for yourself (if you have the skills to do it), or its very expensive to hire the right experts. How does the little guy keep up with the marketer with deep pockets who can hire experts to do the work for him?

    [Marlon's comment:  Jeff, watch the design videos on this blog and you'll see design isn't all that massive an issue.  I think you're hung up on the "professional product."  Professional is OK.  Thing is, most people with problems want a SOLUTION, not pretty packaging.  The VALUE is NOT in the cd's or manuals. It's in the information and helping people solve problems or get results.  So cut out the paralysis of analysis and get something IMPERFECT out there that gives people value and helps them out.  Now hop to.]

  • Product creation has to be the number one way to propel your income to the highest possible level in Internet marketing. Once you get your name out there, you suddenly get more respect, more JV partners, more income, more people willing to read your emails, and more opportunities to do it over and over again.

    [Hey Dennis, yep.  Bought your report.  Really very inspirational to beginners.  It's a fun read. Thanks for your contribution to the industry.]

  • Joshua says:

    Marlon, The idea of creating a product ROCKS! The reality BLOWS CHUNKS! Each time I read about product creation I get really excited. I think, "Yeah, if I create a product I can use it to help others and help myself!" I get very excited about the idea. My mind is a buzz with all the possibilities. This excitement quickly dies down, as I begin to think about WHAT to create. I start to feel that I don't really have any skills that other people will want to know about. That I am not qualified to create a product, and that any product I create probably already exists somewhere else, and is a lot better than anything I could create. Even having seen some products that are not very good, products that I think, "I could have done this," doesn't change my mind about creating a product. WHY? Because I don't want to create a so-so product, or create another COPY CAT product. I want to create something AMAZING, something FANTASTIC, something that when people buy it, they will want to tell all their friends about it, and not just tell their friends because they are getting my affiliate commission. (I am not saying affiliate commissions are bad, just the reason I WANT people to tell others about MY product.) Now when it comes down to it, I haven't ever completed a product. Because I feel I will fail, I will waste my time, I don't have the skills, and I don't want to spend the money to set-up a web site, auto responder, affiliate tracker, etc, AND to then continue to pay monthly fees for these services, IF I am going to fail. So my dream of helping others is crushed under the weight of my own inability to believe in myself, my skills, and my lack of money to pay monthly fees for the services that I feel will be necessary to really get my product off the ground. In summary, the idea ROCKS! The reality BLOWS CHUNKS!

    [Marlon's comments:  My suggestion is you get in touch with your buyers….your market.  These people don't expect perfection.  They want solutions to their issues, problems and concerns.  Stop seeking to be perfect.  You know, buy some Anthony Robbins or go to a therapist.  Do what you gotta do to get over it.  Think of products YOU have bought that either helped you or you loved yet were less than perfect.]

  • Hi Marlon, Creating products! To be honest with you I am so bogged down with email, software,cd's dvs and manuscripts I barely get time to sleep let alone create anything, I am trying to set myself targets for each day, as this is the only way I can see to make progress, but there is just so much to do and so few hours in which to accomplish goals or targets, I find some software just don't cut it! You write and explain and the reply usually has nothing to do with the problem you are facing, this leads to more lost time and hurs trying to get a program up and running that just won't work, then some days later you get an email stating there is a glitch with the program, re-brander you name it, sometimes leaves me speechless, which I suppose in some peoples eyes thats a blessing, anyways enough rant, I actually created some HTML code for a banner and felt quite chuffed, that was until I noticed another batch of 50 odd emails waiting to be read (INFORMATION OVERLOAD) 12.55am time for bed, kindest regards Peter. P,S. Still havent started on my Affiliate Dashboard yet tch! tch! tch!

    [Marlon's response:  Peter, your dilemma is common.  When you say you are bogged down, is that with products you are studying and buying?  Or is it with getting things done?  I suggest you only spend 1/2 your time studying and researching.  The other half in doing.  In terms of solving your technical problems, tap into forums where experienced people can help you.  One of the main reasons to buy info products is to shorten your learning curve and frusration with things NOT working.]

  • Monique Evans says:

    Hi Marlon, Creatimg Rocks! When a person has the ability and drive to Create their own Website, Blog, Newsletter and/or Email campains they have more FREEDOM. It is hard enough to find a ready-made-site that does not control what you want to put on it. Lots of "Instant Sites" and CPanals limit you. To design Your own site and get it up-loaded shows your visitors that you really know what you are doing and shows them you care enough to take the time to create a awesome environment. Expressing yourself through the design shows how self-confident you are. Plus it shows other IM'ers your abilities that could lead to more business for you. Any expression through Art, Design, Editing and Expressions of feelings give others a good insite into your hopes, dreams and inspiration. Go, Create and Prosper!

    [Marlon's comments:  Monique, sounds like you could have a business helping out the others who have posted their frustrations here with getting things up and running!  Thanks for your positive energy.]

  • Barry says:

    "Creating and selling your own info products" is almost an oxymoron. Most of us are either right-brain or left-brain dominant. That's a problem. The right-brain folks probably create great products while the top sellers are probably left-brain folks. I'm left-brain dominant so you know how I make my money. If I could get both sides of the brain working together I'd start creating products tomorrow.

    [Barry, partner up with some right brainers who can create but can't sell!  I don't think you have to be creative to create products.  You do have to show people how to solve problems they have or get results that are highly valued by them.  That requires knowledge or expertise, not creativity.]

  • Tom Schaeper says:

    Marlon, I have started to create an info product but have never gotten past the idea stage. The real problem is that I don't value my anticipated product enough to finish it. Do I know enough to share with others or will anyone actually buy it? That's the rub. For me to actually get something done, I am going to have to be under an enforceable timeline. For example, I just finished a college course in Cascading Style Sheets. I had always wanted to learn that, but never got around to it. Having graded assignments with deadlines pretty much made sure I got the knowledge I was looking for. A suggestion. Hold a contest for digital content with a specific deadline. Winners get access to one or more of your products, plus you make the products available to your lists. Perhaps multiple categories like ebook, audio, digital, and software. Think about, Tom Schaeper

    [Marlon's comment:  Tom, great idea on the contest.  Get over the value thing.  That's about YOU and what's in YOUR head.  Start talking to prospects and potential buyers and see how you can help them.  In the land of the blind, the 1-eyed man is king.  Hop to.  You have work to do.]

  • "Creating and selling your own info products is challenging, but offers the greatest reward." That's what I've heard, and that's what I believe. Do I have my own info products? Yes, a few. Am I making tons of cash? Not yet. Sometimes I'm afraid to start a project for fear of the marketplace being too saturated for my products. My limited experience in product creation and marketing also plays a part. But from what I have learned, marketing other people's products can make you some nice cash, but marketing your own products can make you wealthy.

    [Freddy, thanks for posting.  Get over your fear and get busy selling.  OK.  So what if the market is crowded?  Others are selling, right?  Get busy!  If you talk to potential buyers, you'll find that if you offer perceived value, they'll be receptive.  Hop to it!]

  • Jay Jennings says:

    Personally, I think product creation rocks — no question! I can start with *nothing* but an idea — add a little elbow grease — and end up with something that other people want, and that helps pay the bills! What's not to like?! =;) On the other hand, I know people who hate product creation, and their reasons usually fall into three categories: 1. They hate writing 2. They don't know what the product should be about 3. They think they don't know enough. I'm not going to sit here and use your comment space to write a special report, Marlon, but none of those are insurmountable problems. Let me just mention a possible solution for the first one on the list. Who says an info product has to be written? An info product is a product containing INFO, and that can be in the form or writing, yes, but it can also be audio, or video (or even a combination of all three). One way to do audio is to record your thoughts, and then hire someone (it's very cheap) to transcribe your recordings. You now have text *and* audio to use for an info product. Another way to use audio is to create a teleseminar — there are conference lines available that are completely free. You can charge people to listen live and you'll also record the call — which means when you're done, you'll have an audio-based info product you can sell over and over again. For video, you can do either a screen capture video, such as with Camtasia Studio, or a "talking head" video, usually done with your computer's webcam. Creating a "how-to" info product using video is pretty easy and most people really like learning via video. I know that's just skimming the surface on how to create an info product without writing, but I'm probably about to hit the limit on number of characters allowed for a comment. =;) Creating your own info product does rock — just don't think you have to do it "like everyone else." Jay Jennings

    [Marlon's comment:  Jay, we love Sonic Memo.  Great product.  Thanks for your advice.  I know it will help some.  Keep on creating products and promoting HARD Jay.]

  • Michael says:

    Creating & Selling my own info product has been one of the most challenging and demanding things I've ever learned how to do! It's been fun & invigorating. It's been horrible & a test of my wits. Both all at the same time. The technical challenges of learning and creating both the product as well as getting it ready for sale has been something requiring discipline, patience, and persistence. I'm still in the final steps of getting final approval by Clickbank for it to go live and then I've got the marketing to do. I think, all things considered, that doing my own product – including all the steps from creating to marketing & selling – has been a test of my abilities like none other. I'd have to vote for "it sucks" just because it takes so much to get it all done. Michael

    [Marlon's comment:  Michael, post again and break down specifically what caused you the most troubles and pain.]

  • Jay says:

    I just created a website and I need my ebook made. I can think of a few places like I have a great idea for it so I tried make a ruff draft and man its not that easy. I wish it was someone out there who made them for us with and awesome website to buy them from *hint* – *hint*

    [Comment from Marlon:  Jay, you will get high quality work, in general, from But not cheap.  I recommend you do audio interviews with experts.]

  • Hi Marlon, I created my first info product to speak at Alan Forrest Smiths Mega-Masterclass. It's called… "The Secret Six and The Power of Intimate Interviews" No question — Info. Product Creation is work but knowing you have your own product — assuming it's unique, useable and wanted — is extremely satisfying. I'm down with — It Rocks! Having been through it, (twice now) I wish I'd have had a blueprint to follow so, I'd be very interested to see what questions people ask, and to see what "Gold" you have to offer. Here's a question for you… How effective do you feel interviewing experts is as it relates to product creation? Anxious to see your response. Thanks much, Shaune

    [Shaune, I highly recommend interviews.  Bob Serling used to have this down to a science.  He'd interview 10 experts, transcribe, create audios then sell reprint rights for $2,000 to $5,000.  I love interviews with experts IF they are on a focused topic.  Tell Alan I said hi.  He's a great guy.]

  • Roger Coleman says:

    Product creation although hard work is very rewarding and is a fantastic way to stake your claim and make your mark, but it must bring something new, fresh, and innovative to the world. Original thought is priceless and also rare, but if you can educate and bring a new vision to an established theme, as well as entertain you are half way there. Value your customers and they will value you!

    [Roger, do you have a success story you can publish on the blog here?  Some of the newbies could use inspiration.]

  • Phil says:

    There's nothing in the world like creating and selling your own products. "Making money" is fun, of course, and selling someone else's product "can" make money. But when it comes to real satisfaction and real accomplishment, of having your own work being in the hands of someone else? There's nothing that compares to that feeling. YOU CREATED a product vs. selling someone ELSE'S product. But what's even better is when they like it enough to come back for MORE. That's when you know that you are filling a need, and that's really what it's all about: seeing a need, FILLING that need, and knowing that others are making use of it (while simultaneously achieving the dream of being a leader vs. a follower). To create your own product, you have to have real knowledge in it. You "can" produce things here and there with little knowledge, but if it's going to be of real use? Something that's going to actually make a difference in someone's life? It has to be of worth. And for it TO be of worth, the creator has to have a lot of knowledge about what it is they are talking about. No fillers and no smoke and mirrors; instead, the real deal about whatever topic you are working on. Trust me: for those wondering if it's worth the time and effort to create your own product? It is. Hands down, it is.

    [Phil, do you have a personal success story you could share to inspire some of the beginners who see it all as a daunting task?]

  • Jan Rhodes says:

    Hi Marlon, I'm just getting started. Setting up my host reseller, blog, building my site. Although I intend to start with affiliate programs, I have to say that creating your own product has to be the better way to go. Besides the fact you can define your niche inside a niche, you also have full control of viral marketing the product for backend sales, and by creating your own product you end up knowing it intimately, giving you the capability of expanding into courses, videos, memberships,etc if the product can carry it. I'm currently working on two ebooks that I have strong background in for both importing for ebay and the mortgage industry. I can't wait to finish cutting my teeth on the affiliate sites so that I can begin building my lists and move forward with my own work. Just to add, there is also a lot of satisfaction in creating something of your own and making it work. JDR

    [Jan, if you don't find immediate success with your first products, keep at it.  You are getting close.]

  • Pat says:

    Marlon- Product creation rocks! When I wake up in the morning and see the invoices that came in while I was sleeping, it certainly helps to start the day with a smile. Here's how I look at it: by creating and owning the product, I get paid every time an affiliate makes a sale. And through clickbank, I've got affiliates I've never met making me money. What the world needs is a product to help people make products, right?

    [Pat, could you share some tips or inspiration for the beginners here who have posted their frustrations?  Oh, GREAT to hear from you!  We gotta meet up sometime.]

  • earl says:

    I know information products are the only way to go and there is no better way than to start small as a part time business. With the price of everything going up everday selling information products are inflation fighters and the information business can be started for next to nothing. I have some ideas I just need to get started… thanks marlon

    [Marlon's comment: Earl, commit an hour a day to it.  Or block off a day at a time.  Whatever works for you.  But get busy!  You have work to do.]

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