Does Your Guru Wear A Watch?

Does Your Guru Wear A Watch?


“Does Your GURU Wear A Watch? — And What This Has To Do
With YOUR Own Personal Freedom. Is The Internet Lifestyle
a “hoax” As Some Have Suggested. My Own Thoughts About It”

Does your guru wear a watch?

Well, I'm NOT a guru, although in the broadest term anyone
who teaches is a guru, since that is what guru means.

But Lew Williams was my mentor. And Lew taught me that all
the gurus died in WWII. I was saying that 8 years ago
before it was fashionable to say.

But anyway, does your guru wear a watch?

See, if you wear a watch, you need to know what TIME it is
because you have a schedule.

I don't wear a watch. The only time I do is when I'm
speaking at seminars (so I don't go over). Or if I need to
meet people at a specific time (which is unusual).

I only have 2 real status symbols. I don't wear a watch
and I seldom carry a cell phone even though I need one.
Oh, I don't own an alarm clock either. I'm not even sure I
know how to operate one anymore.

I could buy the really, really fancy car if I wanted. But
who do I have to impress? My neighbors? I love the car I
have. When I stop loving it, I'll buy something else.
(Since I've been hit twice, I'm REALLY starting to rethink
the color black for a car!)

I could buy a gigantic home as is fashionable in this
industry now (kind of like a king obtaining power by
building gigantic monuments). But I have no need or
compulsion to build monuments. Although I have zero
criticism of those who do.

If that's your thing, do it. If owning fancy cars is your
thing, do it. Maybe when I turn 50, I WILL buy something
to impress people. But it's kinda stupid 'cause the people
at my Starbucks don't care what I drive.

The people at the bookstores I go to don't care. The
people at Quiznos where I drink ice tea ('cause drinking
ice tea makes me happy) don't care.

Does your guru wear a watch?

Some people say the “Internet lifestyle” is a hoax or is
dead. Some say it never existed.

Well, my friend, they've never hung out with me for a day.
And I'm CERTAIN they've never met my friend Jonathan

Jonathan held the world's record for MANY years as being
the biggest name guru with the largest income working the

But since Jonathan doesn't speak at seminars anymore (Maui
keeps him occupied), people seem to have forgotten.

I don't wear a watch. I wake up when I want. Go to bed
when I want. Spend my time with whoever I wanna spend time
with. And I don't live off of other Internet marketer's
lists. Since I very, very seldom email THEIR offers to my
list, you'll notice they don't exactly reciprocate.

Now, don't get me wrong.

There's a lot of work to do. And if you don't do it, which
I don't, you need to have someone who does.  And you don't
live my lifestyle overnight (usually).

It takes time. But here's how I did it…

I started long ago with part-time help, then moved to
virtual help for many years. And now I have a small but
comfortable office. Nothing showy or lavish whatsoever.
Again, if you need big cars, big houses and elaborate
offices to impress people, I wonder about you base your
opinion of yourself on.

Then again, I have NO problem with it. Whatever turns you
on is what turns you on. So if you REALLY want that Lambo
'cause you want a Lambo, go for it.

If you really want that Rolex 'cause for some reason you
wanna have it, that's all good.

But me?

My status symbols are simple in this business.

1. I don't wear a watch.

2. I very seldom use a cell phone.

3. I wake up when I want.

4. I go to bed when I want.

5. When I wake up, I don't have to work on any specific
day, or only on that rare occasion when I have a
conference call or seminar to go to.

So when I was speaking at Big (Big Seminar) a few weeks
ago, I was speaking to another speaker who wondered if I
was still making a living after all these years on the

My response was simple, “When I wake up, I don't have to
work. Do you?”

To say that you have to build a business with 10-20
employees to have the “Internet” lifestyle is a flat out
lie. With all due respect to my peers in this business who
say that, it's simply not true.

You do need at least 1 virtual assistant. Maybe two. That
is to net 100 G's (grand) a year.

So why do I now have an office? Because I wanna grow some.
I don't have to. It's just what's in me to do.

I've always just followed where my feet led me. If I wanna
do it, I do it for the most part.

I'm somewhat of a driven person. In that I don't “work”
like most people work. But I do read and think about this
business probably a lot or most of the time.

On most days, I do that 'cause that's what I wanna do.

Freedom. What does it mean to you?

I've told you what it means to me.

I know people who make 10X or 100X what I do. But they
wear a watch. The live and die by schedules. They're
working every day at the crack of dawn.

And that's what's in them to do, so it's cool. I have ZERO
criticism of them for doing that.

For me, I like to drink coffee and read.

I probably buy more stuff and read more and learn more
than anyone in this marketplace. I love doing that.

What is it you really love to do? Do you know? Can you
build a business and a life around it?

You know, honestly, if you don't love to do anything, I
don't know that I can help you. Seriously, you need to go
to the self help section of the bookstore and buy some
books about finding your passions.

Freedom? How do you get it? Well, I'll tell you how I got
it. I created information products and sold them. I still
do that.

I love learning about marketing.

I learn something knew about it every day. I don't even
have the most natural aptitude for it. I just happen to
love it for some weird reason.

So it's what I do.

What's in YOU to do? If it's marketing, I think I have
some pretty darned good products that can help you. They
aren't perfect. They aren't flawless.

But they can take you from where you are and move you
close to where you wanna be. Here are my tools to help you
find your own personal freedom:

1. Product creation:

a. The basics: b. The

2. Copywriting

a. My unique formula: b. My

3. The big picture:

4. Action plans:

a. The quickie formula: b. The
A to Z, step-by-step:

5. Web Design:

6. Newbie training:

7. Video blogging:

I hope this issue has helped you. If nothing else, maybe I
made you think today about where your feet are leading
you. About what is in you to do.

So tell me, are you wearing a watch today?

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders “The one. The only.”

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