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Don’t Freak Out If Day One Of Your Launch Is Slow


Marlon here.

You put your heart and soul into your product.

You launch.

And day one sucks.

You get one or two sales. Or they trickle in slowly compared to your expectation.

This happens often.

Relax. Don’t freak out. These things happen.

You have two choices:

Choice one: Keep promoting and let the launch game momentum

Sometimes customers have to see an offer multiple times to buy. This is usually the best response on day one. Give your launch room to breathe.

Choice two: Tweak something

a. Change your headline and opening

If I have a launch that is going slow after a couple days, I’ll change the headline. I don’t usually do this on day one. I’ve seen a change of headline totally change around a launch.

b. Change the graphics on the top part of the sales page

I’ve changed the graphics before and increased response

c. Change the price

I don’t do this oftn. Usually, if it’s not selling at a higher price, it won’t sell at a lower price. I mean, out of curiosity, I’ve taken products that were $59 or $60 and made them $10. And the sales velocity STILL didn’t pick up!

d. Change the bonuses

Maybe you go back and look at the bonuses. And on second thought, they’re really lame. You can change them up.

But more often, I’ll just add an additional bonus or two to sweeten the pot.

e. Add urgency

This is my “go to” choice.

Maybe I cut corners on the launch and didn’t have a countdown timer with a reason to act now. Whether it’s an impending price increase or a disappearing bonus, a deadline can make a big difference.

I usually put this at the top of the page.

I usually like to have a deadline for SOMETHING that’s 48 hours. And sometimes less. If you’re going to be raising the price of your product multiple times, this works great. “Next price increase in” and then you show the countdown timer.

The only thing is, it’s hard to automate this. So I change the price by hand.

What worked the BEST for me is a price increase every 4 hours. The only problem with that is the price of the product increases fairly rapidly. And will end up doubling or tripling.

That doesn”t work as well on premium-priced products.

But for a product with a low starting price point, it works great

f. Add a “Johnson box.”

This is a box at the top of your sales page above the headline that gives the reason for acting now with a deadline. So you make sure it’s featured on the sales page.

f. Up your email game

If you’re emailing your list, are you writing strong emails?

A standard response would be to make sure you have a countdown timer and a reason to act now that’s compelling. Remember that in Internet time 7 days is forever. So a shorter deadline emphasized in your email can help.

But ideally, you START the launch sending emails that emphasize a different benefit for three days in a row. Then after three days you start the countdown.

The Most Important Thing Is YOUR Commitment To Your Launch

Techniques are secondary to mindset.

Are you AL|L IN on your launch?

That’s the #1 thing.

Are you all in?

If you aren’t, then that’s the problem right there. Do you BELIEVE in your product? Are you passionate about it? If you are, keep getting that message out through your main channels.

Let people KNOW and FEEL your passion for the product. Why you believe in it.

This can be a challenge because of a thing called imposter syndrome, where you feel like a fake. Or like you don’t have a right.

Because you always have some teacher of the craft preaching that you don’t have the RIGHT to sell anything unless you’ve got ten zillion credentials or some criteria they have that you don’t.

Typically, almost no one else has that credential or result. So they’re trying THIN THE COMPETITION and it’s a marketing ploy.

“Unless you’ve sold door-to-door you’re probably not worth your salt as a copywriter.”

I love Dan Kennedy. But he used to say a version of that. Why? He was thinning out the competition. In my opinion, it was a deliberate strategy. Dan really didn’t hold back when it came to sales strategies.

So it’s hard for a beginner to have confidence in their product.

That’s why the ULTIMATE SOLUTION is for you to have your OWN confidence in yourself and your product. And don’t rely on anyone else to prop up your confidence.

Know this: If you’re PASSIONATE about the topic and you share your love for it, your passion and your excitement, your ideal clients will LOVE the product.

Be confident in THAT.

All those people loaded up with credentials or some massive success story may have lost their real passion long ago. A new person may not have their knowledge and experience. But what they DO have is passion and excitement.

And if you ARE a veteran fo the Craft, then make sure you keep your PASSION alive. Keep educating yourself. Keep your self development STRONG.

Your mindset STRONG.

Best wishes,



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