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Download the entire 232-page “Work The System” Book FREE ($22.95 value)


Marlon here.

Sam Carpenter is allowing me to send you this offer for 72 hours.

It’s his amazing book sold at Barnes and Noble and on  This is NOT some self published job. This is a real publisher and outstanding book. NO PURCHASE is required.

Just an email to Sam.

If you want to know WHERE to get the magic email address then listen to the audio below.  It’s maybe 2 minutes long and explains why Sam is giving away his book and why I’m sending this offer to you.



  • Lawrence says:

    could not download your book

    [Lawrence, did you listen to the audio? You go to On the left margin is an email address. Send an email there with marlonsanders in the subject line. It will come back to you in 10 minutes or so attached as a pdf]

  • Denise Jean says:

    Hi, I went to sem website on left margin as you say,it turn out that I got 404 error page for it,instead of the [email protected] ,,well thanks anyway, maybe Idid something wrong,,,,,,,,,,

    [Denise, just send an email to that email address with marlonsanders in the subject line. The only reason I didn't put the email in my blog is I don't want it pounded with spam.]

  • Dianna Roberts says:


    You're a prince!! You teach so much! One of these days I hope to understand and APPLY at least half of what you are saying.



  • Hey Marlon,

    This page is a great example of a system that works, but with humans who can't/don't follow it! 😉

    (Which is why sealing systems with a KISS is part of the key to creating them – see Marlon's Ockham product too.)

    To anyone who cares:

    For christ sakes READ and USE this absolute gem that Sam (and Marlon) are handing you on a plate…

    Not only is it full of real-world kickass info, it's also written *incredibly* well too.

    In fact, it's almost criminal that it's being given away free…

    Yes – I understand Sam's reasons, but the reality is people will undervalue it, under read it, and under use it –

    Don't let YOU be one of them.

    …or at least pretend you paid $100 bucks for it!

    ~ Adam @ Viddymatic

  • looking forward to the book

  • James says:

    Followed the instructions, worked perfectly, piece-of-cake! Was reading in 5 minutes!



    [James it's a great read]

  • Thank you Marlon, I just followed the steps, looking forward to read the ebook.


    [Franck, it's a life changing book. Enjoy.]

  • Keries says:


    You are not trying to organise me by any chance are you?

    Hey it won't hurt me that much so I sent him an email.


    [Keries, it's a great book, so enjoy!]

  • Thank you Marlon! I sent him the email, the reply should arrive soon I think.

    [Hermann, it takes maybe 10 min. for you to get the reply email with attached file.]

  • Fran says:

    PS I also wish to include your AWESOME support staff in that most help category. Thanks to ALL of you!


  • Fran says:


    Thanks, again, so much for helping me to become an internet success. You have been the most help of ANYONE. I am still working thru my dashboard and am getting closer to getting done. Inch by inch, it's a cinch!


  • Adi Prabowo says:

    Hi, I've downloaded the book. Thank you very much Mr. Sanders 🙂

  • Josef Henri says:

    Hi Sam,

    Josef here.Marlon Sanders said that I could download your 232 page book.

    I can't download it (Work the System).

    I'm very interested in this book "Work The System".Will you please,help me get that book.


    Josef Henri.

    [Hi Josef, here's what you do:

    1. You go to workthesystem.

    2. You look on the left sidebar and it has the special email address.

    3. You send an email there with marlonsanders in the subject line.

    This puts you on Sam's list and he will email back the pdf.]

  • Holly says:

    The link at the top of this page will not allow anyone to download this e-book. You give directions and a webpage for us to go to (the same address as this page, actually) but it doesn't work at all. There is nothing on this page, that I have found anyway, with your email address so we can email you with the subject being "marlonsanders" in order to get the e-book. This website needs some work! I'm really eager to download this book, but there is no way to do it! Please fix the links on this page! Thanks! (and to top it off, we only have 72 hours to do this w/no way to actually get the book)

    [Holly, you go to On the left margin you click the link. That pops up your email program. OR just read the email address there and send an email to it with marlonsanders in the subject line.]

  • Loreen says:

    Great idea but, the link doesn't work. Thanks anyway:).

  • support says:


    1. Go to

    2. click the link to open your email program. Or just send an email to the email address listed on his site using the codeword in the subject line.

    3. The code word is marlonsanders

    4. Do that within the next 72 hours.


  • sharyn says:

    How do you download the book?

  • Brian says:

    Thank you

  • Fuffy says:

    I don't know how to make this work. I clicked on the link and nothing happens.

  • lindsay says:

    I cant download the entire 232 page "Work The System book." I went to your blog and it keeps redirecting to same page to download. I am very interested in this book. Pleas help. Thank you.

  • Pol Bablak says:

    It would be useful to finally understand how the system worked never mind how to work it!

    Thank you for allowing this free download

  • Learning this business it new to me. I have been doing a lot of studying this book will help out a lot!

  • TheNightOwl says:

    Heya Marlon,

    Nice one, man!

    You've been harrassing us about this one for a while now so no one's got any excuse any more, right? Ha ha!

    Also, I love the audio message. A nice way to capture your enthusiasm and the sense of urgency. A neat little lesson for all right there.

    Will write up a review of this and send Sam some more traffic if it's as good as you say it is.

    I look forward to going through it.

    All the best, as always,


  • John Schmidt says:


    Looking forward to reading your book. Marlon Sanders recommended it. I have been on the internet for three years – oh yeah havent made a dime yet not even a sale. I hope your book will help me out.

    Thank you,

    John Schmidt

  • Sue Widney says:

    Thank you for doing this.. I have launched my first EBook recently, and have used a lot of your information in helping me complete this project. I find it very exciting learning new things and appreciate all your valuable insights and wonderful material.

    Sue Widney

    [Hi Sue, how are you? Thanks very much for taking the time to share with others. Some people need that extra word of encouragement.]

  • Randy Goodwin says:

    Please delete earlier emails….just listen to message for instructions. Actually I ordered this off Amazon per Marlon's earlier instructions…didn't realize it was the same book…my job is systems and a lot of time can be saved with systems…Many, Many Thanks! RandyG

  • website under construction.

    got a 2 page pdf. Thought it was 48 pages?? noe I see it's 232 pages.

    wrote to Sam.

    very confusing?

    [Bill, the ebook is ATTACHED as a PDF to the email you got back]

  • Randy Goodwin says:

    No instructions on how to email Sam? Is it just a tease? Please send me instructions?

    [Randy, you go to his site and look at the LEFT MARGIN. The email address is there or if you click the

    special button he has there it will open up your email program for you. I can't give out the email here or it'll get spammed to death.]

  • Steve says:

    When Marlon makes a recommendation I respond. I want to thank you Sam for the opportunity to view your product.


  • Richard Duby says:

    thanks for the opportunity to review this book

  • Greg says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to gain the know how to actually get started.

  • Denise Jean says:

    Hi, Mr.Marlon Thank you so much for your kindness,your the best on all the internet not only for this but Ive seen them all and beleive me there are to many crap………..they just dont give all the information that you do to help poeple like me as a newbee but with all youve sand me till now it sure help me a lot,lot lot ,Take care you sure deserved it.Denise.

  • Gary says:

    where is the email address for Sam

    [Hi Gary, go to Sam's web site and look on the left margin.]

  • Dwayne says:


    I appreciate your cooperation in offering Sam's "Work The System". You are the greatest internet marketer of all time in my opinion. I have purchased several programs from you in the past and really utilize in my internet business.



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