“Dude, you ain’t gotta do it all yourself!” - Online and Info Product Marketing

“Dude, you ain’t gotta do it all yourself!”

“Marlon’s 22-Step Put Your Business On Autopilot Cheat Sheet”

Marlon’s Marketing Minute

July 18, 2009


Marlon here.

This week’s Marlon’s Marketing Minute article:

Marlon’s 22-Step Put Your Business On Autopilot Cheat Sheet

Subtitle: “Dude, you ain’t gotta do it all yourself!”


— The secret to putting things on autopilot
— How and why this applies even to NEWBIES!
— The biggest myth about autopiloting
— How I got a bunch o work done overnight, cheap!
— How to outsource for $2.22 an hour — or less!
— The main outsourcing sites to check out
— 2 books I highly recommend
— How to quickly, simply and cheaply eliminate dreaded work
— How to prioritize systems using the PIA factor
— Where do you start?
— Should you set up a wiki?
— What about Microsoft Sharepoint?
— The second most important autopilot system you have

If you’re too busy working at a job or running your online
business to make any real money, then today’s in-depth report may
be the most important you’ll read ALL year.

It holds nothing back, so you may be taken back a bit.

It’s a full-blown 22-step cheat sheet on how to put your business
on full or partial auto-pilot and how to do it for as little as
$2.22 an hour — or even cheaper.

Feel free to take this PDF and stick it on your web site, blog,
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Put it up and announce it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog,
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Marlon Sanders

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Marlon’s Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #25, July 18, 2009

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: Marlon’s 22-Step Put Your Business On Autopilot
Cheat Sheet

D. Services You Can Use

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B. Announcements from Marlon

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C. Main Article

Marlon’s 22-Step Put Your Business On Autopilot Cheat Sheet

Subtitle: “Dude, you ain’t gotta do it all yourself!”

This cheat sheet gives my best tips and resources
for putting your business on auto pilot.

MYTH: You can’t live the Internet lifestyle
without a big office, lots of employees and so forth.

TRUTH: I’ve been doing it since 1997 and before.

I have a small office now and don’t use 80% of the space
I have. But for many years I worked 100% out of my
home office.

1. Get something working

You can’t autopilot what doesn’t work. You can only
autopilot working things.

2. If it isn’t working yet, then find people who have
it working, ge their procedures and do them.

You CAN use virtual assistants to do this for you.

Would you pay $2.22 per hour for someone who has an
engineering degree (thus, they are obviously smart)
and can type 70 words per minute?

Here is what she has to say about your job post for
transcription help:

“I’m very much interested in your job opening to transcribe
10 hours of video. I have excellent verbal and writing
skills and I spell accurately with good grammar construction.

“I would be able to give you an estimate of how long I can
do an hour of the 10 videos once I hear it, even just the
first part. Being honest with my employers and being able
to deliver on my promised time is very important to me so
I would not like to commit on a time frame unless I can
really deliver it. I can format the report and edit it
in a readable way and I can specify if it’s a man or woman

“I type 70wpm and I am familiar with all Ms applications
and the internet. I am new … but I am hoping to
make a good reputation here.

“Thank you and hoping for your favorable response.”

Example: I have 200 autoresponders in Aweber. In 5 hours
one of my virtual assistants went through all 200, entered
them in a spreadsheet and recorded in depth details about
how each one was set up, what confirmation subject line
were using, automation rules and so forth.

This past week, I gave my Ateamers my 10-step procedure
for how I got this person in written form. I don’t have
time to cover it here since it’s a whole article by

Here’s the BEST part: There was no debate about why I
wanted this done, should it be done, how was the best way
to get it done, why did I want it done, how hard it was
going to be to get it done, what an unreasonable person
I was for wanting such a detailed task done, why my
desire to have it done fast was wrong.

It just got DONE! And it got done overnight.

Can you see the beauty in that?

3. Read the “4 Hour Work Week”

Just read it. Seriously. Buy a used copy off Amazon
or at your used bookstore.


Because you’re going to see that even if you’re a newbie,
even if you’re just getting started, even if you don’t
have big dollars rolling in, you can STILL use the things
I’m talking about in this Cheat Sheet.

4. Read “Work The System” by Sam Carpenter

This book has changed the way I’m doing things for the
better, and I already was doing a lot of what he taught.
But just his perspective amazes me.

Sam will open your eyes and show how that everything is
a system.

For example, Sam had health problems prior to discovering
systems. He realized that his health broke down into

So he had his doc run a complete blood analysis and found
4 hormones out of whack. For example, he had too high
cortisone levels. And almost no levels of several other
important hormones.

So he changed his diet to fix this and improved his health

5. Realize that you can create a step-by-step procedure
for almost any process.

It’s really just a matter of doing it.

So here on my hard drive I have an ebook called Google
Streak and another one called Ad Infiltration. Those
are just two examples of ebooks that have processes I
plan to document and then assign.

Now I’m thinking I need someone to TAKE my ebooks and
create procedures from them.

But first I need a procedure for that!

6. Create systems for the PIA factors first

The British would call it “Pain in the arse” I believe.

You know, what’s the thing that needs done but you
don’t want or like to do it or you can’t do it?

THAT is where you start!

For me, it’s doing some of the accounting stuff that
I don’t want to pay an accountant $50 or $100 an hour
to do.

But it needs done.

So I wrote up a 33-step procedure to do it. That took
me maybe 3 hours.

But it’s going to save me 3 hours a week or 4 hours a
week because that’s how long it takes to do each week.

On my Ateam calls, Nancy is still struggling with
technical things. So she hired someone to help with a
particular thing she had problems with.

That’s a smart use of your outsourcing dollar.

7. Concentrate on repetitive tasks

Find the things that need to be done over and over.
Above, I gave the example of my autoresponder

That is really a once a year thing, so it isn’t the
best candidate to outsource. I just happened to want
it done fast.

The main things to outsource are those that occur over
and over.

Listen, we live in the Golden Age of Outsourcing. When
I got started in this business, man, I was using the
personal trainer at the gym with not very many skills for
$20 an hour because I was desperate for help.

8. Look for omissions

In “Work The System” Sam Carpenter has a whole chapter
just on omissions. Things that should be done but aren’t.

Let me give you an example.

Facebook lists the birthdays of the people you’ve added
as friends.

Some of those are my key affiliates.

Don’t you think it might be smart to have a system where
I do something with that birthday info?

Now, you can just automate it through a Facebook program.

But maybe something more personal would have more impact.
In the old days, when you had to pay $12 to $20 an hour
to get something like that done, it sucked.

You maybe couldn’t see the roi.

But what if you had to pay $2 or $3 an hour to someone
really efficient and pleasant to work with?

That day is here.

What else COULD you do that would bring you in traffic
or dollars IF you did it like Clockwork?

9. Find a way to communicate with your outsourcers

In my business, we’re going to take a look at Microsoft
Sharepoint. My friend Lee McIntyre uses Google Docs
which is cool because it saves you a ton of money.

I suggest you start with Google Docs and then as your
business grows, look at other things like Sharepoint.

10. Get your autoresponders in shape.

The second most important system you have is your
autoresponder system.

You need this thing roaring like a lion.

After someone gets on your list, you need a drop
dead series of emails to send them.

This one you may need to write yourself. But if you
have a little dough, you can fine a writer to do it
for you on Warriors Forum.

11. Get your upsellls and downsells working like a

When someone buys, you offer them something more
expensive. And if they don’t take that, you offer a
cheaper something or the other.

We call those offers upsells and downsells.

The customer has their credit card OUT, so these
processes are EXTREMELY critical to your success in

12. Swap procedures with your friends

I need some more accounting procedures.

So I’m going to contact my buds and ask them what they
got that is written up and documented.

13. Create an internal wiki

If you’re more advanced, you may want to create an
internal wiki.

This is a place you store your checklists and procedures.

14. If you have NO idea how to write up procedures,
check out http://www.operateyourbiz.com.

Those are my original systems back from 4 or 5 years ago.
I don’t use those systems anymore but they’re a pretty
good example of how to document systems.

15. Get familiar with freelance sites:

You have guru.com, elance.com, scriptlance.com,
getafreelancer.com, odesk.com, rentacoder.com and many

16. Review the posts in freelance sites to get ideas
for what you can outsource and how you can do it.

Just surfing through those sites and reading the job
openings will be a big eye opener!

17. Did I mention that you should read the book
Work The System by Sam Carpenter?

Yes, I did? Then go read it AGAIN! And this time do
what he says.

18. Keep it simply

MYTH: You need fancy flowcharts to document

TRUTH: Step-by-step written instructions will work for
many things.

Flowcharts have their uses. In complex processes, it
can help to make them visual. But for most things, just
simple written instructions will work.

19. Have a goal to document a new system every day

Systems are like apples. You need one a day.

This is a general guideline and isn’t carved in stone.
But if you do one a day, in 90 days you have 90 systems.

If you also hire a few people to operate those systems,
you’ll be 90X STRONGER and more powerful than you were
90 days before.

20. Dumping outdated systems has to be part of your

One of the key points Sam Carpenter makes is that you
need to reevaluate your systems and dump ones that aren’t
working for you.

21. Make it easy to update your systems.

You want it to be easy to update your systems.

In the PAST I used screen capture video for my systems

But you can’t update video easily. You have to create a
whole new video.

With written instructions, it’s 100X easier to update them.

22. Find the right people to operate your systems.

My pet peeve is drama surrounding the system.

You know, 100 questions. Which boils down to a bunch of
reasons to NOT have to do the work of operating the system.

The less noise you have in your systems the better.

This is why I think the new world of outsourcing is a GREAT
freaking age to live in.

So I outsourced my Aweber documentation late on a Friday night
and had it done by Saturday morning by someone in another
country who worked in the opposite time zone. So my night was
their day.


Putting your business on full or partial autopilot involves
having systems and people to do those systems.

It’s a fairly simple process that anyone with average intelligence
should be able to do.

With the Golden Age of Outsourcing, it’s super simple and easy
to find people to operate the systems you put together.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
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Internet Marketing.”

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  • Marlon,

    You are unique in how and what you share with us. I am learning so much from you. Jeanette Cates talks about you all of the time, and I even posted on my blog about you and her being the best kept secrets on the internet. One of my students then commented that you are both from Texas. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I'm glad I found you.

    [Hi Connie, Jeanette is a wonderful person and teacher. I'm so happy to see her thriving and doing great.]

  • Eric Su says:

    such a detailed cheat sheet. thx

  • Nancy Ramacitti says:

    We hired a freelance expert from Odesk to create our video intro for our upcoming blog. The end result was a very professional video with a reasonable cost and no headache.

  • JanPaul says:

    It is all a lot of work indeed. Oursourcing is a necessity, as is keeping things simple.


  • David Frey says:

    Marlon, this is such good advice that I'm going to reprint it and send it to my list (of course with all your links intact)

    David Frey

    [Gosh Dave, now I owe you…:) No really, I wrote it from the heart and it is SO true.]

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