FACT: All These People Selling Easy Ways to Make Money or Get Sales Make It By LAUNCHING - Online and Info Product Marketing

FACT: All These People Selling Easy Ways to Make Money or Get Sales Make It By LAUNCHING


Marlon here.

Go to Warriorplus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Digistore, or Youtube.

You'll see 1,001 people SELLING PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS for making money online or making sales that quite frankly ALL sound easier than launching.

NO product creation

NO hosting

NO sales pages

NO anything

No thinking

Everything done for you

Just punch a few buttons or use this software and $300, $500 or $,1000 a day comes flowing in EASY PEASY!

Marlon, creating, launching and selling a product sounds so much harder than ALL of those. Why do YOU harp on launching a product?

I just want the EASY way.

All these emails I get for all these systems. They all sound so much easier.

Can't I just buy some software or get one of these deals and make $300 a day?

FACT: All those people selling all those systems are making money by launching. By selling their money-making or sales-getting system.


Do you get that? They probably make MOST of their money from launching.

It reminds me of this quote from the movie Gorky Park with William Hurt (good flick!)

“- Arkady Renko: Too many people in our society disappear without trace.
– Professor Andreev: Oh. Why is that?
– Arkady Renko: They fall into a chasm.
– Professor Andreev: What sort of chasm?
– Arkady Renko: The one between what is said and what is done.

Quote from this site

In other words, there's a CHASM between what people SAY they do for money and what they ACTUALLY DO.

Have you ever noticed that the person selling the thing on how to make money doing ABC this week is selling another method 2 weeks or 4 weeks from now?

And it never ends?

The reason for that is they make their money LAUNCHING, not from whatever miracle method they're talking about.

It's SHOCKING No One Ever Asks This

It”s not about the THING being sold. It's about the ILLUSION for the thing being sold. People want to buy MAGIC. The pill that magically drops pounds. The button that spits out money. The done for you thing that spits out cash.

When all the time they're making their money creating, launching and selling products.

And it's a SHOCKER no one ever asks this: Why don't I just do what YOU are doing instead of buying the thing you're selling this week, which will be different from the thing two weeks from now?

The Inside Secret Of How “Make Money Online” Launches Are Done

Here's the thing.

Launchers launch at least once a month.

So most of them find someone else who has developed a product but don't have an audience. And the launcher partners with them. The thing you can bet on is that usually the launcher makes a lot more money than the person doing “the thing.”

I'm NOT saying this is bad.

I'm NOT saying anything bad about it.

I'm just pointing out to you HOW THE MONEY IS REALLY BEING MADE.

Because if you dont get that, you don't understand it, then you'll make decisions based on the wrong info.

So Marlon, What Are You Getting At?

What I'm saying is it's possible you've been enticed into some other making money gig or gigs that sound good. But they aren't panning out for you.

Why don't you do what the person who SOLD you the gig is doing — LAUNCHING?

Creating, launching and selling products is time proven.

This is no guarantee or implication you'll make bundles overnight. Or anything at all. If every launcher rolled in the bucks, everyone would launch.

You have to get the KNOW HOW and the SKILL to do it.

And that's why I invited you to join me in LAUNCH IN 10 DAYS.

Best wishes,