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New MMM: World’s Fastest Marketing Method: Ask YOUR Question!

The World's Fastest Marketing System


Raw, freaking speed.

That's what I want to talk to you about today.

I got in this business before you probably ever heard the words “domain name” or “Internet marketing.”

Back then, marketing consisted of 3 circles. With circle one you compiled your list of email addresses.

With circle two, you wrote your email message.

With circle three, you clicked SEND.

I submit to you that Internet marketing is the same today, although it's dressed up with a lot of smoke and mirrors.

See, let me splain somethin' to ya to use Texas talk.

‘Bout everybody else round takes what's simple and makes it complicated so you gotta buy $2,000+ courses, workshops, coaching and all the rest.

I actually love products so I enjoy those and think they have value. But my style is to take the complex and make it SIMPLE:


Step one: Target Potential Buyers


The first thing you have to do is find people who have money and the willingness to spend it and preferably the habit of doing so.

Where do you find people?

On web sites that you can run banner ads on or get affiliates to stick links on.

On blogs that people read.

On forums that people read.

On other people's email lists.

On Facebook.

On Twitter.

To use a fishing analogy, you gotta find yourself a pond where the fish are.

To use a shopping analogy, you gotta find a mall where there is foot traffic.

Basically, though, you gotta find buyers and find out where they hang out at.

Because you can stick out your fishing pole in places they don't hang out at if you want to.

But you won't catch yourself many fish no matter how attractive your bait is.

You could have the GREATEST retail store idea in the world. Put it in a mall that no one goes to.

You won't make a dime.

I got one question for you: Can you find people?

If you can, you're 33% the way there. You only got 2 more steps you gotta do.


Step two: Get The On A List


In the old days, you clicked a circle and you'd collect email addresses.

I don't recommend that nowadays. Back in 1996 it was cool and fun.

Today, you gotta be a tad more sophisticated about it.

Thus, we go fishing. We found the pond where the fish are.

Now we put bait on our fishing pole to get the fish to bite. Now, that isn't the most “consumer-friendly” picture.

So maybe the mall analogy is better. You stick up a BIG sign in the story like Juciy Couture has that says “Eat Candy.” And women see that sign, think that sounds good and they walk in the store.

Or you put up a sign that says SALE!

There's a tested, proven advertising method that is evergreen and has stood the test of time.

Anyway, you need BAIT that is attractive to the little fishies, NOT to you.

Personally, I like California Rolls in Sushi. I also like BBQ since I'm in Texas.

Sushi on the end of a fishing pole won't stay there long. And I doubt fish like rice.

And unless you're fishing in Texas, the BBQ won't get you many fish.

Fish like smelly, stinky bait.


But apparently that's what they like. Not that I've fished more than twice in my life. I haven't. But I get the gist of the thing.

Back to the formula:

a. Get bait your little fishies like

b. Get the email address

My pal Jonathan Mizel TRADEMARKED the term “Name Squeeze”

back a long time ago, just so people wouldn't forget who invented it.

Smart guy. I shoulda done the same with many ideas I invented that are now commonly used by everyone.

In any event, you get the email address using a squeeze page or email capture page.

Here's one I have:

I've got ones that aren't so fancy. But that gives you the idea.

Here's the big secret: If the little fishies don't bite on your bait, there are THREE possibilities:

One: They don't like your bait

Two: Your presentation of the bait is lacking

Three: You're in a pond where they ain't no fish!


Step Three: Make Sales


This is where you extract the cash. In other words you make sales of your own products or of affiliate products.

Here's where my fishing analogy goes ot pot and we switch over to the mall analogy.

You're walking down the mall, you see the sign: “SALE”

You took the BAIT.

You walk in the store.

Now it's the SALES PERSON's job to take the money that is in your wallet or purse and to get you to willingly transfer those funds to their sales register.

Now, you probably aren't going to do that without getting something in return.

And the something you get in return better be something you really want or such an irresistible deal you couldn't turn it down.

Either that, or the sales person flirted with you and told you those shoes made you look 10 years younger or the shirt really makes you look handsome!

In any event, there's somethin' you want there.

There's somebody that applies a little salesmanship and charm to ya.

There's a deadline 'cause it IS a sale after all. And it's ending Sunday night.

So you whip out the wallet or dig in your purse, find that almost maxed out credit card and plop it down. Or, if you've been using my advice on trading products for dollars, you actually HAVE dollars so you plunk those suckers down on the register table.

Then you stroll out with a smile on your face and bright, shiny bag with the store's name plastered all over it.

You wear the shoes or the shirt, your friends all rave about how you really DO look 10 years younger. You feel good about your purchase and all is well.

Later, you get a postcard, email or phone call telling you you're invited to a special “before hours” VIP Sneak Preview event.

Me? I'm a VIP? Really?

Man, you beeline it down there again and before you know it, you're walking out with another big ol' sack of stuck that removes wrinkles, makes you look and feel younger, and gosh knows what else.

Like did you know there's this little 1-minute miracle device that you run on those dark circles under the eyes and it makes 'em VANISH in 1 minute?

Yeah, it's only $250!

Plus the recurring purchases of the gooey stuff that makes your wrinkles vanish.

But the girl who sells it is really so attractive and charming and doesn't have ANY wrinkles, so you're really sure it MUST work!

And if you're a guy and about to THROW UP over the shopping analogy, I'll put it to you in terms a guy can understand.

Step three is where you got the fish and you're GRILLING that sucker at home gettin' ready to fork it over onto your plate.

That's the guy version.

Because I figure you're too modest to admit you bought the 1-minute wrinkle remover from the smoking hot, charming, thin, youthful girl who really does think you're the funniest guy or gal she's ever met!


The World's Fastest Marketing Method — Revealed!


“Marlon, that sounds kinda good. But is it really the world's FASTEST method? It don't sound FAST enough and easy enough for me!!”

Alright. I was holding out on ya.

The FASTEST part comes from the “Find People” step.

What you do is you find people who ALREADY have lists of people who are known buyers.

You give these people a reason to send YOUR bait to THEIR list 'cause you are gonna SPLIT the spoils with 'em, invite 'em over to your fish fry, and get the smoking hot youthful girl to run the gooey wrinkle removing stuff on their under-eye dark circles.

What's more, you might have OTHER creative incentives for 'em. Like you'll track their buyers and send 'em MORE money if they fork over their dough for even more stuff.

Of course, they don't know you're getting a kickback on the $250 miracle eye fixer machine they too bought when they got sucked into that deal.

Anyway, the world's fastest marketing method is to have other people who have email lists to promote your stuff.

And if you don't know HOW to get 'em to promote your stuff, that's the secret sauce.

I reckon it's also my BAIT to get you to join the Ateam, which is where I reveal all my best secrets.

In any event, it IS the world's fastest marketing method. It happens at the speed of email.

I will give you one little tidbit here. My pal Jason “The Prodigy” Fladlien recently produced over 30 brandable reports for his affiliates and tells me they are a big hit.

Jason crushed it by doing $120,000 in June to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Congratulations Jason. Guys and gals, a few years ago Jason was a HOUSE PAINTER makin' 10 freaking dollars an hour!

So don't give me this crap about how it's all a dream and b.s.

When someone like Jason emails his list for me, the money flows in almost INSTANTLY. Or when I sent an email to my list for my pal James Jones from and sold his product to raise money for his favorite charity, the sales were instant and I sent him the money the next day via Paypal.


Ex 5th Grade Teacher Snares $100,000
From a 1,000 Person List


Recently, Connie Green sold several of my Round Tables and collected two very nice Paypal chunks of cash from me.

Connie made $100,000 from only a 1,000 person list! And for much of that year, her list was only 500 people.

Connie writes a new article every day and submits it to the article directories. That's one of her big list-building secrets that anyone can do who isn't a vegetable.

Hint: If you ARE a vegetable, you better go on Odesk and pay someone $2.00 an article to do it for you!

How did Connie make that much money?

Simple. She found her group of people on article sites.

Two: She offered bait

Her articles send people to an email capture page.

Three: She extracts cash

In Connie's case, she did a lot of teleseminars to sell her own webinars and higher end affiliate products.

Connie's slogan is: If I can do it, you can do it!

I mean, come on folks. Connie was a 5th grade teacher and had ZERO marketing skills coming into this.

It's NOT like she was some rocket scientist or something.

All you do is follow the 3-step formula I laid out above. Except on

step number 3, the extract CASH part, you use AFFILIATE PRODUCTS to extract the cash instead of your own.

You can extract the cash via:

a. Posts on your blog

b. Videos on your blog

c. Posts and videos on Facebook

d. Twitter messages

e. Sales letters

f. Webinars

g. Teleseminars

h. Video sales letters

i. Podcasts

j. Audio sales letters

Really, there are many ways to extract the cash. Find ONE that works for you. Connie Green specializes in teleseminars. And uses those to

sell her webinars for up to $1,000.

Like me, she does 6 week webinars. But she's smarter than I am. She

gets paid for what HERS are worth — $1,000! And they're worth every


Connie actually inspired me to NEVER under-charge for a 6-week program again. Because like Connie says, you don't get value out of what you don't pay for because psychologically you don't respect it.

You can sign up for her brilliant teleseminars THERE.


My Own Personal Example


When I started in direct marketing, I was broker than broke. I ate minute thirty second State Fair microwave corn dogs and steamed broccoli. I once bought deodorant with all pennies.

I took a model on a date that smoked like a bomb and the guys in the valet parking laughed at me when I wheeled up…until the 6 foot tall model got out on the other side!

I was in sales, I was a freelancer writer, I was a magician when I was young. I didn't have some amazing background or something.

And yeah, I started with NO LIST just like you're probably starting with no list.

I remember what it was like the first time the money started rolling in in huge waves — up to $7,000 a DAY! The feeling was absolutely intoxicating.

Overnight, you pay off credit card bills, debts and buy new clothes.

A huge, massive weight is lifted off your shoulders. And for the first year, you take it a little slow not knowing for sure if it'll last. But it does….as long as you built on rock, not quickstand.

The difference is, I've created good, valuable products over the years and been fortunate enough to have affiliates like and promote my products.

Here are just a few of the people I owe a debt of grattitude to:

Ewen Chia Ti Wah

Allan Gardyne

Gary Martin

Tim Houston

Lee Tuan James

Alex Sampson

Sean Mize

David Breth

Michael Wong

Jim Edwards

Andrew Lock

Michael Merz

Rudy Setiawan

Anil Kumar

Brian Terry

louie rosales

Steven Schneiderman

Jeremy Burns

Michael Filsaime

Dirk Wagner

Jace Panec

Michael Nicholas

Sasi Kumar

Frederic Patenaude

Michael Paetzold

These ladies and gentleman are a few of the loyal, wonderful affiliates who send me traffic and sales.

And to repay them, I'm getting ready to launch a very lucrative, killer

marketing funnel that will be my best ever — hands down!


The Final Wrap Up


It's no wonder some people get confused and their eyes glaze over.

You have all these people with vested interests in taking what's at heart

simple and making it extremely complicated to justify selling big ticket


Exactly what is SO complicated about finding people, collecting emails

and sending out emails to extract cash is so FREAKING complicated that little ‘ol you just can't figure it all out?

Yes, there ARE details. Yes, there is some tech stuff to implement it.

But what do you THINK I do things like my Dashboards, my Ateam and my Round Table for?

It's to help you IMPLEMENT.

Next time you feel your eyes glazing over or you're feeling overwhelmed, I want you to go over to your mirror where you've printed out and taped up this article and I want you to READ IT OVER.

I want you to remember there are 3 stinking steps:

1. Find the people

2. Get the email

3. Extract the cash

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing.”

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  • Mark says:

    Plain simple and basic method. Easy to follow and complete enough for a good start.

    Why didn't I see this page before?

  • that’s the route I’m taking King.I think I’m done with taking care of people with my ‘job’; it drains too much of my energy and quality time. It’s not like I hate it but I love the other side of it more!

  • Ion says:

    Hey Marlon,

    just to say, thank you, for what you choose to share with us!

    Have days progress, fruitful, blessed, full of peace, love,harmony,happiness in family to, from /through / for / in the Lord Jesus Christ!


  • Brenda says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I'm so happy I've found your site. I'm working on building my website and when I'm finished I'll be needing your help with my marketing efforts.

    Thanks so much!


  • Hey there King!

    I can see a huge resemblance between you and Tony Robbins – consistency, and I appreciate that. Tony has been consistent with his 'massive action' talks and you 'the 3 steps' talks.

    Maybe this thing WILL become significant to me in the near future. Why?

    Because I'm taking a different route of monetizing. Remember Johnny X and Nathan Anderson 'Niche ATM'? Well, that's the route I'm taking King.

    I think I'm done with taking care of people with my 'job'; it drains too much of my energy and quality time. It's not like I hate it but I love the other side of it more!

    Anyway, the formula still apply to me I guess – find hot markets, [skip the e-mail collecting by choice], and extract cash from other peoples' products.

    Have a nice day King!

    [Hi Nezrul, actually Nathan does have a very cool system and it DOES work for the person that actually implements it as Nathan teaches. The software, the interface, the coaching. That's why I had him do the webinar.]

  • Kat says:

    I know about this.I have a product, 13 videos about this kind of 'out of box' thinking methods and people are lazy,they don't want it, they don't want to do it. For me, the third step was the most difficult one ' Extract the cash' or simply put conversion.If little work is involved they are not motivated at all.

    ? How do you motivate people to buy?How do you make them recognize the value of your product?

    [Hi, I don't think the work involved is the issue. You have to show a Value Proposition that is better than the alternatives. Review the Value Proposition themed ezine issues I sent out leading up to the Round Table. There are tons of things on list building. You don't sell in a vacuum. You sell vs. the alternative methods people have. Proof is another massive element. Not just proof that it works but proof they can do it. If you're in Round Table this is something I'll discuss in depth. But you START by studying all the sales pitches for list building products that ARE selling. You map out what their Value Proposition is. Then you make your Value Proposition better than the alternatives. In the old days we just taught USP. In today's world, it's more extensive than that. SUMMARY: In today's market you've got to have a blockbuster pitch to get $77. Your pitch just isn't better than the competition. You need to study ALL list building pitches and YOURS has to offer some sort of EXPERIENCE that is obviously superior. You don't do that right now and that is why you haven't extracted the cash.]

  • Snd the site above is sending gameplan.pdf NOT the 23-Point Cheat Sheet??

    [Hi Cheryl, you're right. Thanks! Fixed it. The confirmation url is also wrong. I'll have Lisa fix it on Monday. Appreciate you pointing that out.]

  • Hey that full size picture of you at

    is quite old were you?

    [Hi Cheryl, I was age 15 but quite mature for my age! Wouldn't you agree?]

  • Hey Marlon:

    First a "Heads Up": You have a link:

    I have at least 100 FRESH, new comments and testimonials here:

    That takes me to this page:

    My question is:

    did you know there’s this little 1-minute miracle device that you run on those dark circles under the eyes and it makes ‘em VANISH in 1 minute? Yeah, it’s only $250!

    So what is it called and where do I get it? And you're serious…it's 1 minute?

    [Hi Cheryl, wow! They have a great USP. Instead of begging for my products you're begging for the miracle eye dealeo! The shop is Sephora and my story is embellished greatly. They DO have a sign in the window though about a 1 minute eye something or the other miracle. I was just trying to come up with an analogy that people on my list might relate to more than fishing.
    That url works for me! But yeah, I mucked up by putting the www in it]

  • Tim says:

    Brilliant – Brilliantly Simple Marlon. I have been getting your stuff for a while and I am amazed at your ability to boil it all down to 3 steps. You are absolutely right. I have a fairly success e commerce site but I need to develop some more income streams and I will be following your advice. I need help picking a product to invest my time in any suggestions? May be not a specific product, but at least how to go about it. Thanks for the weekly pep talk and for reminding us all to K.I.S.S.

    Tim Urling

    [Tim, my tips on picking a product are to find out what people are already buying like I explained last week then make it simpler, faster or more proven as I explained last week. You might notice that today's ezine headline focused on speed. Last week was simplicity.]

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