Your Feedback On This Week And Last Week's Ezines?

Your feedback on this week and last week’s ezines?


Marlon here.

I'm interested in your feedback on this week's ezine and last week's.

Last week:
Step-By-Step Through The 6-Point Sales Machine Process That Delivers Monthly Income, Big Paydays and Multiple Streams

This week: a Girl In Houston Uses Facebook Fan Pages To Spread Her Passion To a Huge Audience

1.  Was the information and content RELEVANT to you?

2.  Did you learn anything?

3.  Would you recommend either issue to a friend?

Just type in comments. It may take a bit before I approve the comment.

Best wishes,


  • Chad says:

    Thanks for the great info and action steps. The content is relavent while inspiring.

  • Stephen says:

    Hi Marlon,

    <Was the information and content RELEVANT to you?

    Very much so – I've hired a Facebook expert to set up something similar.

    <One of the problems I’ve had is low energy.

    In the meantime, although our marketing is largely non-existant, we may be able to help you with your energy – something we're much better at 🙂 Let me know if we can help


  • Gina Sinese says:

    The case study was interesting though I do not use Facebook. The previous issue was more useful to me because I’ve been putting off setting up a more effective system for my business. Thank you.

  • Great Content as always Marlon!
    You spell out and show how to do it so well
    that i am annoyed i just cant get going myself!

  • Vida Evelyn says:


    You out did yourself on this last issue — one of your all time best. Your detailed analysis of the raw foods website was very helpful, but when coupled with last week’s MMM, it was a roadmap for our work. Thank you for your generosity.


  • Herb says:

    Hi Marlon,

    This e-zine issue really illustrates the steps we need to take to have an appealing offering.
    – find the market that NEEDS something, and know them well
    – give them what they need
    – Know your market
    – know what makes you special
    – Stand out from the crowd


  • Doug Hansen says:

    Thanks Marlon, your content in always relevant and hits the nail on the head, so to speak. Keep the great content coming!

  • Luis says:

    Yup and here’s the main thing I learned: “Use your Facebook fan page and blog to speak DIRECTLY to the PROBLEMS people have.”

  • Thanks, Marlon, these last issues have been really helpful! The case study with Kristina’s raw foods site had a lot of great insight on how to present material in an appealing way, and the previous issue really got me thinking about how to better set up a system.

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