First “Articles By Marlon for 2007” — The Big Dilemmma - Online and Info Product Marketing

First “Articles By Marlon for 2007” — The Big Dilemmma



From: Marlon Sanders
Re: First “Articles By Marlon” issue of 2007

In this issue, I have a new article on the basic dilemma
virtually all internet marketers face and how to resolve it.

I know the title may not sound sexy, but this is an
article you WILL benefit from if you read it. Take the
time to do so right now.

In fact, I recommend you PRINT it out and ponder it for
the next 3 or 4 days. It is THE CORE ISSUE Internet
marketers have in my opinion.

Also, I have a special conference call coming up if you
snag the Design Dashboard. Details below.

I've also revamped some icons. So if you're an owner, and
you got stuck on an icon, GO BACK and look. I've probably
clarified it.

In the Q and A, I answer a question you may have. There
are a few important announcements to RED FACTOR folks and

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Articles By Marlon Electronic Newsletter

amazing new

Vol. 2, #1, January 13, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon

B. Main Article: “The Basic Dilemma Of Internet Marketers
That You're Probably Struggling With Also — And What To
Do About It”

C. Services You Can Use

D. Ask Marlon Sanders

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher


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I'm doing a conference call upcoming. And there's another
bonus. You need to get in gear so you don't miss out on
these items.

A. “Announcements from Marlon”


I have a new module coming in the next few days. I'm
gonna show you how to test out your ideas without spending
bux! This one is simple and a real beauty.


We've improved a number of the
icons and clarified any issues that were reported. If you
got stuck on an icon, go back and look again. We've worked
a lot on making it as simple as humanly possible. And now,
we've made it even CLEARER.

If there is anything you get stuck on, post it to our
support desk. The only thing I can't do is provide
software support or individual help on things that ARE
covered in the product. But if something isn't clear to
you, we'll try to fix it if several people report the same

Three: MILCERS —

I'm working on 2 new issues right now.
And remember, you can post questions in the Q and A forum
anytime during the week. I try to answer them on weekends.


If you aren't promoting Design
Dashboard, you're missing out on a FANTASTIC converter
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B. “The Basic Dilemma Of Internet Marketers That You're
Probably Struggling With Also — And What To Do About It”

By Marlon Sanders

There's a basic dilemma all Internet marketers face:

Learn the new methods that get better results

Versus —

Do the basics that you know work.

If you want to make maximum profits, then you need to
learn and use the latest methods on the one hand.

On the other hand, if you want to make maximum profits,
you have to DO things and FOCUS. You can't learn
everything and do everything.

It's a classic double bind.

If you spend all your money and time learning new things
to get better results, then you don't have time to DO the
things you know work.

At the same time, if you spend all your time DOING, you
often miss out on the easy profits created by newer, more
state-of-the- art methods.

This puts internet marketers in a real time crunch because
a person can't do both — learn all the new methods
hitting the market practically weekly AND also DO what
needs to be done to make a profit.

What's the solution?

I call it breathing. It's a natural rhythm. You learn.
Then you do. You learn. Then you do.

If you get stuck in learning and don't do, you won't make
the most you can. And vica versa, if you DO but don't
learn, you'll spin your wheels and quite possibly not

In my case, I'm devoting this whole entire year to
implementing just one new SYSTEM of thinking in my

I started on this system one year ago. And I let myself
get quickly sidetracked last year. I decided that this
year, I want to take the one concept and fully and
completely implement it.

I talk to some marketers who just don't know what they're
doing. They REALLY need to learn more. They need to learn
about writing copy, graphics, doing surveys, finding
markets and product creation.

On the other hand, there are MANY marketers who HAVE been
in this business 3-5 years and know all the basics and
some of the advanced stuff.

Yet, they just don't get products out. They don't get
promos done. They get caught up in the paralysis of
analysis and don't do ANYTHING.

That's why the natural rhythm of money is to learn and do.
Learn and do. If what you DO doesn't work, it's time to
LEARN some more. But if you haven't DONE what you've
LEARNED, it's time you focus on DOING for awhile.

A lot of people get stuck on that point because DOING is a
pain in the tail end a lot of days. You ALWAYS are going
to be afraid of making mistakes. You are ALWAYS going to
run into frustrations and things that don't work right.

It's ALWAYS going to take longer and be harder than you

But the people who succeed can tolerate the PAIN OF
ACTION. It's easy to sit back and learn. I love it. But
DOING means you run into obstacles and things that don't
work right.

It means you're confronted with the details of learning
programs. It means you'll screw up and make mistakes.
Worse than that, it means you'll DO things that don't

For every 1 thing that WORKS, you'll likely try TEN that
don't. And I don't care WHO you are. If someone denies
that, they either don't have much experience, they're
lying or they aren't honest with themselves.

I remember discussing this whole topic with Corey in times
past. I would think I was the only one who had such and so
thing not work right. I'd talk to Corey and find out that
he'd had the same exact issues.

It made me feel a little better that I wasn't the only one
in the world who had things that didn't work as I

I hope this article gives you a little more clarity on the
fundamental dilemma of Internet marketers and puts you on
the path to greater profits.

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.” If you'd like to get on his
mailing list and receive tips, articles and information
about online marketing, visit:

amazing new


REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for
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C. “Services You Can Use”

DO YOU LIVE IN SAN ANTONIO? If you do and you want to work
for me in customer service, post to our support desk from
any of our sites and let us know.

your own graphics faster, simpler and easier than you may
think and save a small fortune in the process. But that's
just the beginning. There's much more.

NEED A SALES LETTER? Let Marlon reveal the step-by-step
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D. Ask Marlon Sanders!


Hi Marlon

If I buy templates, do I need your Design Dashboard? How
will it help me if the graphics are already done?



Templates can help you save time. But here are things they
won't do for you:

1. Ebook covers — Design Dashboard shows you how to do

2. Handwritten notes in the margins, guarantees and so
forth. Templates won't do those for you.

3. Testimonial photos — You can dress them up, put them
in frames and so forth. Templates won't do that for you.

4. Customizing the graphics on the templates. With a
little knowledge you can do a LOT that helps you break
through the noise and stand out from the crowd. Which
means in the end you'll sell more.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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