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FOCUS On Getting Products Out The Door

So it's the new year.

You have bills to pay, things to do, places to go,
people to see.

You need cash.

How do you get cash in the door?

My advice is simple:

Focus on getting products OUT the door to bring cash
IN the door.

I'd rather have an imperfect product OUT the door than
I would a perfect product on my hard drive but 90%

And if you've been in this business long, you've been

Here's your action list:

1. Do a 12 product survey

You can skip this if you just can't seem to get it done.
A lot of people get stuck here.

I'd rather have a product OUT the door without a survey
than one that never gets started for LACK of a survey.

2. Write a totally rocking sales letter

Do this before you create the product. If you can't write,
go to WarriorsForum in the copywriting area and hire a writer
you can afford.

There are all kinds of prices of talent there. You can afford
someone. And if you can't write at all, for $200 you'll find
someone better than you.

Or listen to the Keith Baxter interview in Promo Dashboard for
how he has hired really good copywriters for $200.

3. Get the product DONE.

You can do audio, screen capture video, an ebook.

Get it done.

4. Get it out the door.

Now, do that 10 times in 2009!

Out of 10 products one will be a really good seller. Three or
four will pay the bills. A few will be duds.

Here's what you do.

Either plan to write 300 words a day on your new product. Or
map out who you will interview to create the product.

Here's some words of advice based on experience.


Get your product done NOW by following these simple

1. You go to row one, icon one.
2. You follow the steps
3. The next day you go to row one icon two.
4. Follow the steps.
5. Go through all six rows and you have a product done
and ready to sell.

— It's A to Z.
— Documented step-by-step
— Includes videos where needed
— Priced under $100 currently

The product will morph and change as you write it.

You'll write and realize this or that doesn't flow or make
sense. It's a dynamic thing. A work in progress. Let it take
shape as you write it.

Can you devote just ONE HOUR a day to creating a new product?

If you can, and you interview a few people, then transcribe
the interviews, you'll have a new product in no time.

Want to get cash in the door?

Step one: Find wants

Step two: Write sales letter

Step three: Create product

Step four: Sell product

MY ADVICE: If you can write, write. Do an ebook. If you can
talk, talk. Do audio CD's or podcasts. If you can do video,
do video. Screen capture video rocks.

If you can't write, can't talk and can't do video, go to and find someone who can!

My ADVICE for this new year is to get products OUT the door.
DOUBLE the number of products you did last year.

If you didn't get even one product out the door last year, you didn't FOCUS.
Because it doesn't take any longer than 6 weeks. And can be done
much faster once you know what you're doing.

So this year, it's EASY to improve last year. If you didn't
get even one product out the door last year, then get one out
the door in January of THIS year!

“But Marlon, I ain't gotta list. How the ()_$# am I gonna SELL
the product?”

Know how I built my list?

By SELLING products!

A hot product will ignite affiliates, get you traffic and
grow your list.

This is why I'm a huge advocate of creating an affiliate program
for your product. And getting traffic from affiliates.

Want cash IN the door?

Get products OUT the door?

“Marlon, I don't know what to do. I need money IN the door.
How do I get money IN the door?”

Answer: Get products OUT the door

“Marlon, how do I get products OUT the door? I don't know

Answer: Learn how

“Marlon, I'm not spending any money.”

Answer: Sometimes the wisest investment you make is a little
bit of knowledge. The knowledge on how to get products OUT
the door and sell 'em.

Marlon Sanders

PS: If you want to create your FIRST product, then snag:

If you want to create a BIG TICKET info product, then

  • Trapper says:


    Just posted this to my blog, but I thought if I could share it here, many would gain from it.

    "A simple lesson in sales"

    I recently had some homemade tamales for dinner.

    Now that in itself is not earth shattering or even front page news.

    What it is or what I should say is that it opened my eyes to some simple salesmanship.

    I'd like to share them with you.

    The tamales were made by a nice little older Mexican woman that lives down the street from me.

    Every week or so she goes door to door asking people if they are interested in buying some of her tamales.

    (What a great concept, going out and finding a target market; hungry people) We can apply this to whatever widget it is we are trying to sell.

    Also, her price is right. $5.00 for 5 tamales, you can have chicken or pork. Fair price in my eyes. Also applies to our products.

    Then she over delivers.

    I asked for 5 pork, she handed me my tamales on a paper plate, wrapped in tinfoil, and might I add still hot. Talk about a fresh product!

    Anyways, I came into the house, unwrapped them only to discover instead of 5, I received 7, excellent bonus!

    The tamales are always very tasty too.

    I wonder if this woman realizes how smart she is in the game of selling.

    So simple.

    Made me realize I think I sometimes over complicate things in sales.

    Anybody else over complicating things?


  • Larry Wenger says:

    Marlon – Can you describe a typical "affiliate program". I'm not certain I know what you mean.


    [Hey Larry, you either promote other people's products for a commission. Or they promote yours. This is how Amazon gets its traffic. You can see my affiliate program at: — Marlon]

  • Trapper says:

    ok Marlon,

    Thanks for yet another great article. I have posted it to my blog. As with all your article I post them there pretty fast.

    What key words would you recommend using for these article?



    [Hey Trapper. Thanks! Mmmmm, I didn't even put metatags on the post on my blog. I really need to get someone in here who does seo stuff and detailed work. I think completely big picture. Like how many people I got on my list and how much they're each worth! The product we are using for keyword research is Word Butler. It rocks. You gave me an idea though. I'll see if I can publish some keywords people can use with my articles. Thanks for the idea!]

  • Azam says:

    Great article, Marlon!

    Thank you so much!

    A like your ideas about imperfection, getting things DONE, taking agressive action. You should really record a product/podcast about this topic. It will help a lot of perfectionists out there.

    Have a great day!

    [Hey Azam…what's happenin' this new year? I'm guessing you've got some exciting goals set! Marlon]

  • Welly Mulia says:

    Hi Marlon,

    VERY nice and informative article!

    Sometimes people are just making things too complicated by not going out there and creating products simply because they fear that they don't do a good enough job creating the products or they just think that it's too hard, or that their products won't sell bla bla bla.

    They could have spent the time pondering whether or not to create products to actually create the products.

    All of these are just excuses, and this article is perfect for them. You nailed it!


    Welly Mulia

    [Hey Welly, thanks for posting here! And yep, I agree. Now, I gotta come up with something that'll really excite Welly….what can I talk about that'll be of service or value to YOU? Marlon]

  • Leonardo says:

    Hello Marlon,

    I like this post a lot, it makes so much sense, this is the year I start trading products not time.

    I am getting ready to get my marketing course online and I want to get affiliates onboard, where are the best places to go?


    PS. I have your Product Dashboard which is very useful, thanks.

  • Roger says:

    Hi Marlon. Simple, true and relavant too. I've got to try this.


    [Hey Roger, I realize it's a lot of work for either you or someone! But try to get a new product out in January and let me know what happens. Marlon]

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