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Memo From: Marlon Sanders
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Today's article:

Get 3X The Sales In 26 Hours?

Subtitle:  Do you have a sales letter, banner, ad, Google ad,
solo ezine ad or something else not converting as good as
you'd like?

This is a little case study from this PAST week…actually
just the last several days.

Customers:  If you're looking for the incredible Daegan Smith
interview, see announcements.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #28, August 30, 2008

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: Get 3X The Sales In 26 Hours?

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Marlon Sanders


One: If you called the office in the past 2 weeks:

I turned over a staff member and some phone calls weren't
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Two:  Joel Comm's book launches beginning of September

Joel Comm's revolutionary new book on the history of Internet
marketing coming soon. This book is gonna be big and it launches
on Tuesday.  It's much more than just “history.”  But that's in

You have a REAL treat coming.

Three: Did You Get Your Evergreen System Transcripts?

The link was sent by email. If you didn't get it, contact Tim,
I'm also doing a mini Dashboard for it that's be a freebie
for ya.

Four:  If you're an affiliate, I NEED you to help us promote
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Four:  FORUM for Promo Dashboard buyers

I'm working on a solution. The one I had on the product page
didn't catch on because you had to create a separate login.
Rick Hanson is creating a 1-click login so hopefully it'll be
easy to get into and you guys and gals will use it.

Five:  The Daegan Smith audio interview

I'm gonna post it on the download page today. I wanted to make
it happen yesterday but we got sidetracked on our split testing
as you'll read in today's article.

C.  Get 3X The Sales In 26 Hours?

Subtitle:  Do you have a sales letter, banner, ad, Google ad,
solo ezine ad or something else not converting as good as
you'd like?

By Marlon Sanders


Several weeks ago I launched “The Promo Dashboard.”

I wrote the sales letter based on the proven formula
that causes EVERY Dashboard I do to sell big.

Well, this time I missed the Formula slightly and
my conversions to my list were OK but not great.

And the conversions of my affiliates were fair to
poor in some cases.

So I needed to fix this fast!

Especially after one of my long-time super affiliates
emailed the offer and got an abysmal response.

What did I do?

Easy peasy.  You split test. That means you use software that
rotates different versions of your sales letter and counts
the results.  A video on how to do this is one of the upcoming
bonuses I have in store for Promo Dashboard buyers.

Not rocket science here.  Really, I should have ran my
split tests when I launched the product.  One of the things
I'm creating a new system for is testing.

Things convert to MY list that may not perform as well to
affiliate lists since I have a relationship with my customers.

I need some “test traffic” pools to hone copy on before I
roll out to affiliates.  I never really needed this in the
past. But in today's hyper-competitive Internet marketing
arena, I do.  So that is one of the reasons I did the Interview
with Daegan Smith the other day.

He's an expert at building traffic pools you can quickly test
creative on.  In the biz, we call headlines and leads “creatives.”
For example, I might write some headlines on banner ads and then
test 'em.

Actually, I WILL be doing this on future sales letters.  It just
makes sense.

Anyway, I came up with several theories about what might increase
response.  For example, I theorized that the picture of
the Promo Dashboard itself might cause people to confuse
it with OTHER Dashboards I've done.

I also felt maybe I sold the steak too much and the sizzle
not enough.

Step 1:  I wrote several headlines and leads

The lead is the beginning of your sales letter.  The headline and
the lead are the most important part of your letter.

Step 2:  In one letter I ripped out the picture of the Dashboard,
so I could split test it vs. a version WITH the picture.

Step 3:  I hunted down an ezine issue I wrote with a headline that
did exceptionally well in terms of people publishing it on their
web site.

I created a sales letter version using THAT headline. And I created
a letter with pictures demonstrating more SIZZLE. You know, pix of
me around the world and so forth.

Step 4:  I ran the split test.

It only took a few hours for one of the new sales letters to get
4 sales vs. 0 for the original sales letter.

So I immediately went to THAT version.

Step 5: I took THAT winner and created several split test versions
of it.

Step 6:  I threw those up in the software.

The test version from step 4 STILL won out slightly.

Step 7:  I selected that as the winner in the software so for now
it's the only version being displayed.

You can see the CURRENT version at:

I have several ideas on OTHER things to test.

==> Our conversions are 3X to 4X higher than they were 26 hours ago.
It's making about a buck a click right now, which is right where
I want it.

In the meantime I found out we had some CSS code on the order page
that was causing a little “red” message on our SSL secure server

So I had Rick Hanson, my go-to programming genius, fix that.

==> My NEXT plan is to buy some traffic from Google, banners, ezines
or whatever and test out my sales letter on 100% cold traffic.

Then, if my conversions hold up, I'll show my affiliates those
numbers and we'll move forward.

My goal is to keep conversions at a buck a click.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Promo Dashboard.”
If you want to create your own info products, go to:


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D. “Services You Can Use”

If you are SMART enough to have read this FAR, you'll recognize I'm
making a mistake below by NOT offering free reports and lead
generators.  It's on my to do list.


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