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Marlon here.

Today's article is for intermediate and advanced marketers.

“Get Your Email Delivered!”

Subtitle: Email Delivery Issues For Intermediate & Advanced

There are some NEW changes in email delivery I wanna bring
up. Things I haven't heard anyone else discuss.

Since it's our lifeblood, I figure someone needs to have the
guts to openly discuss these issues.  A lot of marketers are
smug and wanna act like they have all the answers to every
single thing under the sun.

This is a pitch, not an honest discussion.

If you're a newbie, do NOT worry about this stuff.  You'll
learn these things as you go. And do NOT listen to the ding
dong naysayers who'll try to use these things are reasons to
follow their lamo plan.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #29, September 06, 2008

This issue contains:

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: Get That Email Delivered!

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C.  Email Delivery Issues For Intermediate & Advanced Marketers

By Marlon Sanders



Let's talk about the latest changes in email delivery.

I've been monitoring my email delivery and noticed a
few changes in the past two months.

Let me FIRST say you should NOT buy into those who
use email delivery issues as a reason to not send


My emails still rock. And Daegan started just 2 years
ago and is now doing 100 g's a month off of email.
I could site others.  (Daegan's interview is in Promo
Dashboard if you were lucky enough to snag it.)

NONE of the below stops people from shaking down
100 g's a month or more or less.

What this does mean is you have to focus on email
delivery, once you have a list to monitor.  If you don't
have a list, then fire up a Squeeze page, place some
ezine ads and ppc ads and get with the program.

This ezine issue is for INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED
marketers.  If you're a newbie, do NOT worry about this

It's not a huge issue.  These are nuances and things you
learn as you grow in this business.  Frankly, I never even
bothered to pay attention to many of these things until
this year.

Change 1:  Monitoring your email with Delivery Monitor.

I noticed this huge drop in my email delivery as reported
by a monitoring service I use called Delivery Monitor,
which is owned by Aweber.

I asked Aweber about it and they told me Brightmail and
some other services that help ISP's screen their email had
tightened up their filters to only sporadically deliver
emails to single confirms.

This is what a supervisor at Aweber told me.

The seed emails used by Delivery Monitor to check for
delivery are single confirms.  So this means the service
itself is apparently now inaccurate.

I'm sure the Aweber team is working hard to do whatever
they can to remedy this.  Or maybe they can't do anything.

Personally, I kinda doubt this explanation.  I tend to
think it's because I sent out ONE email endorsing a product
for a friend.

And I found out that email was on the blackhole list.
I can't say the word here.  But anyway, the issue on delivery
is that Brightmail works by email reputation.

They score your emails for reputation.  Which means that just
that one email probably caused my account to take a hit on
reputation, which does heal over time.

The other factor is I sent some html emails that were mostly
graphics. That could have caused my reputation to take a hit.
And I emailed 2X a day for 3 days in a row.

That could have done it.

Or maybe it was a confluence.  Or maybe my delivery was just
FINE!  If what the supervisor at Aweber told me is true, I
have no way of knowing if those little bar charts showing that
my delivery sucked are really accurate.

SOLUTION:  Here's my solution:

I'm going to monitor my link clicks and open rate more closely.
You pretty much know you didn't get delivered if your links
didn't get clicked in normal percentages.

Change 2:  It's now important that you monitor your bounces

Here's one I'm checking into but I'm not sure about.

When emails can't be delivered, they bounce or come back.
If that happens 3X or so, they get removed by your email

A soft bounce is when the email couldn't be delivered because
the person's email account is full or their service is down.
If you email daily, you take a bigger chance on getting your
soft bounces removed because the person hasn't had time yet
to clean out their email box.

A hard bounce is when the email isn't good anymore.

I THINK that when my emails bounce (don't get delivered) they
go to the email address I send 'em from.

If that's true, I can check that pop email account and run
what's called a bounce processor to see the hard and soft

Newbies, don't worry about this. It's an advanced strategy.
I'm not sure this will work but I'm gonna try it. has hard and soft bounce
managment built into it. I like that.

Change 3: now has a 100% email
trust rating.

I used an independent service given to me by one of the owners
of a big 3 autoresponder service to monitor what is called
Sender Score. This is the trust rating of the email provider
with ISP's.

What I found out is that (my 1 shopping
cart private label) now uses the Strongmail service and has a
100% sender trust score.

So don't believe the junk you read on the forums. They totally
have their act together on email deliverability from what I see.
In fact, it's becoming a strong point with them.

Change 4:  I noticed that my LONG emails seem to have a higher
bounce rate.

An email can also bounce because the receiver marks it as
unwanted.  Or complains.

So Aweber participates in an initiative that some ISP's are
going to where they put a link at the top of your email where
people can even more easily remove.

Alright.  But to be fair, if the ISP's are gonna do that,  why
don't they ALSO put a link up there that lets people subscribe
to MORE of your lists?

I mean, let's be fair.  A lot of people WANT your emails.
Apparently this fact escapes the attention of ISPs.

Anyway, I'm going to continue to monitor the bounce rate of my
long vs. short vs. text vs. html emails.  High bounce rates can
take a big dent out of your list fast.

But this has to be weighed against sales.

The ultimate solution is to be very aggressive in your lead
generation.  And also watch your list closely.

Change 5:  I noticed a very low click rate sending people to my
blog to read what I'd normally put in an email.

I'm going to test this more.

COMMENTS?  Post to my blog.

But if you post an uninformed opinion there trashing email,
I won't publish it.

NONE of the above stops people I personally know from snagging
100 G's a month primarily from email.

These are things, though, intermediate and advanced marketers should
know about and watch.
Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.” If you'd like to get on his
mailing list and receive tips, articles and information
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