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Build a business — Got Bills? The 12-Step Master Plan To Pay Your Bills And Build a Business


Marlon here.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

You can pay your bills.

And you can build a business.

Both using internet marketing. And doing things that you can
UNDERSTAND and don't have to be a rocket scientist to do.

Let me prove it:

I started out this new year talking about getting UNSTUCK
and setting goals.

I hope you've done that.

1. Identified your stuck point

2. Set your goals.

I then told the story about how a friend of mine has developed
a $3 a day income stream SEVEN HUNRED times by outsourcing it.

Then I moved on to explain how to break your bills and lifestyle
desires into daily amounts.

This is NOT just bills. You ALSO take things you want and break
those down into daily amounts. So if you want a new home, fancy
car or whatever, break it down into daily amounts.

Yesterday on my blog, I received a comment along the lines of
“Well, I'd hoped to build a business. But I guess I have to
downscale and just work on the bills.

This really is NOT the point.

In other words, yes, you do BOTH. You pay your bills AND you
build a business. Building a business imho means you build a
list or a few lists. You develop your reputation.

You set the stages for a long term presence in that market.

But you can make AFFILIATE sales to pay your bills AND build
that list and long-term business.

You do both.

The ideal scenaria is this:

Traffic ==> Squeeze ==> OTO ==> Emails ==> Blog ==> Video
or podcasts

1. The immediate One Time Offer after the squeeze can be
for your OWN products or a bonus offer for an affiliate product.

That erases the cost of getting the traffic. You can have 2
or 3 of these if you want.

You can add in forced continuity. If you've heard the Daegan
Smith interview in Promo Dashboard, you know how he does this.

Ben Hart does a $1 14-day trial of his membership site post
squeeze and says he has 2900+ subscribers that way at $37
a month. Run this number: 2900 x $37 and see if it pays
your bills.

Does it qualify as a business?

Ben has NO back end to speak of. He gives away freebie
ebooks then does his $1 offer. Listen to his interview
in the bonus for Promo Dashboard.

2. In the emails you send out links to CONTENT and articles
on your blog.

3. You include AFFILIATE OFFERS in your articles, content
and ezine…by referring to the urls in articles, ads and
giving away viral pdf's that sell the affiliate products

See — for how I do this.

Everytime you send out an affiliate offer, you knock off a
few bills.

4. Your blog sucks in Google using EVERGREEN traffic methods
I've talked about at length, including RSS feeds

5. Your blog has a link to your products catalog, which are
your own products or other people's products.

6. In your blogroll, you link to people you want as JV partners.
You also BLOG about them when they comment about you in THEIR
blog. This greases affiliate partners.

7. When someone mentions your name in their blog, you go comment
on it and link back to your site. This is how you get those
inbound links. Even if it's a “no follow' link, Google counts

8. You submit articles to ezine directories

9. You put articles into a viral ebook pdf that your affiliates
can resell and brand.

10. You alert your list to the articles and viral pdf's via
your Twitter account and Facebook.

11. You FOCUS on cranking up the traffic and sending out emails,
content, ezine articles and pitches to your email list.



How To Get Penny Clicks On Adwords

I personally bought this product. It's an intermediate
product (NOT newbie although it's very well explained)
that shows you how to use CPM advertising on Google to
snag penny clicks.

I'm gonna try it and if you want penny clicks, I recommend
you give it a whirl. I spent my own money on it. Read it.
And recommend it:


Here are all the tools you got to pay your bills:

Building your list
Your own products
Affiliate offers
Sending out emails
Ezine publishing
Affiliate marketing
Seo from inbound links
Viral ebooks
Inbound links
Blog commenting

Do you SEE this?

Step one: You build your list

Step two: You send out content, ezines, articles and promos

Step three: You sell affiliate products AND your own

Step four: You post your articles and content on your blog

Step five: You amp up your blog with RSS, blog roll, commenting

Step six: You turn the content you create into viral pdfs

Step seven: You distribute viral pdfs through affiliates

Step eight: The affiliates are recruited through your blogroll
and linking to their blog posts and commenting on their blogs.

Step nine: Commenting on their blogs not only recruits them as
an affiliate but gives you inbound links

In other words:

We build a list.

We send content, ezines and articles to it.

We use the blog to amp things up

We use the blog to get affiliates

We use Twitter and Facebook to distribute content links

We use Twitter and Facebook to meet affiliates

Is the Game making sense to you?

But HOW do you AFFORD to get people ON your email list?

To START with, you have a squeeze page then sell something after
the Squeeze. At least one thing to erase the cost of getting
the customer.

Post on my BLOG.

I personally read.

I personally respond.

Look at all my comments in response to comments.

I'm NOT a guru in an ivory tower who comes out only to dispense
words of wisdom during my high-end product launch only to dissapear
until the next launch.

I'm here giving you articles and content and support.

I talk to you.

I personally respond to blog posts.

  • Nigel says:

    Marlon – a great post, thx. I'm about to launch my own product (at long last) & will use SEO Lies & Evergreem promo methods. So I'm doing my website now and I want to ask – should I use my homepage as my sales page (seo lies) or have the sales page seperate and keep home page for linking out to sales page & a few key word pages (the Ken Evoy approach I think)?

    [Hi, I'm beginning to like the approach of turning the home page into an seo magnet and using the sub pages for landing pages IF the traffic is seo and ppc. IF the traffic comes from affiliates, you want a simple URL so make the sales letter the home page. SEO Lies gets its traffic from affiliates so that is why it's built that way. Good luck on your launch. But remember, it often takes a few tries at bat to hit a run or a home run.]

  • Hi, Marlon, 1st, thanks for the great advice in your 1/22nd response to me. On another note, I tried to sign up for your free ebook, How To Trade Time For Money…but the opt-in wouldn't accept my e-mail address. "not a valid address…."


    [Linda, I haven't heard that one. I know that people who already are on our list are having a problem. I JUST asked Tim to look at it for you.]

  • Will says:

    Thanks Marlon, you say it as it is. You do give solid and valuable information.

    Keep rockin


    [Will, I'm hoping this blog is do follow so you'll get link love. Honestly, I don't know if it is or not. I have to check it out. Anyway, appreciate your post and enthusiasm.]

  • tom says:

    marlon -free down load for yahoo freebe -dosnt down load correctly -tom [email protected]– great going to invest in the dash board-thanks

    [Hi, here is your solution. Here is Yahoo's blog where they offered the ebook:

  • @ Marlon; Quote "[Michael, thank you so much for those kind words. And actually, it really helps because a lot of people either buy it but never really use it or they just think it's b.s. So the social proof helps! Thanks for being a loyal supporter. How are your GOALS for the new year?]"

    Marlon you are so right I am also guilty of buying products and never getting round to using them but your Push Button Letters seemed so darn easy to use that I wanted to see if something so easy to use woud work.

    After creating the sales letter using your software I went from pretty much zero sales to a few each day which increased and then levelled out over the years. Since then I have grown and learnt from using your software and manually tweaked my sales letter.

    IF I had not bought your softwar Marlon I amy not be full time online today, that is why I am eternaly grateful to you.

    As for my 2009 goals? Creat small and easy income streams to cover my daily dollar amount living costs of course 🙂

    I wrote these down the other day and WOW is this gonna make things so much easier now.

    Thanks Marlon and I look forward to your next article and product release.

    Michael Sherriff

    (Notice double "R" so I'm not the town Sheriff)

    Hey Michael, I see that RR. I really appreciate your great comments. Maybe I'll make you a spokesperson!]

  • Katarina Bader says:

    I just bought $1 report about SEO.It is really a good info.I am trying for years to get better SEO results and so far I was able to do it only with articles. I am for keyword 'generate targeted leads' and no. two for ' generate targeted traffic'.My articles posted on ezine articles directory didn't get me good results. I get 7-10 clicks coming from directory out of more then 2 mill.searches.I think people don't like articles as much as I thought.

    I will try with more keywords and I will listen advice that J.Brook offers in a report.


    [Hey Kat, I think Justin's advice will work for you. Marlon]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I was going through my sales data and was shocked to see your name on my customer list!

    I'm absolutely pleased that you've given Ad Infiltration the thumbs up. The methods I teach are a little under the radar… both because not many people are talking about it, and because most PPC'ers never master "regular" PPC enough to venture into other advertising methods.

    The truth is, there is tons of traffic to be had on the content network. And most marketers completely ignore it! With the right research and product offer… well, you know the rest. 😉

    Shoot me an email if you have any questions getting set up. I'd love to hear from you!

    Steve Goltiao

    [Hi Steve, I bought the product because I promoted it to my list. You can see the ad several

    issues ago on It was an insert in my email. I like to buy products and review them before I endorse them. I do have a guy on staff who is setting up Adwords stuff. I'll have you work with him on setting up a campaign. Thanks Steve and I hope I brought you some decent sales. If you want to do a webinar or something, I'm open to it.]

  • Marlon you're a true genius who really differentiate himself from the crowd of mumbo-jumbo internet marketers you see out there.

    You're just hit another home run here with this post you made. Thank you for your insight and inspirational marketing you always disclose here on the blog.

    [Hi Justice, thanks for saying that. And I hope you've got some exciting goals for this new year, and that you have identified your stuck point and come up with a plan for blasting through it!]

  • Hi, Marlon, I've been flitting about the net now for 3-4 years…accomplishing nothing in terms of tangibles…$! I've seen your name over the years, read some of "you", but also bumped up against other marketers that appear top-notch, too. I've now come pretty much full circle and am now able to more appreciate what you're all about. And, Marlon, I really like what "you're all about!" I'm gonna be one of your "regulars." I took a look at marketingbully The way I'm reading it, you can use it to start simply and be "up and about" with the first affil. product in a day…and then build from that with other traffic methods, your own products? Right now I'm trying to take on so many traffic methods, so much of this and that, that as a newbie I've become over-whelmed and can't seem to pull together a real focus. Ouch! Big picture, please! Anyway, I would be interested in a Webinair on this product. …soon as possible! Also, do you anticipate Pre-Sell Robot 2 coming out soon? Thanks for your-insistence-or-else approach to reading your post here! Ok, ok, I did it!! 🙂

    [Linda, the Marketing Bully concept is for you! The idea is to break your bills down into daily amounts. Then focus on SIMPLE things you can do that will make that amount. You knock them off one-by-one. I would pick ONE traffic method and get good at IT before going to number TWO. So you can pick adwords as Bully talks about. Or article marketing. Or seo. Or even just commenting in forums with your sig line. Did you read my Master Plan article? Go and find it and re-read it. It shows how to put your big picture together. My ADVICE to you is to follow this strategy: Get people on a LIST. Send out emails with content or stories like I do. Promote different affiliate products in those emails. Post the articles or content on your blog so you get Google love. When you promote affiliate products in your emails, link to the web sites from your blog. This alerts the affiliate you've promoted them. YOu can also inform them. Now, you put all your articles into a viral PDF and let these folks reciprocate by giving away your viral ebook that has affiliate links in it or sells your own product. But go back and re-read the Master Plan email. Mark is Andre's friend and has written an ebook on preselling:

  • Thanks Marlon You are sooo a real person in heart to answer so many mesages. The law of attraction is kicking in and I can see a little bend down near the end.



    site was down for a while /is working now

    [Hey Cecil, glad to see you're into 2009! Hope you have some exciting new goals.]

  • Dawn says:

    Look up the word "newbie" in the dictionary, and you will see my picture!

    I have only been using a PC and surfing

    the web for a little over a year. Let's

    just say I found trying to learn the German language easier than trying to speak TELEMARKETING-GURU! I am trying to learn so I can find a way to make a living from home on my PC. MAYBE I will, eventually……. if my head doesn't explode FIRST!!


    [Dawn, read My free ebook there. That WILL get your head in order. Then I also recommend to break your bills down into daily amounts.]

  • Great Article Marlon.

    Ihave been woring day and night Doing all the things you listed.

    I'm just about twittered out from all the bloging, article writting, posting, and setting up Ebay store.

    You can FOLLOW THIS FELLOW, (tireponyman )

    thats me. A gurue, (not). Operating on faith based principles strong conviction.

    Thanks again marlon for sharing this information.

    [Hey Cecil, good work. But if you're getting twittered out, then maybe change strategy a bit. You want to work smarter not harder. I write an article once a day or once every few days. My Aweber automatically posts to my Twitter. My Facebook and Twitter are integrated. You shouldn't be working night and day to do that imho. It's maybe an hour a day.]

  • Nancy Boyd says:

    What a great outline for creating success with your IM biz. What I'd like to add is when you reach an item on the list that you haven't done yet or don't know how to do or don't have the tools (or whatever, like have your own product, for instance) — DO NOT stop there! Work on it until you have it mastered and complete, then go on to the next steps.

    I think most people just stop or give up or let themselves get distracted/start looking for an easier "magical" way instead. And that's why they never reach the finish line.

    Let your goal be to finish ALL the steps, and then you will know the process. You can always improve on it, but first you have to know what the basics are and how to do them.

    From there, the path is open for wherever you want to take it next. But it leads nowhere unless you actually do the steps.

    I'd rather be in action and learning, rather than jumping from one shiny thing to the next and not getting ANY results.

    Oh and on another point? Marlon makes great tools! Everything is right there, which makes it easy to focus.

    [Hey Nancy, thanks so much for that comment. It is dead spot on! You get it]

  • Hey Marlon, you missed two and they are:

    (1) Put whatever you have to sell up on EBAY. EVERYDAY, $120 MILLION changes hands on EBAY. Every month 55 million or so people visit EBAY. Go where you are sure there are people spending money.

    (2) Buy a one time bunch of 'cheap' real traffic to brand your offer and expose as many people as you can to maybe subscribing to your blog or list. The idea is that the more people you can say are on your list, the more other people will join up.

    Someday, you will come up with ultimate product … keep on trucking.


    [Hey Fred, Ebay is certainly an opportunity out there. You always have creative ideas. Thanks for posting.]

  • TheNightOwl says:

    Heya Marlon

    Terrific article, as always. Nice kick in the butt all simply laid out. Good stuff.

    Re: the SEO report…

    I won't be buying it until he removes whatever (potentially malicious) cross-site scripting agent he's got running on the salespage.

    I use noscript (which is a dream for blocking all sorts of Flash-based nasties from ever even getting a guernsey at tackling my system ) and it gives me the following alert when I hit the Buy Now button:

    "[NoScript XSS] Sanitized suspicious upload to [] from []: transformed into a download-only GET request."

    I'm not tech enough to decode that, but there's NO way I'm going to enter my PayPal details when I get this error (which is, maybe, 2 times out of 10 at websites I visit and fancy buying from).

    Any idea what's going on there? Presumably you've sent a big enough boat load of traffic across to be able to get on the phone (the number's at the bottom of the salespage) and find out.

    Look forward your reply.

    Thanks again for a great article.


    [Hey, fair enough. OK, he's not perfect or has glitches. But he has 100 keywords in the top 10 on Google. And I personally checked some of his keywords to see if they stuck or not. His stuff sticks. So here's a tip from the report. Your title tag on the page is what people will see as a blue hyperlink in Google. So put your keyword at the front of it and then on your meta description, sell the click. This is seo 101 but he explained it in way I got it. Also, he has some really good systems for getting inbound links using Google Alerts and an easy system you can outsource. A LOT of stuff on seo is just so detailed and complicated you can't grasp it. This is BIG PICTURE. I like seeing the big picture.]

  • Lionel says:

    Marlon thanks for all that useful step by step information you've really given it to us. You're truly the man, you always amaze me with the information you give away for free. You let us have all that knowledge by simply visiting your blog. Thanks.

    [Hi Lionel, thanks for your kind comments. And I do hope you get value, improve your marketing and make more money. By the way, my affiliate program is at :)]

  • Marlon, Ages ago uout told me to get the Paul hartunian. Itwas good advice but I did not compre at the time and only got hiis Publicity Kit 3 months ago . One big thing he repeats is `Tell your message page` but you go on and on and on. Its too much to read. Time is money so you need much fewer bla,bla. I appreciate you. You were a good guy to me with your advice. Hope this little one of mine helps. Bless you – Clive

    [Hey Clive, glad you got Paul's course. It's really an awesome course. Clive, I went on and on about getting the $1 seo report yesterday because people will get results from it. But thanks for being here and I hope some of my ideas help you make more this year. I hope you've identified your stuck point like I've talked about, broken your bills down into daily amounts and set a monthly and weekly plan to meet those and much more!]

  • Leah Dubyk says:

    okay, I'll get that report for the last buck I'm going to spend. This is it! You're right about meta tags being all wrong and what about all the alt tags not being used right or even at all? There's so much to do when you start in the middle of a mess…but 1 page at a time is too slow.

    Your emails are so demanding, it's like you're right there saying you better go and I mean right now, go and you better comment too! (LOL)…and that's the only reason I did as you instructed.

    I hope this works for selling physical products to dealerships, body shops, and car detailers, most of whom are not even on the internet. Everyone else is selling digital dreams (LOL) How do I sell the idea of a clean, shiny car?

    P.S. Thanks for answering – this was neat!

    [Leah, simple. You use LOCAL pay per click on Google. And YES actually, the report shows an EXAMPLE of a LOCAL lawn care service. So study that web site carefully. And then also you want to bid on your keywords in your LOCAL zip codes using Google pay per click. The principles of marketing are STILL the same Leah. You get prospects on a list and email them, voice blast and send direct mail until they BUY. Then you sell MORE stuff and more expensive stuff and recurring billing services to the SAME customers. Buy some Jay Abraham tapes off of Ebay. He's great for your type of business. It IS true that if they aren't on the Net and aren't searching for anything, then you're wasting your time. In that case, you do direct mail or telemarketing. There are probably marketing kits already created for people in your business. You really don't have to reinvent the wheel. But short of that, buy those Jay Abraham tapes. He's a true Jedi]

  • […] two or three terms for which you’d like to rank (without using location terms). For example Got Bills? The 12-Step Master Plan To Pay Your Bills And Build a Business – 01/21/2009 Got Bills? The 12-Step Master Plan To Pay Your Bills And Build a […]

  • Leah Dubyk says:

    I don't get what all the fuss it about? Isn't this the same thing as joining TRAFFIC KAHUNA but it doesn't cost $147 a month for it?

    There's so many new things that claim to be "all that" I think my brain won't register anything anymore!

    If you really want people to turn back to Internet Marketing — tell everyone to read this —the straight truth.
    —There's nothing to buy and being the guru you are (a good one) what are your comments on it? Or, did I miss them?

    [Hi, we're on different pages here. I did NOT ask you to spend $147 a month and frankly have NO idea what you're referring to. I asked you to spend a buck on an SEO report. I'll give you an example of WHY from your own site. This is your meta description:

    Production Car Care Products has been in the business of manufacturing cleaners, polishes and waxes for the automotive industry since 1968. We supply our Distributors with the highest quality products because that's what professional car detailers demand.

    What he explains in the dollar report is the PURPOSE of the meta description is to get people to click. It's what people see in Google. What you said there does NOT make anyone want to CLICK. 80% or 90% of people have their title tag or meta description jacked up, including me. THIS is why I said it's a must buy for a buck.

    In terms of the Master Plan I painted Leah, here's the thing: You say you don't know who to believe. Fair enough. What I'm flat out telling you is if you want to make money you need to SELL stuff to a LIST. You need to BUILD a list. Then sell them more. Then sell them more. If you like that idea, then you can probably learn from me. If it's not your cup of tea, then I wouldn't be your guy.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Excellent article. You really have broken it down to easy bite size pieces that's easy to digest, understand and most important to take action on. And wouldn't you know it, you demystify the process that many others complicate.

    I'll be looking forward to your future emails.



    [Hey Curt, I'm glad you found the article useful. And yes, it all fits together and isn't some huge mystery. That's why I love that little $1 PDF on seo by Justin. It explains seo in terms a normal person who isn't an seo pro can understand and act on.]

  • Great stuff Marlon..just like a General marshalling his troops..after going through the info in promo dashboard sut uo first squeeze page:
    needs work..just firing now need to tweak & aim,, getting subscribers though.. so consistancy of effort pays off..

    [George! Nice my friend, You're making progress here. I'm liking what I'm seeing! Yes, consistent effort is everything.]

  • Mark Etier says:

    That is such a kindness you've done, Marlon, telling folks how to "break it down" into little, do-able chunks. As the Rev. Schuyler said, "Yard by yard, it's hard. Inch by inch, it's a cinch."

    Keep it up,


    [Mark, I think people have gotten overwhelmed with the idea of building massive businesses that things have gotten to be castles in the sky. By breaking bills down into daily amounts and creating income streams to match, you take things out of theory and into the practical world we live in.]

  • marlon: I want to tell you I just wished I had met you a year ago. Well actually I haven't met you but I feel like I have.

    I feel like I can connect with you. I think for me it's the way you present yourself. No BS but in the same instance

    truly wanting to help. You are the second person I have had the pleasure to listen to ( via the internet ) in 2 years. To me you just seem to make sense.

    I'm trying to absorb as much as I can as fast as I can. Thank you for your blunt wisdom. matthew w faulkner

    [Hey brother, I am SO HAPPY this is making sense. And yeah, I was afraid it was TOO blunt. But I felt it needed to be said. Now, get your list building going, your blog posts in action, sell some affiliate products as you create your own and start cranking up your money train! Make it happen in 2009. Get a list. Send content. Include product offers. Post content to your blog. Hop on Twitter and Facebook. Deliver content. Sell. Deliver content. Sell.]

  • Marlon,

    Thanks for a great article with great info and useful real content – you are one of the very few big name marketers who I have followed for years.

    You always deliver and the quantity and high quality of the content you make freely available is commendable Marlon.

    I bought your Push Button Sales Letters software years ago, it turned my website around and lead to that one website that I first used it on being responsible for providing me with a full time income.

    For that Marlon I am eternally gratefull to you. Thank you.


    [Michael, thank you so much for those kind words. And actually, it really helps because a lot of people either buy it but never really use it or they just think it's b.s. So the social proof helps! Thanks for being a loyal supporter. How are your GOALS for the new year?]

  • Glenn says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I just started reading your material, as I accidentily stumbled upon it, and thanks a lot for the article you sent today. That clarified a lot of stuff for me. I am new at this internet marketing. However, I have ordered other's products, but you are the first who wrote an article that relly made sense for me. I have four e-books that I have written, but really didn't know how to promote them. Thanks for clearing the air, and I printed off the article, and will follow it to a tee. Thanks for the great content. I had a blog at one time but didn't know how to monetize it. Again, I will continue to read your material and your product info. I am sure you have a lot of products that will get my butt in gear and make 09 the year.


    [Glenn, you should be EXCITED now because you got a MASTER PLAN that ties everything together! It's time to get off your but's and get this puppy going! Crank it up man….]

  • al garretson says:



    1 got a website haven't put a name on it yet.working on a great little piece for the ezines.I bought niche blueprinnt

    auto responder and now I'M NOT SITTING ON THE FENCE ANYMORE MARLON.

    For 2 month's I been tossed around lied to led to water like sheep but i have been learning.IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE and I am ready to take charge of my future.

    Thank's for all the insight you have made avery bib difference in my perspective Marlon and that is a good thing. You truely are the BEST MY FRIEND

    wishing you the best

    Al Garretson

    [Al, thank GOD you read my emails and we saved you from OBLIVION! I'm SO freaking happy to hear you aren't sitting on the fence anymore. Now get it going and show everyone how it's done! You are right. Take charge. Be the one who MAKES things happen.]

  • Marlon,

    You've really boiled it down nicely as far as a great strategy to build an online business goes! I'm doing some of those steps but really need to get going on the other ones.

    I've read about doing all of these things but you're the first one I've seen that put them all together in one actionable plan.

    It all makes so much more sense now.

    [Hey Dan, yeah it SURE helps when you have the big picture first, right?]

    Thanks so much,


  • thanks for the response. that is so cool. don't laugh too hard, but one thing i resisted until now was creating a list. i know, it probably sounds dumb. but at times i just couldn't think of the next step. it didn't seem to fit my mainly offline business model. so i sort of bypassed it for the most part. but not now.

    quick question. is a video squeeze page the "best" way to build a list. it seems this seems to be the trend. and would it help if the video was on a blog post that gets some traffic?

    thanks about the webinar. keep me posted, and i'm getting the $1.00 seo report tonight.

    [Hey bro, thanks for your comments and I'm glad I helped. Now, video squeezes are good. But really, get it going then improve it. I opt in to MANY lists that have no video. They just got something I want. I'll even pay a buck like I did for seo lies.]

    really cool you actually answered my post. that's a first. oh yeah, you can check me out on twitter if you like (

  • Renato says:

    I have no words to thanks for your article. It should be read again and again….in order to learn everything you are teaching.

    [Hi Renato, if enough people are interested, I'll do a teleseminar on it. Thanks for your kind words. And if you didn't snag the $1 seo report, I can't recommend it too highly.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I am a long time subscriber to your list and also one of your affiliates! I can see that your plan will work perfectly , and if you take a look at my Blog at you will see that I "get" what you are talking about , but I need some help with a squeeze page, building my list , and just dotting the i's really! I would invest $79 (even though I am based in the UK, and the exchange rate has gone south) I look forward to hearing from you !

    Steve Cotterell

    [Hey Steve, THANK YOU for being a long time subscriber, reader and affiliate. I want to get your SUCCESSFUL!! Now, buy the $1 seo report I sent out the email on.

    I just finished reading it again and taking 3 pages of notes! Now, on your Squeeze page, get Promo Dashboard. It's step by step. And covers getting people to BUY once they are on your list also. Thanks for posting. Good luck Steve.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    The list is great – except where's number 12 ?? Even at only 11, it's going up right next to my monitor as my daily kick-butt reminder!

    But, I'm slapping myself for not putting up my posts and articles which contain affiliate links instead of just showing a link to the blog itself..dumb and dumber!

    Just bought info product dashboard and had to follow with promo dashboard as well..particularly impressed with the first 3 lessons of promo that I've been doing at the rate of 1 per day as you suggested. Slapped again, never though of many of the research techniques you point out.



    [Steve, thanks and you know what 12 is? REPEAT the first 11! Hee hee. No actually, I didn't put anything in there about buying ads on ezines and blogs and forums to send traffic to a squeeze paet. That should be #12. It's simple. Low cost. And works. The good news about the affiliate links is they will make you more money. Also, Steven, create videos about the affiliate products you endorse and post on your blog. Then alert your list, Twitter and FAcebook. You can post the vid on Facebook too! How great is that?]

  • Joe Johnston says:

    Thanks coach – Can I? Yes. Have I? No (my fault) Will I? Yes (unstuck)- when's the teleseminar? Warmest regards!

    [Joe, I gotta write some semblance of a sales letter. But first I need to see people really WANT this. I'm here to serve, not to push things down people's throat. Did this help put things in perspective some for you? It all ties together.]

  • Tautua Leau says:


    I printed the article today, the steps are very clear on what is require for me to get going. It also answered some of the questions I had regarding the consistency of my blog and what I must say and do using my blog and facebook.

    thanks for the information, you are the best.


    [Hey Tau, it all ties together. Facebook has groups you can participate in to find people with lists. Or start your own for your customers. You can post your content to your Facebook folks and hook it up with Twitter. It's a great place to interact with potential affiliates.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I know that this plan work because I use it as well.



    [Hi Franck, I'm sure those who doubt will find those words reassuring. Thanks for posting!]

  • Jen says:

    Hi Marlon!

    Thank you for your very clear advice! I'm working hard to find clarity in all this and you are a huge help. I currently have the design dashboard but I look forward to buying your other products. And I would pay $79. for the webinar. So far in my experience your products deliver what they promise!

    Thanks again.

    [Hi Jen, I HOPE the article today clarifies an overall game plan and makes it seem more doable. The system really DOES work! Marlon]

  • Dave Schwatz says:

    You said:

    "Go read Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson."

    So ordered.

  • Marijo says:

    Hi Again…

    No, I don't have a shopping cart. I have never put a product on Clickbank 'personally', although I do have an ebook on there that someone else put on for me (I outsourced all of that). I'm just trying to learn all of this now myself.

    I do have a second ebook now and a cover, a sales letter…and that's it. I don't know where to go from there!

    Appreciate your advice…


  • Marijo says:

    Hey Marlon…

    Always great content…I love all your down-to-earth and doable advice…Thanks!

    If I were wanting to build my own mini websites, (not a techie person 'at all') and learn about Aweber, and all that goes with selling an ebook on line, getting traffic, collecting email addresses, driving traffic…the whole ball of wax…

    What would you tell me to do to start learning all this, where should I start and it would take me all the way to completion? I have the ebook ready to go. I realize I can outsource (I have done some of that), but I'd like to learn to do it myself from scratch…the easiest method you'd recommend?

    Thanks for all you share with us!

    (And YES I would pay for a $79 webinar with you hands down!)


    [Hi Marijo, do you have a shopping cart set up yet or a sales letter created? Do you know how to put products on Clickbank? Post back so I can help you.]

  • Zara says:

    Hi Marlon, good article, I'm using a plan like this but I'm changing over to a membership web site to get subscribers/optin's that way, each group within my club has a freebie affiliate product with OTO added the top.

    The big challenge is getting my facebook, mybloglog, youtube,and other contacts on networks directed towards my club – my current plan is using twitter to do this as most people on these separate networks use twitter, so I'm preparing people to join my flock of birds for migration when I've plumped up the nest a bit with rebranded freebies 🙂

    [Hi Zara, you can also do daily updates on Facebook. Create a group on Facebook that you use to migrate people over. And work Twitter as you said.]

  • Kevin Wallace says:

    Not on the "A team" I'm afraid. I know that Clickbank now offers recurring billing but membership site isn't integrated yet w/Clickbank so therein lies my brick wall.

    Really appreciate the follow up and your e-mails. Always great content with just the right amount of kick in the butt.

    [Kevin, use Paydotcom them. Or use Amember and Paypal as we explain in The last row is a tutorial on Amember. Bro, what you want to do is set up a membership site, is that correct? If so, I'll try to give you a good resource over and above what I've said here.]

  • Bill Covert says:

    Great info Marlon. You gave me the inspiration to MAKE IT HAPPEN this year. I've been on the sidelines now for years. I even have purchased one of your Dashboard products (although I don't know which b/c all the sign-in info is on a computer I can't use anymore). Sidenote: If you find which product I bought, could you send me the log-in info? Thanks! I bought it using my email: billcovert@XXXXXXX

    I've helped businesses since 1991 grow their businesses. However, for the last 3 years my wife and I closed everything down to become full-time parents.

    2009 will be my year to add value again to Entrepreneurs. My clients all call my The Accelerator For Success – so that is the domain name I've secured. I need to start building a list and adding value.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

    Bill Covert

    [Bill, to get support go to: Tim is there all day every day. And there is live chat if you need it. I'm SO HAPPY to hear you're on target with this! Print out my article today. Hang it up where you can use it as a CHECKLIST! You might wanna join Ateam. But either way, congrats on making the decision to rock and roll this new year!]

  • Kevin Wallace says:

    Fantastic content as always. Your products are always easy to follow so, yes, if you were to put on a "12 step" for IM Anonymous, I'd be there.

    My biggest problem seems to be in connecting the dots between a clickbank product and a forced continuity that doesn't have a direct connect between the two and incorporating affiliates.

    Thanks as always for staying in touch even without a launch!

    [Hey Kevin, Clickbank DOES allow recurring billing. Not sure about forced continuity since I don't sell on them. You can do forced continuity through paydotcom I'm sure. Or set up your own system with Amember like I do and like I teach in the Dashboards. Now, if you're an affiliate wanting to ADD income streams, then you find products that HAVE forced continuity built in. Does this help? We can discuss it on an Ateam call if you want.]

  • Dave Schwatz says:

    One more thing… the checklist idea is tremendous. That is why I truly enjoyed your Product Dashboard. I highly recommend it.

    As a high-tech guy many of those ideas were not new to me… I even have many of the software tools in my arsenal already. But having a checklist of to-do items – do this, now do this, now do that – end of week one, etc. – that was just phenomenal.

    But despite having many of the tools already, I STILL found tools I didn't have. Like the free FX stuff.

    I enjoyed that product so much that I will probably buy more dashboards as time goes on.

    (Sorry if this was in the wrong blog entry but it was the blog-du-jour.)

    [Hi Dave, I appreciate your comments and passion for this business. You have a lot going. Honestly, my friend, I have a GREAT reco for you. Go read Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson. I really think it's the book you need to read right now to show you how to go to the next level. YOu're beyond where most people are. You're ready to step this baby UP! You need a NEW model, a better model. And it's in that book. I think you're STUCK on how to grow your business to the next level. That book will show you how to get unstuck.]

  • Dave Schwatz says:

    One thing that concerns me with the approach of most "marketing gurus" (of which you are one) is the absolute lack of concern about building a good product.

    Now, I get it… marketing is the most important thing by far. And the true marketers will say that marketing is the ONLY thing that matters.

    However, if you want to stay in business for YEARS – and perhaps if you enjoy sleeping well at night – you must be concerned about creating a quality product.

    There has to be more to it than "hustling one's way to cash."

    Would you consider spending some time on intellectual product development?

    [Dave, I don't know even ONE guru who says or thinks product quality isn't vital. Most gurus imho deliver a lot more value than people pay for with maybe a few exceptions. My gosh, you should see what I had to learn from in the past. Not jack. I would have LOVED all these great info products today. John Reese put a LOT into Traffic Secrets. Jeff Walker? Brilliant. Ryan Deiss? Brilliant. Russ Brunson? Great stuff. Frank Kern? Masterful. Now, I disagree about overall approaches sometimes. But in terms of how much value they deliver in products. I think it's very high.

    And I don't know ONE guru who says it's ok to put out crappy products. Not one. I DO know they talk about marketing because creating quality products is NOT the problem people have. It's SELLING them. Do you know how many GREAT, awesome books there are in the world that under 3,000 copies were published because they didn't SELL?

    I've talked tons in the past about info product creation. I've written reams on it. Some it is in Some if it is the gazillions of past articles I've sent out. But I'm happy to talk about it MORE. Tell me what else you want me to talk about concerning it? The short story is you find out what people WANT and create info products around it that increase in price as they progress through your funnel.]

  • Colin says:

    Hi Marlon, always read your emails and enjoy them. Take your point about being serious about working on this but not sure what to do first. I'm experienced in selling travel on the web and can do most of the steps you detail but havent' got a list and dont' know how to actually create one. Can build sites, do autoresponders, eBooks, PDF reports, etc, etc but for my own sales niche. Trying to break into another different niche, Clickbank producst perhaps but not sure what to do.


    [Hey Colin, it sounds like you are so CLOSE!! Get Promo Dashboard and do it. That is how you build your list.]

  • hi marlon, i have to tell you this was a great article. you certainly made it sound simple. i turned online to grow my biz, and in the meantime seemed to be chasing my tail at times. but here you made it sound so basic. yes, i've heard some of this before, but why haven't i just followed this recipe?

    thanks a bunch for the content, and i'm opting into your list…


    [Michael, I'll do a webinar and break it down more….if you want…buy it'll be something decent like $79 or 97. Marlon]

  • >