Build a business — Got Bills? The 12-Step Master Plan To Pay Your Bills And Build a Business

Build a business — Got Bills? The 12-Step Master Plan To Pay Your Bills And Build a Business


Marlon here.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

You can pay your bills.

And you can build a business.

Both using internet marketing. And doing things that you can
UNDERSTAND and don't have to be a rocket scientist to do.

Let me prove it:

I started out this new year talking about getting UNSTUCK
and setting goals.

I hope you've done that.

1. Identified your stuck point

2. Set your goals.

I then told the story about how a friend of mine has developed
a $3 a day income stream SEVEN HUNRED times by outsourcing it.

Then I moved on to explain how to break your bills and lifestyle
desires into daily amounts.

This is NOT just bills. You ALSO take things you want and break
those down into daily amounts. So if you want a new home, fancy
car or whatever, break it down into daily amounts.

Yesterday on my blog, I received a comment along the lines of
“Well, I'd hoped to build a business. But I guess I have to
downscale and just work on the bills.

This really is NOT the point.

In other words, yes, you do BOTH. You pay your bills AND you
build a business. Building a business imho means you build a
list or a few lists. You develop your reputation.

You set the stages for a long term presence in that market.

But you can make AFFILIATE sales to pay your bills AND build
that list and long-term business.

You do both.

The ideal scenaria is this:

Traffic ==> Squeeze ==> OTO ==> Emails ==> Blog ==> Video
or podcasts

1. The immediate One Time Offer after the squeeze can be
for your OWN products or a bonus offer for an affiliate product.

That erases the cost of getting the traffic. You can have 2
or 3 of these if you want.

You can add in forced continuity. If you've heard the Daegan
Smith interview in Promo Dashboard, you know how he does this.

Ben Hart does a $1 14-day trial of his membership site post
squeeze and says he has 2900+ subscribers that way at $37
a month. Run this number: 2900 x $37 and see if it pays
your bills.

Does it qualify as a business?

Ben has NO back end to speak of. He gives away freebie
ebooks then does his $1 offer. Listen to his interview
in the bonus for Promo Dashboard.

2. In the emails you send out links to CONTENT and articles
on your blog.

3. You include AFFILIATE OFFERS in your articles, content
and ezine…by referring to the urls in articles, ads and
giving away viral pdf's that sell the affiliate products

See — for how I do this.

Everytime you send out an affiliate offer, you knock off a
few bills.

4. Your blog sucks in Google using EVERGREEN traffic methods
I've talked about at length, including RSS feeds

5. Your blog has a link to your products catalog, which are
your own products or other people's products.

6. In your blogroll, you link to people you want as JV partners.
You also BLOG about them when they comment about you in THEIR
blog. This greases affiliate partners.

7. When someone mentions your name in their blog, you go comment
on it and link back to your site. This is how you get those
inbound links. Even if it's a “no follow' link, Google counts

8. You submit articles to ezine directories

9. You put articles into a viral ebook pdf that your affiliates
can resell and brand.

10. You alert your list to the articles and viral pdf's via
your Twitter account and Facebook.

11. You FOCUS on cranking up the traffic and sending out emails,
content, ezine articles and pitches to your email list.



How To Get Penny Clicks On Adwords

I personally bought this product. It's an intermediate
product (NOT newbie although it's very well explained)
that shows you how to use CPM advertising on Google to
snag penny clicks.

I'm gonna try it and if you want penny clicks, I recommend
you give it a whirl. I spent my own money on it. Read it.
And recommend it:


Here are all the tools you got to pay your bills:

Building your list
Your own products
Affiliate offers
Sending out emails
Ezine publishing
Affiliate marketing
Seo from inbound links
Viral ebooks
Inbound links
Blog commenting

Do you SEE this?

Step one: You build your list

Step two: You send out content, ezines, articles and promos

Step three: You sell affiliate products AND your own

Step four: You post your articles and content on your blog

Step five: You amp up your blog with RSS, blog roll, commenting

Step six: You turn the content you create into viral pdfs

Step seven: You distribute viral pdfs through affiliates

Step eight: The affiliates are recruited through your blogroll
and linking to their blog posts and commenting on their blogs.

Step nine: Commenting on their blogs not only recruits them as
an affiliate but gives you inbound links

In other words:

We build a list.

We send content, ezines and articles to it.

We use the blog to amp things up

We use the blog to get affiliates

We use Twitter and Facebook to distribute content links

We use Twitter and Facebook to meet affiliates

Is the Game making sense to you?

But HOW do you AFFORD to get people ON your email list?

To START with, you have a squeeze page then sell something after
the Squeeze. At least one thing to erase the cost of getting
the customer.

Post on my BLOG.

I personally read.

I personally respond.

Look at all my comments in response to comments.

I'm NOT a guru in an ivory tower who comes out only to dispense
words of wisdom during my high-end product launch only to dissapear
until the next launch.

I'm here giving you articles and content and support.

I talk to you.

I personally respond to blog posts.

In 1978 this ad changed my life. But what is “the thing”
that caused me to buy it? What about the other ads I show?
What secret allowed me to get paid 70,000+ times for info products?
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