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Online Sales and Conversions Training — Over 1 Hour of Video

Click the play button on the above video to watch over 1 hour of hard-hitting online sales and conversion training.   This includes my detailed breakdown of $10,000 weeks across many years.

You get over ONE HOUR of online marketing sales and conversion training in the video above, two parts of which are taken DIRECTLY from my Rising Tide Online Sales and Conversions training. Your likes, comments and subscriptions on my Youtube channel send a message to me that you want more training like this. So it's in your self interest to take just a moment to like, comment and subscribe

In this newsletter you will discover:

* Where to get handwritten fonts for FREE

* How to add them using Clickfunnels, Optimize Press, Thrive themes, Dreamweaver, Instapages, Kompozer or other page creation tools you might be using.

* How to make handwritten arrows on your page to attract attention and direct eye flow

* EXACT secrets and elements from my $10,000 weeks.

1. A complete step-by-step walk through of handwritten notes and graphics that draw attention to your headline, scarcity and most critical parts of your sales letter.

The opening of your letter, video sales letter or webinar are responsible for how much of it
people watch. Thus, it's 80% of your response.

THIS is why I included the training in Rising Tide.

2. You get a whole video from the Rising Tide Workshop where I analyze and break down the golden thread running through my  $10,000+ weeks from over the years.

This is very detailed, high quality training.

3. As a bonus, I've added 30 minutes of vintage live video seminar training where I taught how to open sales letters.

This applies equally to video sales letters, webinars and even the first minute of your overview video on Udemy.

Below are a number of important notes about the video. These are points not necessarily made in the video, so you want to read the comments as well as watch the video.

Before I get into those comments, a few ANNOUNCEMENTS:

1. I just recorded 2 new update videos for Traffic Dashboard and Lorraine will be adding those to the member's area Sunday night.

2. If you're an affiliate, you can send your people TO this newsletter with ONE HOUR of sales and training conversion content on it AND make commissions. You give awesome content to your folks AND you make sales.

3. YOUR feedback and comments determine WHAT I write about in my newsletter. So express your voice in comments.

4. In the member's area on a TRIAL basis, I have ENABLED COMMENTS. This is a test. But if you have QUESTIONS on a specific part of a course, or you'd like to report on successes, use the comments. That's why I've enabled them.

Here are a few key points about the video above:

1. You can use CANVA.COM, PIXLR.COM or ANY graphics program to do this method in.

The only reason I'm showing Photoshop is because that's what I use and am comfortable in. I really like the Hand of Sean font but it isn't free.

You'll find MANY free handwritten fonts on as I show in the video.

2. Remember that this is NOT about being ARTSY. It's about sales and conversions.

The OPENING of your sales page, webinar or video sales letter determines 80% of your response. Things like handwritten notes, stars, arrows and underlines are PROVEN to increase response. Of course, it's wise to test in your particular application given time and resources.

But more often than not, you're going to find adding attention-getting devices helps pull in eyeballs to your headline, your deadline, your scarcity and your key sales arguments.

3. FACT: Most people today are launch-centric and in a bind AFTER their product launches.

I've written a whole blog post on this here.

4. I'm NOT against launches. I launch. I AM FOR evergreen promotions of existing products.

5. You STILL need new customers and new blood as I explained in depth in the newsletter here.

New customers are the lifeblood of your business. While you CAN make sales of products you originally created 10 years ago, selling to customers you obtained 10 years ago if you don't have any new customers is a lot tougher proposition. You MUST have conversions. But they are inseparable from bringing new customers into your marketing process.

6. A LOT of the countdown scripts are too separated from the overall sales process. This is one of the key methods that make the Rising Tide Formula work. Everything needs to fit together like a glove.

I actually have my hands a bit tied in doing the Rising Tide promotions themselves BECAUSE I'm NOT using the bulk of the Rising Tide method. Why? Because I don't want to make it too obvious. Plain and simple.

If you want to see more training like this, let me know in comments.  Also, you'll want to subscribe to my Youtube Channel here.

————————— — This is a product that will take you out of the box. — If you’re new, this is a good first product.

The POINT of Product Dashboard is to get you to create QUICK audio-based info products to TEST MARKET your ideas as fast as possible to find the 1 or 2 out of 7 that is a winner!

THAT is why I created Product Dashboard. Now, it’s really the APPLICATION of the product creation part of Gimme My Money Now, which is the action plan for Amazing Formula. In Gimme, I teach to do a 12-product survey, create a FAST audio product, TEST it with a KSL and roll it out via affiliate traffic. That model applies TODAY every bit as much as when I originally created the model.

What I FOUND was Gimme presented the IDEAS but not enough of the mechanics on HOW to DO the fast audio products for some people to be able to implement it. So I said, “Hey, let me REALLY help people by putting this into a step-by-step how to.” Again, I KNOW you want to know, “Marlon, is it out of date?” The answer is again, I teach EVERGREEN stuff. It’s basic. Find your target audience. Do a survey. Find out what they want. Create a FAST audio product and see if it SELLS. That’s the whole concept. A few SMALL details may have changed…like the VERSION of Audacity you use I’m sure has changed. It doesn’t matter. It’s the BASICS that matter. THAT is the concept behind Product Dashboard. Survey > Create audio > TEST FAST. If it sells, roll with it and roll out an affiliate program. If it doesn’t, do the NEXT ONE.

Get all the basics on how to do graphics the REAL WAY using PSD’s from Photoshop Elements, so later you can graduate to full-blown Photoshop. This is very basic but really, really good training in just the core stuff you need to START OUT with. This is training wheels for graphic design. You won’t become a pro overnight. But this gets you on the RIGHT PATH and that is the PURPOSE. We updated screen caps last year. None of the basics in Photoshop Elements change much. You got a lasso. Paint bucket. Patterns. Gradients. This is what we teach here. BASICS. To me, if you’re really SERIOUS and don’t want to just hire out all graphics, you need this.

Get “training wheels” to walk you through my famous 12-step formula I taught around the world in 120 seminars Fill in the blanks and click a button.
The ORIGINAL fill-in-the-blanks letter software. This is NOT about magically creating sales letters. It’s like TRAINING WHEELS for my 12-step formula to FORCE you to use it and walk through the process mentally. I found in teaching this in 120 seminars that people would not actually DO the formula I taught. So I decided to create a way to FORCE FEED it. THAT is why I created Push Button Letters that then spawned the whole entire genre of sales letter creation software, MOST of it sold as a magic pill without understanding the GOAL which is to get you to MENTALLY PROCESS and walk through a precise, step-by-step FORMULA.

The exact things I taught a new employee to get him up to speed on all this marketing stuff in 30 days. And will get YOU up to speed on the absolutely criticall basic knowledge also. Get up to speed FAST with the in-house training I gave one of my new employees. I love this product. To me it’s Evergreen. The stuff I teach here is what I feel is absolutely VITAL for anyone to know, including a new employee, new customer or whoever. That includes you. This is BASIC but powerful training. I find a LOT of people miss the BASICS, so they get no value from other stuff they buy. You HAVE to put in your basics FIRST

Want to know how I got 30,000 affiliates to promote me? I love this product also. It’s how I got several million people to my websites.   It includes the steps, the documentation, everything. Now, yes, I did this product some years ago. You’ll find out the things I do, teach and believe in are EVERGREEN. The answer is NO. It’s not outdated. YES, everything in it STILL applies. Do I STILL use everything you’ll read about it in it. It’s my BLUEPRINT for a highly successful affiliate program. Check this puppy out:

Need a target market?
If you’re struggling to find a target market, I think this can help. It isn’t the ONLY thing you need. It isn’t like “the answer.” But I really think if you delve into the tool it talks about that you can really gain a deeper understanding of what is SELLING in the market. That is the purpose of it.

Money Getting Secret: On December 3, 1998, I Discovered A “Money Getting” Secret That I've Repeated 122 Times — And You Can Use This Same Secret Starting 2 Hours and 58 Minutes From Right Now!

List To the “Pizza Cast” and discover some cool secrets of promoting products: I did this when I employed Santos. I think it’s a good discussion of Promo Dashboard and the purpose of it. I like this interview a lot personally! Even though I did it 2 or 3 years ago that’s why I keep it up. I think it ALL still applies. Again, this is another EVERGREEN PRODUCT and concept.

How To Trick Out Your Optin Boxes Before You Can Say Jack Flash… Then Put ‘Em On Your Facebook, Blog, Web Pages, Sidebars, Fly-Ins, Squeeze Pages, Email Capture Pages, Exits And Pop Up's And Become A Freakin' List Building Machine!  Lisa did this quite a bit of time back.  But it STILL covers the basics.

 Internet marketing road not taken

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost


  • William Cato says:

    Hey Marlon, this is really a fantastic post. I don’t know about anyone else but I found it entertaining, very lucrative (lots of tactics swirling around my head) and fun, (Ya, I guess that will go with entertaining but I find it fun when I learn something new. I learn several things today.)
    I am crafting an announcement to send my sub’s to this page and check out this video.
    All I can say Marlon, is that you don’t disappoint. Keep ’em coming.

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