Here’s your chance to WIN a copy of Product Dashboard — FREE!

Here’s your chance to WIN a copy of Product Dashboard — FREE!


Here's your chance to WIN a copy of Product Dashboard — FREE!  But only if you ACT before September 25.

Here's how you do it:

1.  Follow the instructions in my ezine today to create a how to info product that contains at least 4 videos:

2.  Post the videos on a page on a free blog, Google Pages, or even just upload the videos to youtube and provide us the links.  

You can use HubPages or other web 2.0 sites if you want or even Squidoo.  If you have your own hosting, you can use that.

But NO expenditures are required to participate in this.  You can use the FREE Camstudio software or the 30 day free trial of Hypercam to produce your videos.  I believe Camtasia has a free trial also.

You CAN link to the videos on Youtube but it's better if you follow the instructions on embedding your videos in a web page.  You can host the videos on Viddler, Youtube or any other video site.  If you plan on selling the product, you can take the videos down after the deadline date.

These videos must be created by YOU and no one else.

3.  Post the link to your download page, HubPage, Squidoo Lens or wherver you've embedded your videos as a reply to the comments in this post.  

Do NOT use any copyrighted images or audio in your product that you don't own the rights to.  Content must be G rated.  No illegal topics are accepted.  No profanity.

4.  The person who does the best job of creating an info product by following the instructions in the ezine today as ranked by yours truly and my staff wins a Product Dashboard.

No purchase of anything required.  Void where prohibited.  Employees of HRMI not allowed.   The deadline for submission is September 25, 2009 at 5 p.m. CST.  Only 1 entry per family.  This contest is NOT open to people in my Whiteboard training because those people would have a HUGE unfair advantage over those NOT in the training.

To enter, post your download page with embedded videos or links to your videos in the comments of this post.

NOTE:  When I do contests like this there's often someone disapointed they didn't win or that sort of thing.  Realize, the PRIZE is YOU taking action and applying what you learn. THAT is the real reward.  The Product Dashboard is just a little thing to make it fun for everyone.

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