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  • sarie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thank you for your regular e-mails. Can you tell me how to create or get a blog? I really don't have a clue.

    I have tried to read your first page where you can sign up for the URL, but the page "freeze" every time.

    [Hi, what is the url that is freezing up for you? Instructions on setting up your blog are in Promo Dashboard. If I recall, it's row 5, icon 1 or there abouts.]

  • Mike Robbins says:

    as usual Marlon, you hit it right on top of the nail.

    the stuff you put your e-mails, I picked the other so-called gurus put in their expensive e-books and sell 😉

    [Brother Mike, glad I'm of service to you and thanks for your positive energy.]

  • Tia Dobi says:

    <code>P.S. Of course I'm considering filing a patent on a certain method of PR and a certain process in resume writing…if that's not too wacky. 😀 (no it's not) It's time to become a MS affiliate…ready or not.

    [Tia, there is a thing called a process patent. You might look into that.]

  • Tia Dobi says:

    Ah ye-ees. The USP separates the millionaires from the 6-figure (or less) copywriters.

    I think I will write an e-book on creating a USP.

    Do you think that would be usefull to the masses Marlon?

    Tia D.

    P.T Barnum in a skirt producing intelligent creative to sell your stuff.

    (That's not a USP by the way..it's a handle. $M USPs always include a promise that preferably, only you can make.)

    [Hey Tia, mentioned you to Joe last night just as I promised. We came up with a good USP for Pat but I don't wanna give it away. A book on USP. There's 1 or 2 on the topic in the bookstore. Don't know how they sold. You have to look at what topics are tipping.]

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