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Homeless Woman Blogs Her Way OFF The Wallmart Parking Lot

Marlon's Marketing Minute
September 12, 2009


Marlon here.

This week's Marlon's Marketing Minute article:

“Homeless Woman Blogs Her Way OFF The Wallmart Parking Lot”

Subtitle: How to never lose money learning Internet marketing


— How a homeless woman blogged her way off the streets
— Two example products you CAN model today — without training
— Can you create 4 videos?
— Evergreen vs. easily outdated
— The 5 steps of “Old School” marketing
— How to not LOSE money
— The best way to build your list

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
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Vol. 4, #33, September 12, 2009

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C. “Homeless Woman Blogs Her Way OFF The Wallmart Parking Lot”

Subtitle: How to never lose money learning Internet marketing

This is a great story:


This formerly homeless woman spent hours at the coffee shop
sending out resumes.  So she started blogging about her
adventures in a blog called…

“The Girl's Guide to Homelessness.”

She blogged her way OFF living on the Wallmart parking lot.

Now she's writing a column on fashion for Elle magazine.

This story should inspire MANY people.

I mean, if a homeless woman living on the Wallmart parking
lot can get off the streets by blogging, then, you know,
maybe it REALLY isn't hopeless for you!

Here's the difference between this lady and so many people:

She took a LOT of action.

Finding herself in a difficult circumstance, she spent hours
and hours at a coffee shop with wi-fi sending out resumes.

Then she started blogging about her job interviews.

She took action.

And that's the difference.

She didn't have an ebook on how to get off the parking lot
of Wallmart by blogging.

She didn't have a mindmap on how to get a job at Elle
magazine writing fasion.

She didn't even own a computer.

Now, learning is totally awesome.  And I believe in giving yourself
every shortcut you can.  But at the end of the day,
you gotta get it going — whether you know what you're doing or not.

Normally, I publish very specific tips, secrets, steps and how to's here.

But I see a small number of people in this business who have
a powerless mindset.  They think “gurus” are doing it to them
and it's all the teacher's fault.

They think it's someone else's fault that they aren't driving a ferrari by now.

They think that it's “too hard” to blog, create products or do video.

Basically, they feel they're powerless to create results in
their life and their lack of results are all someone else's fault.

They feel it's someone else's fault they don't have a product
to sell yet.

Yeah right.

I mean, come on now, the lady was homeless. Look at what SHE did!

Some people I read about NEED to get a job.

I read where people are going into DEBT trying to learn
Internet marketing.

They have it 360 degrees backwards.

You should be getting MORE money in the door than goes out
the door pretty much from month one.

You can't CREATE your own product and start selling it too soon.

Even if it's 6 videos on a web page.

Let me give you a MODEL for how to do this:

Example one:


Look at that. Is there ANY reason you can't create such a
simple product YOURSELF?

Look at the sales letter!  There's not a lot to it.  But it's
good.  It has a clear USP, a good headline, and proof in the form
of testimonials.

Example two:


The second one has FOUR videos.

LOOK at that site.

Are you telling me there's something about you that is so jacked
up YOU can't create FOUR VIDEOS and a very simple sales letter
like that with NO graphics?

Please!  Jason was freaking painting homes for $10 an hour when
he started in this business.  He'd never written copy nor created
a video or product in his life.

By the way, that second link has brought in quite a bit of
change.  I dare say more than a lot of people make in a year,
if you take into account the upsell.

Here's my point:

A few people told me they didn't have the $499 my new training
will cost on Tuesday.

Then get busy and create 4 videos and a sales letter like you
see above.

Buy a banner on a forum and stick the link to your sales
letter in a sig line and post on some forums every day.

It's not like getting $500 in the door is a massive undertaking.

Your Internet marketing education can and should be BETTER than
self funding.

Going into debt is ridiculous. If you can't pay your bills,
got get a job and some financial stability.

Mike Filsaime was sales manager for the nation's largest
Toyota dealership.  And he drove 2 hours to work and 2 hours home
EVERY day.

And he STILL put in an hour or two every day to start his IM business.

I'm NOT saying it's easy.

I'm saying it CAN be done and has been done.

There ARE no excuses for not having and selling your own products

Now, I'm all for selling affiliate products. And I realize you
see screen caps every day from people who throw out massive numbers
saying they do it by selling affiliate products alone.

And I believe they are telling the truth….sort of.

I DOUBT they're telling you what it REALLY takes for them to
have those sales.

But let's say they are.

I'm STILL going to contend the BEST way to build your list is
by selling your own product.  And it's the best way to sell
affiliate products.

To start with, selling affiliate products IS a good way to
get started.  But really, it shouldn't be but a few months
before you have at least one product of your own.

Now, there are others out there saying you don't need to build
a list.

Listen to them if you want.  But first ask yourself some

1.  Has their method been working since 1998 and before?

2.  Will their method be working 1 year from now?

3.  What happens when a lot of people start using their method?

Of course, they're only selling it to 500 people.  But listen,
word travels fast in this business.

You can listen to whoever you want to listen to and follow
whatever model you want. That's your choice.

Are the web 2.0 methods evergreen?

I like some of them.  But will Twitter and Facebook BE here
5 years from now?  I think web 2.0 is cool stuff and IS part
of a sound marketing arsenal.

Use them but don't bet the farm on them.

A lot of people want GIMMICKS instead of basic, sound,
“old school” marketing.

1.  You find your target buyers

2.  Put together an attractive report or video they WANT
and will subscribe to get.

3.  Send follow up emails

4.  Get your own product as soon as you can

5.  Start using multi-media to sell and promote

Blog posts, video, podcast audio, even postcards and
direct mail.  Not to mention webinars and teleseminars.

You can specialize in one of these or slowly roll out
the full arsenal.

Creating audio and video is EASY and fun now.

It used to be difficult. But it's stupid easy now, once
you know the tricks.

Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing and
“The Ambassador of Old School Marketing”

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step
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  • Derek Sanders says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the great newsletter…

    Whats the video editor that you use to create your fade-ins and completed videos?



    [Derek, that piece of information isn't free. It's something I'll be teaching in my whiteboard training. It takes a lot of time to discover little tricks, resources and secrets so that know how has value. Having said that, there are many products for creating video and if you don't have the funds to be in my whiteboard training starting this next week, grab one of 'em from your local computer store. They all work.]

  • Alex Mc says:

    Hi Marlon.

    I stumbled across your stuff on the Warrior Forum. I saw your post about creating your own product as well. You mentioned an article who got off the streets blogging.

    I HAD to find that story, and thats how I ended up here. And I am really glad I did. I love your approach to marketing and taking action. You make the process sound simple, and it is, but it DOES involve hard work. Which, unlike many "teachers" out there, you make no secret of it. I have massive respect for this approach and I really appreciate the kind of honesty you speak with.

    I have my own blog and have been focussed on delivering value, producing content and driving traffic. I have contributed to one product with a couple of partners, but the venture didn't go as well as hoped. I have never thought of creating and selling my own product 100% solo. And I have never written copy before to any good level.

    The links in your article didn't work for me (the examples of products to sell) but I am still mulling over creating and releasing my own product in the close future.

    Thanks for the content, and keep it up Marlon.


    A New Fan.

    [Hey, publish the links here that didn't work and I'll troubleshoot them. I think they were links to some of jason fladlien's products. Just search him on Google.]

  • Thanks Marlon and Jason — fascinating to hear that the copy with typos did better than the corrected version. I may have to rethink my strategies! 😉

    [Hi, I had the same strategy as Jason with Amazing Formula. I didn't fix the typos till the sales slowed down 3 years after launch.]

  • Marlon, thanks for the shout outs – completely unexpected but very much appreciated it!

    Also, for Debra – here is an interesting tidbit of trivia – one time for one of my products it had 12 typos in the sales letter. We fixed them all and just for fun split tested it against the one with typos.

    Amazingly, the ones with typos out-pulled it. No other difference. Go figure!


  • I'd have more confidence in Jason's Turbo Profits system, and his writing skills, if there weren't so many typos in his sales page.

    [Debra, Amazing Formula had typos in it for 3 years. They have almost nothing to do with sales. But really, I endorse his products because I know they help people. If you can do the stuff and get results without it, you don't need it.]

  • >