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How Gary Went From $18,000 a Year To $400,000 a Year — Without Working Harder

Marlon's Marketing Minute Newsletter

How Gary Went From $18,000 a Year To $400,000 a Year —
Without Working Harder

May 15, 2010
10:27 a.m CST


Marlon here.  Extremely important issue today….

Today's article:

“How Gary Went From $18,000 a Year To $400,000 a Year —
Without Working Harder”

Today's article is awesome if I may say so myself.

This is a text issue although Lisa is working on a new html
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Marlon's Marketing Minute
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Vol. 5, #21, May 15, 2010

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B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article:  How Gary Went From $18,000 a Year To $400,000
a Year — Without Working Harder

D. Resources

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C. Main Article: How Gary Went From $18,000 a
Year To $400,000 a Year

How do you go from being an insurance salesman to a 475,000 person

It's an interesting story.  The other day I was at a bookstore as
I'm prone to do. And I saw this DVD called Tapping and it had a
testimonial on it by Joe Vitale.  I remembered last year that when I
hung out with Joe and Pat, he mentioned that he did this thing
called Tapping.

I bought the DVD and got sucked into a very fascinating story….

His name is Gary Craig.

At age 30 he was making $18,000/year selling insurance.  He met a
man named Dick Oakley from Pace seminars who told him to use this
simple affirmation:

“I earn, easily and consistently, $40,000 per year.”

I believe Pace seminars were originated by James W. Newman author of
the outstanding book:  “Release Your Brakes.”

See, Dick told him he was driving with his brakes on.  And to change
his income he needed to change the programming inside his head.

He started with the affirmation of making $40,000 a year because
that was more than double his income but still within what he
believed was possible.

The other important part of the wording was “easily and
consistently.”  He didn't say he had to grit his teeth and work 12
hour days.

He started saying that affirmation 20-30X per day, not knowing HOW
he was going to do it.

Before long, we exeeded the $40,000 a year, so he raised it to
$60,000 then $80,000 up to $400,000.

You can READ the whole in-depth story here:

It's the best single thing I've ever read on doing affirmations.

At some point, he owned his own stock brokerage business but left
that to start a web business!

He created a whole self development method built around what someone
else had already pioneered.  Roger Callahan developed a method for
eliminating phobias, anxiety and other things using an unusual
method called “Tapping.”

Gary Craig worked with him for awhile then developed his USP which
was  basically the Roger Callahan method with the USP of SPEED.

He called his spinoff method “EFT” for emotional freedom technique.

He developed a program where others could get trained in his methods
and developed what I'd call a massive affiliate base, even though it
wasn't your traditional affiliate method.

He innovated some cool things.

But the main points are these:

1.  He created a whole ebook on his method that was his freebie on
his web site.

As a result he built up a 475,000 person email list.  He got a TON
of links that ebook from other sites which gave him awesome seo

2.  He made his money on the back end selling dvd's, workshops,
certification and so forth.

3.  He published a regular newsletter of articles and success
stories to his email list.

There's NOTHING here you don't know how to do in that it's things I
talk about all the time.

The best source of traffic is affiliates.  But he also worked the
seo angle by putting all the newsletters on his web site which
became a ton of content.

4.  He put a lot of videos on his web site to pull people into his
funnel. The videos were mostly success stories/case studies:

Now, the point is NOT whether you think his method is valid or not.

The point is he did the SAME things you know to do.  Put success
stories on your web sites and blogs.  Have a great freebie to build
your email list. Build an affiliate base.  Publish content on your
blog and use it for your seo.

What's so fascinating about this is Gary Craig didn't INVENT the
core method.  He took what Roger Callahan developed and put his own
USP spin on it.

Speed.   That's always a great USP.

He added a great freebie, newsletters, a forum, and a heck of an
affiliate base and people with a vested interest in his success.

The way he did that is a bit more complex than I have time to go
into here. He innovated with a few clever ideas.  But the point is,
he followed a known model, added really great marketing to it
and passion, and made it a huge success.

Unfortunately, all isn't well for Gary.  He had a heart attack
and as such decided to retire, so his dvd's aren't for sale any
longer. I offered to fulfill them for him and/or buy the rights to
them but for his own reasons he declined.

The thing about Gary is he's a relentless promoter. I admire that.
He reminds me in that aspect of Joe Vitale.  You know, Joe is a
great promoter and relentless about it because he just flat out
loves doing it.

If he DID want to sell his business, I'm sure he could sell it for
millions.  The assets he built up, the list, the affiliate base, the
products, the inbound links have a very high value.

I don't get that Gary did what he did for the money and I don't get
that he needs money from my very short conversation with him.


1.  The affirmation method works and is worth using

The book Release Your Brakes by James W. Newman explains the method
in depth.  And you can read the article by Gary Craig:

2.  Realize that the gist of this story is doing what you know to

a.  Have a killer freebie on your web site just like he has his
freebie ebook.

b.  Build your list, duh!

c.  Develop a great affiliate base

d.  Publish success stories in a newsletter or an ezine and use it
for search engine fodder.

e.  Have a back end.

f.  Be prolific

g.  Promote relentlessly

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  • Vinden Grace says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Great article & great value given away as always 🙂 Well done, sir!

    Saw you at one of Frank Garon's events in London. You clearly love live performances 😉

    My wife & I qualified in the tapping technique that Gary uses, EFT. There are other variations, such as fellow Brit Paul McKenna uses.

    We've seen it work with doctors, psychiatrists, and other health professionals. Clever stuff…

    Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes, Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly

    [Gary's marketing of EFT was really brilliant I thought. It's an interesting technique and works far as I have tried it.]

  • Hey Marlon,

    I have completed a course in conversational hypnosis not long ago. There are some great techniques in that course. I have also read alot about affirmations which have great results.

    Excellent post


    [Igor's conversational hypnosis is top notch. I wrote about it in an ezine sometime back. Love it. I really like the way EFT (gary craid) does affirmations.]

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Allen Sayer. Allen Sayer said: How Gary Went From $18,000 a Year To $400,000 a Year — Without Working Harder […]

  • The 2nd email really asked for a response to this week's ezine…

    And, I have to ask "Have you heard of Afformations?" They sound similar, but many say it works as well or better than Affirmations that are mentioned here. This quote here sums up the problem some people have with affirmations, you may even get it in the comments:

    "We all know that an “affirmation” is a statement of something you want to be true in your life. So an example of a traditional “affirmation” might be: “I am rich.” All right, let’s try it. Say to yourself right now, “I am rich.” Did you hear what just happened in your mind? A voice… a voice that said: “Yeah, right!”"

    I tend to think they're pretty useful, and can be applied to anything from 1 project, to some aspect of your life. They can go with the tapping procedure EFT as well.

    Afformations are basically the process of asking a positive question of something so that you use your subconcious to come up with an answer and eliminates the 'oh that isnt true' voice. This website here

    explains what they are and could be useful if you're using them or if you have commentors/readers who are. It is like another side of the coin.

  • ed says:


    You're one of the remaining marketers I subscribe to. I look forward to your ezines each week!

    You mentioned that Gary developed a way to make people actually vested in his success, but didn't have time to go into it.

    Just a nudge…it'd be great to hear about that if you get the chance.

    Thanks for delivering solid stuff every week, Marlon. You're the man!

    [Hey bro, yeah, the thing is since he was dealing with a lot of therapists it wasn't like normal affiliates. He basically taught them how to use it in their therapy. So it wasn't your normal affiliate set up. Which is even more impressive.]

  • I always love reading your posts Marlon. You're so thorough! The story about is very inspiring. I think so much of his success can be attributed to the credibility-building actions.

  • Allen says:

    You're right … one of the best ezines (and most motivational) you've published. Like it a lot and will be most definately tweeting!

  • Hey Marlon,

    I frequent book stores myself and especially like the self help sections of the store. However, after reading this ezine of yours and looking at the link that you provided on tapping, I have come to the realization that I have lots of negative thoughts and issues that are preventing me from earning what I want.

    I like the simple affirmation "I earn, easily and consistently, $40,000 per year.” A good place to start. I want to make it $100,000 a year though.

    Thanks for the goods Marlon. Keep it coming.


  • Paul Gallion says:

    Hey Marlon…

    Affirmations work "The Secret"

    What you teach and we know and do…

    Target Market> Attractive Freebie> Launch

    Now add Videos and Affiliates…we don't work as hard but reach more customers!

    You confirm every day and week that if we continue doing the above we continue to succeed.

    Great info as always

    Paul Gallion

  • Digby says:

    Hey Marlon

    Just to say that I like your Marketing Moments emails. You talk straight and keep it simple. The main articles you write can be great guidance for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience.


  • Keith deBolt says:

    Hey, Marlon!

    You really run the gamut on what you present to those of us fortunate enough to be tapped in to you.

    Affirmation is as old as the hills and as powerful, too. I recently started burning green candles (the color of money) and stating what I would put in the bank for that month for my own personal use. Two months in a row, I have exceeded what I was affirming… at an overall "pay raise" of about 50%!

    My wife and I used tapping during her 3rd pregnancy for relaxing, letting go of preconceived notions, cleansing the mind and body in preparation for the baby, etc…. crazy powerful stuff!


    [Hi, wow, interesting stuff! I hadn't heard about green candles. I hadn't read about tapping during pregnancy. Creative idea.]

  • Robert Rivard says:

    Hey Marlon, the article also reminded me of something I read a while back.

    About the idea of someone saying:

    "I only want my fair share" when it comes to wealth creation.

    I also find that this is a dangerous potential roadblock as it implies

    a pre-determined size of the "wealth pie"

    As we all know the " pie size", is always expanding as is the economy and opportunities -markets etc develop and get created…

    New products new needs…

    As long as one is exchanging dollars for a product-service of value, the fear of being perceived as a greedy person should never enter one's mind. Greed is money against nothing- no value. Is that what you are doing? Ask yourself.

    Robert Rivard

  • Dan Kelly says:

    Hey Marlon, Where can we get a copy of "Release Your Brakes"?

    Anytime you recommend I book, I always buy and read it.

    "Jump-start Your Business Brain" was AWESOME! Thanks!

    [Dan, I think it's out of print so you'll have to find a used copy. But I could be wrong on that. Amazon and Alibris are the obvious resources. Or

    Ebay. It's certainly worth hunting down.]

  • Marlon

    (Hope 2 comments is OK)

    Reading Glen's amazing $60,000,000 dollar point about 'I BELIEVE':

    It worked for me too – in a smaller way. I KNEW my book was a great idea, knew the publishers would love it (they did) and knew that the public would like it (they did – 350,000+ copies sold)

    That's what the current episode at my channel is all about.

    Keep the magic going Marlon.


    [Holy smokes Jonathan..that's a LOT of copies! Congratulations are certainly in order.]

  • Hi Marlon

    Site looks better again. 🙂

    OK. I went to the site. The key part of Gary Craig's money power is all wrapped up in this DEAD SIMPLE technique:

    Quoting his article: "…Then I met Dick Oakley of the PACE seminars. He is the one who told me I was driving with my brakes on. He helped me formulate the affirmation that eventually took me up the financial ladder. It went like this… "I earn, easily and consistently, $40,000 per year." (And then $60K, $80 onwads to $400K.)

    That is very fine – and he explains convincingly how it works. People can sneer at this, but changing one's thought patterns is vital to taking the brakes off.

    Plus, this part is just sensational:

    "…Each level of income increase brought with it an elevated level of my "abundance awareness" until, eventually, I concluded that money was nothing but energy that reflected one’s thoughts on the subject. Then I realized that this is true of everything. Nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it. This is true of money, friendships, marriage, parenting and Sunday football games. These things are good or bad, fun or burdensome, light or heavy, etc. depending on what is written on our walls.

    The meaning of everything is written on our walls. They are our consistent thoughts and, like it or not, our consistent thoughts become our reality.


    Phew. Think I'll tweet out that last phrase.

    All the best Marlon. You're a good man through and through.

    Jonathan Gunson

    [Jonathan, yeah, it struck me just like you! Now, I DO very much understand people who think it's woo woo or just can't relate to it. But the way Gary explains it just made it hit home for me.]

  • Glenn says:

    Hi Marlon,

    …another great issue jammed packed with the essentials of marketing. I really loved Gary's story and the beauty of how he created the flow to increased income. The majority of my own marketing has been offline and I have used the power of e-mail marketing. The factor of, I BELIEVE, is tremendously powerful. it is what catapulted me from $300,000 the first year in R E Sales to over $60,000,000 in my second year. It all became a reality when I believed in myself and marketed myself in any way possible, and I found that talking with the big investors was a lot less painful than dealing with individuals acquiring a home.

    It is all about the "marketing" and doing the right things to make it happen.

    [Glenn, that's a MASSIVE result and deserving of your own book, teachings or whatever you're motivated to do. That's very inspiring to many people I'm sure. I think you have to have a certain mindset to see the BEAUTY in it. That's the thing. It's the ART of it that I love. It's like a friend of mine in high school who was the state chess champion. He only read one book on chess. But from that one book, he learned the ART of chess.]

  • Eric R. Voth says:

    Great TAKE AWAYS on the core methodology! Yes, it is what you teach… and another example of the viability and soundless of your advice and counsel.

    Joe, Pat, et al, have been hammering me with promotions about the Tapping philosophy since the first day of its recent promotion, a couple of months ago. Sorry, but it's just not my cup of tea right now.

    I've been a Napolean Hill THINK AND GROW RICH advocate for 40 years. I devoted several pages of how it worked for my business partner and me in the THE NEW OWNER, a book we wrote in 1993. We used it to help build a $15m-a-year business that we sold for more than that in 1994.

    [Hi Eric, my main point is the marketing and how he did it and only a side intrigue with Tapping. TAGR is a great, great work. As you probably know, back when I was a writer, my best client sold a billion dollars of insurance off the back of his Mastermind group he started after reading TAGR. The main thing here though is to learn a few lessons from what Gary did with his marketing. And to realize all he did was the basics we all know to do.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    it was great reading the story behind Gary Craig. I first heard of EFT years ago and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    For a week or so, anyway. Then it kind of dawned on me that it's mostly the placebo effect.

    To me it just shows how powerful the power of belief is, more than anything else.

    But if it works for others, hey – that's great! But I never saw any lasting results, and believe me, I WORKED HARD at it.

    Then, a few years later, I started taking a yoga class and the Korean martial arts teacher taught me his version.

    Much more effective, in my opinion. Except it doesn't cure warts and psoriasis, like EFT…

    Anyway, I made a video a few years ago about this other way of tapping. I'd forgot all about it until I read your article this morning.

    Here's a link to the youtube video:

    But the main lesson here is the marketing, not the actual product itself. I'm impressed Gary could take a product such as this and do so well with it.

    I guess it really is all about the marketing, and much less about what you're selling.

    [Hi, yeah, the purpose here is MARKETING and to realize what he was able to do with the core of a technique he didn't develop. Having said that, I think if you see the video where they go into a VA Hospital for 6 days and help veterans with post traumatic distress disorder, that's a pretty dramatic demonstration. Having said that, self help/self improvement is one of those things like mlm companies, vitamins, art, or music. Everyone has their favorite. When I was in Psychology, we found out that one of the most successful therapies is just letting people talk and listening to them! On the marketing side, he built a list of almost 1/2 million with, I believe, little or no money spent on advertising. That's pretty powerful. He did that basic things I teach and preach…build a large affiliate base, offer an enticing freebie, report, video or ebook to get people on your list, publish success stories, write a newsletter, have a blog.]

  • I've read about this 'Tapping' story in Joe's other book–Hypnotic Writing; where he illustrate how he first draft the sales letter to putting the finishing touch.

    Good story BUT right now you are approaching this from different angle King…

    …And this makes it more interesting–more relevant to what's you're preaching list building, affiliate, link building, etc.

    [Hi Nezrul, there's a lot to be learned from Tapping and Joe's story. But what I found most fascinating was the back story. Gary Craig built a very substantial business doing what we all know or should know how to do. Give away quality content, build a list, get affiliates to promote and have a back end.]

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