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How One Product Multiplied Into $43 Million Via Productizing

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: How One Product Multiplied Into $43 Million Via Productizing

Ready or not, the new year is here.

Yahoo!  2009.

There are 3 things you gotta do in the new year:

1.  Productize

2.  Focus

3.  Promote

Whether you're jazzed or a little indifferent, either way,
I have a $40 million secret for the new year that WILL
get you pumped.

The man is Jimmy Buffet.  He had one hit song that wasn't
even a number one.  It ranked top ten.

“Margaritaville,” in 1977.

Yet, he's parlayed that into a $43 million business!

Here are his secrets:

1.  A USP

It's pretty clear what the message of Margariteville is.
It's about laying back and relaxing.  You may or may not
like Margaritas.

But there's no doubt WHAT his Unique Selling Proposition


He maintains a consistent message and value system across
all products.

3.  Proliferation of Products

— Shopping malls sell Margaritaville boat shoes and flip flops
— Wal-Mart distributes Margaritaville Foods salsa, hummus,
tortillas and dips
— Grocery stores sell Landshark
— Liquor stores sell Margaritaville tequila
— Concert tickets sell out in a jiffy, even though prices run over
— The Paradise chain sells his Cheeseburger

His Margariteville outlets have 16 locations.  But to top it all
off, Margaritaville at the Flamingo Las Vegas hauls in more than $43
million a year.

So what does all this have to do with YOU?

What are your plans for the new year?

I want to suggest you plan to release your first new product for
2009 in March.  Another in June.  Another in September. And one more
in  December.

How do you eat an elephant?

A bite at a time.  If you don't have your target market yet, you'll
need that first before you create your first product.

In other words PRODUCTIZE yourself and your knowledge or other
assets just like Jimmmy Buffet does.

The only way you're going to be relaxing in anything remotely
resembling Margartiteville is if you have products working for you
hard to bring in bucks while you relax!

Here's how Wikipedia defines it:

prod·uct·ize [ pródd?k t?z ]

— make something into product people want:
to convert something such as an idea, a process, a prototype, or an
area  of expertise into a marketable and salable product

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Percentage  of Men vs. Women and even HOW They Were Sold, So You
Don't Have To Reinvent  The Wheel.

If you start out with just 4 products for this new year, it'll be
your best year yet — NO MATTER what the economy does.

Now, if last year you already produced 3 or 4 products, DOUBLE it this
next year.

This is my surefire recession beater.

Now, you can make the first two products priced at $50 to $100.
Then your next one a back end product.

The final product can be whatever you need — front end or back end.

But where are you going to get your traffic from?

If you produce a product that catches on a bit with affiliates, your
affiliates will drive the traffic you need in order to earn

Here's your new year's theme:


There are many distractions.

People have tons of things you need to buy.  And it's all well and
good.  But what do you really NEED?

1.  You need traffic

2.  You need a product

3.  You need a sales letter or sales process

Think about it.

Is that really all so complicated you can't do it?  I'll answer

No!  It's not.

The thing is does take is FOCUS.

So in this new year I want you to do three things:

1.  Productize

2.  Focus

3.  Promote

There are many ways to get distracted online and only a few ways to
focus.  I'm here in my ezines and emails to help you focus.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

P.S. I took last Sat. off for the New Year and didn't write my
ezine. It'll be back this Sat.

PPS:  If you already have a target and just need to create a
product, go to:

It's everything you need to Productize yourself.

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