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Tell me your sticking point….(new ezine article)





Marlon here.

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This week's ARTICLE:

==> How Sticking Points Will Get You New Customers

==> Subtitle: You gotta unstick your sticking point to
get new customers and make sales, and you can't do that until
you know WHAT your sticking point is!

I have field-tested answers to these questions:

— The ONE thing to zero in on in 2009
— The 4 laws of unravelling sticking points
— Why you gotta get it wrong before you get it right
— The secret of getting into action
— What if you can't decide your sticking point?
— What I want you to post on my blog
— A game plan if your sales are under 1 million

This is NOT theory. This is all based on what I personally just
finished doing to plan my 2009.

Save this for reference and use it as a checklist

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #2, January 10, 2009

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B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: How Sticking Points Will Get You New Customers

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C. “How Sticking Points Will Get You New Customers”

==> Subtitle: Are you gonna freeze up with paralysis or are
you gonna kick some booty?

Save this for reference and use it as a checklist

By Marlon Sanders


We're one week into the new year.

And my question to you is, “What will you focus
on the next 3 weeks of January?”

Do you have your game plan mapped out week-by-week?

I'm going to submit to you that if you did under
1 million last year, there is ONLY 1 thing you should
focus on…

Making sales to new customers.

You're either selling your OWN product or someone
else's product.

You need two things:

1. A steady source of traffic

2. A sales process to get people to buy

Until you figure out those two things, there really IS
nothing else to do in your business. And if you have
those two nuts solved, you should be doing 1/2 million
to a million.

If you aren't, then your traffic is anemic or
sporadic, which means you haven't figured out the
traffic issue.

Either that or you don't have a sales process to get
that traffic to buy.

If you have a steady traffic source and a good sales
process, you should be grossing 1/2 million to a million.
If you aren't, you aren't,, one of those two pieces is

How do you get new customers?

A lot of people get stuck in the planning dead zone.
They plan this and plan that. Then plan some more.
Then research some more. Then plan some more.

The Game is played on the field not in the locker
room on a white board.

The SECRET to getting into action is to realize you'll
get it wrong the first few times out. Don't agonize
if your first few products or attempts at selling a
product don't work.

Here is the rule: You get it wrong before you get it right.

And if you never get it wrong, you'll never get it right.

The thing I've noticed is that if and when people DO get
into action, they just agonize over the first project that
doesn't work.

Get over it.

This is a learning curve. You usually get it wrong before
you get it right.

When that happens to you, just tell yourself, “Marlon Sanders
told me “you usually get it wrong before you get it right.
It's ok.”

So you need traffic. And you need to be able to turn that
traffic into sales.

You can do this with your own product or someone else's

It's OK to start with someone else's product.

If you use my Promo Dashboard, there is NO reason you can't
turn your traffic into sales.

The advantage of having your own product is you can start
your own affiliate program using my Affiliate Dashboard.

And if you buy traffic, you have more margin to play with
to afford the traffic.

Here is the single most critical thing I can tell you:


You don't know how many times in different fields, whether
Internet marketing or other fields that involve a learning
curve, people say….

“I tried it and I didn't get results.”

Which is a totally useless thing to say.

You've got to break things down to your sticking point.
You've got to analyze your sticking point.

Is your sticking point getting traffic?

If it is, what specifically is the problem?

Law one: Define the problem

Law two: You can't solve a problem until you follow
law one.

Law three: Once you define your problem, THEN get help from
people who have already solved the problem.

Law four: If you've defined your problem, got help from people
who have solved a similar problem before and you still have a
problem, go back to law one.

Know your sticking point.

Can you not get people on your list?

If that is your sticking point, now you have something to work

If you are getting 10% to 15% of your web site visitors to JOIN
your email list, then getting people ON your list isn't the problem.

The problem is you aren't selling them.

Then THAT becomes your sticking point.

If you're selling people once but not selling them again, that is
a totally different sticking point.


1. Do you know your sticking point?

2. How do you define your problem?

The SOLUTION is in the definition. So how do you define your

If you define your problem the right way, it will lead you to
the solution.

So here's what I want you to do:

Post your current sticking point on my blog. And define your

Just scroll to the bottom of this page and type in the comments box.

If you can't decide exactly WHAT the sticking point, then
start with this:

1. Are you getting at least 100 visitors a day to your web

2. Are you getting 10% or more to join your email list?

3. Are you turning 3% to 10% of those people into buyers?

If you aren't, then define the problem.

Let's say your sticking point is you don't have 100 visitors
a day.

Why don't you?

What's stopping you?

* Do you have bait?

* Have you advertised your bait anywhere?

* Are people reaching to get your bait?

* How much does it COST you to get someone to request your
bait and get on your email list?

* How many times are you emailing them?

* Are you getting them on streaming video, teleseminars or

* What types of emails are you sending to get them to buy?

See, THIS is how you analyze your sticking point.

Let's say you're doing $15,000 a month and you want to get to
$25,000 a month.

What's STOPPING you from getting to $25,000 a month?

Do you have a steady source of traffic?

If you convert 10% to 15% of that traffic to subscribers,
and sell 3% to 10%, will that get you to your goal?

If not, then you need to define your sticking point.

What's your sticking point?

Define the problem.

Post it in comments at the end of this article.

Do you know HOW to figure out your sticking point and define
your problem?


How many visitors a month do you need this year?

What percent do you need to get on your list?

What percent do you need to get to buy?

Which of those issues is your main sticking point?

Tell me your sticking point.

Your business is like a SLOT MACHINE. You put dollars
into your advertising.

Then over the period of 12 months, you get dollars back out.
If your dollars out exceeds your dollars in by my “magic ratio”
then you should have a successful business.

If you don't know about the magic ratio, go to my blog and read
the articles.

What's stopping your business slot machine from working?

What's YOUR sticking point?

HINT: Your sticking point is often:

1. You don't have the know how
2. You know how but don't have the skill
3. You know how, have the skill but don't put it into action

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
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  • Marlon, Just been a lookin thru My Inbox deleting when I came across your e mail 2 years ago. My hang ups are 1 failing to get publicity despite taking your advice to work Paul Hartunian which I have done for 18 months. 2 Failing to get a list 3 Failing to seel my very helpful boks. 4 Failing to get a partner or JV Partners in both the US and UK. Clive Sheldon PS Also my website needs a shopping cart, credit card and merchant bank facil with auto responder. Am thinking of using Click bank. Also need an invite to sign visitors up for a list. Am over whelmed. All I wanted to do was write the books. What do you think of all this please? PS Can you give me any thoughts on any of these please?

    [Hi, yes, learn to write direct response sales letters and create direct response videos. Look at the top gravity products on clickbank and model their sales letters. Go for a graphic design style more like you see on top clickbank products and big product launches. Good luck to you.]

  • Jim Thompson says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I’ve just finished my second read through of “Creating Your Own Info Products in a Flash” and just started on the Amazing Formula. Since it takes me forever to write anything, I’m a believer in your system of saving time by testing with audio products first.

    I’m very interested in developing a series of products in my primary area of expertise – woodworking. My sticking point is I can’t figure out how to develop test products on this topic that are feasible as audio files.

    Woodworking doesn’t seem to lend itself well to audio products – even as test materials. Any advice for a furniture builder who would like to test woodworking titles in audio?

    [Hi Jim, what about taking pictures or photos or doing drawings and putting them in Power Point. Then you turn on Camtasia and record yourself as you talk through the power points?]

  • Rainer says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Is Jesse in his post up above referring to your Direct Mail Success System? I'd like to be an affiliate for your product and his testimonial would be great to use on my sales page.



    P.S. Your responses to these comments lately have been very helpful… it's like being in a forum.

    [Hey Brother Rainer, yes….that is the product. And I BELIEVE you'll find the affiliate info on and there is a link to MORE PRODUCTS or something like that.]

  • Andy m says:

    Hi there

    Wonder if anybody could look at my site, and tell me how i could make it better! thats my sticking point. Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards

    [Brother Andy, you've got to educate yourself about the field we call direct response marketing. Or this is my suggestion. Your site demonstrates no headline, no offer, no guarantee, story, reason to respond now, reason for the offer. In short, the GOOD news is that by gaining understanding of direct response marketing, you can make a nice impact on your sales! I don't specialize so much in brick and mortar. I'd suggest you START by joining and getting his newsletter. When you subscribe you get all his back issues. Andy, I know that's kinda a large response to tell you to learn a whole subset of marketing. But it WILL change your business for the better]

  • Jesse Hull says:


    $500 plus for a sales letter dashboard. Or an upgraded instant sales letter software that has more explanation and tutorials for each step through the letter. I love your stuff… it has been an enormous help. Selling hard products offline lst year using your instant sales letter generator (printed hardcopy in courier font) we sold just over $103,000 by snail mailing the sales letter to leads we generate from organic traffic on one of our web pages.

    Also we are using one of your direct mail bux postcard templates to generate leads we are able to grow faster than with just the website alone. It is a real thrill when you send out 1,000 inexpensive postcards autopilot and your phone starts ringing off the hook 3 days later (4% cold response by the way).

    Thank you for your great products and your weekly newsletter.


    [Jesse, I appreciate your feedback. Those are some AWESOME results on the organic seo/direct mail. Congratulations on that!]

  • Jesse Hull says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My sticking point is writing emails and articles on a regular basis. I want to write everyday but can't seem to create the habit and I catch myself stuck in a mental block of "what am I going to write about".

    Also, I would love a step by step dashboard built around your ad copy secrets book to help me build a consistent approach to copywriting and to train employees. I need a ton of sales letters written in low competition niches.

    [Brother Jesse, what price would you be willing to pay for this if I create it. There's less demand for it which is why I haven't done it. Now, in terms of writing the articles, outsource it. Hire a full time writer for $250 a month. Emails are a higher skill level. They don't take long. I recommend you write those yourself. My new product released next week will help with that….Sales letters are a very high skill level. The BEST I have on that right now is the Keith Baxter interview in Promo Dashboard has a trick he's used.]



  • Zach Waldman says:

    Sorry about the double post, but I gave you the wrong URL. Please look at:

    [Brother Zach, if it's converting 2% or more, it's fine. Your issue is getting more people on your list. Also, to your list, endorse other magic products as an affiliate. Then AFTER you make sales hit those people up to promote your freebie offer with upsell and downsell.]

  • Zach Waldman says:

    Marlon, you rock hard, thanks in advance for the help.

    My sticking point is traffic! I only have 300 magicians on my list and they buy every time I offer a new info product. I made $1,974.00 in January doing exactly what I've learned from Amazing Formula, Gimme My Money, and Promo Dashboard. I quickly create my own info products.

    However, I can't seem to get my affiliate program to blow up and I've worn out my small list. I have people willing to promote my products to their lists but getting them to actually do it is tough. I got one magician to do it (a very well known guy) but his list only has 700 on it.

    Please help me get traffic. Everything I've learned from you has worked but I'm missing this one key component.

    [Brother Zach, glad you have applied my products. Now, I believe you need to stack in more lead generation. Read Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson. I'm so pissed I didn't write that back. It's awesome. Now, I recommend either Adwords or organic seo. Either should be a cakewalk. For seo just DO Justin's SEO Lies process I endorsed last week or two in my articles. For Adwords, there isn't any 1 course I know of that does it all. I haven't seen Perry's latest rendition. On Adwords, you just have to dig in and start learning it. The other thing on these magic sites would be to have a trick you let them give away that you do an immediate upsell on and pay commissions. Find someone in the market doing it RIGHT and study WHAT they are doing on marketing.]

  • Patricia says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I dont think you have enough paper so I can type all my sticking points, my biggest one is doing two many things at one time, starting one assignment without finishing it and working on others and I also have information overload…I want to learn so much and do alot, but it seems that I havent dont either..Ive learned things but I find myself going every which way..


    [Sister Patricia, did you read my article today about outsourcing? If you got $65 a week you can have an English speaking person working full time to do all these things for you.]

  • Leah Dubyk says:

    Ok, now you brought up a subject I'm not sure about at all. After this I'll leave you alone! We have a brick and mortar B2B website. It's nothing like "Internet Marketing". But they're still people who may be looking for extra income or want to promote their own business or website.

    Can both be promoted on the same website? If you look at the website, I've just started doing that on a few pages. "You can't do that!" is what I've been expecting to hear…so my question is: Why not? (LOL)

    You've probably figured out, I'm not doing this for the money — it's fun right now — the money will come later when I get it right. SO, what do you think? Will 2 different industries intermingle? Maybe someone looking at starting a business will realize he needs some car wax too!(lol) Or the other way around?

    BTW—I do plan on starting new websites for Internet Marketing with the 80 domains I have collecting dust. I've been "learning" but by my own words, I need to get off that pot! For sure this year!

    (The marketing local idea you said–Thanks! Perfect Idea for our Distributors across the U.S. — I'm passing that on to them too.)

    [Leah, I wouldn't mix the two. Normally, you need to have 1 clear purpose in marketing because people get confused so easily due to being busy.]

  • Leah Dubyk says:

    I just sent you another one. I thought the first one got lost, darn it! Oh well, you got a double-whammy!

    Anyway, yeah I was thinking about your time-factor. All the comments should help each other out in between you stepping in.

    I think you should set up another blog that each person must register for. You can even require that they are one of your members. Then put them all on the honor system and explain to everyone exactly what the rules are –tell them if everyone behaves themselves you'll check on them all once a week. How's that?

    You can call it "76 Goals" or something like that meaning that you need alot of small goals to get to the BIG one. If you never get past 76 goals, who cares? The journey is more fun anyway!

  • Leah Dubyk says:

    Wow, you have a huge response here (and all over this extra large blog) I got lost in it! Anyway…stuck on stupid is common among us all.

    All the comments to your posts gave me

    an idea. What if you had another section or blog where all 76 people (last count) could post their next goal, what program or method they will use to meet their goal date. Could be a milestone for some.

    Note: That means USE what you've already learned. That age-old, I'm still in school, I can't get a job yet is worn out. Besides, there is no end to learning except death. Then you're "finished".

    People can come back and post their progress in between goal dates. Post what's working and what gets them stuck?

    Having to "report" usually gives people that extra push to get going every day. Fear of failure disappears when there is somewhere to go for answers in between goal dates. When each goal date arrives, the whole process starts over again with the next goal date and new instructions to follow.

    The progress and results posted will tell you what works and what doesn't so you can figure out why. If the same things show a pattern, roll out the "fix" and everyone's happy.

    Money alone is not enough to motivate people. There has to be more than that. People do what they WANT to do. You've got a captive audience that wants to follow your directions and get it done.

    What's the motivating factor that will make your fans WANT to stay on track every day?

    ——>> They don't want to disappoint you!!

    P.S. I'm going back to my dashboards and get back on my own track right now!

    [Hi Leah, I think you have a good idea here. Thanks for sharing. I'll see if it resonates with others. The Dashboards are great Leah. But from what you said the other day your customers aren't on the Internet. You have to fish where the fish are. Marlon]

  • Leah Dubyk says:

    WoW! After reading some of this, you really do want to help everyone and you've got a captive audience ready to go…um, and then I got this idea.

    What about a section or another blog where everyone can post their next goal with a date along with what methods or program they're going to use. That means using what they've already learned. You never finish learning, ever. Time to DO something now. (I'm talking to myself!)

    Then when the goal date rolls around, they go back and post their progress. If the goal was not met, then what got stuck? How many got stuck on the same thing or what worked for everyone?

    When people have someone to report to, it gives them that extra push to get going.

    There's less fear of failure when they can look ahead and know whatever happens you're going to explain what happened.

    Then the whole process starts again with new instructions until everyone gets it right. I don't think people are motivated enough by money alone, they want more. Bottom line: No one will want to disappoint you! Let me know what you think.

    [Hi Leah, we can try it. I wouldn't mind setting up a blog or area for it. What do you think would be most useful? A separate blog? Or a forum? The problem with a forum is it would be too much for me to moderate.]

  • Liz says:

    hey Marlon, lol, how many blogs do you have lol. My sticking point in getting a site going Marlon is being brave…the fear someone is going to see a mistake i make. But its ok Im really going to do one in the very near future…beware lol. Seriously in reply to your last question my number is 55 and Im sure i can do that im on my way now. huggs and hope you all have the best day ever.


    [email protected]

    [Liz, so you need $55 a day? OK, now break that down into specific BILLS and also numbers to cover your goals…just like shows you. So $4 a day for your cell bill. That's one campaign or project. Then $6 a day for your insurance. Then $50 a day for your house payment, etc. Anyway, then you can set up campaigns to cover each bill. That's the idea. Of course, one product of your own could also cover it. Cheers. Marlon]

  • Emily says:

    I think your 'sticking point' article is really super useful. You can't solve a problem unless you know what it is! It presses people to stop saying "I can't" and start trying to come up with a real solution.

    And well…I hope you're still responding if you like challenges. I'm not an info-marketer like all the rest. I'm for MySeeds Chia, a physical item (seeds) with many beneficial and nearly-unbelievably amazing properties to help people's health. But you didn't blog to hear about some seed…

    I've given it some thought, and found the sticking point to be possibly 2 things. We're getting an average of about 150 visitors per day to the site, but, not many orders. Perhaps 1 a week, if you averaged it out. I can't decide if this means "not enough visitors" or that "The copy doesn't convert well enough". Either of those could be the sticking point. We do have a mailing list/give-away item (free cook book) and the website is full of content, not just a sales letter.

    We've done SEO including videos, ninjas, commercials, articles, hubs and lenses. Does it just need more visitors? I guess the 'stuck point' is deciding between the 2 sticking points? Thanks in advance for any hints…

    If you needed to see the page etc. it's at if anything wasn't explained well enough in the small comment.

    [Hi Emily, I responded to this in an email to my list. The main thing is you have to really have a totally awesome sales letter. And you get that by studying top converting sales letters on weight loss. If you get a letter that converts, you can get traffic from affiliates. But weight loss is highly competitive. You may want to hire a pro if this is your product with high margin for you.]

  • Darrell Crow says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Each year on the first, I review the previous year and plan the next. Major objectives, etc…

    I was feeling pretty good about the year….


    I threw it all out when you published your article on the 7 biggies to increase sales in 2009.

    Then you go and publish this article.

    Now I'm miserable.

    I'm getting about 400-600 visitors daily and about 4% sign up for my list through my PPC strategy. I have used eBay as a lead gen strategy, but got out of it for some odd reason.

    I find article marketing tedious to enter and upload articles. Seems for each article that took an evening to write, I spent four days uploading. All of those ez to use tools are ridiculous.

    I'm getting about 2% of freebies to buy.

    I realized that I mostly get money during the year through New Product Launches. In fact, I can actually calculate the expected return when I define the next new product.

    I know my who's, what they want to buy and how, when, where and why.

    That didn't change….

    So my sales process is broken. I'm not converting enough visitors to the list, nor converting enough list members (prospects) to customers.

    I have a dynamite freebie, but I need one that isn't so expensive to deliver.

    I can write, but I feel my sales letter, landing pages and autoresponders are not doing what they should or could.

    I don't spend the 80% of time on traffic and conversion and 20% on all other things. Seems like the reverse if I'm benevolent toward the traffic/sales side of the equation.

    I'd tried employees. Hired a staff person to help me out. After a while she said I had to have another person to do the product manufacturing. Then we needed another staffer to help her with problems, answering the telephone and fulfillment of orders and leads.

    Holy jumping Batman!

    Now I had a $75,000 annual staff and climbing on $200,000 annual gross revenue.

    Let them all go in November, when I was made aware that my office manager had me $25,000 in debt with different professional services.

    *(& Whoof! BOOM! Pow. BAM!

    The air was sucked right out of me.

    Now I do all of the manufacturing, fullfillment and support.

    I generally start work about 5 a.m. And by 7:30 a.m. each day what was taking 3 fulltime people is all done.

    2 1/2 hours to do what 3 people full time were doing poorly.

    It was never a hard job.

    I just didn't manage it well. Didn't hire the right person in the beginning.

    So that sticking point has been resolved.

    I don't understand your evergreen.

    I don't understand what you mean by advertising with banners.

    I don't understand what you mean by advertising with eZines.

    I find it very difficult to understand how to work with Twitter, YouTube, Hub, facebook, myspace and the entire 2.0 community.

    I took the first Stompernet course on social marketing and I still limp for the price I paid. Seems when one gets thousands of people involved, transfer of info and retention and skills building are very difficult for me. I might have just been too busy to concentrate.

    I'm an artist and I sell instructional DVDs for learning to oil paint. I have nearly 100 titles.

    I have my own filming studio downstairs with 3 cameras, light, sounds, editing equipment… I hire experts to run it as I can't.

    I havn't been doing upsells/downsells/sidesells, etc…

    So I gotta learn all about that and how to integrate into my marketing plan.

    I do have an intensive business plan.

    It's changing rapidly since I downloaded your book on the best of Marlon.

    I have a blog with over 1,000 articles on it and have been thinking a great freebee would be the Best of Darrell.

    Wonder how I got that idea.

    You've given me new targets.

    1. The business should be at $1,000,000 annually.

    2. 10%-15% of all visitors should convert to 'the list'

    3. 3%-10% of all prospects should convert to 'sales"

    SO I spreadsheet these goals to see the effect on my 2008 numbers….



    Impressions 33,987

    Clicks 1,020

    Add to List (15%) 153

    CTR 3.00%

    Sales (10%) 15.3

    ASP $100.00

    (No up/down sells)

    Daily Sales $1,529.42

    Mthly Revenues $45,882.53

    Annual Sales $550,590.33

    Meeting the above with just the traffic I'm getting from PPC, brings me to the $500,000 biz level. And there's additional revenue from the New Product Launches I do each month.

    All of this takes me to a couple of conclusions.

    1. Seems like a lot to focus on.

    2. Things point to the sales process to convert to the list and convert to sales as the primary sticking points.

    3. Lots of other things to get under control as well.

    [Hi Darrell, you have 100 titles. So have a title of the month club. That seems obvious. Send all new customers a VIP offer where they can buy everything for $5000 or $7500. If ebay was working on the lead gen side, run it again in that you already have the learning curve down pat. If you know the value of a customer then you know how much you can spend to get them. You go to individual web sites in you target market and buy banners ads on them. You find ezines that go to your target audience and buy ads on them or solo mailings. I would find one GREAT employee to hire vs. 3 or 4 that suck. You hire them for just 2 weeks. You can tell in 2 weeks if they are awesome or not. But the long and short of it is, ramp up the lead generation on ppc. Maybe go back to ebay. See if you can find some good web sites to buy banner ads on. Then come up with several back end deals like an everything offer, a thing of the month and whatever other back ends make sense.]

  • Gloria Oren says:

    Hi Marlon

    Just started getting your newsletter and the first thing I knew I was being asked to identify my stuck points. Haven't answered till now – guess I was stuck (or at a lack of words). Reading through the posts it became clearer as to what a stuck point was.

    My major stuck point hence is reshaping my website into a professional looking writer's website for my writing (and I'd like to add editing [freelance] to it as well).

    Currently I'm working on an autobiography, two ebooks, and have a course in mind to work on as well (email or pdf format).


    [Hi Gloria, hire a designer. Try Graphics Genie or, Design Guru Ryan. They're in Promo Dashboard if you have it…their contact info. But you can find it in Google also. But Gloria, professional looking doesn't sell. What SELLS is knowing what your target audience WANTS. I would suggest RESEARCHING sites that obtain the action you want to obtain and MODEL something you KNOW is making money and working.]

  • Al Kirke says:

    Marlon how you doin'

    Quick one my Brother and wife over for a couple of days.

    Speaking with bro telling him new plans for 2009..

    He says..

    You always do the hard stuff first.

    Possibly boosting your ego bro.

    What about just doing the easy stuff that gets you results first.

    Kinda pissed me off cause he is younger but love him heaps.

    Peace out Marlon and keep it Loud as you do

    Al Kirke Australia

    [Hey Al, well I don't know the context of the discussion but if it's in terms of making sales, taking the low hanging fruit isn't a bad idea. Your brother may have a point. I also think you have to look at your overall strategy on getting customers and extracting a lifetime value. Sometimes worthy things do involve a lot of effort. Marlon]

  • Marlon–

    Thanks much for this! I've been needing something new to post on my blog. This will be just fine 😉

    My sticking point: Focus.

    My New Years resolution was to focus on focusing. But I keep losing focus on it.

    [Paul, have you tried setting your monthly and weekly goals? Then translating the weekly to daily? Marlon]

  • Kate says:

    Hi Marlaon,

    well I must admit I didn't know/hadn't heard of the squeeze page. but I did some research and put one as my landing page. I followed the guidelines on the page you recommended. More research on my behalf for key words is the next mission. ans to study those ppc ads.

    thanks for the feedback. It's great that you have actually looked at the site and given me some consturctive feedback..oh how I have needed that from all those hig priced information products…supposedly to help with just this..but as yet have not..until now

    a big thank you

    [Hi Kate, the idea of the squeeze page is to obtain an email address so you can follow up with emails. You have your blog on the index of your domain. Then have squeeze pages separate from the index that you drive ppc to. You link from the squeeze pages to the index page. Marlon]

  • Wow!!! Hi Marlon, I knew that your blog topic question was going to elicit some very interesting responses but it's much better than that. The material posted here would make an excellent report itself! You've answered so many sticking points that I can't remember what mine was, LOL. Thanks Marlon, you're credentails are well earned and your positive energy is a boon to all aspiring marketers. Oh well, I can't resist presenting at least one of my sticking points. Here goes – some months ago I had read that your domain and your host companies should be different because if one should close at least your site can be restored without too much delay. Does this logic have any bearing on your internet business model?

    LFTYR, Steve

    [Hey Steve, I still recommend registering your domain at a service like Name Cheap and then setting the dns to your server at your web host. That way, if you do ever need to change hosts, you just change it with Name Cheap and in about an hour or two you're already on a new host. Marlon]

  • Kim Burney says:

    Too much, too much!!!! I have too much information and now seem to be dragging my feet in getting it done. I think I need to have someone else handle the technical and I should focus on products and the sales pages. The first product I chose is ready to go, even have a copyright; but it is still not up on the web selling.

    I have taken several classes, purchased most of your dashboards (and used stuff from each one, the information is really great! BTW), hired coaches, got certified to be a coach and yet I keep stalling out on not enough time and too much information in my brain. Not knowing what to do next!

    I have paid for and am paying for so many services it is ridiculous! 1shoppingcart, aweber, getresponse – when will I ever get my product up on the web and sell something?!!??!

    Enough complaining – it is not for lack of information or products, or even a good product to sell; so why am I not done?

    My sticking point – the END…

    PS Your products are great, I build websites for my clients and use your tools to do it, thanks.

    [Kim, thanks for the nice words. And imho you still haven't defined your sticking point other than that you have a lot of things swirling around in your head. What specifically is the next step that you NEED to take but aren't or can't take? And what or who do you need to help you get it done? Marlon]

  • Dave Schwatz says:


    Thanks for the reply.

    Originalyl I wrote that TIME was my problem, but I really think (thanks to your dashboard) that COMMITTING is the real problem.

    I am in charge of my hours. No matter how over-worked I might be, I can CHOOSE to find an hour per day for this change of direction. It really is a new business for me, in my same field.

    I find multi-tasking to be difficult. Simply put, I must get better at it.

    Your "get faster" idea is right on. My approach to product development has changed. Historically, I have produced one "finished" print page per hour. That is just too slow. Recently, I committed to learning better focus for short periods of time. I commit to 45 minutes at a time without ANY interupptions; no phone calls, no knocks on my door and especially no email! Meanwhile, I listen to subliminal tapes and type. It seems that my speed has already almost tripled and I expect it to go higher.

    It is kind of like speed reading. If you learn the proper skills and begin to practice, you can achieve amaing increases.

    One last thing… could you elaborate on the "problem statement?" Or is that in the ebook I just downloaded?


    [Hey Dave, it's how you define or state your problem. How you define a problem has a very large correlation to your ability to solve the problem. If you haven't read Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson, I recommend it. Marlon]

  • Dave Schwatz says:


    First a big thanks for fixing the problem with the ebook. I knew you'd take care of it.

    I purchased your Info-Product Dashboard – it is really excellent!

    On to the sticking point…

    My personal sticking point is getting it done. Or maybe getting ANYTHING done. I have run an intellectual property business for… well, before there was an internet. This is year 20. We've made what most people would probably consider good money but I can see why my business has never grown.

    I do the creation, the support and the sales. Everything but shipping and bookkeeping. No wonder I have difficult finding time for "marketing."

    I have become convinced that marketing is everything. Okay, everything after you have a product.

    So the sticking point for me is COMMITTING the time to getting anything done.


    Dave Schwartz

    [Hi Dave, I recommend you work on your problem statement. The reason I say that is if you don't HAVE the time, committing isn't going to help. I think the issue is how can you retain your high quality AND have other people do the activities that are non-marketing. Marketing is the value added. Have employees or contractors handle everything else. This requires hiring and managing skills….which might then form the basis of your problem statement: How can I spend all my time on marketing and continue putting out high quality products. I would also point out that if you want to grow, you have to increase your SPEED by a factor of at least 2X up to 4X. The answer is to hire talent and sell enough back end products to support talent.]

  • Floyd says:

    Hello Marlon,

    My Sticking point is Adwords. Right now I don't want a product of my own yet. But I do want to make money selling other peoples products through Adwords and Squeeze pages.

    I am working on an E-Zine, Not just throwing it together either. I want to make money in all streams of the internet but I need money coming in now.

    I will do whatever it takes to make it because I will not settle for nothing less than Financial Freedom. But money right now is so tight I feel like I am packing butter up a wild cats ass with a red hot poker in the middle of a dark ally at midnight. lol.

    Bottom line is I am not a quitter and I am not wanting something for free either.

    So— You now have my sticking point,

    What is it that you can do to help me become successful in these areas?

    Thank You,


    [Floyd, try Also Gauher will be launching PPC Formula 2 in March. It's a top tier ppc product. I haven't seen Perry Marshall's latest stuff. But I'm sure it's top tier. I'm like you on ppc. I'm still going through a learning curve. Getting a great Quality score is a challenge. Marlon]

  • Paul says:


    2 months ago my sticking point was basically fear. Only in the last few weeks did I put together a ebook and test the idea to my niche.

    There was a lot of interest and I realize nobody is doing anything like I want to do in this niche.

    Yet, I do not have a site up yet and a bizzilion things to learn about info marketing. I will get the Info Dashboard and hit it hard.

    I think I would say if I stand back, it is overwhelming, but when I sit down and write I feel confident and full of vigor.

    I don't want a successful product, I want super successful products. I want to over acheive. Marlon, I want it all and will not settle for less, not anymore… that is scary.


    [Hey Paul, great attitude. I like it! I'm glad you found a way to work through the overwhelm

    to action. Marlon]

  • Rock says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Great info and advice as usual. My sticking point right now is that I'm scared 🙁

    I've been online for about 6 years I guess, learned a lot, been an affiliate marketer with some (but not major) success during that time, and went the product creation route after studying Product Dashboard, Promo Dashboard and Product Launch Formula from Jeff (among other things).

    With a partner, we found a (seemingly) hot market, started building a list, asked them what they wanted to buy, created a product that answered every one of their questions and overdelivers in every way, did what I thought was a text book three week product launch to our list of by then 800 readers (who had been active on our blog and in email with questions and comments and seemed totally excited)…

    …and the launch totally bombed.

    Like, only 15 people out of 800 took us up on our TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL…a few of those stuck and paid us, but the launch was a total failure considering what we did, and right up to launch day we had no idea that anything was wrong.

    I spent a lot of time and money setting it up and now I'm in the hole for a bunch and I'm scared to do it (or pretty much anything) again.

    I think that about covers my sticking point and problem. Thanks for asking.



    PS We met when you were here in Australia for the WIS on the Gold Coast a few years back, learned a lot from you over a few beers on the Saturday night, which really helped at the time, thanks 🙂

    [Rock, post a link to your sales letter and let me look at it to see if there is an obvious issue.

    But the other advice is to keep building your list and do an ezine a few days a week or daily

    and sell affiliate products….keep selling affiliate products until you figure out WHAT the market

    buys and at what price. Mate, don't give up. Hold freebie teleseminars and pitch your product or someone else's product. Talk to your customers ABOUT your product. Ask why they didn't buy it. Sell them other affiliate products. GO. GO. GO. Don't stop. GO. Do podcasts and videos and post them on your blog….selling directly or indirectly affiliate products. Find out what these people want to buy. LEARN the market better. Marlon]

  • Tony says:

    Hi Marlon

    I always read your emails and try to take from them as much as i can.

    At the very end of last year i managed to set up my squeeze page website for the health and beauty market.

    I am giving away 3 ebooks for signing up and have managed to get about a 16-17% opt in rate from visitors.

    Just wondering how often would you say it is ok to run a promotion in the emails i send on an affiliate product without bombarding them with sales pitches.

    I try and provide content but just want to get the balance right.

    I try to email them twice a month with good info….do you think once a month with a promo with the usual free content would be alright??

    Keep up the good work.


    Get your 3 free health and beauty ebooks today and start 2009 feeling great!

    [Tony, I would send an ezine weekly or 2x or 3x a week if not daily and put affiliate ads in

    EVERY ezine. Subscribe to and watch what they do. It's a multi million dollar

    biz. Marlon]

  • Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for all your fantastic articles especially those in Best of Marlon.

    My sticking point is I would like to know how to get 100 visitors a day to my site using article marketing specifically.

    I'm already submitting articles to ezine, having a number of views but not enough clickthroughs on the link in my resource box.

    Many thanks,


    [Hi Mavis, offer something more enticing in your resource box. A free report or video or audio…and test different TITLES until one catches on. Good job taking action. Also, put your articles into an ebook just like I did and make that a give away. Turn your articles into short videos and post on youtube. Have fun. Marlon]

  • Kate says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thank you for your great information and idendifying the sticking point is of great help. I have 3 websites, 2 devoted to natural health and wellbeing and one for our holiday house in the South of France. site # 1 which has been up for many years gets around 60 visitors a day with a rare opt-in, this is very dissappointing, I try different offers but the results seem just as bad. I have some products available on that site and services, the products produce some sales. site #2 is only getting around 8 visitors a day, this is clearly a problem. # 3 site gets around 25 visits a day.

    I have some physical products, and an information program, which I launched this week.

    My sticking point is clearly traffic as number one and subsriptions as number 2 and of course sales would be wonderful!

    I have been plugging away for a long time now and focus has really been a big problem for me closely followed by confident action.

    I shall keep on and my 2009 plans embrace action and getting 'out-there'


    [Hi Kate, look at: for ideas. That site is successful. Search Google for you keywords and look at the sites that keep running ppc ads on the right hand side and are there week after week. Study their squeeze or landing page. Research your competition more on Clickbank Marketplace and study their sites. Good luck to you. You need to add more marketing to your mix. Study what works for others. Here is one more URL for you:… ]

  • Leonardo says:

    Hey Marlon

    My sticking point is getting affiliates, where is the best place to take my markeitng ebook and my marketing course.

    Also, how do I get affiliates to go mad for it

    Look forward to your reply


    [Hi Leonardo, I explain everything I personally do in But it's not great on recruiting. You have to hustle and work and network and meet people with lists in forums….and network on Twitter and Facebook…..and call people and make friends…and do things for others first before you ask for them to reciprocate. Basically, you focus on it 1 hour every day for the next year. Or 30 minutes a day. I could talk about this more but I'm limited in email.]

  • Kevin J. Fry says:

    Thanks for your help and direction. I just started a new approach of getting visits to my web site by taking the Google top searches, and placing them into a site map file, and it's working! I'm amazed my visitor count on this one web site went from 1/day to 50/day, pretty much overnight. I'm trying to find my sticking point. I want to turn a profit from these visitors by selling things through affiliate programs. I've made a few dollars through writing articles, and posting them to services, but this is my first time getting this many hits to my web site. I just placed a banner up last night (in a panic that I'm getting all of these hits all of the sudden) at the top of all of the searches that are coming into my custom search, but no results as of yet. I guess I need to figure out how to keep the visitors on my site for longer, and get them to purchase something. My problem is these searches are in areas I have no clue about and how do I get them to purchase something? Should I re-design the site so that products are at top? The content is definably there, it's just how do I turn this content into sales, and what do I sell if these top searches I'm getting are so scattered in topic? With 20+ domains this is the first web site that's gotten these results for the amount of programming I've done. Please help, and thank you so much in advance.

    [Hi Kevin, what I'd do is go to and sign up. Then I'd find attractive free offers related to the traffic you are getting where you get paid per lead just for people signing up for free stuff. You usually get $3-$5 for free sign ups. That's the way I'd monetize that traffic. This is called cost per action. And if you search Google, you'll find articles and ebooks about it. Marlon]

  • Michael E. Cantone says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My sticking point is I keep sticking to do nothing.

    I let the smallest things keep my hands tied.

    I made a mistake in letting a service company do something I should have done myself, because of which has prevented me from making sales I know I could have at least as far as Affiliate Marketing goes.

    My company is registered with my state as a LLC but the services I paid for has not delivered a package that included my tax ID.

    I am also registered with Amazon as an Affiliate that I used my Social Security number with but am lost at this point of putting the pieces together.

    The foundation is built I need the house.

    Thanks to you I have plenty of foundation and feel as if I let you down.


    I am not giving up.


    [Hey Mike, on the LLC, I'd try finding some forums that specialize in small business law, incorporation and so forth. On the Amazon issue, I'm not sure the problem. You didn't let me down, bro. These things are part of business. What I can tell you is to access some resources to get things moving. Try to find some forums to help you. Marlon]

  • Alejandra says:

    Hi Marlon! My sticking point is that I don't know how to approach my clients, because I'm just starting as a copywriter.

    What's best? Cold calling? Advertising? Mailing? Send a message from its website?

    I'm completely freeze up with paralysis! I'm scared!

    (I'm writing for the spanish market because I speak spanish, you can check my poor english)

    Well, all your comments and suggestions are welcome, because I know you are the best marketer.

    Best wishes,


    [Hi Alejandra, go to I think he might have some things on finding clients. And subscribe to the ezine at They have a lot of interviews with copywriters. You do lead generation. So you write a free report, figure out who the target buyers are and get your ad for the freebie in front of them. Marketing 101 in that regards. Write a free report on how to sell to the spanish market and post in forums. Offer the free report in your sig line.]

  • Trevor says:


    I don't have a sticking point. But I do have a slow me down point.

    It's called technical stuff and I don't like it.

    But not liking stuff is part and parcel of any business. And sooner or later …

    whether you're online business or not – you'll going to run into stuff that gives you a headache. But it's a small price to pay for financial freedom.

    Procrastination is the thief of time but in my book the ultimate thief award has to go to technical issues.

    Because if you don't know what you're doing it's a very time consuming process.

    Anyway I'm new to all this and I'm finding the technical stuff challenging. No doubt about it.

    But I'm not going down the outsourcing route – yet.

    Because I'm a great believer in getting to know the business you're going into.

    And the only way to do that is to get stuck in and get your hands dirty.

    But it will pay of long term because when I do decide to outsource I will know what I'm doing.

    I'll also know what I want to outsource and more importantly – what I want to keep in house. And I'll stand a much better chance of not getting ripped of.

    So for now I'm just plodding along. In fact my next task is setting up an autoresponder.

    It's boring as hell.

    But it's a job that has to be done. And it's costing time.

    Anyway none of this bothers me … because I'm lucky.

    I have my own product. It's proprietary. And it's in a great niche.

    So all I have to do after I've finished with this technical stuff – is sell it.

    And I'm looking forward to that. It'll be the start of a great journey.

    So Marlon my question is – what else can I do to save time?


    I've got my own product and it's proprietary. can spin off

  • joseph godda says:

    Hey Marlon

    Joe Godda here. my major stick point is small budget. Hopefully that will change.

    but Ihave found a few sites that are free

    and they seem to deliver pretty well.

    any feed back would be appreciated.


    joseph godda

    http://[email protected]

    613-230-330 goal for 2009 is try and hit 75,000. god bless

    [Hi Joseph, go to Do article marketing. You can also create videos and upload to youtube to get traffic. Marlon]

  • Damon Nelson says:

    We are building 2 lists right now with some great content designed after your promo dashboard. and
    opt-ins on the first site is about 1 out of every 10 visitors signup

    opt-ins on the second site are about 1 out of every 100 signup.

    When and how is the best way to start converting the new list into buyers and how often should we contact them via the autoresponders?

    [Hi Damon, congratulations on taking action! Nice job. A few suggestions to help. You want your optin box above the fold of the computer screen. Look at for an idea. You need to have a designer help you on this if you have a budget. Try graphicsgenie or design guru ryan. I believe their contact info is in the product. Now, the convert, you do rows 4-6 of promo dashboard. Everything is there on converting them. You have a very nice start here. But the opt in needs to be above the fold. And I'd get some help from a designer if it's in your budget. Marlon]

  • Anonymous Coward says:

    Other than infusionsoft, do you know of any shopping carts that allow you to do one-click upsells after the payment page but before the download page?

    [I believe the url is — Marlon]

  • I have great experience copywriting but hardly any technical expertise. I am tearing my hair out trying to intigrate my niche ebook with Paypal,ftp,and autoresponder. I just do not know the sequence of how you sew it all together. The selling and spiel comes easy to me but not the 'teckie stuff'!

    PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, Do a 1 THROUGH 10 SEQUENCE (in great detail and as if you are holding my hand)of the sequence of how you tighten up the nuts and bolts.

    I have cpanel but I just dont know what I should do with it. NO ONE TELLS YOU THIS STUFF. WHY DO YOU GUYS ASSUME WE ARE ALL TECHNICAL WIZ KIDS? I live in the countryside…alone.. and what a struggle it is with no one here to talk to. Oh! how I wish someone would make an ebook with an easy to follow guide. which does not cost a fortune.

    Regards G.C

    [Hi Gilson, I already have it done for you. I've already got you covered. What most people do is sell on Clickbank which takes care of charging. After you order the product, the next page is your opt in page. But I cover this in Product Dashboard]

  • Bob says:

    Hi Marlon.

    The bigget problem I have is trying to tie all this stuff together. Adsense, affiliate, making my own product, list building, etc. Is there a do this, then this, then etc……



    [Hey Bob, that's what our Dashboards are but I do them by topic. So you have Product Dashboard for creating and delivering products, Promo Dashboard for building a list and selling to it, Design Dashboard for designing a site, Affiliate Dashboard for starting an affiliate program to sell your products. Marlon]

  • Jeffreemusic says:

    Where I believe I am learning a lot about online marketing and real estate all indications are that I should be focusing my energy on my music instead but it is hard to abandon all of my investments. All the things I learn tell me that I should follow my passions. Being a songwriter (Misanthropic Jesus) I have a product (that is GOOD) But like all of these products MArketing is my stall point!

    [Hi, why not sell your music on the Internet? You can get clicks really CHEAP on Google related to music.]

  • gus hart says:

    Hi, Marlon, this is the first time I'm posting anything in my life, I really need help, sounds common? To start, I just want more people seeing my job and post comments about, where I found email adresses? How to reach them? It's very expensive? I have warking poor the last year, need to make a decission , if I can't improve, may need to stop or change! Thank's a lot!

    [Hi Gus, I'm assuming you want to sell your photography services? You find out WHO you think will buy your services based on past clients. And you run ads in the ezines and blogs they read. If what you want to do is sell your photography, I'd search Google for ebooks by people who have already figured it out and written about how they do it. But basically, you need to find out where you can reach them, then make a free offer to get them to your web site. And once there get them on an email list so you can send them emails. Marlon]

  • Dave Schwatz says:

    Well, my first sticking point is getting this ebook that I keep trying to sign up for. First it says that you already have my email. Then it says my email address is invalid.

    Does that mean I cannot get the book? (I am, after all, a paying customer. That is, I have purchased something.)

    BTW, I tried emailing to you personally and got no response.

    [Hi Dave, I'm terribly sorry you had a problem. Everywhere I can I request that people click the support link on our sites to get support. Or go to We often don't get emails. We have LIVE chat all day long M-F with my support rep Tim. I also publish our office number. And we have a support desk that gives you a ticket number for tracking. So, you can go to: M-F from 9 a.m. CST to 6 p.m. CST and Tim will help you get your product! Marlon]

  • Dave says:

    Hi Masrlon, I am working on prioritizing traffic sources to pinpoint the best use of my time.

    [Hi, are you running tests on your traffic sources and measuring the value of the customers from each source? That is what I'd do.]

  • Angel says:

    My biggest block is I had someone doing all my 'techie' stuff, website, Aweber, opt-in boxes, etc…and we had a falling out and I had all my eggs in one basket. I have 'great' ideas…one in progress…but the finding someone to do the techie end is holding me back.

    I want to learn all of this as I go…but slowly in my own time, like over the next year or so…and meanwhile am at a complete 'halt' with things because of our differences.

    Going on Elance I've tried…so much BS that happened with all that…so many different people…very difficult to have someone 'in charge' of your website and doing autoresponders, etc., for you and you don't know them, or there's several of them…

    Any help you might offer is greatly appreciated.



    [Hi Angel, try and find someone local part time to help you. That's what I do. You can also post for help on]

  • Ron Worthy says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I've purchased just about all of your products!

    I own 5 websites, two of which are membership programs. Two of my sites enjoy an Organic Top 10 Google Ranking, but, my monthly revenue for all 5 websites is very, very modest!

    I'm making less than 1,200 per month!

    What's the problem? I've written articles…I've joined a number of social networking sites… my instructional videos are posted and live on video directories.

    But I can't even make $5,000.00 a month!


    Please advise,

    Ron Worthy

    [Hey Ron, go find people in your niche like Jermaine Griggs who ARE making $5000 a month and a lot more and see how THEY are doing it. That's a good start. Study how people who ARE successful do it.]

  • How do i get more hits to my website,? and please could you tell me how i can supply hotels, with mirrors etc shall i just ring them. have you any tips for me.

    Best Regards


    [Hey Andy, yeah, what the heck. Ring em. You might also write a letter and send it to 'em. Or drop by and talk to the manager.]

  • Donald says:

    Marlon I love your stuff…I read your

    letters and Have order a number of your products over the years…You have helped me get to step one.

    My sticking point is: I want to put a video on my squeeze page…Until I learn to do it I need to find someone who creates videos for websites not youtube

    Videos with FLV players. At a reasonable price…Can you point me in the right direction…I couldn't find anything decent on rent-a-coder.

    Thanks Donald

    [Hey Donald, we show how to do this in Promo Dashboard. You do the video in Camtasia and save as FLV. Camtasia as I recall then gives you the flv player code to paste into your web page. Try posting for help at Have you been through the free tutorials on They are very good tutorials. I do believe we covered this in Promo Dash but I could be wrong.]

  • Anonymous Coward says:

    I'm having a very hard time creating my product. I have all the powerpoint slides done and am now making videos out of them using camtasia.

    I really hate doing this but I don't want to outsource it because my list expects that the product and video will come from me.

    Talking on the video is really a pain in the ass because I tend to have to repeat parts of it when I miss-speak or stutter. I relisten to it and it never really sounds like how I want it so I feel like I wasted my time.

    I end up inventing busy work to avoid doing the videos. What would be ideal is if I somehow really looked forward to making the videos and just breezed through them one after another.

    When I start in to narrate a video on the one hand if I don't have the exact words on the slides I end up going off in another direction than what I had intended on the slides. However if I have all the exact words I need to say on the slides I do stay on track but it sounds too rigid and scripted.

    [Hi, it may sound too rigid for YOU. But I would give it to some customers and ask their opinion. Have you tried outlining points for each slide so you don't deviate too far? That is what most people do. They have bullet points of what they want to cover on each slide or the slide IS the bullet points.]

  • Doralyn says:

    Hey Marlon, You are the only one in all my internet mails, who I just have an intuitive good feeling about. You seem very honest and to the point! Thank you! The comments above really hit it on the head, lack of focus, trying to do too many things at the same, time, no time, running low on funds. My thing is I am actually nervous about follow through for those interested. I really want to make sure I can "take care" of their needs and wants, provide good quality information, etc. Yes, I have decided on my niche market, but seem to be waiting waiting for the web developer to get back to me (yes, one of those outsources). Mostly my sticking point is overwhelmedness, if that is a word. So much info and trying to sort through who wants what before you get what you really need. 🙂

    [Hi, I'm not sure what you have your web developer doing that is taking so long? Is it just web design? Or are you trying to do a more complex site? When you outsource, you need to set deadlines for deliverables. If it's web design, you shouldn't be waiting so long.]

  • Rainer says:

    Hey Marlon,

    First of all, let me say, that with all the gurus and hype out there, there are only a handful that are a real foundation for me, you being one of them.

    Over the past 5 years, my problem has always been too many exciting ideas and then trying to decide which one would be the most fruitful finacially.

    I have a direct mail printing business which is my bread and butter but it's not a real 'internet' business. Although I know a lot about dm and can write a lot about it, I'm not passionate about it and I don't really feel that there's a big enough market on the web.

    I'm also considering a membership site based on a fitness/sport passion (Olympic backgound) but it would take more work. Recurring revenue would be good though.

    At this point, I'm ready to dive into affiliate marketing and PPC just to get going and eventually switch over to my own products after I build a list.

    I know I need to focus on one thing and just get something out there but my time and energy is limited so I'm looking for some outside direction. I can't see the forest for the trees anymore.



    [Hey Rainer, listen bro, you aren't the only one. I think ALL entrepreneurs suffer from this. I know I do at times. I love learning new things. Now, I recommend you START as an affiliate and learn HOW to get new customers and WHAT they want to buy. Load up all the best affiliate products you find in an autoresponder and see what sells. Then, create your own products. DM IS a field people are interested in. But if you don't have passion for it….I would find something you'd be excited to DO. Then find out what those folks are buying. Now hop to it and focus in. Set some monthly and weekly goals for it.]

  • Cary says:

    HI Marlon – My sticking point is technical – I know exactly what I want to do – have a number of ideas with in-depth plan – have worked with some outsourcers from India/Phillipines/US during the past year – things just seem to PLOD along. I've worked thru guru/elance/odesk & Do you think you get better, more efficient work at rentacoder?

    I've done writing, layout, design and marketing for years offline, and find it frustrating not to just be able to put up my own site. I have xsite pro and Jim Edwds Mini Site Creator and still haven't gotten a site up myself. I am very clear that each step of the way my BIG STICKING POINT is always TECH. If I had a good person I could just say do this, then this, then this – it would be a huge relief and things would move – so far with the people I've found there have been varying degrees of understanding/explanation/etc.

    Would LOVE to hear your thoughts – you are always so grounded and to the point. AND I too haven't made it all the way thru Dashboard yet.


    🙂 Cary

    [Cary, listen. I hate details and tech stuff too. What I recommend is you try Craigs list and see if you can hire a part time person who can do what you want. For $10-$12 an hour you should be able to get help. You can also try rentacoder, although Guru normally has very high quality people. Cary, it shouldn't be THAT hard to get a site up, depending on WHAT type of site it is. IF it's a sales letter site, have Design Guru whip out your graphics. He'd probably set up the whole page for you with greek text for the copy. Marlon]

  • Ronnie says:

    Hi Marlon,

    My plan is to focus on a certain niche via membership sites (personal finance coaching).

    But as I do my research, I notice that that content I intend to provide my members is similar/available to/from some related blogs. I'm stuck!

    [Ronnie, go for it. Nobody can copy YOU. YOU are the U in USP. People don't want information. They want ADVICE from a personality they RELATE to. Subscribe to and and get their emails. You'll SEE what I mean by injecting personality. Consider yourself unstuck. Marlon]

  • Roy says:


    Thank's for sharing a great newsletter.

    My sticky point is getting subscribers to my newsletter. Over the past few months they have subscribed but a day or two later unsubscribe. I think the just want to subscribe to get the free gifts.

    [Hey Roy, email and ask them why they are unsubscribing. Maybe the emails or newsletters you're sending aren't hitting their hot buttons.]

  • Anna says:

    My biggest sticking point is that I have a limited understanding of copywriting and I'm afraid that my message will not be compelling or that I use techniques the wrong way and turn off my market. I do plan to learn more about copywriting but I'm in information overload right now and I don't have the money to hire a skilled copywriter right now.

    [Anna, if you have Promo Dashboard listen to the bonus audio with Keith Baxter where he tells how he has gotten sales letters written for $200. Marlon]

  • Bob Marconi says:

    Like a lot here, my problems are focus and information over load!

    Though I purchased several of the 'Dashboard' products I have yet to use them.

    It's very frustrating.

    [Hey Bob, what stops you from using Product Dashboard to create a product?]

  • Howard Kaye says:


    I am overwelmed with all the info out there. Like others I have spent a fortune trying to earn a living online.

    I have purchased Design Dashboard, Info Dashboard and Promo Dashboard from you. I need to focus on one thing at a time,which I have not.

    I have been running from one product to the next like so many of us newbies do.

    I have determined that you are the teacher to stick with.

    My sticking point is where do I start. In what order should I study what I have?

    [Hi Howard, if you don't have a product to promote, what SITE would you design? What would be the purpose of it? If you don't have a product to promote, what would you need a site for? And what would you promote? So you create your product, design your site then promote it. You can also start with Promo Dashboard and promote affiliate products if you just don't know what product to create. Marlon]

  • Vladi Jordan says:

    Dear Marlon,

    thank you for all the great insights here.

    I've purchased the info-product and the promo dashboard. Both techniques required first to find a market, where back end products are sold.

    My own interests and expertise is mainly in the fields of trading (futures and forex markets), selling financial services and IT help desk. My hobbies are personal development, photography and mountain biking.

    And here is my sticking point: all these fields are very competitive and not the best starting point for a newbie like me (I've bought my first eBook on Internet Marketing 6 months ago).

    Here is my question: should I start promote other (good converting) products in one of these fields OR should I look for not so competitive markets (outside my interests), where I can create my own product?

    Please excuse my poor English (it's not my native language). It sounds probably like Yoda from Star Wars to you 🙂

    Best regards and a wonderful day,


    Austria, Europe

    [Hi, personally I'd go with creating products in the area of your hobbies since you know those areas the best. But there's nothing wrong with the areas you're interested in either. Look at your first 1-3 products as practice. So pick something and do it. Marlon]

  • Andrew Saari says:

    I would say I have more than one sticking point. The first,I'm not getting 100 visitors a day. Closer to 20.

    I do have a squeeze page that has a little better than 10% opt in rate. None of those sign ups have been coverted to sales yet despite numerous sales page revisions.

    [Andrew, if you have Promo Dashboard have you done rows 5 and 6? Those are how you get those folks to BUY from you. 10% is good enough on your squeeze page. Are you running banner ads offering a free report on blogs and forums that target your market? Are you posting at least once a day in 5-10 or more forums in your niche with a freebie in your sign line? As far as conersions, do rows 5 and 6 of Promo Dash.]

  • Keith deBolt says:


    As always, flat-out, tell it like it is words of wisdom— and words to build a business by!

    You stick out like a monk at an Ozzie concert, my friend!

    My sticking point is technical in nature… I seem to be expanding my business and my contacts and my ideas much faster than my site-building and programming skills are growing…!

    I am not ready to give up the design end- I am a graphic artist from way back and love Photoshop, etc., since I started with Design Dashboard so long ago! And I feel that copywriting is kinda my thing…. I guess I would possibly do better if I let someone else do the installs and uploads- that is the part that seems like work to me… I just switched to a reseller hosting package with hostgator and now have some learning to do in that dashboard– I am using RAP and need to get that reinstalled on some new sites–

    These are my sticking points. And I guess just writing them down helped a little!

    Thanks, Marlon- for sharing and caring.


    [Keith, go to rentacoder and get some help. You may be ready for a part or full time virtual assistant. Marlon]

  • I, like Joan(post#2)have difficulty focusing. I have started many things but always come to a stumbling block then give up and start something new. I started a list in November but have still only about 70 people on it (and fading) and they don't seem to even look at my emails never mind buy from them.

    Should I just scrap that list and try again?

    I have read loads on how to manage a list and have tried to put it into practice but without much success.

    Also if you look at the website I have given you you will see that it shows everything but I don't know why it has done this and cannot find out what I am doing wrong.

    Thanks for your offer of help it is much appreciated.


    [Hi Norma, you need an index.html page. You have your index page labelled index1.html so that won't work. Take the 1 off. 70 people on your list isn't enough. But you have to consider the SOURCE of the names. You have an Ebay product so you need to find forums and blogs about ebay and run your banner ads there. Your sales letter needs LOTS of screen caps and PROOF. You are asking people to believe you. Ain't gonna happen. Think about how skeptical you are when YOU buy.

    I didn't see your squeeze page. But follow the plan I lay out in promo dashboard on getting your opt ins and also on how to CONVERT the people on your list to buyers. Marlon]

  • Mathaios says:

    Hey Marlon and a happy new year!Thanks for your willing to help people!

    My sticking point is that i do not get enough traffic to make enough sales.I m promoting PLR and Affiliate products together but with very little success.

    I m avoiding PPC as i ve tried it before and i only gained expenses!I actually don`t trust PPC as i ve seen companies online that gather people to click on PPC ads and pay them $0.01/ad they click.I would like to ask you a comment about this.

    What valueable traffic resources do you suggest?

    Thanks Mathaios.

    [Hi, you participate in forums in you target market and put a free report in your sig line just like I teach in promo dashboard. Do you have it? Have you done it? You also run banner ads in forums and on blogs that target your audience. You set up an affiliate program and ask people you meet in the forums to promote it. A lot of this is explained in promo dash. Marlon]

  • AL Garretson says:

    Continued; being a newbie i just got overwhelmed and with the death of my sister the day before Christmas i just lost focus.I have a plan mapped out for the next 2 month's and i hope it works.Thanks Marlon feel free to use this post how you want i hope you do your the best.

    Your comment's are alway's welcome.To your continued success

    Marlon……thanks Al Garretson

    [Hi Al, I'm sorry about the death of your sister. It's always so hard to deal with our mortality. Let us know how your plan goes. Marlon]

  • AL Garretson says:

    Thanks Marlon,

    Your wisdom is welcomed and respected.My sticking point is traffic after a 40 day'spress release joining co-op writing articles no traffic not one dam..leads.So ithink what i will do Marlon is start again more articles,more articles,more articles.Get a product out thereget a product out there i can see alot of sticking points Marlon but if i don't try harder then i will feel as if i failed and i have never been a quiter.I just couldn't see giving XXXXX any more of my money with absolutely nothing in return.Now don't get me wrong Marlon iam not bashing his program in any way my fault all the way thanks.

    [Hey, article marketing works but is a slow builder. You can literally write 3 or 4 articles in 15-30 minutes and submit. There are plenty of ebooks on speed article writing if you search google. Now, that leaves you time to have some banners created you can run offering a free report. Place them on blogs and in forums. Also, post in all relevent forums daily and put your freebie offer in your sig line. Marlon]

  • Bruce says:


    Thanks for enlightening us with your wisdom. I have found a product, created a website, setup an affiliate program, and now my sticking point is getting prospects to the site. Common theme it looks like. I went public with the site a week ago and now I am out promoting it. Do you have a product that details how to market on social networking site? I think that is an area that I should be focusing on. I could also use a review of the site and my sales letter.


    [Hey Bruce, I'm not sure what to recommend on the social networking sites. I would try running ads in targeted ezines, blogs and forums. And turn every customer into an affiliate. If you aren't participating in forums in your target audience, I recommend it. That is where you meet list owners. You can also join groups in Facebook for the same purpose. Marlon]

  • Kat says:

    I love your newsletter Marlon and the check list too. My point for 2009 is to go through live case study and make $1000 in 30 days. I will make a product out of that for newbies.So far,I was selling affiliate products with moderate success.I will try to take that step in feb.2009. and do it myself.

    Thank you for your support


    [Kat, that sounds like a good plan. If you find some ezines to run ads in, some banners in targeted forums and on blogs, and a modest ppc campaign, you should be able to do that $1000 and much more if you have one back end in place.]

  • Doug says:

    Dear Marlopn ,I really appreciate all the good lessonsa you give cause I've used them and they work. So thanks for that. My sticking point , not enough traffic and website technicalities not to mention sales letters and follow through with potential customers.

    Doug Olson

    [Hey Doug, for traffic, look to see if you can buy banner ads in targeted forums, blogs and ezines. For technicalities get help on, and for sales letters, study successful letters. Marlon]

  • Frank Gorka says:

    Thanks Marlon Your The Best My Friend I Knew I could count on you

    Thanks Frank

  • Frank Gorka says:

    Hey Marlon Frank Gorka Here.

    Here is my Sticken Point…Marlon I am

    part of a weight loss company launching a Scientific Back Weight Loss Product.

    We are launching THIS WEEK

    Marlon What FREE MEDIA would you use to launch a new weight loss product to the general public.

    I need 3 resourses that would allow me to takes this new product to the masses.

    PS: One of my partners loss 31 pounds in 3 weeks. I got pictures to show you if your interested.

    Thanks Marlon For Your Time

    Frank Gorka

    [Frank, go to and get on Daegan's forum and read all the posts on his blog. He's really awesome at mlm. Marlon]

  • Titus says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Excellent stuff as always Marlon, you're right up

    there with Bob Bly, Michael Campbell… as newsletters

    I simply have to read.

    My sticking point is a moral one. Especially when

    it comes to selling info-marketing products online

    – I have a very hard time justifying the reason

    to even sell these info products; no matter how

    great or good they are. Making money is just not

    a good enough reason.

    I have figured out long ago how to sell stuff online,

    I just find it very hard to sell info-products where

    I know 90% to 95% of the customers buying them just

    don't have the fortitude, drive, will-power or sometimes

    just the time to make these products work for them.

    These info-products can be some of the best in

    the world – but they are useless if the buyers don't

    use them. Seems like we're selling virtual shovels

    to the gold-diggers… and the real ironic part

    is – the shovels actual work but the buyers don't

    have the determination to make them work. They

    go from one info-product to another, wasting their


    I have solved my own problem by focusing most of

    my online marketing on selling real products and

    services on the web instead of info-products. The

    commissions are much, much lower but I can sleep

    at night.

    I do believe the electronic goods I sell have a much

    better chance of being used by the consumers, or the

    services I sell will be used by the companies buying


    May get over this 'sticking point' in the future and

    get back to focusing on info-products…

    but I am not holding my breath.



    [Hey Titus, if you're happy selling physical products, keep doing it. Nothing wrong with that. I recommend you read the book It's Not Luck by Eli Goldratt to work on those mental conflicts.[

  • Pammieb says:

    Hi Marland, firstly thank you for making my holiday reading very enjoyable. I just came back from 7 days on the Gold Coast and took your Amazing Formula with me. Read it twice ( tip great way to read Marland's stuff whilst on holiday, you are more relaxed and asorb more).

    Taking action has never been my sticking point, even creating my own products I find quite easy and fun. My sticking point is finding that profitable niche outside of 'internet marketing' niche to market to but most importantly, how to get past all of the google adwords rules for promoting affiliate programs.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    PS. Looking forward to going through my notes from my holiday reading and implementing some of your great strategies. I definitely learnt a lot and will be promoting your tools to my newbies this year.



    Sydney, Australia

    [Hi, buy by Tim Godfrey, who posted here a few posts ago by the way. He also has nicheblueprint. His products are extremely high quality. Commissionblueprint covers adwords in extreme depth and finding target markets.]

  • Rick says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Great newsletter and info – keep it coming!

    My sticking point is getting affiliates to join our affiliate program, then not actually promote the product actively.

    Why do they join if they aren't going to do (what little) it takes for them to run a few promos?

    Is there some "magic sequence" we need to use to get them ramped up and promoting actively?


    [Rick, affiliate dashboard tells you everything I've done over the years. But the fact is, most affiliates won't promote. That's why people have gone to recruiting active affiliates by private invite and doing product launches. Marlon]

  • Chip Tarver says:

    Hey, M –

    Happy New Year my friend…

    Yes, even though I read all your issues 'cause U DA MAN and DA BOMB… they all land in my junk folder [even though I use no filters of any kind.]

    Hope you are well and happy –

    Chip Tarver

    [Chip, nice to hear from you. Hope you're working on a new product and some way to get get traffic to it. I really don't know what to do on the junk filters. The one today was html so I could track the open rate. That gave it a spam rating of 1. The others are all text and have no reason to be filtered. Marlon]

  • Bryan says:

    Marlon, just got on your list a week ago…good stuff..and I have heard them all. Now my sticking point.

    I have a few products now (manuals). But, now at age 44 w/3 little kids (1,3,4 yrs old) am so busy plus a regular job.) Exceeding tough to find/make time. I run all day long…and burn midnight oil, too.) Help!

    [Hey Bryan, yep,you got your hands FULL! I'd say to pick the product that you think will sell best and has the best opportunities for a back end and put the time you DO have into just it. And getting people on your email list. If you spend 30 minutes a night buying ezine ads or mucking with ppc or buying banners on forums, you can accomplish a lot. Marlon]

  • Tim Godfrey says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Does the domain the squeeze page is on have any 'PR'?

    Google sometimes gives better QS and lower CPC's if your landing page is placed on a domain with higher PR ranking.., so if, for instance you placed it on a domain like which is PR4… and that domain was relevant to the keywords you're bidding on, then you could stand a better chance of getting better QS's.

    If you're promo is 'affiliate' based..and you are bidding on keywords centered around affiliate/affiliate marketing etc…and you had a URL which has high PR which has the keyword 'affiliate' in it, then that could improve things for sure…. maybe… ya never 100% sure with our friends over at Mountain View… they have a habit of changing their minds 🙂


    [Hey Tim, sent you an email with more details. But we were registering fresh domains so we could put content on the index page matching each ad group keyword….basically building a mini silo site.]

  • Kim Baillie says:

    Ah the little Marlon voice in my head strikes again! How do you know when to send these emails and kick start us into action? My sticking point is closest to number 3 I guess. It's a few years since I developed any new product, sales and opt ins have been consistent BUT after doing a survey (yes, master, they work every time) I had the answer to what product should be developed next. I just hadn't started because it is going to mean a bit more work and I'm not uncomfortable enough yet to want to make it happen.

    Well that was before today's Marketing Minute. Once again you have spurred me to action. So, thanks and when are you coming to visit us again Downunder?

    [Hey Kim, man I've been Downunder once. It's a LONG flight as you know. Really, really long! But the Gold Coast is worth it. Really appreciate hearing from someone who is doing something positive! Nice to see. And nice that you get that it's about creating products and promoting them. Marlon]

  • Mark says:


    That is excellent advice and I would recommend the book highly. Apparently, I need to re-read that book and impliment (fire). I appreciate your time.


    [Mark, I've read it 3X. His main point is Ready, Fire, Aim. Fire means TEST to see if people will BUY. Because you don't KNOW if they'll buy. Your product has to hit that Tipping Point to sell really well. You don't do a product launch until you know if you got something that will sell, something that hits a sweet spot. Marlon]

  • Mark says:

    Thanks Marlon,

    I've had some of it reviewed by (very well known but shall remain nameless) Gurus who've indicated I should do some additional work. Stated a stand-alone product is OK, but a 1-hit-wonder with no backend and needs more "over-delivery". Guess that's where I got somewhat stuck, as the site was built and out there (still is).

    The primary product is a video series on obtaining and recreating PLR to personalize it for resale. I was going to do a vidoe of me actually taking a PLR product and converting it (case study). The add things like spreadsheets, quick-start guides likely some templates. The upsell would be a PLR/MRR/Freebies membership site. Just basically got to get to work. Thanks.


    [Mark, I'll give you some really great and cheap advice. Buy Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson at your bookstore and DO what it says! Here's the thing: Why do a back end when you have NO idea if the front end will sell? Test it. Drive some traffic to it….I don't mean a big launch. But drive some traffic and see if people buy it. Just do it. Then, if people will buy it, you can go from there. Marlon]

  • Tim Godfrey says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Been reading your emails & newsletters for nearly 4 years now and as my buddy Franck said, your advice, information and expertise is unmatched in the IM industry. Keep it coming!



    [Hey Tim, that reminds me. I need to sell promote your product. I loved the Commission Blueprint. Hey, do you know how to get a great quality score on Adwords? I have a squeeze page with an article below the fold for the adgroup name, linked to an index page that is a wordpress blog with all the adgroups listed and an article for each adgroup. We STILL are only getting OK scores. Here is one example: Marlon]

  • Mark says:

    Hi Marlon,

    From the "Marlon" collection I have Info Product Dashboard, Gimme My Money II and Push Button Letters. I probably have a $30,000 hard drive collection and expansive PLR and membership sites (my own), as well as few of my own (or limited) products.

    I won't go into gory details, but numerous issues arose the last half of last year trying to keep my offline business afloat, In all honesty, I'd have to concur with Joan. I totally lacked focus and kept looking for the magic bullet. I ended up with a bullet alright, just wasn't magic.

    Everything I've acquired would lead me to an initial target market in the IM industry (tough nut). I likely just need to finish tweaking what I have and "get it out there" so I can move on to better sticking points such as traffic and conversion. Thanks.


    [Mark, I think you should get it out there with a minimum of tweaking and see if people want to buy it. If people want it, you can always tweak it. You need to know if you got something people wanna buy.]

  • Lucille says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for writing. My Sticking Point is: I have never gotten a Website up and running. I must have 4 started I am stuck I don't know how to finish them. I have been trying for 2 1/2 years and have never made a dime online. I am not a quitter and I have no intentions of quitting. I will succeed sooner or later. So that is my Sticking Point. I have wasted the better part of $30,000.00 Credit Card money, and now I can't pay them. Thanks again, Lucille

    [Hi Lucille, what is stopping you from finishing the one you think is the best? What are you stuck on? What's the purpose of the web site? Grab my free ebook at: and read it. Marlon]

  • axinte says:

    no coment

    [Alright fair enough. Marlon]

  • J. Anne says:

    My sticking point is probably going to be all three of those things because I am new. My products won't launch until next week and I have only broken 100 visitors a day as of yesterday (only online since November 22 08). My list has 22 people on it as of this morning…so I have a lot of work to do.

    So for 2009 – this a break-in year. Maybe I will cash in because I set it up smart – or maybe I've made lots of mistakes that have yet to be recognized…at any rate – I DO expect to make money and I Do expect to follow the Amazing Formula until I beat it to death.

    J. Anne

    [Hey Julie, congrats on your first product. 100 visitors is great. If you have an affiliate program for the product and it converts, start telling the conversions to every affiliate you can find! Marlon]

  • I guess that's what makes us entrepreneurs, Marlon! We're always looking for something new. I haven't been on the Ateam calls, but I'm sure they're helpful. I'm going to look into this some more. Thanks for your response! Joan

    [Joan, you're right. Entrepreneurs like us have short attention spans!]

  • Mikhail says:

    Hello Marlon,

    Thanks a lot for your good job!

    All Your letters till 01/01/09 was very interesting and usefull – I copy-paste them in one Word-File to use together with your book "The Best…" in my business.

    Have a good weekend!

    Best Regards,

    Mikhail Trishin


  • Mark says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I concur that your newsletter is among the best in the industry and no, don't stop. My "stuck point" is, as you state, getting out of the locker room and onto the field.

    After cleaning out my bank account over the last year, it's abundantly clear I need to move on to the field (or out on the street if my wife has anything to do with it). Keep up the great work and I look forward to finding some sticking points as quickly as possible.


    [Mark, how can I help you get onto the playing field? Do you have product dashboard? Have you tried creating your own product yet? Do you know your target market? What is the next step you need to take to get going and how can I assist you in taking that step? Marlon]

  • Lori says:

    Hi Marlon – Happy New Year,

    I've got traffic, I've got a loyal and large opt-in list – and make decent money from advertisements.

    My sticking points though are (a)not having a product to sell of my own. And (b) I also never want to offer products to my list that I don't personally try and endorse (and modify sales letters to better reach my niche)… both of these sticking points I think come down to carving out time and going for it.

    I'd love to bring my site to the next level — and yet continue to offer valuable and free content to my niche…

    [Hey Lori, do you have products you believe in you can sell to your list as an affiliate? I'd start there. Then, I'd hop on the phone with a few friends you've hopefully met and create an info product to sell. This is vintage Product Dashboard, if you have that. Marlon]

  • Yes, your issue made it through! My sticking point is focus. I find it way too easy to become scattered and drift off in a new direction without finishing what I'm doing. Then I find it difficult to find my way back. I'm determined to become more focused in 2009. Thanks for all your great information too!

    [Hey Joan, if you read this post back and tell me how I could help you stay focused. Have you been on my Ateam calls? Did they help? Or is there a different service or approach or method that will help you stay focused? You aren't the ONLY one…many people have this issue, including myself at times. Enterepreneurs get bored easily!]

  • Hey Marlon,

    Just wanted to say that your newsletter is the best in the industry. I enjoy reading it.

    You are right, others only send you good stuff when they launch!

    You should teach them…


    [Hey Franck, thanks for posting. Man, I'm beginning to wonder if this issue made it through the spam filters or not. Either that or no one cares about their sticking points!! Marlon]

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