How To Access The Quick Start Call

How To Access The Quick Start Call



So who ELSE wants 199,540 email addresses on their opt-in list (most double opt in)?


Marlon here.

In a second, I'll tell you how to access the Promo Dash Quick Start Call.

But first, I should tell you — the number would be 199,540. That's how many opt ins I've gotten over the years ONLY on my Aweber list.

Not counting my and accounts.

Now, obviously not all those names are active. But still…it's safe to say I know a thing or two about this game.

There are a few important keys to making this happen for you:

1.  You gotta have a profile of your ideal customer

Most marketers can't tell you how old their target customers are, what their educational level is on average, how much they make per year.

Yet, you can find these things out in 60 minutes of research.

It's important to be able to have a visual picture of your  ideal customers

2.  You gotta find out what they find attractive

The way you get people on your list is to have something they really want. And to get it, they gotta exchange their email address to snag it.

This is like a first date.

If the first date sucks, there won't be a second.

3.  You gotta work through these things:

a.  The thank you page process that asks people to check their email and confirm the link.

b.  The follow up confirmation email subject line and message and the confirmation page.

c.  The initial email follow ups where you do your Primal Branding.

4.  You gotta get a conversion process that works gangbusters

This may involve only email.  Or it could use podcasts, webinars, teleseminars and even live streaming video.

These are ALL things I walk you through in the new Promo Dashboard.

Now, if you HAVE the Promo Dashboard already, I want to encourage you to keep plugging away and get through it.

The Quick Start Call is now posted on one of the bonus tabs.

If you're a customer, just log in at:

If you're NOT a customer, then just snag your Promo Dash copy at this URL and you can get the Quick Start Call access in a jiffy.

Listen, if you wanna know how I got 199,540 emails on my list, then THIS is the call to listen to.

Plus, I think I'm going to do one more call at night, since a lot  of people told me they couldn't make the day calls. You'll be grandfathered in on attending that call when it's announced.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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