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How To Avoid The Big Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars and Months Of Time

Marlon's Marketing Minute Newsletter

How To Avoid The Big Mistakes.  Period.

May 1, 2010
8:41 a.m CST


Marlon here.  Extremely important issue today….

Today's article:

“How to Avoid The Big Makes.  Period!”

Today I'm going to talk to you about how not to LOSE money.
And how to get more of it while doing the same.

There's a skill in a non-Internet marketing
arena I'm learning.

And like any new skill, you're not worried about getting
all the nuances to start with.

What you want is to avoid the BIG mistakes.  In this
article, I'm going to help you avoid the BIG ones.

I really hope you read this and think about it. It'll
save you months if not years of wasted time and effort.

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 5, #19, May 1, 2010

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C. Main Article:  How to Avoid The Big Mistakes. Period.

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C. Main Article: How to Avoid The Big Mistakes

Today I'm going to talk to you about how not to LOSE money.
And how to get more of it while doing the same.

There's a skill in a non-Internet marketing
arena I'm learning.

And like any new skill, you're not worried about getting
all the nuances to start with.

What you want is to avoid the BIG mistakes.  In this
article, I'm going to help you avoid the BIG ones.

I really hope you read this and think about it. It'll
save you months if not years of wasted time and effort.

Big mistake #1:  Never doing anything

This sounds obvious. But it's an EASY trap to fall into
because you keep learning, learning and learning.

It's easy to fall prey to the fear of making mistakes and
the fear of being criticized.  A lot of people never
sell big ticket products because they're afraid of being

You know, if you sell a $27 ebook, no one is going to
get too upset if they think it sucks. But if you sell
something for a G, and people think it sucks, yeah, they'll

But you can't let that fear hold you back.  Just try to
produce good products.

It's true that if you do something and it doesn't work you
could feel like your “dream” will never happen. But it's
100% it'll never happen if you never do anything.

Instead of seeing your results as your own personal ability
being judged, see your activities as performing marketing
tests.  More on this attitude in a second.

Law 1:  Do something.

Big mistake #2:  Trying to sell to everybody

It's like trying to catch bass in the ocean.  You're
probably going to have more success catching bass in
a lake.

Think of it as fishing in ponds or lakes.  Over here
you have bass.  Over here you have something else.

You have to find a LAKE to fish in.

Now, I don't fish. So it's not a perfect analogy.
But you get the idea.

You can look at it as shopping malls.

A shopping mall in one part of town is going to have
different stores than one in another part of town,

You don't put the Neiman's or Nordstrom's (high end
stores) in the low rent part of town.

The point of targeting a specific group of people is
it's easier to know what they want and be specific about
how you provide that.

Look at marketing like this.  You have a specific group
of people and you are performing a marketing experiment
to find out IF these people will actually spend money
to solve a problem or get a defined result.

It's a test. It's an experiment.  You do your research
to find out what they are already spending money on.
Then you find the next link in the chain as I've taught
in other courses.  Then you launch your test out there
and see the results.

The results are NOT a statement about you nor your
marketing. They're the results of a test.

Law 2:  Find a pond to fish in.

Big mistake #3:  Spending all your money on one high-
end coaching program without really investigating it.

I see people spend all their piggy bank money on one
high-end program or coaching program without really
investigating the feedback on the Internet about it.

Be REALLY cautious about spending all your piggy bank
on one program that promises the world — EVEN if your
favorite “guru” endorses or promotes it.

In marketing, you do reciprocal mailings for friends.
It's almost impossible to avoid.  Or you owe someone a

Now, I personally do about 100X less of these than
anyone else.  It's cost me a great deal of money to NOT
do these.

But I've always tried to put my concerns for my customers
first.  But even at that, on occasion I owe a favor to
a friend.  And I work hard to only promote good products
when I do that.

But do your research no matter who endorses it … IF
it's a very significant chunk of your piggy bank. If it's
discretionary money, don't sweat it so much.

For me personally, it was a VERY big breakthrough in 1992
(or somewhere in there) when I spent $5,000 for Jay
Abraham's Marketing Protege program.  Nowadays many of the
things I learned are common knowledge — USP, lifetime
value of a customer, endorsed mailings.

But at the time, NO ONE taught these things. And I learned
an enormous amount very quickly, even though the program
wasn't structured and was more a hodgepodge.

Then again, that's a bit how Jay's mind works.  And I'm
kinda that way too. So it all worked for me.

At the time, $5,000 was a lot of money to me. So I kinda
spent my piggy bank.  So I'm not against big ticket purchases.
But some people just buy junk from a high-powered telephone
sales pitch and do almost no research on it…. all
because the person on the phone says they are calling on
behalf of XYZ guru.

Fact is, some marketers sell their leads to telephone sales
rooms that call and sell very large ticket coaching programs.
You should know that.  I don't do it. But some people do.
A lot of these phone rooms are in Utah.  In the biz, it's
known as selling your leads to Utah and everyone knows what
that means.

There may be good programs there also.  I don't know all of
them.  I know that in SOME of the programs, the “coaches” have
a noteboook with 50 programs in it.  And they do coaching for
all kinds of programs from real estate to Internet marketing.
So you can imagine how useful the coaching is.

They usually start selling at $10,000 and then just keep going
lower till people say yes.  By the same token, I know of one
company like this where the marketer goes in and personally
trains the coaches then does monthly follow up with them. So
I'm not saying as a blanket statement they're all bad.

All I'm saying is be smart. Don't be stupid.  Do your
research no matter WHO endorses the product.

At the same time, I see people agonize over a $97 product.
You know, come on.  Keep this in perspective.  No one
product is going to change your life in all likelihood.
Success is the result of an accumulation of know how
and skills.

Law 3:  Do your research.

Big Mistake #4:  Not building a list

Someone commented on my blog just the other day.  “Marlon,
I'm finally taking your advice and building a list.”

They probably bought someone else's program that somehow
finally convinced them.

I'm just telling you.  If you want to be in the Game 5 or
10 years from now being successful then build a list or

The model works.  It has worked for 100+ years and will
continue to work.

Law 4:  Build a list

Big Mistake #5:  Searching for the one system that sounds the
easiest with the least possible work and effort.

Everyone I know who succeeds expends effort to do so including

However, once you get your systems tested and in place, they
truly CAN run more or less on autopilot with minimal input
and monitoring for substantial periods of time.

Then you may have to create new systems or re-tweak.

Sometimes there are fundamental shifts in the market that
require a new set of systems to be created and installed.

The axe I have to grind is with consumers who search and
search for someone who promises them the world with little

Some people believe this nonsense.  They actually believe
you can obtain huge results almost by pushing a button or
expending very little effort.

If that's you, stop it.

Success is the result of the accumulation of skills and
know how and the implementation of the same.  Ultimately,
you find one formula that works for you through trial and

And the money comes when you then repeat that formula over
and over in the same market or in various markets.

That's where money comes from.

It takes experimentation on your part to refine that formula.
And if every month you're trying a brand new formula you'll
never get there.

You get a formula and work with it, tweak it, refine it until
you get it to work.

So you find a group of people who buy a lot of stuff over and

You see what they are buying right now.

You create something like it but add your own spin and USP
or solve a problem or two with the existing products or

Then you throw it out there and see if the market confirms
that your observations were correct.

If not, your test failed.  You either tweak that product
again or take another stab at it.

I personally like to look for under served people or topics.
So here's a group of people who buy lots and lots of stuff
but on this one topic, idea or product, there's a lack of

I like to BE the supply to a lack.  True marketing is
serving.  You serve people who are under served.  You become
the supply for lack.

There are always gaps in the market.  Wants that are unfulfilled.

But this is only one way to look at it.

Others see wants as things that are NEVER satisfied. So if people
buy one thing to fulfill a want, they'll buy another and another.

Law 5:  Get a formula and tweak it

Big Mistake #6:  Not really focusing and getting lead generation
systems in place and down pat

All businesses boil down to generating new customers and making

So you gotta get really, really, really good at that process.
Become an expert in it.

For Internet marketing this means:

a.  Knowing where your customers hang out at.

b.  Hanging out there with them.

c.  Watching what they talk about and looking for unmet wants

d.  Filling those unmet wants or under-served products

e.  Having a system for continually putting more and more and
more of those people on your list by giving them a really great
reason to get ON your list and STAY on your list.

f.  Sending out emails that provide value and sometimes sell

Your whole entire business hinges on your ability to find the
people who buy lots of stuff then find some way to get 'em on
your list so you can send 'em emails.

Don't like getting people on a list and sending them emails?
Then you're on the wrong list baby!

That's what I do. Go find someone else.

Law 5:  Get really good at filling your pipeline with new

Big Mistake #7:  Thinking you have to have the perfect product
before you can sell it

Listen, by the time your product is perfect, the market has
changed and it won't sell anymore anyway.

Joe Vitale said, “Money loves speed.”

Provide value?  Yes.  Provide more value than people pay for?

Provide perfect products and value?  No.

Now, the bar of what people expect keeps moving higher and
higher.  That's how business works.  So you always have to
get better.

But that's ok because you learn as you go.

Big Mistake #8:  Never getting good at selling

Business as I've said is about finding potential customers and
giving them really compelling reasons for buying from you today.

You get them on a list and then you sell 'em or serve 'em.
Those two ARE the same thing. Selling = serving unmet wants and

You may not like to sell.  You may not be good at selling.

Get over it.

You gotta sell.

Now, you can do it by writing stuff.  Reports, sales letters,

You can do it by doing teleseminars or webinars.

You can do it by sign language.

But somehow.  Someway.  You gotta sell.

Stated in more socially acceptable terms, you gotta give people
reasons to buy from you.

Whatever.  Nothing happens until someone gives you money in
exchange for something they want.

Law 8: Get good at selling

Big Mistake #9:  Hopping on the band wagon

Sometimes you gotta hop on the band wagon.
Sometimes it's a mistake.

In general, it's better to be ON the wagon before the
band get there.  Because by the time the band gets there
it's too late.

This is especially true with search engine optimization
methods otherwise known as seo.

By the time the perfect, user friendly course comes out with
all the methods made dirt easy, those things are probably less

The money is made early on in most arenas.  You get to the
diamond mine BEFORE everyone else finds out about it.

This is admittedly double talk and an art.  On the one hand,
I like proven business models like list building and I don't
like fads that die fast.

On the other hand, if you're too late to the party, it's OVER.

So it's an art to know what to jump in early on and what to

What I DO know is that, in general, by the time everyone is talking
about it and you have all the social proof that makes you feel
comfortable and by the time all the software is perfect and hassle
free and by the time there are cheap coaching programs on it and
by the time all those nasty kinks and bugs are worked out and by
the time it's super simple and easy to learn and do — by THAT
time it's TOO late.

Stop complaining about software that has glitches or isn't perfectly
easy to use and processes that aren't all 100% perfectly laid

Because by the time all that happens everyone else has figured it
out also and the party is so freaking over it isn't funny.

The money is made early.

Money loves speed.

If you sit around and debate on it, research it, think about it,
mull it over — it's too late.

By the same token, don't bet the farm on a fad.

Which sounds like double talk.  And that's why judgment is involved.
Which is GOOD!

Once it's a “machine,” the party is over.


This is a basic, fundamental understanding of the law of supply
and demand.  When the supply equals demand, the profit is GONE.

Law 9:  Joe Vitale was right. Money loves speed.

Big Mistake #10: Doing all the technical stuff yourself

Outsource your customer service as soon as you can.

Find a good technical person (freelancer or part timer) as soon
as you can.

Find a webmaster and graphic designer as soon as you can.

Law 10: Focus on marketing.

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
the Internet.


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May the road rise up to meet you
and the wind be always at your back
and until we meet again
may God hold you softly
in the palm of his hand

— Irish poem

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  • Paul Gallion says:

    Hey Marlon here's my two cents worth:

    Mistake #1 Do Something

    Yes but don't do too many things at once…You Lose FOCUS!

    Mistake #3 Spending all your money on one coaching program

    Find a mentor pick 1 or 2 with similar marketing strategies and stop buying the next big thing…You Are The Next Big Thing!

    Mistake #4 Not Building A List…The BIGGEST mistake should be #1

    Mistake #6 Lead generation system…Should be #2

    Mistake #5 The one system that does it all for you…doesn't EXIST!


    Paul Gallion

  • Gina says:

    Wow Marlon this hit home. I'm struggling for some reason with #6 & #7 especially. I've taken down more websites in the past 5 years than I currently have up..which I'm leaving, good-bad-or-indifferent.

    Every program I've seen assumes there are people who hate to write, that's not my problem – I love to write. And unfortunately, giving away free information all the time is no way to build a business.

    I've decided to focus on making sales and building a real list…instead of simply having people subscribe to my rss feed.

    Thank you for the bonk on the head:)

    [Gina, GLAD you got that. You sound clear about making sales now. It's good to have an ezine or blog posts with value to keep people on your list and reading. But you have to make sales.]

  • Orestes says:

    Hi! Marlon,

    Thanks again for the advice and that´s exactly what I´m doing now.By the way you´re in my high priority email and always will be.



  • Marco says:

    Personally, I am guilty of mistake #0.5. I mean, I do things but… sloooowly. As Joe Vitale says in mistake #8 "Money loves speed". I am amazed at how fast are "doers" and millionaires.

    Why am I slow? Because I work 90% in my head and only 10% outside, probably. And always find 100s reasons why it won't work.

    And the problem is that even proof isn't enough for me.

    I just made some nice $2000 in affiliate commissions in 6 days (a launch) and I should know that this thing works.

    But I am still ready to find lots of excuses why it "can't work for me".

    A course on "Internet Marketer Psychology" could be a good infoproduct, by the way.

    P.S. Do you offer 1to1 coaching or something similar? I guess I could trust your coaching.

    P.P.S. I have an idea for something related to the IM market but not a "IM product". I'd like your opinion, how can I get it?


    [Marco, I give guidance 2x per month in my Ateam calls. You can ask Tim at about that. For personal guidance, that's consulting and you can ask Tim about that also.]

  • Orestes says:

    Hi! Marlon,

    Thanks again for the good advice it´s really good article.My biggest mistake is focusing.I spend too much time reading email and I get overwhelm with all the information that at the end I don´t know where to go. But I will start now a home study course with Ken McCarthy to get the fundamentals in marketing(which is very important for a newbie) and start doing something.My advice to anybody out there that is planing a career in marketing is to avoid too much information and get to the basis and just focuse on that.Get one thing right then move to the next one but always one at the time otherwise you´ll be lost like me.



    [Hi Orestes, Ken's been around a long time. So I'm sure you will enjoy his teachings. All you do on email is set up a personal email account, then one for high priority emails…like mine…and one for low priority emails. A few weeks ago I wrote about why you should have 5 gmails. That pretty much solves the email problem.]

  • Susan Greene says:

    "Trying to sell to everybody," is a mistake that I run into all the time. I write websites. My clients often want me to use general, non-descriptive language in describing their products and services because they don't want to scare away any potential customers.

    At some point, you need to pick a niche and then become a standout. If you try to be everything to all people, you are boring and won't get noticed.

    [Susan, you bring up a very good point. And yes, it's hard to do that. It's always hard to knowingly exclude customers. But you're right. It's easy to bore EVERYONE if you do that!]

  • Hey there King!

    Out of all online marketers, you are but a few who still drum the same and 'ever important' message again, and again…

    The 'rhythm' sounds different but the message remains–keep it up King!

    And actually, this is a topic I've been thinking of writing for a while now. There's a recent development in Google which cause quite a stir to a few 'niche marketers' (moir included) who use the 'minisites/blogs+adsense' model to generate passive income.

    If you think this model is shabby, some of us earn 100 bucks a day with this, and in fact, the King had wrote something about Mr. X Factor who spell his formula in the Warrior Forum.


    The Big G is now doing a clean-up and the so-called 'minisite/blog' i.e. 'thin sites' were de-indexed left, right and center…

    And the big fat earning goes together with the cleaning! Some marketers take this positively (as with other events like the previous Google Slap), and some vow to stay away from it altogether.

    And they said they want to concentrate on the real 'business'. Things like own product and list building pops up everywhere. It's a rude awakening and some of us hope to 'teach Google a lesson' (whatever that means).

    Lesson: Diversified–don't put all eggs in one basket, and one day when it falls like Humpty Dumpty, we're just left with the awful odor.

    Make sure it does not happen to you.

    March with the King!!!

    Take Care 🙂

    [Hey, thanks for the post and the smiles. Ummmm, yeah Google keeps changing things. That's what Google does. Once everyone figures it out they like to muck it up. That's why I hate relying on them too much. But still, if you give Google content sites with relevant backlinks, you should fare well. Google wants content and they want to see backlinks. However, I would be VERY surprised if John's sites got zapped. He wrote the content himself and made sure it was quality. A lot of people who did John's method didn't listen to him and threw up crappy, low quality content and/or violated adsense rules. In addition, John got a modicum of backlinks to his sites on keywords for which there's very little SUPPLY of targeted content for Google. So for some or a lot of John's keywords, if Google slapped the site they would be in a position of NO supply. NO relevant content. Google is in the business of relevant content. So while no man knows the mind of Google, I just don't see John's sites getting in trouble. I think if you're providing supply where there's demand no NO supply and you supply original content with a modicum of value and do a modicum of backlinking, i"d be surprised to see Google slap that. The problem with forums is people post "slap" scenarios but you find out they violated Google Adsense tos OR they were doing other stuff that Google doesn't approve is. In other words, they weren't doing John's system the way John does it You know, you look at their backlinks and find out they did stuff John doesn't recommend. Or they were spinning content. Or goodness knows what.]

  • Marlon,

    Guilty on all counts but #1-Not Doing Anything is my sad state.I'm in the process of moving so that's priority#1 right now.Come mid-June I should be settled(Alaska)& will start my website.I'm a new subscriber and I'm grateful for the insights.Thanks…

  • Hi, Marlon,

    I'm guilty of 5, 6, and 8 for sure. I do technical stuff myself because A) I enjoy it, and B) I'm good at it, but I do tend to favor that stuff over the "business" things. I've spent significant money twice on coaching that was probably not worth it in immediate value. In both cases, I can say they led to other things that justify my participation, but in and of themselves they were probably worth considerably less than what I spent.

    I include in #5 my biggest mistake: "chasing the shiny things", i.e. spending money on things that sounded great but turned out to be the same old repackaged stuff, or some technique that I couldn't justify for myself, or any of a number of other reasons why it wasn't suitable. Part of that was my inability to define what my product is, and part of it was plain old believing the hype.

    Anyway, good points all and I'm sure many can relate. Thanks for the wisdom.

    [John, I think as long as you KNOW what you're buying and are aware of what you may or may not get, then you're making an informed purchase. And getting intangible value is good also as long as you are cognizant of it. Awareness of what you're doing is important. You've got to focus your energies though on marketing.]

  • Angela says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Me again. Just wanted to send you this link about someone who "gets it" and he isn't even online! His story is remarkable.


    PS – I don't expect you to post this comment, but the man is inspiring and he doesn't sit on his duff or get side tracked. Beautiful!

  • Angela says:

    Hi Marlon.

    No, not sleeping on the job. Just white knuckling it. I love sales and helping people find solutions. It's the online "getting it together' that's been my problem.

    Guilty on all counts as charged. Can you believe I've actually got 2 products up and a PLR product and I choke???!!! And this is for small priced stuff. Offline I sell products worth hundreds of thousands of dollars but when I get sick or a family member gets sick that I need to be there for, the commissions stop immediately. What the heck is wrong with me? Have been berating myself for the last few weeks.

    So, last week I committed to a regular routine to promote my existing products and sites and not go off on another tangent. And I've horror of horrors committed to regular offline advertising.

    Noticing small improvements, although page rank doesn't mean a hill of beans … it's the bottom line that counts!

    Keep hitting me over the head … one day it will sink in and I will wonder how come it took me so long.

    LOL you must have the patience of Job.



    [Angela, you're funny. But at least you're on the right track.]

  • Marlon, I have made just about all of these mistakes. The only reason I am still surviving is marketers like you who are willing to tell the truth about what it really takes to succeed continue to motivate me. Your article today will scare most people because they don't think they can put it all together. Thank you for keeping it REAL!

  • Good advice here Marlon. The first "big mistake", never doing anything was my struggle for a long time. My training far outweighed my action. I'm finally getting on track now.

  • Kathy Pop says:

    Thanks Marlon,

    I am guilty of several of those myself at one time or another- esp w/ doing nothing or starting one project and jumping into the next before completing the first, or even working on several things at once and getting burnt out.

  • Glenn says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thank you for this most excellent article filled with jam-packed MEAT . From my own efforts…I struggle with #6,7, & 10. The bulk of my business has been offline and I have been moving to bring it online. I do consulting with mostly Mom & Pop small businesses with the marketing via dr and e-mail marketing with my client's list. I am in the growing stages of putting my business


    Like many others I thought I had to have everything PERFECT and do all the grunt work myself. Thanks to outsourcing [which I have been studying for about a week] I now see many lights at the end of an otherwise dark tunnel.

    Marlon…keep'em coming !


  • Terry says:

    Well Well Well, this is a pretty deep topic….. I think I felt myself bopped over the head with each point you make. Sigh. Thanks for grabbing my attention.

    You see, in my assessment of my mistakes – the things I continually do "wrong" – is attempting to do it all at the same time, save money, and get I my self lost in a fog in my process. Another big sigh.

    I so appreciate your ability to sum things up and provide clarity. I don't know how many times I have defined a plan and then revised it because somebody else told me there was a better way to be doing it and I paid them to distract me – never the VERY big bucks – but too many dollars have been spent with no return, all because I was unclear of the action steps, didn't take the action steps needed. Stumbled on to some different actions steps.

    If I have to choose one of the things on the list, sales is my biggest speed bump. I know I personally am gullible and I do not want to take advantage of anyone else. So I need to know that what I am providing is of the quality and valuable, over delivered substance that will give them more than their money's worth. So I keep adding tools to my tool box, skills to my list and never get to the creating a product and selling.

    Happy to say I feel a new productivity coming on, a resolve to become less vague and steppin into the passion I feel. I love helping others be successful. Teaching, coaching and getting it done for them and I can charge for my skills. It will make both of us more successful.

    A long way to say – Thanks for helping me get clearer – As usual, you have made some excellent points that hit the target – I appreciate your consistent mentoring of useful and meaningful materials – sharing what you have learned so if I am paying attention, I don't have to repeat them all…

    Thanks again,


    [Terry, sales is NOT about taking advantage of anyone. That is conning. Sales is about GETTING EXCHANGE for equivalent or greater value. Otherwise, you are cheating yourself AND the other person because you don't value what you don't pay for. Not fully.]

  • Ken says:

    Geez Marlon…

    That's quite a list. No, you aren't the only one working on this stuff on a Saturday afternoon. But I couldn't let you think no one was listening! 🙂

    I've made some of those mistakes. I'm still making some of them but working on them. The outsourcing mistake.

    But I'm happy to report that after 3 failed attempts at finding a reliable and good article writer, I think I have a winner. She's great. No, you cannot have her name, either!

    I'm still doing all my technical stuff.

    I'm working on a new blog, and I will make my second attempt at list building.

    A possible mistake you didn't mention, unless I missed it…

    Being afraid to pull the trigger. Maybe that was alluded to in your post. But that's something I used to have a little trouble with. Pulling the damn trigger.

    I have also spent an inordinant amount of time learning and not doing. But I'm over that mistake. I keep learning, but at least I'm also doing.

    So, no hand-forehead, please. 🙂

    Take care!


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