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How To Avoid The Four “De-Rail Factors”



Marlon's Marketing Minute
December 8, 2007  11:17 a.m. Texas time


Marlon here.

In today's issue, I'm going to help you avoid 4 crucial mistakes
that can “derail” your success.  I'm calling these the “De-rail

READ this article. It's very important to you. And will save you
time and grief.

NOTE:  Last week I endorsed several products.  I want to remind
you that because I endorse a product does NOT mean I necessarily
endorse or agree with all tactics or claims used in the MARKETING
of the product.

In point of fact, I rarely do.

Personally, I HATE sales letters that make much mention of money.
You know my feelings on that stuff.  Any dollars mentioned are
almost always NOT typical of average results. And NO guarantee
YOU will do likewise.

Because Ewen, Joel, Bob or whoever made zillions, does NOT mean
you will also buy buying the product.  Please.  Maybe you'll just
sit the thing on your shelf.  And ANY business involves the
possibility of gain and the risk of loss. There are no guarantees.

You don't have a guarantee you will wake up in the morning.  So
let's just start with that.

Having said that, I still will endorse products on rare occasions
that I feel are going to be helpful to my list.

Bob Serling and I go way back. So that is why I'm endorsing the
product.  Bob is a talented direct response marketer. Ewen is
often our top affiliate. That is why I endorsed him.  Ewen knows
his stuff. And Joel Comm and I actually lived in the same town in
Oklahoma, although not at the same time.  So we have ties.  And
his product rocks.

Do NOT ever buy a product from anyone thinking it's a 1-off solution
and now you'll be on easy street!  Please.  Be a more intelligent
consumer than that. Read my article today to see where I stand on
learning the basics.

And in terms of dollars, sales figures … all that stuff in letters,
I don't have tax returns from my friends. I don't know what they do
or don't do.  I look at PRODUCTS and the worth I think the product
will have to you.  I'm VERY choosy about what I endorse.

Marlon's Marketing Minute
Vol. 2, #21, December 8, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Who Else Wants 98 Cents A Click?

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: How To Avoid The Four “De-Rail Factors” That Can
Get You Off Track And How To Make Sure You Are On The Right Track

D. Services You Can Use

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C. How To Avoid The Four “De-Rail Factors” That Can Get You
Off Track And How To Make Sure You Are On The Right Track

By Marlon Sanders

There are a couple of things that get beginners, newbies and
even intermediate people OFF track.

I want to talk about these and how YOU can make sure YOU are
on the right track and stay there.

De-rail Factor #1:  Getting totally confused by the “model battles”
between Internet marketers and becoming lost in a sea of b.s.

Every Internet marketer has something to sell you.  That's NOT
bad. That's good. If they can't SELL, you don't want to learn
from them.

The flip side is that as a result, every marketer is going to
promote their OWN frame of reference and point of view (POV)
that puts their products in the best frame of reference that
would lead to you buying them.

If I sell private label rights, my pitch will be that creating
your own products is a waste of time. The money is all in the
traffic. So forget product creation.

If I sell an Adsense course, I'll say, “Forget PLR.  Who needs
a product at all!  Just drive traffic.”

If I sell a pay-per-click angle, I'll say, “Organic seo is too
hard.  Just buy the clicks and be done with it!”

If I sell an organic seo course, I'll say, “Why buy clicks when
you can get 'em free?”

Now, in my case, I teach product creation.  I believe my frame
is right.  But still, I want you to be a SMART marketer and
understand that I'm STILL setting a frame that makes buying my
products a logical conclusion or decision.

Most newbies get snowed by marketers who are ALL promoting a
pov or frame of reference that's in the best interest of selling
their products.  Be smart enough to see through this.

De-rail Factor #2:  Not focusing on basics

You can't be triple diamond until you're a diamond. And you can't
be diamond until you “go direct.”   What I mean is, you START
with the basics.

You START with targeting a group of people, learning to do
surveys, creating offers and sales letters, writing emails,
learning a little web design, getting comfortable with
autoresponders, writing articles and submitting them, setting
up your affiliate software and program.

IMHO this is where you PUT your focus.

De-rail Factor #3:  Listening to people who say, “I tried that and
it didn't work.”

Remember, they have a VESTED INTEREST in saying that. Either they're
promoting a frame of reference or POV (point of view) that helps
them sell their own products. Or a POV that helps them sell
an affiliate program they promote or reprint rights they bought.

This is NOT an objective opinion!

I know a case in another industry where a guy achieved great
success using one method.  But then, when he realized it was to
his advantage to switch methods he taught, he did so.

Now, all his minions say the old method doensn't work, blah,
blah, blah.

It's ALL marketing!

De-rail Factor #4:  Getting sucked into “the pitch”

Listen, success in this business comes FIRST from knowing and
mastering fundamentals.  Then you add on the neato “new” stuff.

But if you get sucked into a pitch, you become convinced all
you need is the “magic pill” that'll make it all happen overnight
without learning the basics.

Yeah, right.


1.  Can you write great headlines?  If not, learn how.
2.  Can you do a 12-product survey?  If not, learn how.
3.  Can you operate autoresponders with ease? If not, learn how.
4.  Can you write emails that get responded to? If not, learn how.
5.  Can you easily and quickly create PDF's?  If not, learn how.
6.  Do you have an affiliate program and software set up? If not,
do it.
7.  Do you know how to record audio and put it on a web page?  If
not, learn how.
8.  Do you know how to get your audio transcribed and make a nice-
looking report out of it?  If not, learn how.

Do you see what I'm saying?  You START with learning basics.  My
Dashboards attempt to get you through the basics (and a few advanced
techniques) with the shortest learning curve possible.

Does that mean it's all easy or there weren't be stumbling points?

But it sure beats the alternative.

Best wishes,


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