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How to Be “At Cause” Over The Results In Your Business

How to Get Absolute, Total Control Over Your Results In Marketing & Sales

I'm going to start out here with assumption that you prefer being “in control” over the results you get vs. NOT being in control.  You prefer being “at cause” over your business vs. being the effect OF your business.

Secret #1:   Have the THOUGHT of Activity

The longer I'm in business, the more I believe in this principle:  Your thoughts determine your reality.  And I don't mean this from a “mystical” viewpoint.  I mean it very practically. Here is why:

Your thoughts largely determine your feelings.  Your feelings determine largely your actions.  Your actions determine your success.  It goes like this:  Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Success

But what KIND of thoughts am I talking about?

First on that list is the thought of activity.  Before you take action, you see yourself and your business in an “activity mindset” or light.   You see yourself that way.

Activity or taking action is PART of life.  Anything that is alive MOVES.  Movement is normal and natural.  If you aren't moving, you might have reason to wonder if you're alive or walking dead.  Here is a quote from Ernest Holmes that explains this well:

Now to create this activity something more than thought is essential.  Not that it does not come first, but the one who has this  thought of activity will naturally manifest it in vigorous, energetic movement which helps to produce a spirit of activity in his business and everything he undertakes.  Whenever you see a man who does not move, then you will find one whose thought is inactive; the two always go together.  — Quote from the book Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes.

In other words, if you're struggling with activity, you have an inactive mindset.  And this is APART from the results you're getting.  Activity precedes results.

I'm talking about something here that is very gut level.  It goes down to the very heart of things.  It's the difference between being a producer and a consumer.  The best producers ARE consumers, so I'm not “anti-consumer.”  However, sales, profits and results come from being a producer. From being active.  From doing things.

This next week I'm looking forward to meeting up with Chuck Pennington and Joe Vitale.  Joe, of course, is famous for his role in the movie The Secret.  The thing to learn about Joe, though, is he has the THOUGHT of activity.  It's not a forced thing.  He's ingrained that mindset so much, it's just natural.  I'm not sure it STARTED that way.  Joe does a LOT of things, takes a lot of activity.  He's quite an inspiring person.  He IS what he teaches.

How do you create the THOUGHT of activity?  There are many ways you could do it. And whatever WORKS for you is the right way.  One simple way is just to SEE or FEEL what activity in your business would look like or feel like.  And spend time each day THINKING about that.

Napoleon Hill received much criticism for Think and Grow Rich.  “You can't get rich by thinking” people would say.  And true enough, thinking WITHOUT action produces nothing. However, one of those thoughts you think is the thought of ACTIVITY.  And what does the thought of activity do?  It takes action.

Your business should be full of activity.  Things happening. New things. The feeling of excitement.  If it isn't, then begin now to get the thought of activity.  Does that make sense?

Let me hear from you in COMMENTS below this post if that makes sense to you.  I'm INTERESTED to hear your thoughts on it.

Napoleon Hill didn't say ONLY think. What he was dealing with is CAUSE.  At a CAUSE level, thinking comes first.  And again, I'm NOT talking about something airy fairy.  I'm referring to this equation:  thoughts > feelings > actions.

Whether you study Anthony Robbins or cognitive psychologists, they'd all agree on that.  Behaviorists wouldn't disagree with it. They'd only say thoughts can't be objectively measured.  True enough.

But when you're inside your own head, you DO know your thoughts.  Or I HOPE you do!

Secret #2:  Have the Thought of Enlarging and Expanding

You enlarge and expand as long as you THINK about enlarging and expanding.  The day you stop thinking about it is the day you'll eventually see as the beginning of a decline.

See entropy is the law of nature.  Things go naturally from order to chaos.  If you aren't the cause of your business continuing to grow, then by default, your business will shrink.

Wikipedia notes this about the meaning of entropy:  In any natural process there exists an inherent tendency towards the dissipation of useful energy

Dissipation means decrease.  So what it's saying is without an outside force, things decline.

There is no “standing still” in life or business.  I used to not believe that.  But I believe it now.  And the reason is because of entropy. Therefore, as long as you're in business and don't intend to go downhill, have the thought of increasing and enlarging.

Right now, TODAY, do you see your business or potential business as having more activity?  Are you taking action to expand or enlarge it?  Or at least START it?

All of this takes what?

It takes ENERGY.  Energy is the thing that causes increase.  Which brings me to..

Secret #3:  The prime mover or CAUSE of growth, increase, expansion or enlargement, i.e. more sales and profits in your pocket, is ENERGY

Are you focusing your ENERGY into ACTIVITY?  Or somewhere between ENERGY and ACTIVITY is there a DRAIN?  If there is, plug that drain!

You may come home from work and HAVE no energy.  What then?  The question is, what can or could you do to HAVE energy when you get home?  Could you do anything?  If you can't think of anything you could do, then maybe this is a good topic for your study.  Obviously, diet, rest and exercise are the main components of energy.

What's your diet?  Is it an energy-based diet?

Exercise?  Are you getting it?

Rest?  Are you getting enough?

Sometimes you have to start at your very roots or foundation.  Do you have energy?  If not, why is your energy low?  Overall improvements in your diet, exercise and rest may be called for.  Entropy is so easy to slip into.  It's so easy to NOT work out. It's so easy to eat JUNK.

Follow that path long enough, and you'll cease to exist at all in any kind of productive state.

Secret #4:  The Feelings You Have About Your Business, Your Life, Your Customers and the Value You Offer

Energy comes from the deep wellspring of feelings, which is a result of our thoughts.

I see people online sometimes steeped in NEGATIVE thoughts and feelings about marketers, marketing and customers.  I don't see how they can accomplish success. The fundamental building blocks aren't there.

It's just a fact:  If you have a low expectation of success, low energy, negative feelings, you aren't likely to create the type of persistent action it takes to succeed at accomplishing a challenging objective.

Some people are trapped in this negative frame of mind that drains all their potential for activity.  Inactivity is a sure CURE for income!  Thomas Edison didn't invent the lightbulb by testing ONE material for the filament.  He tested 10,000.

When I was learning to write sales letters that got orders, my first letters all bombed.  It was pretty dismal.  I had to wade through a lot of letters that didn't work.

If you have negative feelings about marketing, about your customers, about the value you offer, you aren't likely to take inspired and persistent action to achieve a goal.  It's not the way of life.

It's a weird thing.  Not many people will read this far in this newsletter.  If YOU are one who has made it this far, pat yourself on the back. (Post in COMMENTS and let me know YOU are one of the go-getters that actually read this far!}  The REASON is that for whatever reasons, in today's instant economy, we sometimes don't want to look at the CAUSES of things.  We're obsessed only with the EFFECTS.  The effects of great marketing are deposits in Paypal or affiliate commissions on JV Zoo.

However, the people I know who do the best, care the MOST about things at the CAUSE level. They care about their thoughts, what they put into their mind and so forth.

Zig Ziglar had a simple message.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Positive in, positive out. He was a BIG proponent of feeding INTO your brain information that will result in the OUTPUT or effect you want.

Interesting enough, the  big criticism of Zig over the years was that he was “just a motivator.”  And the “motivation wouldn't last.”  These people had NO understanding of what Zig taught.  What Zig taught was you needed to take CONTROL over things at a CAUSE level — the level of thought.

And he said that if you put garbage INTO your brain, you got garbage OUT of your brain.

Thus, Zig said one of the keys to success was constantly feeding INTO your brain the things you wanted to come OUT of your brain.  Somehow, that formula escaped  all the people who criticized Zig as being a motivator only.  What he ultimately said is, “YOU are your OWN motivator BECAUSE you are the one who determines what you feed INTO your brain.”

I know people who deny this formula.  They think thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with it.  However, you won't find many negative people who achieve big goals.  If you're negative, you have a low expectation of success.  As a result, you won't even TRY to accomplish a big, challenging goal.

 Secret #5:  HAVING  a Marketing and Sales Machine fully functioning

Marketing brings potential buyers to the TABLE.

Sales does the pitch and gets the check.

This includes your lead generation, lead conversion and back end.  And the last module is on scaling and automating.

Are you STRONG or WEAK at this?  I created my most recent in-depth courses to help you with this.  It's NOT cheap compared to a $7 something or the other.  However, if you're serious it contains “next level” information.  It's an info product without coaching.  If you want coaching also, then obviously it's more.

Or maybe you'd prefer to figure it all out yourself.  That's a SLOW  way to do it but I have no problem with it. I'm here to help those who want to do it FASTER.  Not overnight mind you. But faster than trial and error.  Or, of course, you can bet your future on $7 courses.  lol.

If you understand how to generate leads, how turn leads into sales and how to sell “back end” products, pretty much you can succeed in any business.  I mean, there IS nothing else in business.  Every business is about generating the leads or potential buyers, getting them to buy, then making repeat sales and getting repeat business, typically on larger purchases.

That's the ONLY business in the world.

Just an example, I have a friend in the antiques business.  She has to  attract a bunch of people (the leads) then see who buys something (the conversion). Then out of those, she sees who qualifies to buy a bigger ticket which she has to close with personal SALES (or have a sales person on staff to do it, OR an automated system like a webinar).

You can pretty easily get paid $5,000 to $10,000 to set up an automated lead generation and conversion system.  You can get a percentage of the profits also, although getting paid on that deal might be tricky.

Here's the Reward For The Few People Who Read This Far

What I'm about to say here won't help you unless you've read all the precedes.  Those are the prerequisites.

Now, take about ANY BIG TICKET.  If you can pitch and sell it on the phones or on a webinar, then you have a business.


That's right.  You have a business right there.

Step one:  Find the big ticket

Step two:  Create the pitch, webby or phone sales pitch to sell it

Step three:  Put together a machine that generates leads (potential buyers) for it

There's your business.

1.  Was that so freaking hard?

2.  Why is knowing how to do that NOT worth $600 or $1000?

It's a shameless plug, but that IS what my new course teaches.  lol.  Or maybe you ALREADY know how to do those 3 steps.  Then why aren't doing them?  Let's hear in COMMENTS.  Do you know HOW to do all those 3 steps?  If not, which one do you need help with?  And if you don't know how to do all 3, why wouldn't it be worth $600 to $2,000 to get the knowledge of how to do it?

A FRIEND of mine found a company that sells these incredible things for gardeners.  And they aren't CHEAP!  Big ticket!  Score!

I told her to:

a.  Put together a webby to pitch it

b.  Set it up on auto pilot

c.  Generate leads

Of course, she would have to negotiate a 10%, 20% or 30% commission with the company. That should be a piece of cake.  One time I explained this Formula in my Greenhorn System.  A lady said, “I realized this business isn't for me.”  And like Zig Ziglar having people NOT getting the very guts of what he was saying, she didn't get it — AT ALL.

There IS no other business!  That's the ONLY business that freaking exists!  I'm SURE her thought was, “I don't want to have to sell a big ticket!”  But there IS no other business.  Granted, some businesses have smaller ticket recurring billing as their “back end.”  However, that's as hard or harder sale to get people to stick than selling a big ticket is.  In fact, it's likely easier to sell the big ticket!

Now, EVERYONE gets HUNG UP on steep c, generating the LEADS (or traffic).

But traffic and leads don't mean JACK.  They really don't.  You FIRST have to be ABLE to SELL the big ticket.  Now, I realize you may freeze up when you hear that word “sell!”

If you do, then read my PDF here.  Because selling isn't at ALL what you think it is!  Just that shift right there could mean 100k a or more a year to you.

Now, there CAN be experimentation in setting up your marketing and sales machine.  Some leads won't convert well to the big ticket sales.  You may have to try many things to find ONE PITCH or process that WILL bring in the sales.

This is why all the ABOVE things like “spirit of activity” are prerequisites to making this simple formula work.

Has this newsletter sparked an INSIGHT?  If so, let me hear from you in comments.  I guess I'll be a little embarrassed if we don't get any comments!  lol.  However, it also shows to go you how few people READ things thoroughly today.  It shows you that there IS opportunity!

For one thing, honest-to-God, there is no LACK of big tickets to sell in the world. They are everywhere. All around you.  Money is all around you.  You can't get away from money.


Because everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, you see BIG TICKETS everywhere, money everywhere.

And you know who that money FLOWS to?

The person who knows HOW to assemble a marketing and sales machine.  Which means very simple generating leads, getting conversions then making back end sales.  The back-end sales is the SALES part of a marketing and SALES machine and often requires a webinar or personal sales contact.

But you can also do it with a 9,009 word PDF like I have here.  I wrote that in about 4 hours.  If you need one and have 10 g's. post here and we can talk about it. It's 5 g's upfront and 5 g's on delivery.  The thing is, you can then turn the PDF into a webinar if you want.  I also design webbys for the same fee.

I hope your eyes have been opened to your NEXT STEP to take to get where you're going.  Comments?

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders


  • Mike says:

    Wow – great post. Lightbulbs going off all over the place. Proud to have got to the end and to be in such inspiring company. I will print this and the next post and review them daily till I have ingrained thought of activity as my prime motivating force!

  • Roy Carter says:

    Great stuff as always Marlon. Always so insightful too. Thanks. Appreciate it.

  • Lorenzo Rothery says:

    Marlon you are on point again. The activity of thought is the start of everything & I can usually put a plan together. My problem is in completing it or getting it started. I know they are not all going to work but I have to do something to see what does and what doesn’t, right?

    Maybe after reading this post all the way thru I will be able to get something completed.

    Also need to focus more on the big ticket instead of thinking of getting small ticket items going. This post help to clarify that for me as well.

    Thanks for the helpful insight & clarification.

    • marlon says:


      I won’t pretend it’s always easy. It’s not. I CAN tell you that if you set the goal, visualize it as completed and focus on it daily, it works. Sometimes you gotta dig deep inside. Other times, I used something to motivate me like reading the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone or listening to Anthony Robbins. Really, whatever works.

  • Joyce Reid says:

    Read this all the way to the end. Going to check out that pdf and then come back and reread this.

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