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How to Be On Fire Creating and Selling Info Products Till The Cows Come Home

“Marlon, till the cows come home?”


Well, I'm from Oklahoma. That's a good Oklahoma expression.

It's one thing to create info products that you do just for the money. That's how MOST people do it. No FIRE.

No heart and soul in the products.

The focus is on what the market will buy. Period.

I'm NOT here to criticize or tell anyone else how to run their successful business. But what I can tell you is what I've come to over many years of doing this.

I enjoy MOST doing products that I fell will make a difference AFTER the product is created and sold in an initial spurt.

I want products where people go through them and say, “That made a difference.”

Like lsat night on my Launch Freedom training, Wesley said, “I'm doing the Strange Ritual every morning. It's helping.”

That's one example.

But Marlon, How Do I Get On FIRE?

Fire is about MOMENTUM.

Momentum is so important. Because an object at rest tends to stay at rest. An object in motion tends to stay in MOTION.

You want to get IN MOTION and STAY in MOTION.

That's how you get on fire.

Then, when people show up, make sure you're SELLING. Make sure you're making money. For some people that sounds crass.

I mean, until your electric bill, water bill, car payment, house payment and every other payment under the sun shows up. Then, all of a sudden, selling seems like a good idea! Because if you don't sell, you don't eat.

So I read the best quote from Katrina Ruth in one of her ebooks. She said her rule is to ALWAYS BE SELLING. I've done that most of my career in this business. But I LOVE it as a rule.

Because it says you don't need to apologize for selling.

A lot of people are meek and timid. And feel they need to apologize for selling.

My dad was that way.

He had a business fixing TV's. He got his first hotel contract because a friend who was good at selling got it for him. And my dad paid him for it.

No one makes money until someone SELLS something.

Get On Fire Selling Info Products

My chosen method of bringing the heat, of bringing in the dough, is INFO PRODUCTS.

I freaking love, love, love info products.

No inventory.

And the fastest “spin up” in existence.

I can spin up a $350 info product in 2 or 3 hours. I could probably do it in an hour in a pinch on a good night's sleep. I LOVE that ability.

You spin it up.

Drop it onto your social media like your Facebook profile, page, group, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube — whatever.

And you drop an email to your list.

Fifteen minutes to an hour later you have money you can suck out with an ATM card. Or transfer instantly to your bank.

How incredible is that?

This is what I show you how to do in my Freedom Launches Course. See the COURSES page for details. If you want to launch products as a lifestyle, bring in consistent income in abundance, you need this course.

But you want to put FIRE into your products.

Create them with YOU inside.

Your passion.

Your beliefs.

Your stories.

Your experiences.

Artificial Intelligence is coming on strong. I created a product about it called the A.I. Breakthrough (See the Courses page for details)

How do you COUNTER a truckload of A.I. content that will be produced?


Put YOU in the content.

A.I. content can be really useful. But as of right now, A.I. has no memory. It has no life experience. It has no stories. Maybe it will in the future. But it doesn't today. And even if it does get a “memory” and can recall life experienced, will there be EMOTION in them? Will there be the human element?

This is YOUR advantage as a human.

So put YOU in your info products.

YOU are the U in Unique Selling Proposition.

Otherwise, you're creating products that can and will be produced by A.I.. And you're superfluous. That is, you're not needed if A.I. can produce the same product in a fraction of the time.

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