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Marlon here:

“How To Create Money From Ideas In 7 Days”

Before you have a knee-jerk reaction and say it can’t be done,
take a minute to read today’s article.

It has a Big Idea that’ll jump start your thinking and give
you something to focus on in the next 7 days.

Pay careful attention to how I begin the article. There’s a
secret hidden there I don’t discuss in the article itself.
A lot of people will just glide right by it.

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I think it deserves your attention.

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Marlon’s Marketing Minute

Vol. 3, #8, March 8, 2008


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A. Who Else Wants 50% to 70% Front End AND Money On The

Back End For Free?

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C. How To Create Money From Ideas In 7 Days

By Marlon Sanders


It’s a perfect number, the Prime number.

It is said God created the heavens and the earth in 7 days.
The human brain remembers information in 7 digit chunks.
7 is a prime number, mersenne number, octahedral number, heptagonal
number, hexagonal pyramidal number and the sum of the first 4
finonacci numbers = 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 7

There are 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 chakras and 7 classical

For other fascinating 7’s, see this site:

So what if you could create money in 7 days?  Seven is obviously
a special number.  It could be 7 days, 7 weeks or 7 months.  That
choice is up to you.

I suggest you start with 7 days for your idea and set a goal of
7 weeks for the product launch to bring your idea into fruition.

So you are 7 days away from creating the idea for money and 7
weeks from transmuting the idea into reality.

Notice I used the word “create.”  The famed copywriter Eugene
Schwartz would banter with me on that word.  He preferred the
word “connect,” since connecting is an act of creation.

Create WHAT in 7 days?

An idea, of course.

“But Marlon.  I thought you said I was gonna create the money I
need to make my car payment, throw some more money at my kid
in college or fund my dream vacation?”

“What’s this bit about creating IDEAS?  I thought ideas were a
dime a dozen.”

If you’ve read my articles here for any length of time at all,
you know I read all the time.  Reading is food for the brain and
thinking is exercise.

There is 1 difference between man and ape.  The ability to read.
If you don’t use that ability, welcome to the jungle.

The book I’ve drank from recently is called Read, Fire, Aim by
Michael Masterson.  Great book.

Michael believes that great products and promotions stem from a
“Big Idea.”

With Michael’s premise in mind, two weeks ago I wrote and promoted
my 21,139 target markets webinar.  (It’s sold out but you can see
the sales letter here if you’re clueless what I’m talking about:

Last weekend at the seminar in Dallas I attended, Keith Baxter
told me he thought it was my best sales letter in a long time.

From the feedback we’ve received on the webinar and videos, the
product hit the sweet spot with you guys and gals also.

So back to you and the act of creating money.

If money is an idea, then you need a Big Idea.  Ideas are everywhere.
All you have to do is open up your mind.

What you’re gonna do in the next 7 days is just look for an idea

1. Sparks the imagination.
2. That excites.
3. That is unique.
4. That gets a specific.

Where do you look for ideas?  Go to the bookstore and just start
thumbing through ANY magazine that grabs your interest, regardless
of the topic.

Talk to people.  Observe.  Get out of the house.

It’s true that common ideas are a dime a dozen.  But uncommon ideas
that have that bit of uniqueness or excitement to them aren’t common.

You’ll recognize your good idea when you find it because you’ll get
excited about it.

Now, once you get your good idea or ideas, you apply the direct response
marketing training you’re hopefully getting from me.

You target your market using my Push Button Target Market system from
two weeks ago.  You create a product using Product Dashboard.  You create
your sales letter using Push Button Letters.  You design your web site
and name capture using Design Dashboard.  You get traffic using the Affiliate

Are you starting to see a picture and a pattern here?

You need a market.  You need a product.  You need traffic.

But most of all, you need great IDEAS.  Ideas are the FUN part of this
business.  All the other things are skills you learn.  Ultimately, you’ll
hire out some or all of them.

The fun part of this business is creating ideas.  This is the most
fundamental act of creation.

It takes 7 days to get a good idea and 7 weeks to bring it into fruition
once you’ve mastered Product Dashboard, Design Dashboard, Affiliate
Dashboard and Push Button Letters.

Now, you can actually bring the whole idea soup to nuts to life in 7 weeks
once you’ve got your affiliate program up and running, know how to write
sales letters and so forth.

Your first few times out of the gate, it’ll take you longer.

The fly in this ointment is the sales letter.  You have to SELL your idea.
Most people have no clue HOW to do that.  The real secret of transmuting
ideas into money is learning to create great sales letters that articulate
your great idea.

But that’s a topic for another day.  You need an affiliate program.  You
need traffic.  You need to create products.  But to get people to buy ’em,
you need the sales letter.

Listen:  A lot of you newbies and even experienced people are getting
snowballed and confused by all the marketing models out there.  It ain’t
that complicated folks.

1.  Get people to you web site
2.  Smack ’em with that KSL (Killer Sales Letter)
3.  Follow up with emails

A lot of people are jumping on every bright, shiny course that comes down the
pike.  That’s all good.  Just keep your FOCUS on the basics.

Before you focus on the triple whammy ding dongle new methods when you
don’t have a target market, don’t have a product and don’t have a killer
sales letter?

Why do people do that?  Because they get BORED with the same old ideas and
want new, exciting ideas.  Which is what I’m telling YOU to do!

Create hot, fresh, exciting new ideas.

But in terms of your own personal learning, keep it simple.  Start with the
basics:  A target market (there are 23,139 of ’em).  Create your product.
Get your web site and sales letter up. Get traffic.

Then, after you’ve done THOSE basics, you can layer on more advanced methods.
I’m NOT saying don’t learn about more advanced stuff. All I’m saying is to
keep your focus on doing the basics.

You’ve got 7 days to get out there and hunt down an exciting, specific,
intriguing idea.

If this article intrigued or helped you in some way, report back to me on
my blog:

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Info Product Dashboard.”
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D. “Services You Can Use”


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