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How To Create Your August 2010 Monthly Money Plan In 60 Minutes

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July 24, 2010
9:12 am CST


Marlon here.

Today's article:


 “How To Create Your Monthly Money
Plan In 60 Minutes”

Do you know how YOU will make bank deposits in August?

Do you know specifically what you'll do and how you'll do
it without even breaking much of a sweat?

If not, then reading this report is the most important
thing you'll do this month.

Step One: Find Your Hot Topics

Markets are not static because they're composed of
people and people are emotional. Feelings and ideas
change frequently.

Here are the basic steps for finding your hot topics
for August:

a.  Scan through the first 3 pages of threads in
at least 3 discussion forums.  Look for the topics
being discussed the most.

b.  Scan the posts on 5 blogs you found when doing
your market research in step one.  See what topics
are getting the most comments.

c. Read the comments to see what people are saying.

d.  Read comments and posts on your own blog if
you have one.

e.  Make a list of observations, notes and ideas as
you're doing this.

f.  Open your “Google Alerts” Gmail account.  See
“i” in step one.

g.  See any hits or ideas you get from the Google

This sounds like a lot of steps.  But you're simply
looking to BLITZ through and find a few topics that
LEAP out at you, or the closest thing to it.

Step Two: Brainstorm Offer Ideas
And Select One

I'm not going to write a tutorial here on coming up
with new product or ideas.

That's a topic all by itself.

But the short version is to look to see what people
are currently buying and come up with something similar
to it.

Now, I'm NOT just talking about info products.  Anything
you sell or promote is a new product to your customers
if they haven't heard about it.

I'm using the word OFFER because you don't have to create
a new product.  You can create a new OFFER for an existing
product such as a new bonus, price, package, bundle or

Step Three: Produce The Offer

a.  Bundle up existing products

You can create a new product just by bundling together
2 or 3 items and giving the bundle a name.

b.  Swipe from old products

If you have products you've sold before that you can swipe
from, you can speed up your progress.

c.  Borrow content

If you're producing an info product, you may have a few
friends willing to donate content to your new product.

I realize many of my customers are NOT in the info product
business. But many are.

The point here is to find something NEW and fresh to  promote
to your customers and potential customers for August.

What can you produce or package up in relatively short
order and sell or promote?

If you're in the info product business, then interview
someone to crete your product, use my System I layed out
in Produce/Promote, use the Product Dashboard method or
just fire up Camtasia or Cam Studio and record a Power
Point video or even a mind map video.

What's USEFUL is to develop templates and formats you
use over and over.

There's power in routine because it buys you speed.

If you think you need longer than 3 hours to 1 day to
create an info product, then you really need to learn
more about this business.

You create a mindmap or Power Points.

You turn on your screen capture software.

You talk.

It won't be a masterpiece. But if you're selling it for
$10, $17, $27 or $37, youre customers won't expect War and

Later on, you can learn how to crank out higher value
products. But start with whatever is DOABLE for you.
report or ebook in a day, then do it.

If you like talking, your new product can be a WEBINAR.

Or, if you're in a non-info product business, then think
of what you CAN deliver that customers might eat up or

Be creative.  Create a new package.  Call it a new name.
You can just create a new OFFER for an existing product.
That makes it new to your customer.

You can do a lot just by creating creative offers with
different bonuses, guarantees, product elements and

Step Four: Plan Multiple Money
Suction Devices

There must be 50 ways for your customers to give you money —
legally, morally and ethically.

All money is based on the exchange of value.  I ASSUME
you're always offering value in excess of what you charge.

Having said that, are you going to have upsells, one time
offers, OTO's?

If you don't know these terms, hop over to my blog and
you'll see a list of newbie terms for beginners.

Will you have a One Time Offer?

Will you have upsells?

Step Four: Create Your Promo

Step four is fun.

That's where you get to create your promo, whether it's
an email, video, sales letter or whatnot.

It's always fun selling stuff.

Remember to pile on the value and the benefits until it
greatly outweighs the money your customers are holding
onto to.

Your job as a marketer is to make your stack of value
weigh 10X more than your customer's stack of money.

I prefer writing to doing video.  But some folks are having
big breakthroughs by doing video sales pitches.  Whatever
kind of pitch you CAN do and you LIKE to do is what you

Audio, video or writing.

Pick one.

In the ideal world, you want to get your Promo down to
TEMPLATES also. “Templatizing” is key.

Step Four: Launch

a.  Send an email if you have a list

If you have a list, then you know the routine.

a.) Write subject line

b.) Write email

c.) Click send

b.  Blast it out to Twitter and Facebook

If you're on Twitter and Facebook, blast your message
out there.

c.  Promote it in your sig line

If you post in forums, change your signature line to
the URL of your new promotion.

d.  Ad swap with friends

If you have friends who will just blast out the promo
for you, that's awesome.

If not, exchange emails for a freebie and sell your
product ont he confirmation page.

Step Five: Track

What was the open rate on your email?  How many clicks
did you get?  How percent bought?  Did any affiliates
promote for you?  What was your $ per visitor?  How
did your upsell or OTO's do?

Inquiring minds need to know.

Step Six: Rinse & Repeat

So maybe your promotion worked for you.

Maybe it didn't.

You want to LEARN every time you do this sequence.
How can yo make it better?  How can you improve it.

Step Seven: Overcome Overwhelm
In 60 Minutes

Now, I titled this report your 60 Minute Money Plan.

I'm NOT saying you can do all 7 steps in 60 minutes.

But what you can do, at least with practice, is blitz
through forums and blogs, find your product idea,
type out 10-15 Power Point slides or make a quick little

Decide on your upsells or OTO's.

Decide how you'll promote it.

You can even make some quick bullet points for your
sales letter or sales video.

You can get a catchy title for your product.

If you really focus on it, you can PLAN out a whole
little Monthly Money Plan in 60 minutes — or less.

What I teach is a Monthly Money Plan.


Because you have bills monthly.  And it's a practical,
doable model you can implement without having to
mortgage your house, care and kids to join a coaching
program, not that there isn't value in those.

Now, you can ADD ON recurring billing or continuity
income, steady affiliate traffic, or many other

This system is EVERGREEN. It isn't going to break
anytime soon.

It works in recession or inflation.

It works in every country.

It works in every business.

1.  You find what's in demand.

2.  You create attractive offers.

3.  You get the message out

People tell me they get “all confused” in this business.

Let me get rid of the smoke and mirrors for you.

You find people in the habit of buying stuff.

You create or find things they want to buy.

You give them really good reasons to buy from you.

Now, which part is confusing?

The part where you find people who buy stuff?

Or the part where you SELL it to 'em?

This is what you need to know about this business.
Get people on a list. Find out what they want.
Sell it to 'em.

Resources To Use In Implementing The
Monthly Product Marketing Model

Resource 1: Video Promotions

If you want to promote your offer-of-the-month using
video, then this Marketing Makeover video will help

Resource 2: Sales Letters for your monthly offers

Create your Monthly Product Promotions in a jiffy
using the killer tool I created to help you “Templatize”
your sales letters:

Resource 3: Step-By-Step Guide To Promoting Your Monthly Products
and Offers

If you're going to have monthly income, you need to bang
out promotions, squeeze pages, emails, blogs, podcasts and
so forth. This is your PIPELINE to becoming a creator
of highly effective online marketing promotions.

Resource 4: Step-By-Step Guide to Creating New Info Products For
Your Monthly Product Marketing Plans

If you're stuck on creating your own product, then this
is for you:


Marlon Sanders has a specific marketing model.
It's called the “Monthly Product Model.”

It's Evergreen.  It works. I've been using it for years.
If you want to read more how the model works just go to:

Copyright 2010 Higher Response Marketing Inc.
All rights reserved.

  • Michael Hall says:

    First thanks for accepting me into your private fb group. Been a long time follower and somehow lost track of you. I can safely say that ive learned one metric ton of ideas to impliment in the last hour. Thanks so much for sharing especially the quick research tips outlined above. Your'e still one of the best. Will make sure to follow you very closely going forward.

  • Britt Malka says:

    I loved this post. I love action plans, and step-by-steps list of how to do.

    And yes, templates makes work a lot faster, and if for some reason, you're stuck, use a template, and you will always know how to continue. I use templates for article writing a lot.

    [Hi Britt, how are you? Britt, just so you know, on I now have a free gift you can give away on your thank you page and get commissions. We are going to keep improving that. But I think it might work better than what you tried before. Appreciate your posting here.]

  • Allen says:

    Cool post – I know I need to templatize more.  The inner voice says 'templates are boring, conventional, lack flexibility and don't offer value' … the 'voice of reason' says templates let you do stuff quicker, without procrastination and offer constant value to your buyers in a format they can use and digest.

    Will be doing my best to get something new out in August!  Thanks for the motivational kick up the ass.

    [Allen, START with the templatizing. Later if you have time or staff you can paint your own picture.]

  • Roxie Boyd says:


    Good advice once again.  glad I was able to read the entire article.  Now, I have the PromoDashboard, so I need to go use it, right now.


  • Gerry says:

    This is not the first time I read Marlon's action plan but now is the time I am ready to put it in action.

    I have been selling a product in a small niche but my similar products are rather disorganized and I have no OTO and no list.

    Marlon's Monthly Plan will be my road map FROM THE START on the same niche that I am opening in the French-speaking market, for which I have a list.

    [Hi Gerry, nice job. Yes, a lot of times you have to absorb and consider info before you're ready to take action.]

  • Yeah! Thanks for your sharing.

    Teleseminar interview still my favorite info product creation method.

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