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How to Find Unmet Needs And Turn Them Into Money

Marlon's Marketing Minute

How to Find Unmet Needs
And Turn Them Into Money

January 16, 2010
9:15 am CST


Marlon here.

Today I show you:

Title:  How to find unmet needs and turn
them into money in your bank account

Subtitle:  How to find opportunities in 12 minutes

This is a very practical example with lots of

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Marlon Sanders

Main Article:  How to find unment needs and turn
them into money in your bank account

Subtitle:  How to find opportunities in 12 minutes

This business is really about ideas.

Fundamentally. At the heart of it, it's about ideas.

Once you understand marketing, it's easy to come up
with rock solid ideas.  But you gotta get your basics down.

I'm going to give you one way to do it. There are many
others. But let me give you one.

Find an unmet need/want.

I use the term need/want because someone can need something
but not be willing to spend money to get it.

So they also have to WANT the need.  They have to WANT the
solution. How do you KNOW for sure if they want it?

Look to see if people are already spending money to solve
something similar.

Follow the wallet.

No more complicated than that.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of the customer.  Ask yourself
what's missing here?

Even in highly competitive markets like Internet marketing
(maybe the most competitive market in the world), there are
many unmet needs when you drill down into a specific topic.

Let me give you an example.  I have a friend who is an
aspiring fashion designer and designs clothes for models who
wear them in photo shoots.

She wants to sell her clothing designs online.  Let's see if
there are unmet needs here.  Maybe there are others like her
and there's a market.

You can search Google for:

* “How to sell fashion online”

On this phrase I found one actual product for sell on page one of

Here's another book I found digging deeper:

* “How to sell clothing designs online”

I found a product under this one buried in the Google listings:

* “How to market fashion design online”

You search in quotes so you search that exact phrase.  And if you
find nothing, you can remove the quotes.

I found very little competition.  That can also mean there's not a
lot of demand.  So I'd have to research that further.  My keyword
tool shows a small volume of searches.

The next thing is to search for forums.  I poked around and found
forums fashion designers or aspiring fashion designers go to.

Here's one:

It's good that people are selling products on the topic. These
are potential affiliates and lets me know at least some people
are buying.

Also, the sales letters could be crushed in about 10 minutes
by anyone who has been reading my ezine the last year and has
bought my products.

Testimonials. Proven headlines. Story. Bullets.  Credibility.
Proof elements. Dollars for dimes.  Reason to act today.

Most all those elements are completely missing.

OK. So that let's me know I can target via a signature line in
my forum profile and by buying banner ads in forums.

Good deal.

I need 5-6 of those forums and I have steady lead generation.

What I'd do is go one step further and set up Google alerts on all
the good keyword phrases I can pull out of the forum.  That way,
I'll be instantly alerted about every keyword rich post.

You'll get barraged with opportunities every day if not every hour
to put 5, 10, 20 or more people on your list just by taking a few
moments to enter the conversation on the web.

That's right, if you can say something intelligent and contribute
to a conversation and offer value, you too can get folks to put
their little email address in the box with the same label and click
the button.

I'd talk to people with sites where they are trying to sell their
own fashion designs and find out what forums they read.

Now I'm entering the conversations on forums, blogs, web 2.0 sites.
And promoting my squeeze page link.

What squeeze page?

That's right. I'd write a 10-15 page report or create some videos
about how to sell fashion designs online.  If I didn't know anything
about it, I'd buy the few books on the topic and spend a week
surfing web sites to see what ideas I could gather from others
doing it successfully.

I already know the basic steps:

1.  Get people on a list

2.  Send emails

3.  Do blog posts with pictures of videos of designs

4.  Sell stuff

Boy, there's a magic formula for ya.

Now, I'd put up a simple squeeze page offering my hot report:

“The #1 secret to finding new customers online who will buy
your fasion designs”

I'd test other titles. But first I'd start with a no-brainer.

Or this:  “Who else wants to sell fashion designs online and
make a great living doing it?”

Now I spread the link to my squeeze page around everywhere
and I'm capturing email addresses.  I start sending out
3x emails a week and doing 3x blog posts per week.

I put together a mindmap with 6 branches and enough info to
talk about each branch for 30-45 minutes.

Now I record it and have a 3  or 4 hour video product.

What system would I teach?

Just what I said above.

I'd show them how to put up their own blog and squeeze page.
How to capture email addresses.  How to follow up.  How to
set up order taking or a shopping cart.  How to write a little
copy.  How to post videos, audio and pictures on a blog.
How to create an attractive blog.  How to write and send follow
up emails.  How to get people to buy.  How to set up an affiliate

If you don't know how to do this stuff, you either haven't
bought my products or you haven't read or used them.

This is all marketing 101.  Blogs.  Name squeeze.  Emails.
Shopping carts. Autoresponders.

If you think about it, it's the THREE steps I taught you last
week in my ezine.

Was that so hard that little ol' you just can't possibly,
conceivably do it without slaving away for years?

Think about it.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
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