How To Get Focused, Really For Real

How To Get Focused, Really For Real

Are You Focused Enough To Read This Message?

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Memo To: You reading my blog right now!
Re: Are you focused enough to read this message?


It's Marlon here.

From the survey I did here this week you told me you have too
many options and don't know what to do.

…that you feel overwhelmed. I'm going to give you right here
in this email something that will help you IMMEDIATELY.

So let's talk about the CAUSE of this problem and the cure.

I'm sittin' here at Starbucks. Got a glass 1/3 full of nicely
brewed ice tea. Got my off white Mac laptop plugged in and I'm
sitting at a wooden table. On the wall I got pictures of famous
musicians like Jimmy Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and good
ol' Hank Williams.

In the case here beside there's a choice of giant chocolate chip
cookies, croissants and bagels.

The music relaxes and makes it easy to FOCUS IN as I write and
really see the possibilities right before me.

I don't know if you know this or not but I spend $35,000 or so
a year just buying information so I know what I know and what I
don't know. Because I feel it's my job to absorb information
so you don't have to.

And that's why I understand the cause of Overwhelm is NOT what
you know or don't know. It's not having a PROCESS to sort out
what's important and what isn't.

See, with everything I buy I have millions of ideas and time to
learn and implement a few. I LOVE learning. It's fun. But like
I remember Gary Halbert saying once, it's the implemention that's

So the cause of Overwhelm is assigning the SAME priority to
everything and not having a process to sort things out.

So you got all these possibilities rolling around in your head.
That gets really exciting. I mean, even with the Swine freaking
flu going around, even with the stock market sucking wind (except
for last month), even with all the doom and gloom, there really
are so many ways to STILL make good bank in SPITE of it all!

That's what's so cool about what we do.

A laptopn, a seat at Starbucks or a coffee shop, some coffee or
tea and you can pull down $300, $500 or $1,000 while everyone
else chats away their time.

How cool is that? Seriously.

So there's no lack of opportunity. Many years ago Napoleon Hill
said that every adversity carries with it a seed of equivalent


If'n you wanna get FOCUSED now and make that nasty
overwhelm thing a habit of the past, if you wanna
get focused and have a way to know what to do out
of all your opportunities, I have VIDEOS that show
you step-by-step how to clear the whole mess up.

They ain't super cheap. But I'll betcha they don't
cost NEARLY as much as being overwhelmed does.

The cause, then, is simple: Not having a system or method to
know what to FOCUS on in the moment and what to put on the
backburner. If you assign the same priority to everything THEN
you feel overwhelmed.

But how DO you sort through things and find your priority now?

I'm not gonna give away my secret sauce here. But here's what
I CAN spill that WILL help you IMMEDIATELY.

I spend a whole video on it in The Overwhelm Cure. But let me
give you something right here right now that will PROVE to you
that you can make things clearer and better.

Step One: Write out all the things you feel you “should do.”

I mean ALL of them.

Step Two: Now group these “to do's” by the following categories:

a. Traffic methods to get people to your web site

b. Product methods to find affiliate products to sell or create
your own products. That includes any and all activities
associated with this process like keyword research.

c. Operations things like outsourcing, taxes, and all that stuff.

Step Three: Pick ONE category to work on in the next 2 weeks

Step Four: Within that category pick a set of “to do's” that are
ALL related to ONE thing.

Step Five: Just focus on doing THOSE to do's in the next week or
two to the exclusion of everything else. If you have other
issues that MUST be done, then block off a segment of time for

This is called Timeboxing.

Now, if this is ALL you do you have more clarity than when you
started reading this email.


Because instead of having a bunch of unrelated to do's you've
added some order to the chaos.

You've PROVEN to yourself you can find yourself getting more
clear in a JIFFY! How long did it take to do the exercise?

Not long, right?

But I bet you're becoming aware of already feeling more clear
about what you want to do in the next week or two.

Now take that outcome and FOCUS IN on it and make it really
crystal clear in your thinking.

Post on my blog and let me know HOW this helped you.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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