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How To Get Money By Placing Simple Ads?




Marlon here.

The article this week:

“How To Get Money By Placing Simple Ads?”

Subtitle: Are you looking for a way to get money that
is simple and doesn’t require the strength of Hercules,
the smarts of Albert Einstein or the networking prowess
of Donald Trump to pull off?

If so, then today’s article is a true story you might
be interested in.


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C.  “How To Get Money By Placing Simple Ads?”

Subtitle: Are you looking for a way to get money that
is simple and doesn’t require the strength of Hercules,
the smarts of Albert Einstein or the networking prowess
of Donald Trump to pull off?

By Marlon Sanders


Are you looking for a way to get money that is simple
and doesn’t require the strength of Hercules, the
smarts of Albert Einstein or the networking prowess
of Donald Trump to pull off?

If so, then here’s a true story you might be interested

When I got into the direct response marketing
business back in 1978, the Game back then was
interesting yet simple.

You place classified ads in magazines and weekly

You offered a free report, newsletter, book or

People wrote in to get it.

You mailed back your sales letter (the free report).
And off to the races you went.

There were only a few variables:

1.  The classified ad you ran.

2.  The sales letter you sent.

3.  How many times you followed up.

That business model took people from the kitchen table
to the boardroom many times.  What I mean is, there were
many people that started on a shoestring placing a few
ads and over time were able to parlay that investment
into small or large bankrolls.

I’ll never forget the THRILL the first time I ran an
ad that brought in money.

I think I only had 3 orders.

But those 3 orders PROVED to me I could do it.  In a song,
the R & B artist once said, “It’s never as good as the
first time.”

And in reference to running these little ads and getting
orders and money, it’s true.

Those first few sales you make take your breath away.
They make you see, feel and believe it’s real.

My first success on a larger scale came when I ran ads in
weekly shoppers.  People called from the ad to a message
I put on an answering machine that was 3 minutes long.

People left their name and address and I sent out the
product C.O.D., which meant that people paid on receipt
of the shipment.

People didn’t want to leave their credit card number
on an answering machine. So that is why you used the
C.O.D. shipping.

I worked my way up to 3 or 4 of those little answering
machines (we didn’t have voice mail back then) and sent
out hundreds if not thousands of packages.

My ads ran in 72 cities.

I ran the whole business out of a 650 square foot apartment!
Crazy times back then.

In the early 1990’s, I went from running ads in magazines
and weekly papers to running ads on AOL, Compuserve and
Prodigy. At the time, Compuserve and Prodigy were huge.

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

Why?  Because you didn’t have to wait 2 or 3 months for
your classified ad to appear in a magazine.  You placed
the ad and it showed up almost immediately!

And instead of running down to the print shop late at night
(I think I kept Kinkos in business) to whip out letters to
send the next day, you just sent emails.

In those days we didn’t have autoresponders that send out
emails automatically.  I had to send people their free report
via email by hand.

But when you compared that to the time it took to fill out all
the UPS C.O.D. paperwork, it was awesome!  That C.O.D. paperwork
was quite time consuming.

Plus, 50% of the packages you sent out came back.

With AOL and Compuserve, you just placed your little ad, the
replies came in and you emailed back the free report.

Life was good!

Another big secret back then was how to get your classified ad
listed at the top of all the AOL classified ads.  That was the
big secret passed around in the “inner circle” at the time.

And some smart cookie figured out how to strip out the email
addresses of all the people running classified ads and send them
emails.  That was one of the first renditions of what later
became a glut of emails in your inbox.

I’ll never forget when the World Wide Web burst on the scene.
Many of us marketers didn’t think it’d work because those pictures
and graphics took too long to load and all people cared about
was the text anyway.

Some people STILL think that about direct response marketing.
That it’s all text and graphics don’t matter.

If that were true, the World Wide Web would’ve never beat out
the old text-based Internet.

Anyway, somewhere in that time frame, a little method came
along called “the cookie cutter method.”  The idea was that
you’d run little ads just like you did in the classifieds in
magazines and make sales that way.

That drew a starck contrast to the early seo days when people
advocated every trick for creating “doorway pages” and all
kinds of other hooey dooey to get listed in the early search

Ezine advertising became extremely popular.  You could place
these simple little classified ads in ezines inexpensively.
You offered a free report, audio, newsletter or sample just
like you did in the old days.

Life was good for marketers!

Then, litigation got involved and rained on everyone’s parade.
Sending out email became regulated.  People dumped ezines and
email by the truckloads and started doing Adsense, RSS marketing
and so forth.

Which brings us to right now.  Today.

There are a few schools of online marketing:

School one:  The product launch school

You run product launches and try to make a zillion in one day.
It’s absolutely breaktaking when you see it happen.

Of course, the people with the zillion in a day success stories
are the modern-day equivalent to Dr. J. or Michael Jordan flying
through the air with the greatest of ease and dunking the ball
like it ain’t no big thang.

It’s really a blast to kick back and watch these guys perform
their artistry and make it look so simple that a 12-year old
could do it.  Until you go out on the playing field and find
that, in starck contrast, YOUR feet are made of lead and what
looked easy is actually a feat requiring the greatest of skill.

Of course, the courses for sale all hint that you too can
perform these feats with the greatest of ease.  But I have the
upmost respect for the marketers behind these systems. They
are geniuses.  Good people.  And really want to help others.

Product launches no doubt have their place.  But a surefire
panacea for your money woes?  Perhaps not.

If you have the $1,000 or $2,000 a month to join the coaching
programs that teach you how to really succeed with the model,
it can be good.  Oh, and the $100 or $200 a month for the
newsletter, and the $3,000 training course.

Most marketers today have product launch brain seizure.  It’s
all they can think about is that one massive payday in a day.
It’s addictive almost like crack.  Instead of crackheads you
have launchheads!

It doesn’t occur to them that SELLING is one thing but
collecting the money from Paypal or your merchant account is

Unless you have a long record of steady sales, you’re likely
to have a problem seeing that money transferred to your bank
account for up to 6 months, or even longer.

That fact is conveniently omitted from sales letters.  Still,
for marketers with higher skill levels who want to compete
in the bigtime, this is a strategy you’ll want to add to your
arsenal as time goes by.

If you can pull it off, it’s your ticket to that 20,000 square
foot house, an office of employees all slaving away on
your behalf, reams of flowcharts, Power Points and systems,
if that’s your fantasy.

But enough of that…

School two:  Organic seo

This is where you get hundreds or thousands of inbound links
to your web site, you pray to the Google gods daily for favor,
you wave a magic wand and do hocus pocus, black hat, gray hat,
white hat and any other hat you can think of to get your web
site at the top of Google.

There’s a reason that the coaching programs that teach you how
to do organic seo successfully run $1,000 to $2,000 a month
and involve a complex web of online webinars, coaches, and
everything else.

You NEED the support to figure out how to make it work for
you.  A system that DOES work but not for the person with a
light pocketbook, minimal computer skills or lacking the
patience of job to deal with Google slaps, updates and
put downs.

There is one system called the “Evergreen Traffic System” that
avoids many of the drawbacks of these other systems.  It avoids
the Google slaps and shoots for a long-term approach.But still,
it’s not as simple a model as the old classified ad model.

No doubt about that.  It’s a very good model if you like to
write articles and blog.  And you have a bit of a Geek hidden
inside of you. The good thing about it is you don’t have to
join a $1,000 a month coaching program to be able to understand

That is the URL in case you’re interested in that system.  It’s
the only strategy for organic seo I recommend.  But you do need
to feel comfortable writing to use it.  If you can’t articulate
in words, I don’t recommend it.  You don’t have to be a master
writer.  But you gotta be able to write in plain, simple English.

It’s also a slower method.  You can get quick results.  But
dominantly, it’s something you build up over 3-6 months or
a year, although you can start getting ranked for keywords
literally within a 2-day time frame using the Evergreen Traffic

So there’s quite a bit of instant gratification built in.   You
can do a blog post or article today and see your ranking for those
kwywords in Google tomorrow or the next day!

This is different from most organic seo models that take the
patience of Job.

School three:  The affiliate marketing model

In this model you pay out commissions for people to sell your
products.  It’s a great model in that you pay no money until
someone sells your product or service for you.

The drawback is that many people feel uncomfortable recruiting
affiliates.  Or they can’t get the affiliates they have to
DO anything.

In the right market, done the right way, it’s a potent model.
But certainly not as simple as the old classified advertising
model. It requires greater knowledge and more skill.

That is the best resource to get started if you want to run
your own affiliate program.  It’s a great model but not for
the newbie to start with.

School four:  The web 2.0 model

This model pretends to be about web 2.0, the latest craze to
hit the scene. But when you get to the bottom of it, most of
the strategies that work to get traffic are STILL organic
seo approaches using web 2.0 sites like Hub Pages, and so

For simplicity sake, I put the web 2.0 model in the organic
seo school of thought.

School five: The direct response classified ad model

This is the modern-day equivalent of the old time classified
ad model.

You buy classified ads via Google, Adbrite, Blogads, MSN and
other services that offer your free report, newsletter, sample
or demo.

People respond and your free report is automatically sent back.

Then your follow up emails are also sent automatically.

It’s like the old-time direct mail model on steroids.  Or some
kind of juice.

You can also put your classified ad for your free report on
a banner and run banner ads.

Or run the ad in an ezine, which still works gangbusters for

There’s even Facebook and Web 2.0 sites you can run your ads
and banners on.

You can create a 2-minute video offering your free report and
upload it to Youtube.

The cool thing about this model is it’s simple compared to
the very high levels of skill required for organic and product
launch formulas.

Step one:  You place a banner or classified ad that offers
your free report.

Step two:  You autoresponder automatically responds and sends
out the free report, sample, newsletter, video or demo link.

Step three:  If people wanna order, they do it online automatically
via Paypal, a very simple and inexpensive order-taking service
to set up.  No huge fees like in the old “merchant account” days,
where you practically got raped to set up a merchant account.

Here are the great things about the modern day version of the
direct response classified advertising model:

a.  You don’t need to buy a $1,000 a month coaching program to
understand it.

b.  You don’t need weekly or daily webinars to be coached through
every nuance it takes to succeed.

c.  You don’t need to buy a $3,000 coarse, $200 a month newsletter
and $5,000 seminars to get the information you need to succeed at

d.  You won’t be at the whim of the next Google slap.

You find places you can run your ads.  You run ads, banners or little
videos that offer your free report.

People go into your autoresponder.

Your free report (sales letter) is sent back.

Your autoresponder follows up automatically.

e.  Google pay-per-click loves the free report model if you create
reports that tightly match a group of keywords, which is what you
want to do for the best response anyway.

f.  You can run banner ads offering your free report everywhere.
Banner advertising is practically ignored by all the product launch,
big payday obsessed groups.

g.  Instead of seeking to bring in a million in a day (and having
Paypal freeze your funds for the next 6 months while you scramble
to pay affiliates), you create a nice, steady, predictable lead
flow and income.

And if you keep building on success after success, you can reach
those lofty income screen caps the gurus like to paste all over
their sales letters.

h.  You don’t need to have the skill of Michael Jordan or Dr.
J to write a classified ad or put your classified ad on a banner.

i.  You don’t have to spend late nights down at Kinkos printing
sales letters and forking over postage.  Your emails are sent
out for you automatically by an inexpensive service.

I’ll end with a little story here.

It’s no secret that the U.S. is going through tough economic
times.  And these dynamics have spilled over onto other countries
of the world.

Which is why for inspiration I turn to George E. Haylings.

He started a little direct response classified ad business back
in the 1930’s and ran it for 48 years.  He ran the business during
the big depression in the 1930’s, through World War II, through
the Vietnam War.

And while he didn’t get rich, he raised 2 sons, put ’em through
college, travelled in style, spent a lot of time with his family
and lived a good, happy life.

It’s a fascinating story.  He actually ran the business out of
a tent in the army.  And even hobnobbed with celebrities later
in life.

My point is, we have someone to look to for inspiration in this
business.  Someone who proved that even in the big depression
days, this business could thrive.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy.”

I’m starting a new MasterMind so to speak.  You gotta get
Promo Dashboard first to be a member.

But you can watch the video on it here:


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