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How to Go from 5 G’s a Month to 10 G’s — without breaking a sweat

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re:  How to Go To 10 G's a Month
Marlon here.
Hopefully, if you've been doing the stuff I teach in my ezines
and products, you're at least doing 5 G's a month.
That is 100 copies a month of ONE $50 product.
That's about 3 copies a day.
Which is 200-300 visitors a day converting at 1% to 2%.  If you
aren't doing 5 G's, you need to learn how to get 300 quality
visitors a day to your site using ppc, article marketing,
affiliate marketing or web 2.0.  
And you need to study sales copy and get good enough to convert
at least 1% of visitors to sales.  This means getting a degree
of proficiency at copy.  
If you aren't doing this, this article is NOT for you.  You need
to do all the other stuff I talk about every weekend in my
Marlon's Marketing Minute and in all my products.
Today, I want to talk to all the people on my list doing 5 G's
who want more.
Doing 5 G's a month doesn't include your back end stuff like I 
talked about yesterday.
It doesn't include your coaching, webinars, seminars, workshops,
membership sites, consulting or DVD/CD packages.  I meet people
ALL the time doing 5 G's a month.  This really isn't anything
to crow about.
It's only 60 G's a month.  That hardly pays your bills.  To really
get anyplace, you need at least 100 G's.  
So how do you go from 5 G's a month to 10?
Any ONE of the following will probably do it for you.  If not,
you add one at a time until you're there.
1.  If you don't have any back end stuff, add in 2 upsells.  This
is one area I've been lax on and am working on.
I do a lot more than 10 G's a month but it's because I have
many products.  Mike Filsaime had it right in Launch Tree.  Of
course, if you know Mike, that shouldn't surprise you.
Two upsells that are larger tickets or continuity should take
you to double.  If your upsells are 3X the price of your front
end or a continuity for the same price and the average person
stays for 3.5 months, run the numbers.
You've doubled.
2.  Consider 1 click upsells but watch your numbers closely.
One click upsells no doubt increase sales 30% from what my 
friends say who use them.  But you have to watch returns and
chargebacks like a hawk.
If you have upsells and add 1 click upsells for larger tickets,
this alone will likely move you up to 10 G's.
One click upsells have a degree of risk because for SOME reason
people claim they didn't click.  But you and I both know the
ONLY way they "got it" is if they clicked.
It's not like people have automated hands that go around clicking
stuff at night while they sleep!  So 1 click upsells are great
but have a degree of risk.
Need To Get Your Conversions Up To 1%?
My Push Button Letters Software helps you follow a logical
process for crafting your sales messages.  While it isn't a 
"cure-all" it does guide you through a proven writing process.
Now, add a little John Caples or Gary Halbert to it and you're
on the path to 1% to 2% conversions.
3.  Expand your traffic process
You CANNOT build a solid business without having your traffic
down pat.  Now, once your traffic is stable, do the next logical
steps to expand on it.
You either increase velocity or volume.  In other words, you do
MORE of the same or you do more of the same FASTER or BIGGER.
My friend Jit got to 15 G's ONLY by focusing on traffic with
affiliate products.  But he goes to a seminar a month and
hustles his click exchanges.  
4.  Add recurring billing on your upsell
This takes testing and tweaking.  But if focus on it for 3 or 4
months, you CAN get it humming like a machine.  It really amounts
to focus.
You work on the conversions every day.
You SHOULD be able to do this trick just by adding in 1 or 2
back end pieces to your puzzle on upsells.  Or dropping in a 
little continuity program.
Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing
PS:  Produce Promote Class Members:
I have 5-10 copywriters who will be on the call today to help
you with your copy.  Call is TODAY.  Need details?
Also, I added a step-by-step walk through of creating a mind
map from scratch on week 1.  I have an ftp video and in the 
blog post a link to some other tutorials.  And in the bonuses,
I fixed the video on recouping your investment asap.
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