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How To Implement ANY Ebook With One Email

How To Implement ANY Ebook With One Email


Marlon here.

Did you buy that MSN Loophole thing?

Or Dayjob Killer?

Or any other ebook recently with totally exciting ideas. But
things you just don't get around to DOING?

It's hard to find time to implement the nitty picky details that
GRIND on your nerves and make you want to pull your stupid hair

What if you could buy an ebook, send ONE email with a video
attached and have it ALL done?

Now, before you think I'm blowing smoke or smoking something,
let me explain…

I had an amazing Ateam call today with John Jonas who has
outsourcing in the Philippines down to a science.

John has 2 very sharp people who work for $150 a month. He
has a programmer/designer who is $450 a month.

He outsources many areas of his business.

John gave me a login to his system today and it's very trick.
He has an inexpensive audio where he explains how he hires,
trains, manages and pays.

John's vision of business is being ONLY a knowledge worker.
In other words, your only work is to know things. You outsource
ALL the going.

That's really a liberating concept.

Now, you will NOT outsource sales letter writing to the
Philippines. That's an extremely high level skill. But all
your other stuff like setting up blogs, seo, ppc, programming,
graphic design, article writing and submission.

He outsources all that.

I have TWO systems I will be endorsing to you.

John's system shows you how to outsource anything…how you find
the people, hire, pay and manage.

Next week, I'll be endorsing an outsourcing product that is ONLY
Justin's SEO Lies system. He's figured out how to outsource
that whole freaking thing A to Z.

These are two different systems and both 100%+ worth the

John's system is more broad and encompassing.

Justin's system is awesome but it is ONLY for hiring workers to
implement his exact seo system.

I'm totally on board with both these guys.

John's idea of ONLY being a knowledge worker really takes the
whole 4-hour work week idea to the NEXT level. He says THIS is
how you do the 4-hour work week.

Now, as you know, I've had a LOT of experience with virtual
workers. I have to say that what I learned from John today was
fresh and invigorating.

I checked him out up and down before I got him on my Ateam call.
I have a friend who knows him very well and I asked my friend to
tell me straight up if he had this thing down call.

My friend said absolutely.

Imagine this:

You buy an ebook with some exciting idea.

You record a video walking through the steps you want done.
You upload the ebook AND your video to a private site.

You send an email to your outsourcer going “go do this.”


Do you have any idea what a load that is off your CHEST? How
freeing and liberating it is?

All those things you feel frustrated over or unsure you can do.
Boom. One email. Done.

Now, here is why this is DIFFERENT from Elance or Rentacoder.
With those, the person does NOT work for you 8 hours a day. And
they don't learn what YOUR system is.

I'm talking 100% 8 hours a day dedicated folks. Articulate in
English and intelligent. Hard working.

John has them.

He can show YOU how to have them.

And how to have them for $150 to $450 per month, depending on the
skill level. His $450 a month guy is BOTH a programmer AND a

What's simply fascinating is that John's source for these folks
is DIFFERENT from Justin's. Because they're looking for different

Justin uses a Project Manager. John doesn't usually.

Different systems.

Anyway, John got that book MSN Loophole. He recorded a little
video. He told the person to ignore some pages and to DO the

He lets them figure it out.

He has a way to PAY them that is super easy.

He even has a way for them to buy things on a credit card if they
need them for business reasons.

Do you know why you feel overwhelmed? It's with trying to DO
all these things!

John says SCREW THAT!

He says get the IDEA.

Outsource the work.

What would your life be like if you did that?



Now, I outsourced to Lisa in Canada for 7 years. But I paid
Lisa up to $950 a WEEK and even more with bonuses. And she was
worth it.

But for $950 a week, you could have 8-16 people in the
Philippines. Because at MOST John pays $450 a month.

And if that sounds not fair, you have to realize that in Makati,
the business center of Manilla, the average FAMILY makes $250 a

The average person the Philippines makes $50 a month.

$250 or $300 a month is good for them to be able to work at home!
I have a friend there.

She works 10 or more hours a day in sales.

Hard work.

She gets $60 a month.

Go check it out.

I think John can take a LOAD off your mind just as he has mine.
I can't tell you how happy I am I had John on my Ateam call

And how excited I am going through his system even as I type

Best wishes,


PS: POST your comments below.

  • Dr. Michael Quadland says:

    Hey Marlon,

    Doctor Q. here in New Braunfels…

    Got your recommendation about ReplaceMyself from a Twitter post you made the other night.

    You are right, it is legal cloning!

    I signed up straight away!

    Got my first full time guy hired yesterday… January 31st…

    John Jonas' partner Dan Goggins told me about this guy just about 10 miles south of Manila.


    Pre-Found SEO/Website Management Employee

    This is something that I have done before and the response was really good, so I decided to make this offer to our members again.

    I have personally found this employee, and he comes highly recommended. I currently already have 2 employees who do SEO work for me, so it turns out that I will not need him. I am thus offering him to the first person that wants to hire him.

    This worker graduated from the University of the Phillippines in the Visayas in 2006 and already has 2 and a half years experience in SEO and Website Management.

    He is already trained and can do the following things for you:

    WordPress Installations

    PSD to XHTML/CSS conversions (take an image and make a website template)

    Directory and Article Submissions

    Keyword Research

    Website Setups/Migrations

    He is very intelligent, and can learn anything that you need him to do.

    He was also raised in Louisiana until he was 13, so his English is excellent. He is asking for $400 USD a month, but his salary is negotiable.


    So I got in touch with him immediately…

    I beat some other employer to the punch by ONLY 10 minutes, and now the Filipino Wonder Kid ( age 23, his dad has a PhD )

    is my Full Time employee… 🙂

    And he is ALREADY highly trained!

    Did I mention his college major was Marketing?

    Happy Days are here again!

    Marlon, I stepped in a Lucky Hole when I stumbled across your Twitter post!

    Thanks again,

    Your Friend in New Braunfels,

    Dr. Michael Quadlander

    [Hey Dr./brother Michael, congrats and you beat me to hiring your first person on John's system. Congratulations and I KNOW you're going to love it.]


  • Angela says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Really eye-opening information and material.

    Thank you,


    [Hey Angela, thanks. Hope it spurs you on to great things.]

  • susan says:

    I've been told specifically NOT to give an entire ebook to anyone, if it talks about how much you can make, as its likely they would disappear and go do it for themselves. I did try to hire someone full time, to do the 'conduit site' method-and never heard back from the person once they got the ebook. Mayby I should just try it a second time….

    [Susan, these are NOT U.S. workers. These are Philippines workers. John's people have been with him up to 5 years and some thank him almost daily for their job. You have a misconception on this point. U.S. workers, yeah. Philippines? Don't sweat it. And what if they DO? Big freaking deal. Do you know how many people in that country are BEGGING for jobs that pay more than $50 a month?]

  • Dr. Paul says:


    Wasn't on the A team call but read you blog and listened to the audio.

    Absolutely excellent approach and very credible delivery. With John you have the feeling that your partner is telling you the in and outs of a deal. You believe him.

    Even describes "Agents of Value" service as how he got into the Phillipines. He sees an opportunity for us and creates one for himself as well. It's a good business model and I'll be subscribing to his service.

    Makes me want to be on your next A team call.

    Thank you!

    [Hey Dr. Paul, yes, this REALLY opens doors for people who are bogged down doing things themselves. The whole PROBLEM with the idea people have of "growing a business" is that employees, offices, phones, utilities aren't cheap. With this method, for the cost of the employees, office, phones, etc, you can have practically a whole TEAM in the Philippines!]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I didn't make the call because I'm not part of the A-Team, but I just signed up to John's list and downloaded part one of "Replace Myself". I'm going to be listening to it shortly.

    This is something I've been fighting with for months now…how to outsource all but the creative stuff affordably.

    Thanks for letting us know about it.

    By the way, I sure do miss Lisa. She was a peach! 🙂


    [Michael, I miss Lisa too in a lot of ways. And I pray to God her life is going well. Man, I'm on board with you with outsourcing affordably. Lisa was great. But a G a week plus bonuses gets a bit pricey when you can like 10 people in the Philippines for the same. I pay $1450 a month for my office lease plus phones and crap. That is like 6 or 7 full time people. John's deal isn't perfect. But I did my due diligence. And I'm personally going through it and loving it.]

  • Kindra says:

    Hey Marlon! I have been a follower of yours for quite some time. I have been really following your blogs over the past few weeks. Can I use this as an opportunity to confess? //beginning long confession now//

    For the past 7 years, I have attempted to be an internet marketer. I have spent a lot of money on "systems" but I never got past the learn and actually did anything. yeah sure, I threw up some websites and promoted them like crazy, and even had a opt-in list going. Made a few sales off your products. Then I gave up. All of this is my doing. I take full responsibility. But after awhile, I couldn't take the hits any more, and I stopped. I vowed I would never start up again unless I really had my eggs lined up in a row and was going to finish what I started. I went back to school and got an MBA. I picked up a hobby (digital art), and I moved up in my "day job" career. I completely forgot about internet marketing. And then, your blog posts started creeping into my consciousness again! You really know how to pump people up Marlon–honestly. I am about as skeptical as anyone you'd ever meet. But this blog post you just sent out today, THIS has me feeling like throwing caution to the wind and pulling up my database of "harebrained schemes". Just the other day I thought of something and I was like–"if only". If only what? Your blog just crushed that "if only" detractor that was blocking my vision. So thanks Marlon, you gave me a lot to think about without worrying about the "how" and instead, worrying about the "what's next".

    Best wishes,

    Kindra Martinenko

    [Kindra, first of all, congratulations on taking charge of your results. Second, look at it this way: What's your risk? Seriously. $150 maybe $250 a month. Most want $250 a month. For a full time person. Who you can hand one or two of those ebooks off to and just go "DO THIS!" You've GOT to here John's whole story. His wife had an issue where he could literally ONLY work 1 hour a week. He handed EVERYTHING over to his Philippines people and made the most he has EVER made in those 2-3 months. $600,000. True story. Anyway, you read the posts by Mike and Todd who were on the call with John today. You've read what they said. It's for real! Thanks for telling us your secret confession today! And get it going…]

  • Todd says:


    WOW what a call that was today. I've already went to the site John told us about , signed up for and account and posted a job in the Philippines. It was that easy. I've been looking at my work load all day and writing out projects I can have my new employees do for me! And the best part? It gives some very qualified people work at a price that I can afford! Thanks for the great call. Just this one tip pays for my "A" team membership.

    Thanks again to you and John!

    [Todd, wow boy! You are faster than me. You already have a job posted? That's exciting.]

  • The call was absolutely fantastic and I am getting ready to sit through his training this evening.

    I have been outsourcing but with some frustration and at a much higher price so looking forward to John's instruction.

    [Mike, I'm at a coffee shop going through it right now! On maybe too much caffeine. It's really good stuff though.]

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