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How To Make 2009 Your Best Year — Ever!






Marlon here.

There's a lot of negative news out there.

But I expect 2009 to be my best year EVER!

That may sound weird if you've been sucked into the negative news dark cloud.

Here's the thing.

There's a great deal of research that proves the companies who do best in challenging times are the ones who promote the most and are the most aggressive.

You have two choices in front of you right this minute. Today.  This hour.

Are you gonna just fold up in 2009 and get stuck in the parlysis of "doom-and-gloom" thinking?

Or are you gonna rip out the cobwebs and take action?

You either sit there, get depressed, and play games on the computer.

Or you get aggressive about your front end and back end marketing.  So honestly, I want to ask you, which will it be?

Post your answer on comments right now.  Just hit the comments link at the end of this post.

I'm serious.  Don't just read this.  Post this answer and be honest with yourself and others.

Now, before you post, here's something you might consider:

All change creates opportunity.  You just have to SEE the opportunity.  For example, right now psychic services are booming.

Did you you know that?

Now, I'm personally been inspired by the writings of  Michael Masterson on goal setting.

Here's his video on Youtube and it shows how he writes out his goals for the year then translates them to  monthly, weekly and daily goals.

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I've JUST finished doing this for 2009.  It's a very liberating feeling.

What did my goals consist of?

1.  How I'm going to ramp up our traffic.

In other words, what additional steps will we take.

2.  What new front-end products will I come out with?

3.  What new back-ends will I put in place.

Then I set out monthly targets. Each month you translate those into weekly targets.

And each week you turn them into daily targets.

I can almost guarantee you this:  If you ramp up your traffic compared to last year, and come out with hot, new
front-end and back-end products, this WILL be your best year ever.

Either that, or just give it up.

Sit back, watch TV.  Eat bon bons.  Watch all the negative news and get depressed.

Or turn off the negative news, throw out the bon bons, start an exercise program, set your monthly goals and hop to.

Want to know how to find the TIME to work on your goals?

Shut off all the negative stuff on the news, and cut out other things that simply WASTE time away and you know it.

You either get STUCK in paralysis or you take aggressive action. There really aren't any other choices.

Now, do you just STOP buying any info products at all? Or what do you do?

Let me share with you what I'm doing.

As you know, I spend a lot on my own personal education. I'm cancelling a few memberships I feel I don't get a lot of value from. I'm starting up some NEW ones I feel will meet my goals better.  For example, I plan on joining ppc Classroom or ppccoach to get some help on Google Pay Per Click.

And I'm still buying things that are 100% relevant to my goals of how I want to boost our traffic and so forth.

Products inspire me and give me motivation. 

If you STOP learning, you stop growing.  If you stop growing, you die.

Will you learn?  Will you grow? Or will you mentally and emotionally die?

I DO think you need to look for info products that meet the monthly goals you set out. 

Here's what I want you to do.  Post on my BLOG which of these is your biggest challenge and which you need the most help

I'm committed to help YOU get the results you need.  So talk to me and tell me what you need with help with.

Here are the 3 areas to set goals in:

1.  How will you get traffic to your web site or sites?

You can set up your own affiliate program.

You can also do organic seo or pay-per-click.  Or buy banner ads on targeted blogs and forums.

2.  What front-end products will you create? 

You need to create 10 front-end products to get ONE blockbuster. Now, out of 10, 3 or 4 will sell really strong.  And you'll
have a few mediocre ones and a few busts.

It's a numbers game and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

If you're stuck creating a front-end product and need help, hit me on my blog with what your sticking point is:

3. What will you sell on the back end?

How will you get repeat business?

Today, I'm going to spend time studying how one large company sells its back end.  I've already gotten on their mailing list
and I have the back-end sales letters sitting in a box here ready to read.

You need at least ONE back-end product to funnel customers into. When I first started with Amazing Formula, my back end was the "Big Course" which later became Cash Like Clockwork.

Your back end can be teleseminars and webinars to start with. You can joint venture with others for content if you don't have
it yourself.

The KEY is to set your goals for the year.

Then break them down into monthly steps.

Then each month break those steps down into weekly ones.

And then daily.

Set aside one or two hours every morning to work on your goals.  Or whenever it is you HAVE time to work on your goals.

Watch Michael's video now:

By the way, I don't think he'd had much sleep when he shot the video.  But the contents are great because he shows his
goal setting sheets.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders


If you don't have a target market yet, check out:

And if you don't have a product yet, check out:

My Action Grid product is STILL valuable to show you how to create
your own Big Ticket info product. There may be a few things dated
in it. 

But pretty much, it's Evergreen.

  • Marlon,

    I have you to thank for a lot of my success online. I built my first Website about 2.5 years ago using "Designer Dashboard". I promoted a single Clickbank product and spent the next 3 months writing and submitting 50 articles to

    This little site I built eventually was earning $500 per month on autopilot. I scaled up and built a high traffic Fitness Site. I earn many multiples of this, these days. It was your Designer Dashboard that helped me earn my first profits online and where I built up the belief in "earning money online".

    Anyway, I get about 3,000 unique visitors per day, but I have a mental block about charging people for an information product I create. They can get 75% of the info for free on my site, so charging them for a 150 page PDF I create has been a mental hurdle. Have you ever heard of this?



    [Hey Rusty, I have a way for you to get over this mental hurdle. Go buy something! Bills tend to be a great motivator. Now, realize this. People don't value what they get for free. The longer you sell products, the more you'll realize that's true. That's why I buy $30 notebooks to write my thoughts in. It makes me value my own thoughts by paying to write them down. You do your customers a dis-service and you don't value yourself, your ideas or the value of experience. And fundamentally, you don't value information. Let me explain it this way. How much is an index card worth? What if I write a few sentences on it? How much will you pay for that? What if it's the trademarked formula for Coke? All of a sudden that one index card is worth millions.]

  • Laurie Lacey says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thanks for the interesting article – it gives a lot of food for thought!

    I must say that I'm enthused about the coming year. I've been playing around for three years now, mostly in the natural healing, wellness, and self-growth areas, but also in the "make money online" niche.

    I think I can make some profit this year. 🙂 I've come to the conclusion that I know quite alot about online business. I've also learned that you really have to initiate some action, rather than simply reading and checking email and offers, for hours on end!

    I guess my question to you, would revolve around whether it's best to get into affiliate marketing or focusing on one's own product? I've been told to choose one or the other, but I don't absolutely agree with the advice. I feel certain that I can do both at the same time.

    I know there's no absolute or correct answer to my question, as it probably depends on the person(s) involved in the process. I guess I'm just interested in your take on it?

    In any event, all the besat in 2009!

    My best regards,


    [Laurie, publish an ezine to your list 1-5x per week. Sell your OWN products in it AND affiliate products. Do both. Good luck to you. Be an aggressive product creator in 2009….webinars…podcasts…ebooks….special reports….teleseminars. Marlon]

  • Trapper says:


    As always, an excellent article. I await every weekend for these to come out so I can post them to my blog, plus I do use the links to promote your products with my affiliate info.

    That said here goes with my comment.

    In this day & age, especially with the help you provide no one should have "Analysis Paralysis"

    Example, I bought a domain name, got a host, and uploaded one of your reseller sites. Between all that, adding my affiliate id where needed, plus uploading a blog, took me all of 2 hours, maybe less.

    My point is this, just because one doesn't haven't their own product, you have given us enough tools to go start promoting something. Your products are an excellent value and very useful tools. Live & learn, you have to be in the game to play.

    I have since came up with my own audio project that I ventured up with a guy I met in another forum, we are on about the same level, and it should be out within the month.

    "Money likes speed" 🙂

    I should write a report on how I did it. Oh great there's another project for me 🙂 Look for it soon.

    All your products work hand-in-hand with each other. I love that about them.

    It is really simple, the biggest challenge is to trust, and take that first step. If you fail at one, learn from it and try again.

    I absolutely love the Evergreen traffic system, it, I believe is the biggest reason for my jump in traffic over the past 6 weeks to my 3 different blogs. It is the only system I now recommend.

    Keep up the good work, and I'll keep reading and pushing ahead with my dreams.


    [Trapper, thanks for the great comments. And indeed, money LOVES speed!]

  • Muriel says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Happy New Year!! You really hit the nail on the head about how we should respond to all the gloom and doom in 2009. Keep on sending us your positive, brilliant ideas to keep us "movin'on".


    [Muriel, thanks and I wish you the best in 2009. Let's crank out some products and sell em.]

  • Donna Maher says:

    Hi Marlon,

    Thank you for some fantastic ideas, which you seem to never run out of (how?) and thanks for sharing them, too… I see several I NEED to apply! 🙂

    I think you rock and I always have thought so, and I do wish you the very best in life.

    What do you suggest for people who have created a rockin' cool product and an affiliate program but don't have the self-confidence to ask for JVs? You obviously don't have self-confidence issues but many of us do.

    Thank you and Happy New Year!


    [Hi Donna, how are you? Thank you for the kind words first of all. Donna, JV's are a challenge. What I recommend Donna is that you partner up with other marketers who are at your approximate growth level in the business and you all make each other famous and promote each other. You create products together. You grow up in this business together. This is what Jonathan, Declan and I originally did and how we got on the map. Ditto for what Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, John Reese and that group is doing. Basically, it's friends growing in the business together. I will also say that many of your BEST affiliates are your customers. Do your darndest to turn every customer into an affiliates.]

  • james says:

    Hello Mr. Sanders

    In the past year I have gotten exactly 128 e-mails from you of which 127 have not been opened/read.The 1 e-mail that did get opened is the "$43 million" e-mail. I am so happy I did. I have been trying to build an Info-Empire for over 2yrs and have not gotten anything done. I looked over the "product dashboard/push button target market" products and am totally blown away. I will order both together. All I can say is PLEASE FORGIVE ME for not responding sooner!!!

    Thank you

    James B.

    Brooklyn Ny

    [James, download my FREE ebook at to catch up on some of my best articles. There are some real nuggets in there. Good luck to you! Marlon]

  • I only wish I had the money.. I have unsubscribed out of a lot of programs and still have more to get out of.. As the Internet has drawn all the money I had and I really need money to upgrade and work the way I need to. So as of today I can not join any more programs but keep me in mind! You are so brilliant compared to me..

    [Hey Doris, I'm not more brilliant. I've probably just worked harder and longer at it. Here's the thing….you need to create a product and SELL it. Step one….create a product. Step two…sell it. Do that over and over and you'll get better at it. You can create a product using audio in only a few hours. You can promote it with article writing, by posting in forums with a sig line and by setting up a clickbank affiliate program. Do it! That WILL generate sales and money. Marlon]

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