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How to Promote Via YouTube Videos and Get 73,139 Views Plus Free Clicks



Let's talk about Youtube videos.

I was NOT a believer in all the “create videos and upload them” hype.  I just wasn't buying it.  But then, we drank the Koolaid ™ and did it. 

Here is why:

In searching for Internet marketing keyword phrases on Google, I kept seeing page one and especially page two results for Youtube videos.  Now granted, most of your traffic comes from probably the top 4 listings.

But still, being on page two for FREE is a good thing if it doesn't take much time.

What I found is that you CAN and WILL get visits from your videos.  In fact, I've done precious little to upload videos and we STILL have received 73,139 views!  I don't have stats on how many have gone to my web sites, although that data IS available in Google Analytics when we take the time to dig it out.

Since Google doesn't support multiple domains, it means we have to log into 50+ domains and check the referring url's. So it'll be awhile before I assign someone to do that.

In any event, you and I both know that out of 73,139 views, I got a decent number of visitors at no cost who will convert at a higher rate because they are pre-sold.

I KNOW others have Youtube marketing efforts that dwarf mine.  Like I say, we (meaning my team) have been totally slack about this.  I think we devoted maybe 2 days to it total.  Look at it this way:  How much would it cost to expose 73,139 people off of pay-per-click?  

Whatever number you come up with, it's more than free.

From what I've read, these YouTube visitors also convert better than regular traffic.  

The cool thing is this:  All we did was PUT the videos up on YoutTube and add a few tags without even putting thought into it.  Imagine if we took some time and put thought into it!

Oh, I'm only giving you YouTube results.  In the past 2 or 3 weeks, we've also received 446 views on Metacafe and 69 on Revver as well as other services.

If you want to do YouTube marketing, I recommend a Mac computer.  That truly pains me to utter those words!  I'm a hard core PC user.  But I have to say, the built in Isight camera on the Macs just flat out gives the best quality I've seen anywhere.  

Matter of fact, to me it's drop dead in quality.  

I give YouTube video marketing a thumbs up.  Although I do recommend closely tracking the metrics vs. the time spent.  I also recommend a more systematic approach than I've taken to date so you can more easily track clickthroughs, opt ins and sales from the videos.

Marlon Sanders

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