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Marlon here.  A big announcement is coming Tuesday. Watch your
email.  Today….

How To Promote With Podcasts and Blogs

Subtitle: Seven Steps You Can Follow In The Next Seven
Days To Actually Start Getting Traffic, Readers, Opt-Ins
And Sales

NEW CONTEST:  The person who posts the BEST results or
example or most inspiring story of putting this into
action and starting either a new blog or adding a PODCAST
to your existing blog wins a copy of Cash Like Clockwork

It's worth a grand or so.  Now, anyone can enter. You don't
need to spend any money to do this.

See announcements for all the details.


I'm gonna break this blogging and podcast thing down step-by-step
today. This should be a REAL eye opener for you if you just can't
seem to get on track.

This is NOT a pipe dream.  It's not only real, it ain't that big
o thang.

What I'm saying is, you can get started on this simple 7-step plan
NEXT week.  Not in a month.  Not after you spend a zillion dollars.

You can get started immediately.


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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 3, #15, May 3, 2008

This issue contains:

A. Announcements from Marlon

B. Main Article: How To Promote With Podcasts and Blogs

Subtitle: Seven Steps You Can Follow In The Next Seven
Days To Actually Start Getting Traffic, Readers, Opt-Ins
And Sales

C. Services You Can Use

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher


Big announcement on Tuesday.

I'm doing a product with a friend that is really gonna be an
eye opener and results getter for you.  There won't be some huge
product launch for it.

But what if I could show you how a friend created a way to get
so much traffic that it literally couldn't be shut off when she
got seriously ill, 3/4 of her sites were shut down, podcasts and
videos turned off.

And STILL, the traffic rolls in. It's really crazy the machine she
built and how she did it.  Oh, and the costs were mainly just the
hosting fees for her domains.

A. “Announcements from Marlon”

1. The blogging and podcasting fun little contest details

Void where prohibited.

My staff and I will pick the winner based on the story we
feel shows the most passion, best results, and the best
application of the idea.

Realize, it's NOT about winning the prize.  It's about an
incentive for YOU to take action.  Deadline for submissions
is May 21. Winner announced the 24th or thereafter.

What you do:  Either pick your topic, create your blog and start
making blog posts and add in some podcasts.  Or if you already
have a blog, start adding in podcasts.

The winner will be picked on how inspiring the example is to others,
how well you did it, and how useful your example is as an
illustration to others.

But please — no sour grapes if you don't win. The MAIN purpose is
to give YOU a reason to get your tail end in gear and get it done!

2. Customer Support Issues

Do NOT email us for support. We don't get the emails half the time.
Please use the live chat and support desk. Click the support link
at the top of any of our web sites.

3.  Red Factor Conference Call — Folks, it's Tuesday.  You
can still get on at an increased price.  Contact the support
desk for details.

4. Winners from the blog posting contest:

Winners of the Info-Product Dashboard:

1. Avi Maor
2. Patricia Simoneau
3. CJ Hirano

5.  Winner of last week's contest will be announced next week.

B. How To Promote With Podcasts and Blogs

By Marlon Sanders


Here's a way to promote your products, services, business, idea,
invention or concept that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Plus, it's fun because it's an outlet for your creative energy.
I reckon if there's any theme I have it is to become a creator.
Get something you're passionate about and WANT to write about,
talk about, and engage in.

You do NOT have to an expert in it. Not at all. But you have
to WANT to write about it, talk about it, think about it,
network about it.

That's the requirement.

Let's go back in time.  I'm on the phone.  The lady on the other
line just can't figure out a target market.  I asked her if she
had ANY passions, hobbies or interests.  She said she was really
into networking.

But it NEVER dawned on her to become a producer instead of a
consumer on that topic.

But what was stopping her from starting up a blog and doing 2 or
3 podcasts a week about woodworking?  And making a few blog posts
a week?


Is there money to be made?  Well, pretty much if there is traffic,
there is money to be made.  Here is how you check it out.

Step one: You go here:


Use that little search tool in the right-hand sidebar.

3.  Go to and use that one.

Step two: You type in “woodworking:

Step three:  Scan the results

woodworking plans  1,040.0 /day
woodworking  698.0  /day
free woodworking plans  419.0  /day
woodworking tools  357.0  /day
woodworking machinery  178.0  /day

lathe woodworking instruction 129 searches/day

Here are just a few results.  There are many others. But that last
one is what I'd start out targeting.

4. Set up your blog

I'd set up a WordPress blog on my server.  If you're really a
newbie, you can start with or

I'd create a blog with the word “woodworking” in it. Something like
“woodworking plans and tools”.

5.  Start writing and talking about your passion using keywords in
your post titles.

Do blog posts using keywords in your post titles.  But remember,
at the end of the day, you're writing for human beings, not
search engines.  You NEED them to Digg or Stumble Upon your
posts and so forth.

If you're writing about a topic you're really into, this isn't
usually a problem.

6.  Where do you get info to write about?

Go to and put in your keyword phrases. Have
Google send you research in your email.

That'll give you all you need to write and blog about.

Those are the steps.  But 99% of this is mental.  What I mean is,
the vast majority of it is about you in your own head deciding you
want to be a creator and producer of information.

And you want to take the information you have or find that is
as most valuable and sell that segment or part of information to the
people who visit your blog.

See, the average person feels it's too much work to write, blog or
speak in a podcast.  Or they don't feel comfortable doing it.

Get over it!

Just do it anyway in spite of your fears.  You will NOT feel
confident at first.  You do it anyway.  The people reading your blog
or listening to your podcast do NOT care.

They care that you write or talk about the common interest and
passion you share.

7.  Start promoting your blog and podcast on Facebook and Twitter.

Get on Facebook.  Search the groups there for your keyword.  Join and

When you post to your blog, send out a note to your Facebook friends
and Twitter about it (see

Buy some ads on Facebook targeting your special interest. Go to and buy some ads.  Start an affiliate program. Create
your own info products and sell them to your target group.

Here are a few resources for you:

a. — Buy ads in blogs on  your topic
b. — Where you find all the trick keyword and
seo tools
c. — That's where you set up WordPress
d. — All about podcasting
e. — Get the word out with Twitter
f. — Join groups and network
g. — Step-by-step to doing graphic design you
can use on blogs, web sites and ebook covers

Marlon Sanders

For more free tips, articles and resources on how to promote with
blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, and all kinds of other stuff,

“Marlon's Marketing Minute is copyright 2008, Higher Response
Marketing Inc. All rights reserved.

You have permission to reprint the above article without changes.
Visit my web sites at:


From LAST week:

The FIRST person to figure out WHY these 3 sites are NOT
spidered by Google and who can tell me HOW to get them
in the index asap WINS a Product Dashboard or equivalent
product of mine with the same price.

I'll be picking the winner Mon. or Tues. and will also
publish your name next week.



Here are the products I have to help you in your quest:

1. Create your own info products you can sell on your
blog and in your podcasts

2. Promote your products with your own affiliate program

3. Push Button Letters: Write sales letters to promote
your info products

4. — Step-by-step to designing your
own web site or blog and saving a bundle on crap you do NOT need.

  • Romona Burns says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I hope I'm not too late. But if I am, thats okay, because I have to thank you for inspiring me to finally get my blog started. I've been going to for like 6 months, but never got further than setting up wordpress. (Which I deleted twice because of the upgrades and I had no information I needed to save) LOL.

    I actually even wrote some articles for my website that tie into my blog. Oh, by the way, I used my design dashboard in helping me with both my website and my blog.

    My blog is located at

    Thanks again for your inspiration,


  • Katarina says:

    I would like to try this contest.Deadline for submission is May 21.Now is May 3.

    This is my new blog about skin care.
    I wish you all success,


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