How to Quickly, Simply and Easily Snipe Opportunities and Bank Bodacious Bills

How to Quickly, Simply and Easily Snipe Opportunities and Bank Bodacious Bills

Marlon's Marketing Minute Ezine

April 24, 2010
9:59 am CST


Marlon here.

Today's article:

“How to Quickly, Simply and Easily Snipe Opportunities and Bank
Bodacious Bills”

Last week's ezine article was about “fallen fruit.”

I'm following that up by showing you a whole entire mindset for your

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Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 5, #17, April 24, 2010

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B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article: How to Quickly, Simply and Easily
Snipe Opportunities and Bank Bodacious Bills

D. Resources

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C. Main Article: How to Quickly, Simply and Easily
Snipe Opportunities and Bank Bodacious Bills

Boy, there's a lot of competition out there boys and

Every day you open your email and a thousand voices clamor
for your attention.

So is there room for YOU?

Is there opportunity? Or are all the opportunities gone?

I want to share with you a little concept called
“Opportunity Sniping.”

You can use this method with:

* Affiliate Programs


* Seo

* Your own products

And the answer is simple:

Opportunity exists.


And always.

There's a simple key to “Opportunity Sniping.” And it's

Find “underserved” people.

Now, it's ironic that in an ezine about marketing and other
nefarious things, I'd talk about serving people. So many
people think that somehow marketing is being crass or taking things
away from people (like money).

And indeed I like to use those metaphors. They're fun and appeal
to our reptillean brain.

Having said that, really, marketing is serving. We serve people.
And Opportunity Sniping is about serving a certain kind of person.
The person who is underserved.

What does THAT mean?

Can you think of an area or topic where you WANT information but
can't get it? I mean, you really, really want information in that
area but you just can't find it?

Or you want some resource or step-by-step guide but can't find

You read my “weeds” ezine a few weeks ago or should have. That's
a prime example. By the way, the dude I hired has made excuses
now for why he can't come do my weeds.

No joke.

Anyway, YOU become the person who produces the solution for that
thing you're desperate to buy or find the solution to. Because
you know and feel that pain. And as long as you aren't the only
one feeling that hunger, that drive, that pain, then you're
going to have something that will sell.

I'm assuming that you FIRST try hard to find the information,
resource or supply.

You search Google. You search forums. You maybe ask around.

Look hard.

And if after looking hard, you just can't find it then find out
if you're the only one or not.

I'd like to give you a rock hard scientific way to do that.
But it's more common sense and intuition.

Are there going to be a lot of others who really want this
thing, this supply, this product, this information, this
know how?

Or are YOU the only one.

You're looking for something that is UNDER served. A topic.
A group of people. A thing. A product.

And then you're looking to become the supply.

You're looking for pent-up demand.

Example: You may not remember Corey Rudl. But he was
probably the central impetus and figure in the rise of modern
day Internet marketing before he passed away in an untimely
racing accident.

Corey's first success was selling hood ornaments for
jaguar cars as I recall. These things were really expensive
to buy. And everyone in the car forum asked about where to buy

He imported them from Italy or some place like that and sold

That requires specialized knowledge of how to set up drop
shipping or find and import small quantities of an item.

Is information on how to do THAT readily available?

Andy Jenkins taught it in the old Stompernet stuff. But
that was ages ago. And not cheap. Not that you have to
sell your solution cheap.

The point: Corey found an UNDER served thing — being
able to buy expensive hood ornaments at a big discount.
And he supplied that demand.

Now, the PITFALL of doing this is taking something you
THINK people need and assuming others WANT it.

People often don't want what they need. You're looking
to satisfy unmet WANTS.

Did you know 13 people a day search for:

“tall womens leather jacket”?

There's VERY weak competition for the term with page rank
0 and page rank 1 results on the first page of Google for
the term.

This ezine article that is only 293 words and took maybe
10 minutes to write appears on page one for that term:

If you look at the END of the article in the resource box
you'll see it goes to:

That's a cool niche site someone created. Nice job of targeting
a niche that is under served.

All single guys wanting to date models should be running banners
on those web sites…

“New report shows how to meet a quality man”

My point is….

Under served.

Here's a link to some other articles by the same person targeting
under served topics, keyword phrases and so forth:

Now, do NOT go off competing against Krista. Sheez. Leave
Krista alone!

The point is, you can poke around in and look at
different categories where people are targeting long tail keywords
and probably find lots of cool, under served niches.

Now, sometimes under served means there's no money in it. This is
where the ART of it comes in.

On the one hand you want to find demand that is under served.
On the other hand, you want to make sure there IS demand to begin

Supplying a product or service that has no competition but almost
no demand won't do a lot for you either.

Even if you take a broad topic — it's BEST to then segment it for
a specific audience.

Now, another pitfall of slicing and dicing markets is that if you
keep dividing the market down at some point the topics, products
and “things” become so subdivided and specific that there isn't
enough demand to support it.

That's why it's ART. See marketing is one part science and one
part ART.

In the “real world” people perform all types of marketing research
to quantify demand.

As a shoestring marketer, most people use their best judgment.
Sometimes you guess right. Sometimes you guess wrong.

You can do surveys and other things to limit your risk. But it's
still not an exact science. For one thing, you're dealing with
the ultimate wild card — human emotions, reactions and behavior.

This is dynamic and ever changing.

At the same time, human emotions are the reason we can get people
to buy a one time offer! So they aren't a bad thing.

They just are.

I want to close out the article today encouraging you to look at
the things you personally are driven to find answers or solutions

And after trying really hard and struggling to find whatever it is,
you can't find it.

Look around to see if you're the only one or not.

If you're not, then do a little TEST marketing project to confirm
whether or not people will fill out an email capture page related
to that topic.

If they won't do THAT, they sure won't buy anything.

Then do a little one week test.

Start small. Confirm demand. Confirm your idea has a bit of merit.
Then let it grow.

Go to the Google external keyword tool. Find keywords that have to
do with the topic.

Stick 'em in MicroNiche Finder or Market Samurai.

Check out the competition.

Write 10 articles on a few keywords and throw them up on Bookmark your articles. Promote them
using your FACEBOOK status update. Send a note out about them
on Twitter.

Send the clicks to an email capture page like I
teach you how to create at

Just SEE if people get on your email list.

If they do, then write a few more articles and stick 'em on Link over to your articles on
Buy some really cheap clicks and send them to your
article to boost it up in the rankings.

This is just ONE method you can use to get a little traffic.

If you have a little change, you can get instant traffic by
running a Google Adwords CONTENT campaign. That's a lot easier
than a search campaign.

Another method is to start building a list using FACEBOOK.
Start a little Facebook group. Participate in some other groups.
Get your Facebook fan page up with an email capture page on it.

Do a few youtube videos and put them on your Facebook Fan Page.

Now, if people are on your email list, send something out to them
for an affiliate program that is related. Or do a quick 20
minute screen capture video or 10 page report and see if people
will spend 7 bucks for it.

Or sell a little initial trial of whatever it is.
Test the waters a little more.

If that works, start pumping out articles on all the keywords.
Put up a blog and put articles on it. Work your Facebook Fan
Page more.

Or expand your Google Adwords Content Campaign.

Or buy a few banner ads. Do an ezine solo mailing.

Just focus on it daily and it will expand and grow.

Next thing you know, you're banking bodacious bills.

And it's certainly a LOT more fun and exciting than a

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
the Internet.


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