How To Revive Websites From The Dead Using Four Relatively Simple Strategies - Online and Info Product Marketing

How To Revive Websites From The Dead Using Four Relatively Simple Strategies

“How To Revive Websites From The Dead Using
Four Relatively Simple Strategies”

Being Easter weekend and all I have a death and resurrection

The cool news for YOU is I've stuck some little gems in this
issue you probably don't know and will prosper from!

This is a MUST READ issue and you'll understand why when you
read it.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

PS:  While everyone else ONLY sends you good content during
their product launch, I do it every Saturday and have for
as many Saturdays as I can remember, which admittedly isn't
that many the older I get….

Here's my back issues:

PPS:  Weed update.  I couldn't have been HAPPIER this morning
when my lawn mowing guy came and chopped down my weeds and
swore on a stack of Scott's fertilizer bags that two treatments
would zap my weeds.

If you read last weeks “gone to the weeds” issue, you know
what I'm talking about.  If you didn't, it's on the blog

Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 5, #15, April 3, 2010

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor advertisement

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Main Article:  How to Revive Websites From The
Dead Using 4 Relatively Simple Strategies

D. Resources

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders, Publisher


A. Sponsor Advertisement

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B. Announcements from Marlon

1. Do NOT email us for customer support

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Ditto with transcribing the videos.  And I need a Spanish
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If you wanna apply, contact my support desk at: and tell Tim to pass it onto

C. Main Article:  How to Revive Websites From The
Dead Using 4 Relatively Simple Strategies

So you have a web site.

But it doesn't have much traffic or conversions. How do
you raise it from the dead and breathe new life into it?

Let's talk about it.

1. Click swaps for traffic

So one of the things I'm doing in the next few weeks for
my own traffic are click swaps with a few guys I know and

James Jones, for example, has been marketing in this
business a long time and has original, fresh ideas, slants
and angles. I love his Micro Niche Finder software.

I'll be sending you a special freebie from him next week.
And he'll be doing the same for me to his list.

I'll also be doing one with Jason Parker who along with
Jit Uppal and a few others is an ad swap king. Jason is
really clever at driving traffic to recurring billing
affiliate programs.

Here's his freebie. Do NOT share this with anyone at the
insistence of Jason:

My friend Paul Myers at has
produced one of the highest quality ezines in existence
for years. And his “need to know” freebie is drop dead.

My friend Justin Brooke has and
has really awesome and practical seo information.

BIG TIP: As a side note, if you SUBSCRIBE to one of these
freebies, consider having a gmail address you use to
subscribe to new marketers lists. Then later, you can go
through and see who you want to add to your highest
priority gmail account.

Actually, I even set up separate gmail accounts for
different marketers so I can see all their subject lines
in one glance. A few of the guys I'll do ad swaps with
send two emails a day. So that's why you may want to learn
the fine art of using gmail accounts.

REMEMBER that even though these guys are my friends or
people I know and respect in the industry, and I wouldn't
do a click swap with them if I didn't have confidence in
them and their products, I may not agree with everything
they endorse.

No two people see things alike. So use your brain and keep
in mind the things I've been teaching you weekly for years
when you evaluate ANY opportunity.

But really Paul, Justin, Jason, Fladien, James
Jones…these guys all bring great value to the table.
Justin's a stud at seo. Paul knows this game as good as
anyone and if he has any fault it's simply that he doesn't
charge enough for what he sells out of concern for his
customers well being.

Jason Parker is a stud at ad swaps and selling continuity.
James Jones has played many faucets of this Game and I
have respect for him.

Anyway, do NOT think you need a big list. You can start
doing ad swaps with only 250 names. Just go to the joint
venture section of Warriors Forum and there are plenty ad

Daniel Tan is a very bright up and coming “guru.” He has a
nice little report on ad swaps:

It's only 7 bucks. Daniel shows how a small marketer or
even newbie can use them.

2. Basic SEO

Terry Dean from really gave me some killer
seo insights the other day in a phone conversation. You
may remember that Terry used to be maybe the #2 or #3
“guru” out of everyone. But then he burnt out and sold his
business because he had no employees.

Today people running businesses like he did then probably
have 10 employees! No wonder he burnt out. Anyway, after
taking a few years off he came back and already has his
seo traffic totally cranking.

So here are a few things I learned from Terry and a secret
resource I'll tell you about on another day that he turned
me onto.

a. Have link bait “pillar” articles on your blog

I'd let mine fall off. But I added back permanently some
of my best articles like this one:

Be NICE to have links to it! (hint). See #3 for my special
sauce linking method.

You need to have some videos, case studies and articles
that people really love and link to. I plan on digging up
some of the videos on my blog and make sure to highlight
them on the sidebar.

I also need to redesign my blog to make the links more
comfortable to the eye.

b. Target “doable” keywords

If you see that the top listings for a keyword are
pagerank (pr) 5, 6 or 7 then you need to find some other
keywords. There's a real art to keyword selection and you
could probably spend 2 or 3 hours on the topic.

There's no way I can do it justice in a few paragraphs.
But James Jones has Micro Niche Finder that gives you a
little green light to tell you what keyword to select.

Here's a video about it:

And here's one of my favorite forum threads about seo:

3. Use my SECRET link partner joint venture finder

Here's what you do:

In an article on your blog mention someone's NAME or link
to an article on their blog or a PRODUCT.

Now, you need to make sure they SEE that link.

So you post it on your blog.

That ENSURES their Google alerts will pick it up.

See, most people set up alerts on their name and product
titles at

When you post the little blurb with the product name or
person's name on your blog, it appears in the person's
Google Alert.

There are other secret ways you can make sure Google
Alerts picks it up. But that's fodder for another ezine
article or maybe a product.

Yesterday I sent out an email to you giving a freebie URL
for Ryan Deiss, Bill McRae, Paul Myers, Justin Brooke and

Those names WILL come up on Google Alerts since I posted
the email on my BLOG and it's ALSO on the Aweber RSS feed.

I ALSO posted a snippet for it on my Facebook being sure
to use their names.

Now, if you do this a few times, then that person sees
you're promoting them and probably will reciprocate. Not
always. But if you spread the love, some of it will come
back to you.

4. Market the content on your blog

You need to market the content ON your blog to let others
find it. You can do that by submitting additional “sample
content” to article directories and include your blog in
the resource box with an appropriate keyword matching
another article on your blog.

You can do guest posts on other people's blogs in order to
spread the word about your content.

The traditional seo concept is link building. But the way
Google likes to see it is you marketing your content and
making others aware of the quality content on your blog.

Now, if you outsource the articles on your blog, you want
the QUALITY articles, NOT the $2 ones.

Some people feel that the articles you submit to the ezine
directories CAN be the $2 ones. I can argue both sides of
the coin.

Not everyone has $7 per article to spend for content.
Maybe for your blog but not for routine ezine submissions.

Then again, I'll go back to John from the Warrior Forum
who goes by the name Xfactor. He writes 10 articles a day
and it doesn't take as long as you'd think.

Here's the thread again:

What I HATE about giving out that URL is that I already
know in advance some people (NOT you) probably go there
and get all enamored with his adsense idea and totally
MISS out on the point which is he has a very practical
approach to seo.

But YOU are smarter than that. Not there's anything wrong
with John's adsense approach. I'm just a massive believer
in building lists and creating products for ALL the
reasons I've been writing to you about since 19 freaking

It isn't like I'm not Johnny One Note because I am. I
teach it. I preach it. I believe it. I live it.

5. Turn every customer into an affiliate

I taught this to you in Writer's Secret and Ockham's
Razor. I believe in it very strongly and always have.

You turn your customers into your word-of-mouth promoters
any and every way you can.

I hope this article gives you some doable, practical,
actionable ideas on reviving web sites from the dead.

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders helps people with hopes and dreams figure
out how to turn those into reality by selling stuff on
the Internet.


REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention

D.  Resources you can use

(If you want to post this ENTIRE ezine, you can replace the
following links with your RESELLER links.  Get your links

1. The Marketing Dashboard: Amazing Formula and Gimme
boiled down to icons and step-by-step. Doesn't replace AF
and Gimme but useful. Basically, it spoon feeds all the
things in AF and Gimme.

2. The Marketing Diary: Me teaching Matt daily all the
details of the Amazing Formula and Gimme system. This
contains additional insights into The Amazing Formula and
Gimme that you won't find in those products. It's
literally what I taught to Matt in his first 90 days with

This is an EVERGREEN product and if you're new to this business
you'll learn tons.

3. After 8 years, thousands of customer emails, thousands of
buyers in virtually every major city in the world (and
many you haven't heard of), 13 web site designs, 4 product
designs, after ebook and CD versions, after endorsements
from major marketers the world over, after hundreds of
marketers and products have come and gone, after attacks
by the world's most notorious criminals, after attempts to
put it under, there is ONE product that remains and stands
tall. There is one product that is stable.

4. Are You Paying Over $10.00 For Hosting?

If you are, you may be getting ripped off.  Design Dashboard
shows you not only the basics of doing your own design but really
walks you step by step through setting up your hosting,
autoresponders and shopping cart.

5. Promote your own products made easy

Grab the brilliant video by Adeel Chowdhry on how to mash
together stock video, stock sounds and stock music to create
an attention-grabbing, compelling video you can put on your
sales page, Facebook, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, or even
Twitter out to your list.

6.  Your Own Products?

It's the only step-by-step, A to Z system not JUST for
creating info products …. but that shows you HOW to select
product ideas using my “flanking move” I've built my business
on, HOW to do 12-product surveys with an actual example, that
gives you a tested, proven email & source with a  30% success
rate in getting interviews with experts — PLUS, templates
that would cost your more than the Dashboard to have custom

E. Get the Evergreen Traffic System

Tinu emailed and says she has added new info on social media!

Most All Her Domains Got Shut Down, She Can't Get Out Of Bed Some
Days,  Her Hands Swell Up Like Balloons, Her Podcast and Video
Hosting Got Shut Down — And She STILL Snagged 3,579 Average
Visits  Per Day In April 2008!

Evergreen Traffic System is now sold and serviced directly by Tinu.
That link there would be a tracking link and NOT an affiliate link.

Tinu's seo stuff is BRILLIANT and evergreen. It STILL works


To those who are in my life, and to those who aren't.  To those
I love and care about.  To my customers who are in this life and
those who are in the next, I leave with this saying….

May the road rise up to meet you
and the wind be always at your back
and until we meet again
may God hold you softly
in the palm of his hand

— Irish poem

Copyright 2010 Higher Response Marketing Inc.
All rights reserved.

  • Olav says:

    Hi Marlon,

    I recently "rediscovered" your name in some affiliate promotion from some "guru" out there whose list I'm on.

    I actually bought your AmazingFormula ebook back in 2002-2003 along with Paul Myers "The Amazing List Machine". Never did anything with either one of them though. Wish I did…

    Anyway, I used to own an ezine in 2003-2004. Problem was they were mainly freebie seekers and I never got any revenue from it. It was just over 2000 subscribers at most.

    What do you do to get that initial 250 subscriber list going for ad swaps?

    I've been learning marketing stuff since last millenium and not made any real money with it.

    Now is the time though. I have a few almost finished products that I really NEED to get out there.

    btw. thanks for posting this, there are a couple things here I can implement.

    Will go though your stuff, implement things as I go along, and earn my mill $ as soon as I can. Think I will start by giving away my followup software and sell advertising and giveaway rights to it on the backend.

    Sick and tired of being broke with a j.o.b

    Again, thanks for the great stuff you have done for the marketing community,


    [Hi Olav, go to in the WSO section and there are plenty of people who have used different ways to build a seed list. One way is to use give aways. Another good way is to set up a squeeze page and do article marketing, placing articles on Another way is to buy google clicks. Another way is to buy some solo ezine ads or top sponsorship ads. Another way is to buy a banner ad on a targeted web site.]

  • Hi Marlon,

    I like the idea of click swaps. If your partners have a big list and good products and content, you can help your subscribers get good information. You too get access to their mailing list. Sounds like a win win to me. Thanks for the cool links too.


    [Steve, you can do ad swaps from the warrior's forum and there are several other ad swap forums around. You only need 250 people on a list to do ad swaps.]

  • Allen says:

    Hi Marlon … just wanted to say your emails are s**t hot and it's good being on your list.

    I really liked the email you sent out about Gmail … read the headline and thought "Mmmm I know what's coming – I do it already… " and you went a couple of steps further.

    Always some wicked ideas. I used to have an email folder called 'Good Emails' … but now you get your own : )

    Thanks for your list!


    [Allen, yeah, I read stupid things like "I'm unsubscribing from everything." It's like you have to pay monthly for gmails and yahoos. It's dumb. You just use multiple email accounts. My gmails are literally multi million dollar swipe files. AND the cool thing is, they don't require plastic boxes or crates to put the promos in like my direct mail files do.]

  • BTW…Happy Belated Birthday

  • Hey Marlon…I wanted to comment on THREE Gmail Accounts and YOU sent me here?

    I did a search on marlon sanders blog as I thought I was in the wrong place…do YOU know where that goes?

    [Cheryl, do you mean Or do you mean something else? The search function on should ONLY search the articles ON Marlonsblog was abandoned because

    it got blacklisted BUT we mapped over the database somehow. That was a long time ago.]

  • Tim says:

    Hey Marlon,

    I really like your link strategies here. Good to hear you're talking about some of the same strategies pro bloggers use.

    One thing I have learned though from the blogging world is be cautious about "link baiting". Seems to be a lot of noobs these days that think it's OK to drop big names to stir controversy, creating a frenzy of comments (with links), at the expense of someone else.

    Always enjoy your posts…

  • >